Best Reusable Coffee Filters in 2020

K&J Replacement Charcoal Water Filters Compatible With KEURIG - Universal Fit (NOT CUISINART) for Keurig 2.0 (and older) Coffee Machines (6-Pack) Review:

I have used a Keurig almost every day since it came out, at my home at the office. It’s my drug of choice. The K&J filters work perfectly for both of my Keurig 2.0 at this price I was a little hesitant with quality as anyone would be, right the standard saying you get what you pay for however in this case that saying doesn’t exist. K&J makes A GREAT filter, on top of that for such an inexpensive item there customer service is silver star. I mean the day it was order I was contacted to make sure it was ok then a second follow up and then for a biz review. This to me is what every company should do. I could not be happier with the product and the customer serivice of the company. They have a customer for life.

Perfect Pod ECO-Save Reusable K-Cup Coffee Pod Filters | Refillable Capsules with Built-In, Integrated Mesh Strainer, 4-Pack Review:

I love these! They're sturdy, seem like they'll last a long time, if they don't I'll update, I throw them in the dishwasher to clean them when they need it, just open it and put it in the silverware caddy. I can use my Keurig without spending a fortune on those k cups! I use my favorite coffee, (Seattle's Best Post Alley if you want to try a nice and strong but not bitter coffee) They work well, water goes through nicely, no wasted coffee. I can get a good, strong cup of coffee with them. Easy to open, close, empty used coffee, just give it a couple taps, I don't bother with those teeny coffee filters, though they are cute! I'm very happy with this purchase so far.

GOLDTONE Reusable 8-12 Cup Basket Coffee Filter fits Mr. Coffee Makers and Brewers, BPA Free. Review:

This filter is easy to clean and seems sturdy. I use it with a Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker - model 46290. It both fits and works perfectly making 4 'cups' (using the scale on the carafe where a 'cup' is only 6 oz) of coffee with no grounds in the finished coffee. I grind my coffee to what feels like coarse cornmeal (not to powder so as to clog the filter and cause overflow), use about 10-12 T, and after brewing the soaked grounds expand to about 1.5 inches from the top of the basket filter. This filter fits my coffee maker basket perfectly but I cannot imagine making a full pot of coffee using the standard 2 T per 'cup' even with a paper filter because it would require 24 T of coffee, double what I use which would nearly fill the basket dry, never-mind soaked, but that is more about the seemingly incorrect designated capacity of the coffee maker. Realistically it should be an 8 cup coffee maker.

Reusable K Cups for Keurig 2.0 & 1.0 4PACK Coffee Makers. Universal Refillable KCups, Keurig filter, Reusable kcup, k cup k-cups reusable filter by Delibru Review:

My wife & I have dramatically different tastes in coffee, so the K-Cup concept works very well for us.
However, at $.35 to $.55 cents a cup for K-Cups (in bulk) we were spending almost $2.00 every morning for our coffee fixes. PLUS, the world is literally getting buried in single-use plastic waste.
These reusable K-Cups have been the PERFECT answer for us.
We have each have 2 cups every morning. We clean them all at once (which takes about 1 minute for all 4) and they're ready to go for the next morning.
I'm also amazed at how long 2lbs of coffee is lasting ... I'm pretty sure these have more than paid for themselves in the 1st 2lbs of coffee we purchased (Dark roast for me, medium for her). Next coffee purchase I plan on counting how many K-cups we're getting per pound.
Honestly, this is a no-brainer and I wished we had done this long ago.
6/20/2019 follow-up: They're still working great! For grins, I counted how many actual K-Cup refills I get out of one pound of ground coffee .... and the answer is 38. Not only is that 38 fewer plastic K-Cups going to landfills ... they're a huge cost savings. The best deal on K-Cups at Costco is $0.35 per cup and "Name Brands" are about $0.55 per cup in bulk. Sooo, 38 throw-away K-Cups will cost you anywhere from $13.30 to $20.90 in bulk. A pound of good coffee costs about $5.00 to $8.00 depending upon brand. You'll save up to $15.90 per 38 cups (1lb) ... and at least $5.30. Just do it ... reduce waste, save money and all it takes is about 2 minutes to clean all 4 reusable cups by hand.

Chemex Bonded Coffee Filter, Circle, 100ct - Exclusive Packaging Review:

I enjoy my coffee but I do not drink coffee every day. Because I don't drink it everyday and am in no hurry to make a jug of it to rush off to work in the morning I enjoy the process, or ritual even, of making it with my Chemex. My husband on the other hand does not like coffee. He does however like the aroma of a good roasted bean!

I always figured that it was the bitterness he didn't like about it. These filters are thick enough to filter out the oils that make coffee bitter. He will still never enjoy coffee they way I do but he does take a drink or two from my cup and says its pretty good. This is a major accomplishment in my book.

