Best Birdbaths in 2020

VIVOHOME 28 Inch Height Polyresin Lightweight Antique Outdoor Garden Bird Bath Copper Review:

I received this birdbath as scheduled, all parts enclosed and it was easy to assemble. I had an old firepit that had rusted out, collected water & was an eyesore. So I pitched the bowl and kept the frame, then painted it black. I leveled the dirt, added some lawn fabric , set the bird bath in the middle, secured with the provided stakes then added some decorative rocks over the fabric. Made sure it was level, then added water. It looks great. I love the metal look but since it's resin, it won't rust. The water basin is a nice width. Overall a very attractive and sturdy birdbath. (I will be adding a solar fountain and water heater soon.)

Update: One more thing I am finding that I like with this birdbath. Because it screws together, the bowl is easy to unscrew so that you can empty and refill, which is very handy. Don't think I could do that with one that was one piece.
Oh, and I did order and receive the solar fountain. It's the round black one that has suction cups, but can float on the water as well. It works great, sorry I was unable to upload a video. Haven't gotten the heater yet.

Update: this morning I went to remove the ice from the bird bath and as I was unscrewing the bowl, it slipped and cracked. I contacted the seller to see if I could get a replacement bowl. They just emailed me that they are sending me a whole new bird bath. How awesome is that ?

VIVOHOME 28 Inch Height Polyresin Lightweight Outdoor Double Birds Garden Bird Bath Copper Review:

This is a nice birdbath. It was very easy to put together and worked perfect in one of my flower beds. I love that it has two little sections essentially for the water. Hoping for birds this spring to love it as well. :) I have an existing one that’s similar to it that has lasted for at least five years so I feel like this one will be great as well.

Best Choice Products Outdoor Pedestal Bird Bath Decoration for Yard, Garden, Lawn w/ Sparrow Statues, Fleur-de-Lys Accents - Antique Gold Review:

Cute and sturdy, this birdbath is worth the price. Made of heavy duty resin, painted to look like brass and surprisingly does. Eay to put together with directions, no tools needed. Holds about two gallons of water, about four inches deep in the middle. Doves, sparrows, starlings, grackles and other birds have no problem using it (in my yard). I haven't used the included pegs to secure it in the ground yet, haven't had tipping problems with winds or a when a plump bird sits on the edge. Only thing I'd like to note, since I missed it looking at the photos at time of purchase, it's not round but in the shape of a scallop she'll half. That's not a bad thing at all. I recommend this as a nice little addition to your yard.

Best Choice Products Outdoor Garden Pedestal Bird Bath Vintage Decor - Green Review:

For years we used my son's old plastic wagon for a makeshift birdbath. The squirrels in our neighborhood are an invasive species & they took to using the makeshift birdbath, so my search for a "real" birdbath found this.

The pros:
+ $25.95 with free shipping when I bought this.
+ FAST shipping & it came well packed.
+ Comes with instructions, but none are required.
+ Advertised - Pedestal-styled bird bath, constructed of lightweight weather & frost resistant resin. ◄ It's made of plastic.
+ Advertised - Features an antique verdigris effect, mimicking a time worn and rustic finish. ◄ The finish is painted on.
+ Advertised - 3 ground stakes are included. ◄ These measure 6" long & I found them to be pretty much worthless!
+ Advertised - Product Weight: 4.4 lbs, 20" (diameter) x 28.25" (height), water capacity .8 gallons (3.03 liters).

The cons:
- VERY strong odor, which I suspect is from the painting or the plastic molding process? ◄ This odor will dissipate, after it's been exposed to the elements.
- Top heavy, so staking down is advisable. We bolted ours down, as the birdbath was placed on a old sandbox lid.
- Advertised - Filling the base with sand is recommended for added stability. ◄ Fill the base with sand? There's NO base to fill, other than the hollow post?
- Made in China. ◄ For those who prefer to buy products made in the USA.

Closing remarks:
▪ Overall, this is an attractive & functional addition to the backyard.
▪ We attached this birdbath to my son's old turtle sandbox cover. He's in his twenties now, so the sandbox it hasn't been used many years. This stabilizes & elevates the birdbath a bit higher, making it more difficult for the invasive squirrels from reaching the birdbath! :)

Update - March 30, 2017
▪ This birdbath has held up well thru the winter. When the water froze, I just popped it out, no damage.

Best Choice Products Outdoor Lily Leaf Resin Pedestal Bird Bath Decoration w/Floral Accents and Vintage Finish, Copper Review:

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 Beautiful! I couldn’t wait to get this product. I placed a solar fountain and it looks so beautiful.

Farm Innovators Model BD-75 3-In-1 Heated Birdbath, 75-Watt, Terra Cotta Color Review:

I gave this product 2 stars because I am EXTREMELY dissatisfied with the misrepresentation. I SPECIFICALLY bought this particular heated bird bath because I was led to believe it was made of terra cotta. NOWHERE in the description does it say that it's made of plastic. And the title says terra cotta.
HOWEVER...having said that, I realized that if it had been made out of terra cotta it would've been too heavy to mount on my window (it is MUCH bigger than I thought). After some thought I've decided to keep it instead of returning it and I expect to be very pleased with it. I still prefer not to have heated items in plastic (I wouldn't want to drink water that had been sitting in a plastic container and I wasn't interested in doing that to my feathered friends, either) but since I'll be changing the water everyday it should be okay.
I will post an update after some use with any specific pros or cons but it does seem to be a very nice item. The three mounting options are great and it's large enough for robins or blue jays etc. to bathe in, although I expect they'll mostly just be drinking in the cold winter months, and this bath will only be used for that time of year.
For those who will be using it year round the cord is very short and can be tucked away and hidden for the times of the year when it doesn't need to be plugged in.

