Best Cat Beds in 2020

Pet Magasin Self Warming Cat Cave Bed with 4-Way Cat Hideaways Review:

I purchased this for my two cats. While they don't always love to burrow, they do love a cozy spot and the feeling of being in something so one will tip the side up and fold it over. I couldn't believe how large this was! I was so pleasantly surprised to open the package to see that! The fleecy end folds over in a thick bustle and the "body" part of it is thick and soft too. It came with a small soft blanket that matches and features paw prints. I am just beyond happy with this purchase and recommend it for anyone!

PRO: design. quality. size. value.
CON: none!
BOTTOM LINE: HIGHLY recommended.

As a fellow Amazon buyer, I know how important it is that reviews are honest and I always spend time using a product before reviewing it. I know how reviews help me feel like I'm spending my money intelligently so I hope the information provided will help you to make an informed decision. I hope this helps! If so, please vote by replying Yes to 'Was this review helpful.’ Thank you!

Pet Craft Supply Co. Round Machine Washable Memory Foam Comfortable Ultra Soft All Season Self Warming Cat & Dog Bed Review:

My dog is a 4 &1/2 lbs chihuahua.
I was concerned that this bed might be too small, due to the customer images and reviews. However, she has a lot of space. I actually wanted the bed to be smaller, because I bought this dog bed to put on my bed. Also, she loves to be somewhat swaddled.
So far I like it. She got into the bed as soon as I unwrapped it. She sinks down into the sides or lies with her head on the rim. She seems to like it. The other "small" bed that I had was taking up too much real estate.
Update: 2 weeks in
She loves it and I love it. Sooo soft, so small, hair is left inside and not on my bed, and it seems to be well stretched. The pictures I saw on the reviews look like a different bed.
Another update 3 &1/2 weeks:
She absolutely loves this bed. The stitching is in tact. Since she's 3 yrs old, she doesn't chew on her beds. I love it because is so small; I bought it to sit on my bed. I don't have to worry about hair all over my bed. Love it!

PETMAKER Cozy Kitty Review:

Over the past few years I've purchased this item (from this listing) in rust, ivory, and now gray and am surprised by the lack of quality consistency. Four stars still because my cats love these caves but the ivory one is much thicker and more plush feeling than the gray one I just received which feels very thin and almost like cheap felt. The ivory one has also held up better than the rust one which split at the seams so the interior foam is exposed. If I had any input in a redesign, I'd make the bottom a sturdier fabric also since right now it is made from something really thin and flimsy feeling- more like the material the USPS uses in those thin shipping envelopes. But even with those complaints, two out of my five cats absolutely live in their igloos and the other two use them on occasion so that counts as success. They don't smell bad and they're not an eyesore either which makes this even more of a cat enrichment victory. If these were pricier, I probably wouldn't recommend them but for under twenty bucks, my cats give this an enthusiastic paws up.

Edited to add: So after several months of use, the gray igloo has fluffed up and feels softer and plusher so that's encouraging. Both the ivory and gray are holding up decently to regular cat usage. I'll definitely order more of these in spite of the thin bottom layer.

Aeromark International Armarkat Cave Shape Pet Cat Beds for Cats and Small Dogs-Waterproof and Skid-Free Base Review:

We call this thing "the Peach".

I bought this little bed for our new kitten. When I opened the box, and took it out, my 13y/o orange tabby immediately hopped inside the bed and curled up. "This is the kitten's bed!" I said. Nope. His now. I didn't expect him to fit in it let alone want to sleep in it.

All three of the cats love it, and mercifully they don't fight over it and just share nicely. In fact, they love it so much that two cats will frequently sleep in it at the same time. See attached photo.

I'm actually here today to buy another one. We bought a cheaper and almost identical cat bed (larger, same shape, different material. We call it "the pear"), but it was deemed inferior. None of them use it after a year of having it in the house. This cat bed is the real deal. Only this cat bed will do.

BinetGo Dog Bed Cat Bed Cushion Bed Faux Fur Donut Cuddler for Dog Cat Joint-Relief and Improved Sleep – Machine Washable, Waterproof Bottom Review:

UPDATE: When I emailed the company to suggest that they put explicit instructions on the outside of the shrink wrap to ensure no one cuts the actual bottom of the cat bed, they offered to send me a replacement bed. I felt bad since it was partly my fault for not being more careful and assuming the black was part of the shrink wrap and offered to pay for it. They wouldn't hear of it and are sending me a replacement bed! Buy with confidence from this company! They are good people and want their customers to be happy!

Original post: I'm still giving this product five stars because as you can see, my cat absolutely loves it and it is one of the softest pet beds I've ever purchased. However, I did want to warn other purchasers to be very careful when cutting open the pet bed from the plastic. It comes compressed and shrink wrapped, and although I was cutting along the edge, I didn't realize that the black part that was part of the shrink wrap was the bottom of the bed and I ended up cutting a hole in the bed. So, it's a bit frustrating to have spent $40 and start off with a hole in the bottom of the bed. Again, perhaps we can chalk it up to me not being more careful, but I did send the company an email letting them know they might want to put some sort of warning on the outside of the shrink wrap because to me, it just looked like it was part of the plastic wrap. Learn from my mistake if you order! Oh, and as a side note, this is a large-sized bed and I ordered navy, but it's actually more of a dark gray which I wanted! My cat is 11 pounds for reference, and I wanted her to have room to spread out because she tends to sleep that way.

Petmate Pet Bed Review:

 I bought 2 of these when I first got my puppy, one to leave at my boyfriend's house and one at my house and they're amazing! We've really only used one since I then moved in with my bf and this bed is perfect for my puppy. She was a 5 lb.-ish puppy and now is a healthy 9 lbs but she still fits very well in it. I've attached pictures if her sitting in the bed with space to spare for her blanket and toys.

She doesn't sleep it in it much anymore since our bed is basically her bed now but when she knows I have a treat in hand, she goes right into her crate, onto her bed, and look at me with her cute puppy eyes begging for it. (Works every time!)

The bed is also super sturdy! She likes to roll on her back and dig into the bed and her nails aren't short. Good thing they're not sharp but they can do some damage. This bed however holds up really well and the backup bed won't be used anytime soon!

Sleep Zone Faux Suede Cuddle Cave Dog Bed - Fabric Bottom - 22X17 Inches/Tan/Attractive, Durable, Comfortable, Washable. by Ethical Pets Review:

We are so happy we got this bed. We got it for our Chihuahua puppy, she is 4 pounds, and she loved it from the start. She is very active and usually if we put her on her regular bed (just the flat, mat type) she is all over the place and doesn't want to stay on it. This one she burrows into and plays with her toys in it until she often falls asleep.
For her size it is very roomy. We also have a 17 pound Chihuahua mix that I had get in it and for him it is too small. He fits in it but it's tight and no wiggle room for him. If he tried to turn around the bed would just come with him like a turtle shell. I wish they sold in various sizes so I could get him one too. I'll put pictures of both.
That quality of it is good, it does not look or feel cheap and no odor on it when it first came. Care Instructions on it says Spot Clean only.

Aspen Pet Self Warming Beds Review:

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 My girl loves this bed. She spends most of her time in it kneading and purring. I don't know about what others have posted about the warming material, but it is still an excellent soft bed that my girl prefers.