You do need to be sure that your grounds are not a fine grind or espresso grind. Medium grind seems to be perfect. The fine grind clogs up the filter and doesn't allow the water to filter through as it should. Rough grounds let the water filter through too fast and you end up with weak coffee stained water. So be sure you are purchasing medium ground beans or pay attention when you grind them yourself.

So if you only kind of like coffee and want to actually enjoy it more use these filters with you Chemex or even you Melitta Ready Set Joe single cup coffee maker or Melitta Cone coffee maker. You should NOT use these in your drip coffee maker. First off they are the wrong shape and secondly they filter slower then a drip maker dispenses.

You can enjoy your coffee more because of these filters!!!

iPartsPlusMore Paper Coffee Filter Inserts For Reusable Pods - Disposable & Biodegradable (2 Pod 25 filter, Natural) Review:

This is one of those products that is so simple you don’t really think about. However, it is so incredibly useful. I am already addicted and will never be without again.

These fit my older Keurig unit perfectly. The filter remove the excess residue that was always in the bottom of my coffee cup, improves the flavor and makes cleanup virtually nothing. The only thing I do now is rinse the lid.

If you have a Keurig and use the pod unit for your own coffee (rather than prepackaged Kpods, then you should buy these now. You will not regret it.

Attached pics show what I received and how I use it.

GoldTone Brand Reusable No.4 Cone Style Replacement Cuisinart Coffee Filter replaces your Permanent Cuisinart Coffee Filter for Cuisinart Machines and Brewers (1 Pack) Review:

I bought this filter for my Hamilton Beach coffee maker. Fits perfectly. I'm very pleased. I’ve always used paper filters, not reusable filters. I like the taste of the coffee from this reusable filter better. Paper filters absorb essential oils from the coffee, subtly altering the flavour Also, the cone basket design is efficient, draining more completely than the traditional style basket I’ve always used. Hopefully I’ll get several years of use - and save lots of money and paper. This filter costs less than 2 boxes (200) paper filters, pays for itself in 6 months. Easy to clean - just dump the grounds and rinse it out. Every few pots I clean it with a little dish soap.

Espresso Machine 3.5 Bar 4 Cup Espresso Maker Cappuccino Machine with Steam Milk Frother and Carafe Review:

I read other reviews, watched videos on how to make espresso, and make way too much espresso and went haywire. Anyway, I'd like to address issues cited in previous reviews:
- If you are looking for a super smooth espresso with a beer style foam on top, you are an espresso snob and need to upgrade. This is a $50 machine. The spout is wide and you get a little bit of a head but not much.
- I have no found that this machine splatters at all. Use cold water guys! and make sure the little espresso holder is in with a tight seal, brush off any extra coffee bits that would prevent a tight seal.
- the coffee matters. It has to be a super fine, powdery grind. It has to be tamped down tight. I'm seeing reviews where people don't tamp it down at all, the water will go right through and then you'll just have a super small regular cup of coffee.
- The milk steamer: I was frustrated with this because it wasn't lasting very long. I don't know why they don't tell you this but you gotta put in extra water for the steam. I make lattes and need a lot of milk, so I put in a bunch more water and it worked a little too well. If you have any extra water the steam is gonna keep shooting out after you turn the machine off, it automatically releases steam. But it does work! It was super hot and frothy.
- It doesn't have an auto shutoff. It's not a coffee maker. It's an espresso maker. It takes all of two minutes, the coffee shoots out real fast, and then you shut it off. That's how some professional espresso makers work.
- It has a chemical smell at first. My coffee maker had the same smell for a while, it's not going to hurt you, it's not dangerous. Clean the removable parts before you start and the smell goes away over time. All is well.

I think it's great. It does well for a $50 machine. I recommend it.

Keurig My K-Cup Universal Reusable K-Cup Pod Coffee Filter, Compatible with All 2.0 Keurig K-Cup Pod Coffee Makers, 1 Count, Black Review:

YAY!!! I broke the spring in the filter holder part of the Keurig and the SoloFil reusable filter I had was not working anymore. This solved all the problems because the "attachment" used for the Plus models fills the space perfectly and the Keurig doesn't give the "ooops!" message anymore (the chip is in the lid).
For those saying it doesn't work, I'm guessing you're not grinding course enough. I self grind and I nearly need to have it as course as possible (think French press). If the grind is too fine, it won't push the water through. Also, if you fill it too full, it won't work either. Coffee expands when wet so don't fill past the max line (see instructions).
Also, the attachment option is only for the models with the carafe, you don't need the attachment if you don't have that with your machine but keep the attachment in case you upgrade.
Keep in mind, this refillable filter is for up to travel mug size. It won't brew a good strength carafe but there is a carafe refillable filter available on Amazon.