Best Bathtub Mats in 2022

Last update: November 29, 2022

Are bath mats hygienic?

Most bath mats are made of absorbent materials that can harbor mold, mildew, and bacteria. If not cleaned regularly, these mats can become a breeding ground for germs. While some people may not have any adverse reactions to using a dirty bath mat, others may experience skin irritation, respiratory problems, or other infections. To help prevent these problems, it is important to clean your bath mat regularly.

Can I make my own bath mat?

Yes, you can make your own bath mat. There are many tutorials online that show you how to make a bath mat out of different materials, including fabric, rubber, and even recycled materials. You can also find many different patterns and designs to choose from, so you can make a bath mat that fits your personal style.

Can you use a rug as a bath mat?

A rug can make a great bath mat, as long as it is made of a absorbent material. Otherwise, it is not a good idea to use a rug as a bath mat, as it will not soak up water and will become slippery.

Do bamboo bath mats get moldy?

Bamboo bath mats are a great way to add a natural touch to your bathroom. But, like any other type of bath mat, they can get moldy if they're not properly cared for. To prevent your bamboo bath mat from getting moldy, make sure to keep it clean and dry. Wipe it down after each use, and allow it to air dry completely before putting it away. If you do notice mold starting to form, clean it immediately with a mixture of water and vinegar.

Yimobra Original Bath Tub and Shower Mat 27.5 X 15.5 Inches, Non-Slip with Drain Holes, Suction Cups, Machine Washable, Phthalate Free, No Latex, No BPA, Bathroom mat, Black Review:

Even after carefully following the very detailed manufacturer instructions, I had to return a bath mat since it didn't cling well. This spare adheres remarkably nicely. The colour blue is lovely. And no problem, I've already machine washed it. Hopefully the perforations prevent mould from growing there like they did on my prior one. I'm relying on the holes to help out and I'll wash it frequently. Everyone says to take it up every time to let it dry, but that's just way too much trouble. Since I've only had it a week, I can't yet comment on its durability, but so far, I'd highly recommend it.

Nonslip Bathtub Mat Extra Soft Eco Friendly TPE Bath Mat for Kids, Machine Washable Bathroom Shower Mat(Black/ 30L x 17W Inch) Review:

I am overjoyed that I selected this mat because I adore it so much.Since this bath mat has no smell, I can use it without worrying about harming my family.Additionally, it is non-slip and has numerous strong suction cups underneath it, allowing it to firmly adhere to the bathtub's bottom. Additionally, the surface has a unique roughness to prevent slipping.This mat is substantial and cozy, and it feels great.You can watch a video I made to see how simple it is to use. This should be useful, I hope.

Enkosi Bath Mat - Large Non Slip Bathtub & Shower Mat - Extra Long 40 x 16 Inch Bathroom Mats for Tub - Machine Washable & Mildew Resistant Nonslip Bathmats - Anti Slip Review:

Compared to previous tub mats I've bought in the past, this one is thinner. Although I can more clearly feel the suction cups under my feet, it is not so uncomfortable that I would prefer not to use it. Additionally, it is a more flexible, softer rubber/plastic. I have observed that there may be kinks or crinkles between the suction cups, which is a drawback. It is a little bit easier to handle because it is lighter in weight than other items. Compared to some of the others, it appears to have more suction cups that are closer together. It features a half moon cutout at one end to accommodate the drain and perfectly complements the length of our tub. The boys informed me they liked it better than the others we've had. So far, I'm satisfied with this product as well, and I'll probably get it again when it needs to be replaced. For our shower stall, I'd like to have one similar to that.

OTHWAY Non-Slip Bathtub Mat Soft Rubber Bathroom Bathmat with Strong Suction Cups (Blue) Review:

Therefore, I purchased these (3) since my pool's vynil liner stairs were extremely slick and hazardous. In the hopes that they would help me, I purchased these. They did not smell when they were opened, as some people have claimed, and I used a pair of scissors to cut my mats to the appropriate sizes. They stayed to the steps as I lowered them into my saltwater pool, so I can now confidently descend the stairs without any problems. They are firmly held in place, and I even suggested these to my pool business for upcoming clients!

