Best Cheese Plates in 2020

Bamboo Cheese Board Set & Food Serving Tray - BONUS Stainless Steel KNIVES & BOWLS, Extra LARGE [16x11x1] Wooden Cutting Board Charcuterie Platter for Wine, Cracker, Brie, Meat, Dip, Chip by PandPal Review:

I recently purchased this to create a birthday charcuterie board and couldn’t be more pleased. Since I had a large group coming over I wanted to be sure the board would hold a lot and quite frankly, most boards offered are better for a quiet date night. I especially like the wells which keep things like crackers, grapes, and nuts in place. Double bonus, the reverse side has a different well configuration so if I wanted to do something mostly with meats and cheeses, I’m not locked into having to use the side the accommodates other things. The only thing I liked about other boards was they had storage for the cheese knives, but I couldn’t justify the extra cost; plus, this way my kiddo doesn’t have access to the cheese knives whenever I bring the board out. Looking forward to many more tasty charcuterie boards in my future!

Smirly Cheese Board and Knife Set: 13 x 13 x 2 Inch Wood Charcuterie Platter for Wine, Cheese, Meat Review:

Really like how it comes with secure packaging!!! The quality of the cheeseboard is great compare to the previous one I had bought. It’s easy and convenient to cut the cheese and ham using their cutlery set. And I really like how the cutlery set is store in a drawer under the display portion of the cheeseboard which prevent children from reaching it. The drawer comes out completely for easier cleaning to get rid of the crumbs.

I’m also satisfied with the bonus items that comes with the cheeseboard. I could use the smaller board for cutting small item and using the kitchen set for cooking and serving. Would buy one more for Christmas gift!!!

Unique Housewarming Gifts, Men, Women Birthday, Thanksgiving Gift | Extra Large Cheese Plate Board with Hidden Magnetic Drawer holding Cheese Knives, Serving Forks, Markers and Wine Accessories Review:

After I had few boards finally I found the perfect one. This board is big and heavy for durability, the design is simple and elegant. I ordered the " Extra Large Cheese Plate Board..." . On this one, I love the way they put the accessories tray, concealed under the board, out of the way without affecting the top of the board like other ones do. You are ready to go with this board, just bring the food and the drinks. This board is very versatile, I have used the board not only with chesses but for breakfast, building your own crostini. I think it will be perfect to show different kinds scones during tea.

Few points;
1-This board come in a single handle carry on box, easy to stored and transport.
2-You don’t need a book! --Radiant Royals have included a handy step-by step one page guide that will help you in the process and it works!! On the other side is the use for the different knives for different types of cheeses, maintenance and other useful information. Is a very good printing and paper but I plan to laminate mine.
3-Please note the following is not mention (I can’t find it) in the Amazon description, I think it should since is a good look and most important offer a safety factor. This board comes with 4 (1 on each corner) clear round rubber feet bumpers under it, this will elevate the board and offer stability on the surface you put the board on. I love this since I feel the board is “secured” into the table.
4. The price is on point. First, find a wood board 13" x 17" (approx. this one is slightly larger), then find the knives, cheese markers with pencil and eraser, wine accessories, and the serving forks. The price will be much more not to mention carrying the items around and be sure you don’t forget anything. Is worth every penny. I’m considering to buy few as holiday’s present, birthdays, etc. anyone will be happy to get this board.
5. Customer service is A1+ top. I had few questions, concerns and they address them right the way plus they gave me few choices.

I strongly recommend this product and company because they offer a good quality product and they stand behind it. I will give them 10 out of 10 star but I have to settle for 5 out of 5.


Premium Bamboo Cheese Board Set with Hidden Cutlery Drawer and Knife Set with One Cheese Fork, Removable Slate, Round Charcuterie Board – Perfect wedding gift idea for any budget Review:

An attractive charcuterie board! Real wood and a real slate piece in the center section. No plastic resin. I like the utensils slide out drawer. There is plenty of room for a variety of cheeses, crackers and fruits. One complaint.. while it was fast delivery, the product did arrive damage. The board was split in two. It looked as if the glue that held the circular board together dried up and didn’t hold. With my charcuterie home party being the next night there was no time for a return. We applied some wood glue then let it set for 24hrs and it worked! Other than that, I like this product! I’ve used it many times.

