Best Closet Moth Protection in 2022

Last update: January 7, 2023

Can I put mothballs in my bedroom?

Yes, you can put mothballs in your bedroom, but be aware that they may pose a health risk if inhaled. Mothballs are made of chemicals that evaporate and kill moths, and these chemicals can be harmful to humans if breathed in. If you choose to use mothballs, be sure to use them in a well-ventilated room and keep them out of reach of children and pets.

Can you ever get rid of clothes moths?

Clothes moths are attracted to clothing made of natural fibers like wool, as well as carpeting and upholstered furniture. The moths lay their eggs in these materials, and the larvae that hatch feed on them. You can get rid of clothes moths by cleaning infested clothing and other items. You can also use moth traps or insecticides to kill the moths.

Can you get rid of clothes moths yourself?

Clothes moths are a common problem in many homes. While they are not dangerous to humans, they can cause damage to your clothing and other items made of natural fibers. If you have a clothes moth infestation, you may be wondering if you can get rid of them yourself. The good news is that it is possible to get rid of clothes moths without calling an exterminator. There are a number of things you can do to get rid of clothes moths and keep them from coming back. First, make sure to clean your closet and other areas where you

Do moth sprays work?

Moth sprays work by releasing a chemical into the air that repels or kills moths. The active ingredient in most moth sprays is pyrethrin, which is derived from the Chrysanthemum flower. Moth sprays are effective at killing adult moths, but they do not kill moth eggs or larvae. If you have a moth infestation, you may need to use several moth sprays in conjunction with other pest control measures to get rid of the moths.

Dr. Killigan's Premium Pantry Moth Traps with Pheromones Prime | Safe, Non-Toxic with No Insecticides | Sticky Glue Trap for Food and Cupboard Moths in Your Kitchen | Organic (6, Black) Review:

Three parrots are our property. With parrots, you get pantry moths, as anyone can tell you. They come in bird seed, no matter how clean you are. We've had the bird seed frozen for at least three months, but moths persist. It's simply a small price to pay for your love of birds.We rent the property, and our landlord engaged a professional pest control business to deal with a problem left behind by the previous tenant. We, as renters, paid the company directly to have the moths professionally treated. It did so for almost two months.The pantry moths, like mosquitoes and other bugs for reasons I can't fathom, absolutely love me and bite me as well as infest the pantry and the bird area. Therefore, it's crucial to keep them to a minimum.With Dr. Killigan's Premium Pantry Moth Traps With Pheromone Attractant, either the blue or black ones, we are able to do this quickly and quite cheaply. Both of the colors we purchased function just as well. Our most recent acquisition arrived yesterday, and once I set them out, I realized we had been successful for a number of reasons.1) Older gray moths are all I can see.2) There are no young moths at all, indicating that we were effective in stopping the breeding cycle.3) Instead of being swamped, as in the past, there were very few moths heading to the trap when I set these out and placed them where the sun would warm them and let the aroma drift through the room. I take care to avoid placing in direct sunlight in order to avoid damaging the pheromone attractant or hastening the loss of its potency.4) I adhere to the instructions as written on the small piece of paper in the package. It genuinely contributes to effectiveness.If I could ask for one thing, I'd like these to be a Subscribe and Save item. I have recommended these to other people in the bird community who are also on a fixed income because I am. For those of us who use these as advised, it would be beneficial to be able to make a small saving and to be able to receive auto delivery of them when it comes time to replace them.Please spare yourself the time and effort if you are hesitant to try this brand or believe that you will save some money by trying another brand that may have 7 traps but is a little less expensive. After carefully following the instructions and putting them out for a month, we made that mistake and had to toss them away. They only managed to catch a small number of moths—far fewer than Dr. Killigan's. Then we took the action that we ought to have taken in the first place. We purchased this item:Safe, non-toxic, and insecticide-free Dr. Killigan's Premium Pantry Moth Traps with Pheromone Attractant (6, Black Traps)Our experience with Dr. Killigan's was that as soon as we opened the box and removed the trap's protective covering, we were once again moth magnets.If this review was useful to you, please click the Yes button below.