Epica Anti-Slip Machine Washable Anti-Bacterial Bath Mat 16" x 28" Natural Rubber Review:

[edit] I originally awarded this mat five stars, but after using it for a month, it has significantly faded and is leaving reddish-brown stains in the shower. We've lived in this house for more than 30 years, so we are familiar with how our water affects many things (it never causes problems). So, even though the mat is highly safe and I still give it my highest recommendation below, the stains are a hassle and the quality could be better. [edit end]Like the majority of you, I worry more about falling as I get older, especially in the shower. The combination of our tile shower and water softener can make the shower floor slick. As a result, we added a shower mat many years ago. But because it did not fully resolve the issue, the mat was not a panacea. On top, it was a little slick, and the suction cups occasionally let the mat slide backward, posing the risk of a "magic carpet ride to disaster."It seemed appropriate to switch up the mat, so I did.This product has excellent reviews and was advertised as working on tile flooring. Our shower floor is made of 4" x 4" tiles, thus I believe any mat will fit (although I'm quite sure certain mats have an issue with relatively small tiles because there are so many grout lines that the majority of the suction cups won't cling). Compared to our prior mat, this one has a lot more suction cups that are also much closer together.I soaked the floor, placed the mat down, and then I took a shower.Wow, this mat is fantastic is all I have to say. Even with our soft water, the surface is not at all slick, and the suction cups do not permit any sideways mobility. On top of this mat, I feel extremely safe.The width of the mat is the one minor letdown. Its measurements are exactly as stated in the Amazon description, plus it is one inch narrower than my previous mat. This may not sound like much, but since I have a wide stance and am rather tall, the extra inch would be useful. I can easily make it work, though, because I can still stand on it with both feet without having to place one foot on the tile.This mat is excellent; it prevents slipping, therefore neither will you.I believe you'll enjoy it.

Gorilla Grip Original Patented Bath, Shower, Tub Mat, 35x16, Washable, Antibacterial, BPA, Latex, Phthalate Free, Bathtub Mats with Drain Holes, Suction Cups, XL Size Bathroom Mats, Beige Opaque Review:

Clear GORILLA GRIP Rectangle (35" x 16") Non-Slip Machine Washable Bath MatBecause our nine-month-old boy loves to fall over in the tub, no matter how closely you watched, my wife and I bought this specific bath mat. We found that the Gorilla Grip bath mat had the best reviews and was the most affordable at the time. I got my package at 7:00 EST (5:00 PM). The size of the gift astounded me. I was very convinced it hadn't.I started to unfold the mat. A huge ten-year warranty label was the first item I saw! That's fantastic! The mat itself was then opened and placed. Before doing so, however, I had already performed the instructions out of common sense. I placed the mat. It started to grab the tub's floor right away. On this item, there seemed to be (and looked like) a billion suction cups. There are numerous.When my baby awoke from his nap, I made the decision to test this mat. It was far more enjoyable for him to play with than the drain plug, which was previously his favorite toy. I let him about twenty minutes to play with his toys in the bath. He didn't even budge his butt! He remained where he was, and I let out a huge sigh of relief. Right now, my life is serene. Before writing this review, I had a shower, and I can genuinely tell that it helps with minor shower slips—even for grownups.Because this mat has altered everything, I wrote this review in the past tense. It has only been ours for a short time. My favorite. My spouse adores it. You'll adore it.

AmazerBath Bath Tub Mat Non-Slip Shower Mats with Suction Cups Machine Washable 27.6 x 15 Inches (Black) Review:

precisely as described I was trying to find a bath mat that would completely round the tub. This is a fantastic fit. It is simple to clean. I discovered from various reviews that the mat is not adhesive. That's not a problem for me. It adheres and holds its position. It offers excellent value for the money and is sturdy. The blue I bought looks fantastic. There is absolutely no chemical odor. I simply adore it.

