Best Concert Snare Drumheads in 2020

Remo Powerstroke P3 Fiberskyn Bass Drumhead, 22" Review:

Bought this as a resonant head for my bass drum. It looks incredible. Started off on an older grey oyster finish kit that it dressed up a lot. I recently switched it over to my new tobacco satin DW bass drum, and it looks so much better than the stock black head. If you're looking for a sick reso on your kick, you can't beat this one.

Remo E1-0316-00 Buffalo Drum - Standard, 16" Review:

 The Remo Buffalo Drum is a great instrument for shamanic drumming and drumming circles. The speciality about this drum is that it is vegan - it is made of a synthetic material called Fiberskyn. This drum holds its tune even in humid weather conditions - a big plus when drumming outdoors in humid weather or light drizzle. So when my skin drums loose all tone, the Remo still sounds great.
Also you can fly with this drum and it will not be a problem with biosecurity of countries like New Zealand, Australia or Hawaii that have strong restrictions with animal products like skins. That is what got me into Remo the first place - being able to air travel with my drum.
I chose the 16 inch version because it has a nice strong bass and still is lightweight and easy to handle. 22 inch would be too big and 14 inch has a lot less bass, so 16 inch it is.
I also paint these drums: I use acrylic paint + acrylic markers for that and then a acrylic varnish spray to protect the designs and make the drums playable. The secret is not to apply too much paint as that can dampen the sound. I have created many drums like this and they look and sound great!

Remo PP-0910-PS Pinstripe Clear Tom Drumhead Pack - 12", 13" & 16" Review:

It's a standard drum head at it's best. Nothing special about it but it's made well, solid built, produces great sound, and lasts longer than you would expect a single ply head to last.

With these drum heads (ambassadors) you can really hear the tone of the drum clearly. This is very cool because it adds so much musicality to the drum set and the pitch is nice and clear and sounds really great! The downside of this is that these drum heads are not easy to tune WELL. You can twist the rods around and tune it and get some pitch out of it, but to get the best sound out of these drum heads you need a drum dial or an awesome drum tuner because to get each pitch nicely out of the drum so it sounds perfect as you play around the kit. I'm horrible at tuning though so this may not be as much of a challenge for you. If it is a challenge, try going for a double ply head like the powerstroke or emperors.

Hope this helped!

Remo RemOs Ring Packs 10"12"14"14" Review:

Want the perfect sound from your toms for close mic-ing? Get some Remo clear emporer batters and diplomat bottom heads, tune the bottom heads a full 5th higher than the top, and slap these babies on. You'll get a huge fundamental tone that has just enough sustain to avoid sounding "dead" and no high overtones or buzzing. These rings are amazingly durable- I keep them on my drums while transporting in soft cases and they've never kinked or wrinkled; they seat perfectly on my top heads every time.

Remo 10 Inch Pad RT00010 and ST100010 Stand Review:

This practice pad was recommended to me by my son's drum instructor. It has a very nice feel (bounce) to it, and the sound is WAY better than listening to a snare drum all night. The price offered by Amazon for both the practice pad and the stand was very good (I believe about $45.00). In some stores, just the pad alone is about $32.00, and you'll definitely want the stand (any hi-hat stand will probably work). There are varying sizes and you will probably want the biggest size, which I believe is the 10 inch - just to give yourself a few different targets while practicing. Set up was extremely easy.

Aquarian Drumheads Drumhead Pack (HPSN14) Review:

I need a surplus of these heads on hand! They're by far the best bang for the buck, when it comes to modern snare-side drum heads. And I also like the snare markers as well, since they not only protect the head from snare wire damage but also help to keep my snare wires even on both ends of the head itself. HIGHLY recommended!

Not much else to say here.

Remo Practice Pad Drumhead - Ambassador, Coated, 8" Review:

Highly recommended. Way less expensive than buying a whole new pad.
Note: this is a replacement head for a Remo practice pad. The picture sometimes shows a regular drumhead, but rest assured, it is a practice pad head. It is much thicker than a normal head, and is not meant to be mounted on a drum. It is for a practice pad only.