Powerful Moth Traps for Clothes Moths | 3-Pack | Refillable, Odor-Free & Natural from MothPrevention | Best Catch-Rate for Clothes Moth and Carpet Moth Traps on The Market! - Results Guaranteed Review:

It is effective as a clothes moth trap. Some people don't appear to be catching anything, which may indicate that they don't actually have clothes moths. The attached image displays the outcome of two months of use across three distinct locations, some of which occasionally moved. I used an aerosol bomb in that area after having the carpet cleaned since they were devouring the wool carpeting I had installed (I had forgotten that it was made of wool until this incident). After setting up these traps, I discovered that many of them were caught in regions that I had not bombed. The manufacturer states in their information that it should be used as both a partial cure by catching the males before they reproduce further and as an indicator of infestation regions and levels. It only partially solves the problem if they have already mated. Having said that, I have trapped a lot of people during warm weather and am waiting to see if cold winter would provide any relief. My most active trapping sites are close to exterior doors, suggesting that these moths may be coming from outside.These three have been my main tools. Now that I have six sets of hangers, I intend to purchase the refills and use all six at once in an effort to completely eliminate the moth population during the winter (but not holding my breath for that).

ACMETOP Aromatic Cedar Blocks for Clothes Storage, 100% Natural Cedar Balls Hangers, Storage Accessories Closets & Drawers (30 Pack) Review:

We experienced a severe moth infestation. One-eyed monsters hatching from tiny white shells or eggs that will soon develop wings and take to the air. In the hopes that they might drive away those unwelcome guests, we bought these rings. In order to start with a blank sheet, we utilized a vacuum to suck up as many as we could find. Then we placed the rings on the floor, in the closet, on the closet, in the wardrobe, and so forth. That was shortly after we acquired these, and those beasts had long since vanished. Would suggest this product to those with comparable issues. Obtain some rings if you're unsure.

Cedar Balls - Cedar Blocks for Closets Storages, 100% Natural Aromatic Red Cedar Wooden Balls 24 Pcs with Satin Bag Review:

Amazing set. Really wanted a way to preserve the freshness of clothing while it was stored. This is excellent as a gift or for the home. Sand can be used to help mask odors.This bundle comes with everything. Aromatic cedar absorbs moisture and keeps closets smelling fresh while removing odors thanks to its distinctive scent.The inherent aromatic scent of the cedar is revived with a little light sanding.Excellent for closets, shoes, athletic gear, cars, and pet bedding.can be set on shelves, hung in lockers, tossed in drawers, or hooked on hangers.Please do not expose them to direct sunlight. If you keep them in a covered area, the aroma will be more potent and long-lasting.

Cedar Hang Ups - Cedar Blocks for Closet Storage, 100% Nature Aromatic Red Cederwood Home Decor (Cedar Sachets 6pcs) Review:

It's a top-notch item. I've previously purchased it and am extremely happy with it. This time, I purchased numerous boxes of exceptionally high-quality balls. as explained. I took a bag and put it in my sports bag because the product introduction stated that it can be placed in the backpack. Instead of smelling like sweat, I could detect a subtle aroma, which left me feeling both satisfied and startled.Cedar balls are adorable and appropriate for any occasion. My wife used to store them in the closet, but due to the product's use in wardrobes, she now stores the ball in the sofa's crack, which has no impact on the sofa's functionality. These balls should perform as expected.The cedar ball scent is rather light to be near to the smell, but you can still feel these products when pure natural did not add, so it will be more durable, I would also want to remind you of that. You can purchase extra if you'd want better outcomes.

Ollieroo 12 Pack/1 Set Moth Protection Repellent 10x Cedar Hang Up & 2X Cedar Sachets Bag with Light Cedar Fragrance Odor Protection for wardrobes Large Size 9.05"x 2.6"x 0.4" Review:

After receiving the 71 item Household Essentials bundle a year ago, I required a cedar refresh. The cedar hang ups and sachets turned out to be the only useful goods for me, despite the fact that the 71 pieces were an excellent value.I discovered this Ollieroo set, which included the same two pieces but was substantially larger and appeared to be of higher quality. As you can see from my comparison images of the cedar hang ups, the Ollieroo is significantly larger (on the left).Straight from the package, a distinct cedar scent is present. When the scent subsides, I'll update this review.

