Best Birdbaths in 2022

Last update: December 27, 2022

Do bird baths need running water?

No, bird baths do not need running water, but they can benefit from it. The movement of the water will help keep the bath clean and attract more birds.

Do birdbaths attract mosquitoes?

Yes, birdbaths do attract mosquitoes. The standing water in birdbaths is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. To prevent mosquitoes from breeding in your birdbath, empty the water and scrub the birdbath regularly.

Do birdbaths attract rodents?

No, birdbaths do not attract rodents. In fact, they can help keep rodents away by providing a source of water for birds, which can help keep the rodent population in check.

Do birds really like bird baths?

Yes, birds really do enjoy baths, especially during the summer months. A bird bath is a great way to keep your feathered friends cool and also provides them with an opportunity to preen their feathers. Be sure to place your bird bath in a shady spot and keep the water clean and fresh.

VIVOHOME 28 Inch Height Polyresin Lightweight Antique Outdoor Garden Bird Bath Copper Review:

This birdbath arrived on time, with all the components packed, and it was simple to put together. I had a rusted-out, water-collecting, unsightly old fire pit. As a result, I threw out the bowl but preserved the frame and painted it black. I leveled the ground, added some lawn fabric, positioned the bird bath in the center, anchored it with the provided pegs, then topped the cloth with some ornamental rocks. After making sure everything was level, water was added. It looks fantastic. Although it's resin, it won't rust, which is why I adore the metal look. The size of the water basin is good. Overall, a birdbath that is both beautiful and robust. (I'll soon install a solar water heater and fountain.)Update: I've discovered another another aspect of this birdbath that I adore. The bowl is quite convenient because it screws together and is simple to unscrew so you can empty and refill it. I doubt I could complete it with one that was in one piece.Oh, and I did order the solar fountain and receive it. It's the spherical, black object with suction cups that can also float on water. I'm sorry I was unable to upload a video, but it works fine. I haven't yet received the heater.Update: When I tried to remove the ice from the bird bath this morning, the bowl slipped and fractured while I was unscrewing it. To see whether I could get a replacement bowl, I spoke with the seller. They recently informed me through email that they will be sending me a brand-new birdbath. How amazing is that?

VIVOHOME 28 Inch Height Polyresin Lightweight Outdoor Double Birds Garden Bird Bath Copper Review:

This birdbath is wonderful. It was incredibly simple to assemble and performed flawlessly in one of my flower beds. I adore that there are effectively two separate areas for the water. I'm hoping the birds will enjoy it as well this spring. I believe that this one will be excellent as well because I already have one that is comparable to it and has lasted for at least five years.

Best Choice Products Outdoor Pedestal Bird Bath Decoration for Yard, Garden, Lawn w/ Sparrow Statues, Fleur-de-Lys Accents - Antique Gold Review:

This birdbath is robust and adorable, and it's a great buy. made of sturdy resin that has been painted to resemble brass and, unexpectedly, does. Simple to assemble with the right instructions; no tools required. holds roughly two gallons of water, and the centre is about four inches deep. It is easily used by doves, sparrows, starlings, grackles, and other birds (in my yard). I haven't anchored it with the provided pegs yet, and I haven't experienced any wind-related or bird-induced tipping issues. The only thing I'd want to point out is that it's not round; rather, it is shaped like a scallop half, which I missed when I was looking at the photographs at the time of purchase. That's actually not at all horrible. This would be a cute small addition to your yard, in my opinion.

Best Choice Products Outdoor Garden Pedestal Bird Bath Vintage Decor - Green Review:

We improvised a birdbath out of my son's old plastic wagon for years. I was looking for a "genuine" birdbath because the squirrels in our area, an invasive species, started utilizing the temporary birdbath.The advantages are: I paid $25.95 for it with free delivery; it arrived quickly and was well-packaged; it comes with instructions, although they are not necessary. Pedestal-styled bird bath made of lightweight, frost- and weather-resistant resin, as advertised. Advertised - Features an ancient verdigris impression, simulating a weathered and rustic finish. - It is composed of plastic. - The finish is painted on. Three ground stakes are provided, as advertised. These are 6" long, and I thought they were pretty much useless. As advertised, the item weighs 4.4 lbs, measures 20" in diameter by 28.25" in height, and holds.8 gallons of water (3.03 liters).Cons: - VERY strong smell, which I believe is caused by painting or plastic molding. After it has been exposed to the weather, this smell will go away.- Top heavy, so it is advised to stake down. The birdbath was placed on an old sandbox lid, so we bolted ours down.Sand should be poured into the base to increase stability, according to the advertisement. Fill the foundation with sand? Other than the hollow post, there is NO base to fill.- Chinese made. For people who favor purchasing American-made goods.Final thoughts: Overall, this is a beautiful and useful addition to the backyard. This birdbath was fastened to the previous turtle sandbox lid my son had. He's now in his twenties, so the sandbox hasn't been played in for a while. The birdbath is stabilized and elevated somewhat as a result, making it harder for invading squirrels to get to the birdbath.Revision: March 30, 2017 This birdbath has weathered the winter admirably. I simply popped it out when the water froze, causing no damage.