AmazonBasics Textured Memory Foam Bath Mat - Small, Blue Review:

What a pleasant surprise these bath mats are. Given the low price, I had my doubts about how nice they would be. However, for the past few weeks, I've been really pleased with them.I was first concerned that the wrinkles from being folded in the shipping box would be an issue, but after about a day, they loosened to the point of becoming undetectable.Even if the material isn't the best available, they feel lovely and comfortable against your foot. So far, I'm pretty satisfied. We'll have to wait and see how they hold up over time, but for this price, even if they don't last forever, I won't be upset.

SONGZIMING Non-Slip Pebble Bathtub Mat Black 16 W x 35 L Inches (for Smooth/Non-Textured Tubs Only) Safe Shower Mat with Drain Holes, Suction Cups for Bathroom Review:

Since I've had it, it hasn't moved on me and does a pretty excellent job of holding itself to the bottom of the tub. Although it's a touch awkward to stand on when taking a shower and can feel slippery if you get soap on your feet without water to rinse it off, it's still much better than the tub by itself. I would rate the product generally at roughly four stars. Every time I take a shower, I simply look it up and read it; it is as clear and hypoallergenic as can be, so it doesn't actually gather much mold or other debris. Insofar as the doesn't develop mildew, I believe I am happy with her and will most likely keep it for some time. Every time I take a shower, I simply look it up and read it; it is as clear and hypoallergenic as can be, so it doesn't actually gather much mold or other debris. As long as there are no concerns with mildew, I believe I will retain her and will probably do so for some time.

SlipX Solutions White Extra Long Bath Mat Adds Non-Slip Traction to Tubs & Showers - 30% Longer Than Standard Mats! (200 Suction Cups, 39” Long Bathtub Mat) Review:

Pros: -Fits bathtub wonderfully -My two crazy boys do not slip when bathing them every night (which is why I purchased)Cons: Because of mildew, this is my second one. The first one I left on the tub and would pick up and clean when I cleaned the tub once a week. Around the suction cups on the bottom, mildew developed. It was impossible to remove even with scrubbing and bleaching. Additionally, the entire mat began to turn from the bright blue to a clear yellow that could not be cleaned. I then purchased a replacement. I no longer use it other than while bathing the kids. I always rinse and hang up after a bath. Problem: The mildew surrounding the suction cups is still present and the color is continually changing. Although it is inescapable, it is undoubtedly not as bad or happening as quickly.I'm unsure about my plans for the next replacement. My kids still slip off better fits and grips than these.

Do bath mats grow mold?

Bath mats are often made of materials that can grow mold, such as rubber or cloth. If they are not properly cleaned and dried, they can develop mold growth. Mold can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems.

How can I make my bathtub more comfortable?

If you want to make your bathtub more comfortable, there are a few things you can do. First, you can try using a bath pillow. This will support your head and neck while you're relaxing in the tub. You can also add a few drops of lavender oil to your bathtub. This will help you relax and enjoy your bath even more. Finally, you can try using a softer bath mat. This will make it more comfortable to get in and out of the tub.

How often should bath mats be washed?

It is recommended that bath mats be washed every two weeks.

How often should you change your tub mat?

It is important to clean your tub mat regularly. You should aim to clean it at least once a week, and more often if it is being used frequently. If your mat is starting to show signs of wear, it is time to replace it.

Should you put a rug in front of the toilet?

Should you use a mat in the bathtub?

If you have a bathtub, you might be wondering if you should use a mat. After all, bathmats can provide a bit of extra traction and can help keep your tub clean. Here are a few things to consider when deciding whether or not to use a bathmat: 1. Do you have a textured tub? If your tub has a textured surface, a bathmat can help prevent you from slipping. 2. Do you have a lot of soap scum build-up? If your tub tends to get soap scum build-