Best Body Tub Rail Armor in 2020

Bushwacker 14068 Trail Armor Rocker Panel for Chevrolet Extended Cab (Black, Pair) Review:

Perfect fit, really. They secure with double-back tape that looks like the "3m" adhesive strips that OEM's use to hold on body emblems and molding, but I didn't feel like that was really good enough so on the very bottom, I put self tapping screws on each corner and evenly spaced three more between them on the front panel. The back panel got three. Now, I'm using these to cover rust damage, so before I put them on permanently I used a wire brush and a grinder to remove all the rust. I then painted everything with some rustoleum and then rubberized undercoating. (including the screw holes I just made. Then I thoroughly cleaned everywhere the tape touched and then applied the covers. It looks great and the way I did it i believe might last as long as having slip-ons welded in.

EAG Tubular Side Armor Rocker Guard Rock Sliders Fit for 07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK 4 Door Review:

The installation of these sliders took about 20 minutes, and was super simple. The box was a little dinged up when I received it in the mail, but that's to be expected with almost anything this heavy. These sliders are definitely built sturdy. I was worried that the steel would be to thin, but they support a 240 pound man jumping around on them just fine. The powder coating is pretty even all the way around, however there are a few spots that got brushed off during shipping that I'm going to touch up with bedliner. Ive used products with similar coating on my jeep before and have had issues with the steel rusting and spreading underneath the paint. It's definitely wise to put another coat on top for good measure. Herculiner is a great product for this. Overall, I'm very pleased with the look and the protection these sliders provide to the rocker panels. Can't get much better than these for this price point in my opinion.

Rugged Ridge 11650.40 Black Body Tub Rail Armor - Pair Review:

Does exactly what it is supposed to do, looks really good also. I would highly recommend marking out the holes for hardtop installation and pre-drilling the holes before installing these as they are difficult to put the holes in after installed (which should be common sense). Solid product

Bushwacker 14064 Trail Armor Rocker Panel for Dodge Crew Cab (Black, Pair) Review:

Put this on a Ram 2017 3500 Crew Cab.
Look great match the BW Fender Flares. Instructions were minimal. I will suggest you position both pieces on one side and close the doors to hold them in place. Adjust them till you get them where you want them. Leave one in place so you will know where to place the other one. Pull the tape tabs and adjust the one you removed. When you get it correct pull tape tabs and stick in place. Leaving one has a reference will help. Also check the door to make sure they clear the bottom of the door and stick to the pinch weld.

I have added a picture to show that they are ready to add running boards with no big modifications. I removed the area that would go over the bolts on the pinch weld that support the running board. I installed the running boards first.
I added these running boards u tube has great instructions for putting on running boards

I have added a picture to show they do not cross the body seam so they should work with any flare. I have wide BW flares.

Bushwacker 14067 Trail Armor Rocker Panel for Chevrolet Crew Cab (Black, Pair) Review:

Installed on 2005 Chevrolet Crew cab short bed. Fit great made the truck look great as well. My rockers weren't horrible but I did not feel like welding in replacements. I cleaned the existing metal then sprayed them inside and out a few days prior with Fluid Flim to prevent future rusting.
When installing I found it helpful to leave the plastic trim in direct sunlight or use a heat gun to soften them and allow them to mold even closer to the truck. Just before installing I cleaned the surface well and then applied heavy-duty construction adhesive to the inside of the Bushwacker covers. This will ensure they are permanent even if the double sided tape fails. Once they were installed I used a long piece of wood, supporting by a floor jack to run horizontally along the bottom of the rear lower edge to press it up against the truck. For extra security I used black self tapping screws to fasten the bottom lip to the back edge of the rocker (unable to be seen unless your're up underneath the truck).
Overall these are a quick and easy way to clean up the look of your truck!

EAG Rock Sliders Fit for 07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK 4 Door Rocker Guard Body Armor Review:

Box was damaged as was the case with every other product I bought from this company. Use a better box for future customers, please. However, these were wrapped very well inside the box. Still, there were nicks that needed touched up. I did need a small flat pry bar to install, but it isn't nearly as bad as it sounds and since these are load bearing when crawling or simply someone using them as a step, I did not mind the extra tight fit. The key difference between these and my Rubi rails was the mounting. These use 6 bolts to the factory location on the undercarriage. The stockers had a couple extra mounting points (something this design probably doesn't allow). Know that you installing a heavier product, that doubles as a step utilizing less mounting points than the stock rock sliders. I am hopeful these wont bend/snap if they end up holding some of the vehicle weight or as someone is using them for a step. Overall, though, I would recommend.

Rampage Products 69997 Black Tub Rail Kit for 1987-1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ Review:

Came in really scratched up in a few spots. Good thing it is on a really old beat up Jeep...cuz now it looks like it belongs!
Would appreciate better packaging so there are not any unhappy customers.

EAG 4 Door Side Armor Rocker Guard Rock Slider Black Pair Fit for 07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK Review:

I had to contact seller because I had accidentally entered the wrong address when I first ordered the Rocker Sliders. They were able to fix the address prior to shipping and it got to the correct address quickly. No damage noted on any of the parts. The quality and design is excellent and looks great on my Jeep Wrangler!! Finish is perfect and looks terrific. The only problem I had was on the driver's side rocker. It was about 1/8th of an inch off on alignment with the mounting bolts. I used a step down bit and was able to drill it (the rocker) out the small amount it needed to fit correctly. Absolutely the best value for the price hands down!!! I was able to install them by myself. It was difficult but manageable.