RakrisaSupplies Purple Bags Pack of 15 | Natural Deodorizer and Highest Fragrance Lavender Scent Sachets | LS-001 Review:

My clothes have a pleasant scent of fresh laundry mixed with sweet lavender! Multiple coats were destroyed by my severe moth problem. I needed a natural method to protect what clothes I had left because I had animals in the house (pets, not the kids). After buying and experimenting with a number of lavender items, I discovered that they had the greatest scent and lasted a VERY long time. After 8 months, my drawers are still open and smell like lavender. My entire underwear collection has a delectable, delicate, fresh lavender aroma. Because these tiny presents are loaded with excellent grade real Lavendar, they do NOT smell bad or cheap. Unlike my homemade ones, which left clover bits on my clothes, a well-made sachet ensures that nothing will spill out. I'm so happy I found these! I've purchased more to use in all of my drawers and to present.

Enoz Moth Balls, 2 Pk Review:

I honestly had no idea how potent these things are. In my garage, I was experiencing a serious pest problem. Between my garage door and the exterior, there is a gap. I scattered several of these throughout the garage. OMG! I discovered dead bugs in the garage the following morning. I had no idea that these were effective against such a wide variety of animals. Even a fly was prevented from getting into the garage. The fly approached and then swung around. Although there is a fragrance, it won't be a problem if you close your car's windows. Instead of just scattering the moth balls around, I'll do it differently the next time and put them in a tiny Styrofoam cup or something.

Moth Traps - Keep Clothes Safe - Moth Repellent - Clothes Moth Traps - 11 Pheromone Traps - Child/Pet Safe/Insecticide Free - Moth Prevention Repellent - Protection Clothes/Wool/Carpet - Moth Balls Review:

These traps do work, despite my first doubts. They came with very clear directions and were quite simple to assemble. Once assembled, all that's required of you is to store them in the closet. The moths seem to be drawn to the trap itself when we utilized these in our garage closet. We identified at least 12 moths and a few other flying insects on 1 trap. There was still room for additional moths despite the abundance. I'm so pleased with these traps.

Does Irish Spring soap keep moths away?

Irish Spring soap may keep moths away because of its strong scent. The soap is made with natural oils that can repel insects.

Does vinegar keep moths away?

Moths are a common problem in many households. They are attracted to food and clothes and can cause damage to both. Vinegar is a natural moth repellent and can be used to keep them away from your home. Simply pour some vinegar into a bowl and place it in the affected area. The moths will be repelled by the vinegar and will not be able to get to your food or clothes.

How do I permanently get rid of clothes moths?

If you're struggling with clothes moths, don't despair. There are a few simple steps you can take to get rid of them for good. Start by thoroughly cleaning your closet. Vacuum any cracks and crevices, and wash or dry clean all of your clothing. This will remove any eggs or larvae that may be present. Next, take preventive measures to keep moths away. Store clothing in airtight containers or garment bags, and keep your closet clean and free of clutter. You can also use moth traps to catch any stragglers.

How do you get rid of moths once and for all?

Once you've identified that you have a moth problem, there are a few things you can do to get rid of them for good. Start by cleaning up any areas where moths are likely to congregate, such as closets, pantries, and storage areas. This means vacuuming and sweeping up any moth larvae, eggs, or cocoons you find. You can also treat these areas with an insecticide designed specifically for moths. Next, take steps to prevent moths from entering your home in the first place. This means sealing up any cracks or crev

How do you keep moths away from clothes without mothballs?

You can keep moths away from clothes without mothballs by using cedar chips or lavender sachets. You can also keep your clothes in airtight containers or bags.

How long do clothes moths live?

Clothes moths are small moths that are often found in homes. They are attracted to clothing and can cause damage to fabrics. Clothes moths are particularly fond of wool and fur. They are also attracted to other natural fibers such as cotton and linen. Clothes moths are small moths that are often found in homes. They are attracted to clothing and can cause damage to fabrics. Clothes moths are particularly fond of wool and fur. They are also attracted to other natural fibers such as cotton and linen. The lifespan of a clothes moth depends on the species