Best Drum Set Snare Drum Stands in 2020

Practice Pad & Snare Stand Bundle - Drum Pad Double Sided with Drumsticks and Drum Stand for Four Inch Snare Drum With Two Different Surfaces for Drum Practice - Silent Drum Double Sided Practice Pad Review:

When I first got a hold of the SLINT Practice Pad Set. I was pretty amazed at all the extras it came with.
First off, everything was packed nicely, and everything was in a separate bag making it easy to organize.

The pad itself is very durable. I dropped it intentionally to see how well it would stand up to falls, and it did very well. The rubber did not separate from the base, and there were no evident indentations or dents.

As far as how it responds, its very responsive to a variety of sticks from Marching Snare Sticks to Drumset Sticks to Practice Aluminum Weighted Sticks. The pad held together very well and took a beating quite nicely. Pun intended.

The stand it is provided with does the job of holding the pad well, although I would not recommend putting a snare drum on it. The height is a bit lacking, as I wanted it to be about 6 inches higher as I'm a pretty tall person even when seated.

The sticks it comes with are a bit smaller than normal 5A sticks, but that's to be expected. They're light and definitely meant for beginners.

It also came with some dampeners for acoustic drums, which was a nice touch! Can always use those on gigs when playing on house kits!

As far as the overall value, it really can't be beat. The cost of buying everything separately would cost way more than this. This is the best deal you can get if you are looking for a practice pad for a beginning percussionist or drummer.

Silent Drum Practice Pad, 12 Inch Double Sided Drum Pad with Adjustable Snare Drum Stand and 3 Pairs of Drum Sticks for Drum Practice Review:

Silent Practice Drum Kit, 12 Inch Double Side Drum Pad with Adjustable Snare Drum Stand, 2 Pairs of 5A Drum Sticks
This so great. My grandson decide to take drum lessons at his school . I hope he does as good as his papa has.
The drum pad is better then the ones when I took drum lessons.
I was drummer for about 8 to 9 years.
I hope this helps for future drummers.
I recommend this - Silent Practice Drum Kit, 12 Inch Double Side Drum Pad with Adjustable Snare Drum Stand, 2 Pairs of 5A Drum Sticks.
Ed Itle

Cymbal Boom Stand & Straight Cymbal Stand Combo (Pack of 2) by Griffin|Percussion Drum Hardware Set for Mounting & Holding Crash, Ride, Splash Cymbals|Arm Counterweight Adapter Kit|Double Braced Legs Review:

 This is a review for the Griffin Cable remote hi hat pedal with 8 configurable settings.

So out of the box I was a little bummed, the cable had some scratches and was dented at the base and pedal.
also it was hard to press and slow if not even capable on re opening.
I immediately wrote the seller and was told I could work on it and see if I wanted to keep it or return it.
So I worked on it, and now it is as fast as my stand hi hats. I even bent the cable a little and it is fast, responsive, and smooth.
How to.
1. I first took apart the adjustment black piece on top, using a hex tool i unscrewed the four screws holding it together.
2. Then on the bar itself under where the black adjustment piece was using a flat head i unscrewed the two bolts on both sides to release tension on the cable making it easier to take everything else apart.
3. Then i unscrewed the two lower bars from the top bar and let them float on the cable.
4. The cable then needs to be unscrewed from the hi hat rod on the inside of the top main bar.
5. Using a philips I unscrewed the two side chains from the cable, releasing it from the foot pedal,
6. I then used a monkey wrench to unscrew the bolt holding the chain connection, then removed the chain connection by spinning it off.
7. using a small hex tool to unscrew the front screws on the pedal mount to take of the stop bars, freeing the cable completely.
8. I then WD40'ed every screw hole and chain. Then the same with spring in the top bar while also stretching out the spring just a little.
9. I then spent the rest of the WD40 on the cable, inserting the spout into the cable protection and spraying while moving the cable inside the protector up and down, and holding it high keeping it straight so that gravity would allow the WD40 to travel down, I then flipped the cable doing the same from the bottom entry point.
10. I then straightened the cable were it was bent.
11. I then put everything back together, however the two bars at the bottom of the main bar I extended so that the cable would be tighter and more responsive then fully screwed in.

you could make it even more responsive if you made the chain connector on the pedal higher, however you would need to cut off the screw holding it so it does not ride on the chain, which if done without cutting off would most likely damage the chain.

but even with the chain connection low it is as responsive as my normal high hat stand if not more so.

only issue I have now which is very small and I will fix with a zip tie until i go back to the states to find something that works at home depot is that if you own a electric drum set ( I own a Roland TD 30KV ) the bottom high hat tension clamp can not be installed since the hi hat main bar is about double the size of a normal high hat hardware bar. even without the tension strings and clamp though it works flawlessly.

This did take about 2 1/2 hours but it was well worth it, the price and the cable hi hat pedal is amazing.
I am glad i did not return it, and even though it took a little effort it is a great product for the price.
I also learned allot by doing this too.

I have always said that many companies make a great product, but a great company does not just have great products but amazing customer service. Ryan from Home based business IT is the epitome of amazing customer service, not even 10 minutes after my inquire regarding my issue he had a professional response. Thank you very much Ryan for the option to work on this I really appreciate your time.

( credentials 19 years of drumming / singer / midi / guitarist I own 8 drum kits )


Tosnail Snare Drum Stand Practice Pad Stand - Double Braced Tripod Review:

I purchased this snare stand as part of a kit refurbishment effort for a young new drummer.
It easily adjusted to snare diameter. Sturdy and nice looking chrome.
The height adjustment is standard - due to a flange - you are unable to collapse down to the floor - so lowest setting is 22 inches.
Great Service - Arrived early.

Luvay Snare Stand, Double Braced Lightweight (5lb) - with Stick Holder (Nylon Drumstick Bag) Review:

So far this is a great stand at a great price! Very easy to use and the included stick caddy is a bonus. It is not a heavy duty stand, if you need that, you’ll need to pay more but for the price I think the value is very good. It’s light weight and works well for my purpose of holding an Alesis Multipad Strike. It barely opens up enough to hold that machine but the machine is pretty big so I’m happy.

The only downfall to the unit is that it doesn’t get very high. Perhaps about 24 inches or so but for my uses, it’s enough.

Pearl S930D Snare Stand Review:

Pearl makes the best hardware at the most reasonable price. I play Mapex and those drums are by far the best value, however, their hardware for the same quality models is more expensive than Pearl. I buy all Pearl 930 hardware and am super happy with it. I play a Phatbob snare, 7 inches deep and this stand will send that sucker all the way to the floor if I want it to. This deep stand is exceptional at lowering deep drums. It also has nice rubbers that contact the snare and give it some air suspension.


I got this for my small soft kit and it works great. I with the teeth were more fine for more precise angle adjustment. It's a great stand for the price. It might not hold up under loud playing or heavy touring, but it's great for my soft portable kit.

Union DSS-416B 400 Series Snare Drum Stand Review:

I bought this to replace a 40 year old stand that went to a young relative. This stand works. I bought a drum set from a thrift store that I was going to use for parts. A great nephew needed a new drum set. A few new items such as this made it possible for him to be very happy. Thank you Amazon.