Unique Bamboo Cheese Board, Charcuterie Platter & Serving Tray for Wine, Crackers, Brie and Meat. Large & Thick Wooden Server - Fancy House Warming Gift & Perfect Choice for Gourmets (Bamboo) Review:

This is the third product I get from this brand. Although the concept of a cheese board should be simple, these guys don't stop to pleasantly surprise me. In addition to being eco-friendly and using the type of wood that helps preserve the sharpness of a knife long term, they presented three cool features that I didn't expect but got for free. First, this board has two small indents on its sides, making it super easy to pick it up and carry. Second, they have space on the side that you can use to place either crackers or cheese knives. Third, there's a cool design right in the middle of the board. Normally I would say that no one cares about designs and indents. After all, it's just a cutting board. However, having this stuff presents one great advantage over other boards - you can actually use this board to serve the cheese at a party. Normally I cut my cheese on the board and placed it on little plates. But this board is so well presentable, that I'd rather serve the cheese with crackers right on it. So I guess you could say that it serves the function of a party plate too. Last, but not least, it looks like it should cost five times more than I paid for it. It's way underpriced. Definitely recommend.

Cheese Board 2 Ceramic Bowls 2 Serving Plates. Magnetic 2 Drawers Bamboo Charcuterie Cutlery Knife Set, 2 Server Forks, Wine Opener, Labels, Markers, Gift for Birthdays, Wedding Registry,Housewarming Review:

I love this cheese tray. It looks very attractive and becoming. I especially appreciate how it has the Secret Door to keep all cheese accessories in. That way I don't have to look around to gather all of my supplies for making a proper cheese tray. The one and only reason I took away a star off of this one is because mine has for tiny little legs under it and one of them is about a centimeter or two too short, which makes it wobble a little bit. It's not the end of the world, I just find it annoying.

Natural Bamboo Cheese Board & Charcuterie Platter w/Hidden Drawer for Cheese Spreading Utensils - Perfect Gift Idea for Birthday, Wedding, Housewarming, Mom - Serves Crackers, Meats, Fruits & Cheese Review:

My wife and I love having cheese and wine dates!! We usually cut up some cheese and put it on a ugly plastic board. This works great for us, but looks kinda tacky when we have guest. So as we are getting into the busy football season and we have a lot of friends come over, I wanted something that looked a little more attractive. So I purchased this set! The set is a nice 13x13 cutting board with a built in hidden cabinet for utensils. The utensils are a fork, a knife, a flat edge knife, and a sharp spatula. Each one of them are very sharp and can easily cut through hard cheese like cheddar. They all have a nice comfortable bamboo handle. The bottom part of the cutting board has a nice grippy bottom too, this will prevent sliding around and will allow the drawer to slide out smoothly.

The boar is really cool and my wife absolutely loves it! The hidden utensils always surprise guests! Only down side is it can create a little bit of a hassle when you have to wash it and can also create a little loss of real estate if you have a lot of food. But other than that this is a great little device!!!! This would make an amazing wedding gift or birthday present!!

Bamboo Cheese Board Set, Charcuterie Platter and Serving Meat Board Including 4 Stainless Steel Knife and Serving Utensils, Unique Gifts for Christmas Wedding Birthday Anniversary(14''x11'') Review:

This is a very nice cheese/meat serving platter. The utensil holder makes keeping the knives up off the platter easy and allows for easy access as well. The grooved cracker as slot makes keeping the meat and cheese separate from the crackers possible. Cleaning is easy as well, but I definitely recommend hand washing. We had friends over and 2 of them complimented how nice it was and 1 has even purchased for herself. This would make an excellent gift for anyone that entertains. I recommend!

Utopia Kitchen Cheese Board and Knife Set - 5-Piece Set Includes Cheese Slate, 4 Stainless Steel Cheese Knives, Removable Slide-Out Drawer - Natural Oak Cheese/Cracker Platter - Ideal Present Set Review:

A very nice solidly weighted board, great for 2-4 persons. The slate is removable and easy to wipe off when done. The knives are located beneath the board for easy access.

I would definitely buy again in a larger size, especially if it came with ramekins to hold olives, preserves, or nuts.

Overall a great buy...

Hecef Cheese Board Set of 3, an Acacia Wood Cheese Board & a Cheese Knife & a Cheese Fork, Perfect Cheese Serving Board (Cheese board with 2 knives) Review:

My wife likes to have her friends over to talk about lord knows what...or prob just to drink wine. So I decided to get her this cheese board because what goes better with wine of course? I like the board seems durable and I see someone said they put it in the dishwasher which I never would have just wash by hand. I am a big cheese lover myself so it's good to have a spread when I'm watching the game or just don't wanna leave the couch! I do wish it was a little bigger and hopefully they will make a larger in the future. Never thought I would have owned one but guess it comes with adulting and entertaining! Go out and getchuone!