Best Choice Products Outdoor Lily Leaf Resin Pedestal Bird Bath Decoration w/Floral Accents and Vintage Finish, Copper Review:

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this video.Download Flash Player.Beautiful! I couldn't wait to purchase this item. A solar fountain that I installed looks just stunning.

Farm Innovators Model BD-75 3-In-1 Heated Birdbath, 75-Watt, Terra Cotta Color Review:

I am EXTREMELY disappointed with the misrepresentation, which is why I awarded this product two ratings. Because I was persuaded to believe that this heated bird bath was constructed of terra cotta, I ESPECIALLY purchased it. It is NEVER mentioned in the description that it is made of plastic. Terra cotta is mentioned in the title.Having said that, I realized it would have been too heavy to put on my window if it had been constructed of terra cotta (it is MUCH bigger than I thought). I've opted against returning it after giving it some thought because I think I'll be happy with it. Since I'll be changing the water every day, it should be okay, though I still prefer not to put warm stuff in plastic (I wouldn't want to drink water that had been sitting in a plastic container, and I wasn't keen in doing that to my feathery companions, too).It does seem to be a very good item, and I will post an update with any specific advantages or disadvantages after some use. The three mounting options are fantastic, and it's big enough for animals like robins or blue jays to take a bath in. However, I anticipate that during the chilly winter months, they'll largely simply be drinking, so this bath will only be used during that time of year.The cord is quite short and can be tucked away or hidden for the seasons of the year when it doesn't need to be plugged in if you plan to use it all year.UPDATE: In some pretty chilly temps, I've had the chance to use this birdbath. It has worked flawlessly without any issues of any type. Even at a low of 8 degrees Fahrenheit, the water is not showing any signs of freezing. The water has no ice. I'm adding a few pictures to the image gallery, and one of them was taken on a day with just 8 degrees outside. Given that it is a little shallow, I would absolutely suggest this product if you don't mind filling it frequently. It likely needs to be filled every day or every other day. However, regardless of the size, I would do this since birds need clean water, and any bird bath becomes filthy after a day or two of use. For two reasons, I mounted my outside my window. Simply open the window to fill it easily, and enjoy watching the birds, second.P.S. - I was prepared to change my rating from 2 stars to 5, but I've discovered they're still describing the bird bath as being made of terra cotta while just mentioning that it is terra cotta in COLOR.UPDATE: They kindly changed my rating from 3 stars to 5 stars after mentioning that this product is made of plastic in the description.November 2015. I've had this product for four years and have used it each winter since then. Even though it is already below freezing, the birdbath is still in excellent condition. I am quite pleased with the functionality and longevity of this device.Helpful tip: Anytime it gets extremely dirty, I use a regular magic eraser with water to clean it and it makes it seem like new with zero scratches. This prevents scratching the plastic, which would contain disease.

K&H Pet PRoducts 9000 Ice Eliminator Birdbath Deicer, 50-Watt, Natural Review:

My wife started getting up early in the morning to bring a bucket of hot water out to make sure the birds had access to water after observing Cardinals and other birds standing on our frozen fountain. So that the birds wouldn't have to wait for my wife or me, I chose to try one of them.The de-icer tends to float to the surface, as others have noted, so I had to weigh it down with a stone. My wife and I both agree that weights should be included into the design, but the stone is enough. Though I won't, I like that the de-icer may be painted. The current state is adequate.The past few days have seen temperatures that are just below freezing during the day and in the teens at night. Even though the fountain has a lot of ice on it, the de-icer at least maintains some water flowing and the fountain pump keeps the water moving. Having a water source makes the birds and squirrels happy. When it's extremely cold, I still bring a pitcher of warm water outside in the morning to top it off, but I'm happy with the de-icer and wonder whether a higher wattage one might be preferable. I own the 50 watt model. I have no regrets about my purchases. For a typical bath where it can be placed in the middle, I'm confident that this would function exactly as intended.The picture was taken when the outside temperature was 23 after dropping to 19 at night.