UPDATE:I've had the opportunity to put this birdbath to use in some pretty low temperatures. It has performed without any problems of any kind. The temp has gotten as low as 8 degrees fahrenheit with no sign of the water freezing. No ice in the water. I'm posting a couple photos in the image gallery and one of them is from an 8 degree day. I'd definitely recommend this product if you don't mind filling regularly, since it is a bit shallow. It probably needs filling anywhere from everyday to every other day. But I would do this no matter what the size since birds need clean water and any bird bath gets dirty with a day or two of use. I mounted mine outside my window for two reasons. 1. ease of filling, just open the window and 2. viewing of the birds.

ps - I was willing to change my rating from 2 stars to 5 but I've noticed they're still advertising the bird bath as terra cotta without so much as one word in the description to let the buyer know it's plastic, and only the COLOR is terra cotta.

UPDATE:They added the information to the description of this product to include that it is made of plastic so I have happily changed my rating to 5 stars.

UPDATE: Nov. 2015. It's been 4 years since I purchased this product and I have used it every single winter. It is now below freezing and the birdbath is still working beautifully. I could not be happier with the performance and durability of this product.
Helpful hint: Anytime it gets really dirty, in order to prevent scratching the plastic which would harbor bacteria I use a plain magic eraser with water to clean it and it makes it look like new with zero scratches.

K&H Pet PRoducts 9000 Ice Eliminator Birdbath Deicer, 50-Watt, Natural Review:

After seeing Cardinals and other birds standing on our frozen fountain my wife started waking up in the morning to take a pail of hot water out to make sure the birds had water. I decided to try one of these so the birds wouldn't have to wait for my wife or me.
As others have mentioned, I had to weigh the de-icer down with a stone, it tends to float to the surface. I agree with my wife who feels like they should be made with weights built in, but the stone works well enough. I like that the de-icer can be painted, but I won't bother doing so. It's good enough as is.
We've had a few days now where temps were in the teens at night and just at freezing during the day. While a lot of ice has formed on the fountain the de-icer at least keeps some water available for drinking and the fountain pump still circulates the water. The birds and squirrels are happy to have a source of water. I still take a pitcher of warm water out in the morning to top it off when it's super cold, but I'm satisfied with the de-icer, but wonder if a higher wattage one would be better. I have the 50 watt version. I don't regret my purchases. I'm sure this would work completely as designed for a normal bath where it can be placed centrally.

Picture was taken when it was 23 degrees outside after being down to 19 at night.

MUMTOP 26" Glass Birdbath Birdfeeder with Metal Stake Garden Outdoor Green Review:

Purchased this bird bath/feeder for my mother's birthday. She is very outdoorsy and lives seeing her quail families come over in the morning. She uses it as a feeder because where we live, keeping it full of water is a task in itself. It is extremely sturdy (enough to remain upright with 11+ fully grown quail on it haha). Beautiful, colorful, thick piece of glass that glistens in the sunlight. She loves it and is looking for another to put throughout her garden!

Nova Microdermabrasion 3-Tier Pedestal Bird Bath Fountain W/Pump Outdoor Garden Decor Review:

I usually avoid 3rd-party sellers on Amazon, but I'm glad that I gave this fountain (shipped from and sold by "forreststore") a shot.

The fountain got here within 2 days, and I was able to assemble it under 10 minutes, just using the pictures, though there ARE printed instructions.

I set the motor to the highest flow setting and put it in the back yard, filling it to just-before overflowing. In a few minutes, I had quickly attracted my wild usual flock of finches, sparrows, Scrub Jays and squirrels (they can really jump).

I use this remote ( to turn the fountain on/off. There are nice timers out there, but I prefer to make sure I can confirm there is sufficient water before it turns on. If there wasn't and the pump turned on, it would damage the pump. :(

After running for 6 hours, I noticed that the spray was barely coming out of the top. I saw that the water level was within 2 inches of the top (perfectly fine), and that there was no obvious debris along the bottom tier where the pump is hidden. I dumped out the water, disassembled the tiers and made sure that there was nothing clogging the pump itself. The voltage at the plug was consistent as well.

I then drilled 4 small (3/16), equally-spaced holes in the domed, bottom tier, to allow wore water flow to the pump. This helped slightly. Bigger holes may have helped more, BUT the bigger they get the more debris will get into the pump area. It also makes it riskier for the critters.

So, I took it all apart and tested just the pump it in a my bathtub. Same issue, so I took video evidence of the problem with my iPhone and messaged "forreststore" here on Amazon and explained the situation. Within the day "forreststore" said they would get a replacement pump to me.

They shipped the pump on the next day and I got it with a few days!

The replacement pump works great, so, YaAY!

P.S. If anybody cares, I have also now ordered these "Pool Skimmer Socks" ( to put around the filter. If you're going to be drilling holes like I did, it might help reduce the frequency of cleaning required. We'll see....

Farm Innovators Model FS-1 Four Seasons Heated Birdbath, 70-Watt Review:

I rolled the dice and left it out on a 20 below zero night, and I am pleased to say my birds are very happy. There is a ring of ice in the bath, but it's 20 below zero and windy. I didn't have to break the ice either. My visiting birds remain very happy with this birdbath.

On placement of the birdbath... I tried to place the bath near my house at first but had no visitors. After observing the birds eating snow off the top of their favorite watering hole (an upside down landscaping bin) I decided to move the bath to that spot and it has been visited hundreds of times daily since then.

I have had the bath for a month now. The performance this winter and the popularity with the birds has earned this product 5 stars.