MUMTOP 26" Glass Birdbath Birdfeeder with Metal Stake Garden Outdoor Green Review:

For my mother's birthday, I bought her this bird bath/feeder. She loves being outside and loves to welcome her quail families in the morning. Because maintaining it with water where we live is a work in itself, she utilizes it as a feeder. It is quite solid (enough to hold up to 11 fully grown quail on it without falling off, hehe). A lovely, colorful piece of thick glass that sparkles in the sunlight. She adores it and is searching for a second one to scatter across her yard!

Nova Microdermabrasion 3-Tier Pedestal Bird Bath Fountain W/Pump Outdoor Garden Decor Review:

I typically steer clear of Amazon third-party vendors, but I'm happy I gave this fountain (delivered from and sold by "forreststore") a try.Even though there are printed directions, I only needed ten minutes to put the fountain together once it arrived within two days.I placed it in the backyard and filled it to the point just before overflowing while turning the engine to the highest flow setting. I drew my normal wild flock of finches, sparrows, Scrub Jays, and squirrels in a matter of minutes (they can really jump).I switch the fountain on and off using this remote control (available at There are some wonderful timers available, but I like to check if there is enough water before it comes on. It would harm the pump if there wasn't and the pump switched on.I discovered that the spray was hardly coming out of the top after running for six hours. I observed that there was no evident debris along the bottom tier where the pump is concealed, and that the water level was within 2 inches of the top (absolutely OK). I emptied the water out, took the tiers apart, and checked to see if the pump itself was clogged with anything. Additionally, the voltage at the plug was constant.The lower tier of the dome was then punctured with 4 tiny (3/16) holes, evenly spaced apart, to permit water to flow to the pump. This was somewhat helpful. Larger holes may have been more helpful, but the more material that enters the pump region, the worse it will be. Additionally, it makes it riskier for the animals.I disassembled it all and tested the pump alone in my bathtub. Same problem, therefore I used my iPhone to record a video of it and contact "forreststore" on Amazon to describe the circumstance. "Foreststore" promised to send me a replacement pump the next day.They sent the pump the following day, and I received it quickly!Yay, the replacement pump is fantastic!P.S. If anyone is interested, I have also ordered some "Pool Skimmer Socks" to wrap over the filter ( If you're going to drill holes like I did, it might help to lessen how often you have to clean. We shall see.

Farm Innovators Model FS-1 Four Seasons Heated Birdbath, 70-Watt Review:

I gambled and left it out on a night that dropped to 20 below zero, and I'm delighted to report that my birds are extremely content. It's 20 below zero and windy, but the bath has a ring of ice on it. I also didn't need to introduce myself. This birdbath continues to make my migratory birds extremely happy.Regarding where to put the birdbath: At first, I tried to put the bath next to my house, but no one came. I chose to move the bath to that location after noticing the birds nibbling snow off the top of their favorite watering hole (an upside-down landscaping bin), and it has been used hundreds of times every day since.Since last month, I've been taking the bath. This product has received five stars for its performance this winter and for being well-liked by the birds.

Do you need to seal a concrete birdbath?

You may need to seal your concrete birdbath if it is starting to show wear or if the color is fading. A sealer will help to protect the birdbath and keep it looking new.

How deep should a birdbath be?

A birdbath should be deep enough to allow the birds to get wet and have a drink, but not so deep that they can't get out easily. The average depth of a birdbath is between 2 and 4 inches.

How do I keep mosquitoes out of my bird bath?

To keep mosquitoes out of your bird bath, you can either drain the water after each use or add a mosquito dunk to the water. A mosquito dunk is a tablet that contains a larvicide, which kills mosquito larvae.

How often should I change the water in my bird bath?

You should change the water in your bird bath at least once a week, and more often if it gets dirty.

Is a bird bath a good idea?

A bird bath is a great idea if you want to attract birds to your yard or garden. It provides them with a place to drink and bathe, and also offers you a chance to watch them up close. Just be sure to keep the bird bath clean and filled with fresh water, and you’ll soon have feathered friends visiting your outdoor space.

Should I put rocks in my bird bath?

If you're wondering whether rocks belong in your bird bath, the answer is yes! Placing a few rocks in your bird bath can provide many benefits for your feathered friends. Rocks can help keep the water clean by providing a place for birds to perch while they bathe. The rocks can also help keep the water from getting too dirty too quickly. Rocks can also provide a place for birds to perch when the water level is low. This can be a lifesaver for birds during a drought. So, if you're looking for a