Best Baby Stroller Cooling Fans in 2020

Battery Operated Clip On Mini Desk USB Fan With Rechargeable 2600mAh Battery & USB Cable. 360°Rotation, Adjustable Speed. Cooling Portable Small Stroller Fan for Baby, Car Seat, Gym, Travel, Treadmill Review:

This clip-on fan works very well for my dorm room bed!

For awhile I considered getting a fan for my bed, but didn't until I got roommates that like their rooms warmer than I am comfortable with. Once I got this fan, it helped me be able to sleep so much better.
It's not too loud. Yes, you will hear it, and depending on the setting you may hear it more, but I personally like the white noise.
You read correctly: setting. There is a gear you can spin with your finger that can adjust the speed of the fan, if the fan is not plugged in. When plugged in, the fan only stays at one setting; however, the battery life of the fan is plenty to get through the night while being plugged in, so if you want a stronger or lighter speed you can leave it unplugged. You will need to plug it into a wall outlet afterwards so that it can recharge if you wish to use it another night.
It can clip onto objects that are thicker in width even, and holds strong. Like that I don't have to worry about it falling onto my head and catching my hair in the middle of the night.

Overall, this is a great fan. It's simple to use, lasts a long time even when not plugged in, and isn't louder than I expected. I recommen this is anyone about to live in a dorm or anyone that likes to be cool when they sleep.

MCGMITT Stroller Fan Clip on, USB Rechargeable Mini Desk Fans Bendable and Portable for Baby Beds, Car Seat, Travel, Outdoor Camping (Blue) Review:

I was pleasantly surprised with this fan. It is very high quality. The clip is heavy duty and has a slip grip to avoid falling off. I'm using this in my kids' strollers and carseats. There are 3 settings and it is surprisingly strong for such a small fan. We will be using this at the zoo next week. I loved it so much right out of the package that I immediately bought another one.

Real Cool Mini Fan USB Rechargeable Clip On Perfect for Baby Stroller, Desk, Car, or Gym Review:

Great price for a great product! Very high-quality and sturdy fan, yet the sound is really quiet and gentle. The clip securely attaches to all types of surfaces — I’ve attached it to both my desk and my stationary bike. Charging is very easy and hassle-free. I’m planning on buying another to gift my brother for Christmas, since he runs hot and could use a convenient and portable fan. Really happy with this purchase!!

Little Chicks Clip on Fan with Soft Foam Blades Review:

I needed something for my newborn and was really worried about anything without foam blades. This is great because it can be manipulated so I can clip it wherever is sturdy but move the blades to his face or body. It's also pretty durable. My toddler is fascinated with it and I he's pretty rough on the blades, but we haven't had an issue.

I will say the battery life isn't as long as I expected. Probably 2-3 outings before it died, luckily we were leaving the zoo as is died because I wasn't prepared for such a short duration. Now I just keep extra batteries nearby.

Houselog Clip-on Stroller Fan, Drive-Mosquito, Essential-Oil-Diffused and Rechargeable Battery -Operated Accessory for Urbini, Uppababy, Graco, Britax, etc (Black) Review:

I am addicted to these fans. I think this is the fifth one I have bought. All different colors and styles. I like this one I got it to replace a white one that I had broke. I take them with me to baseball games or any place that I’m going to be sitting outside on a hot day. With a full charge they don’t run out even if I run it on high for three hours. I have yet to have this one die on me if it’s fully charged. I also have noticed that even if I’m not hot if I take this fan and clip it on my chair when I’m outside and turn the fan on it helps keep bugs off of my face because of the moving air. They are also great for hooking up on your car visor because I ride with my sister in the whole a lot who likes to be warm in the car and I don’t so having this fan has kept me from sweating to death while driving with her. Also I always have them to take when we go somewhere because everybody wants a fan. They are quick and easy to charge I put this one on the charger and went back 15 minutes later to find out that it was fully charged.

Clip On Stroller Fan, Tutuko 2000mAh USB Rechargeable Mini Desk Fan, 3 Speeds Ultra-Quiet Portable Fan, 360° Bendable Personal Clip Fan for Baby Carriage, Treadmill, Bedside, Dorm, Office (Baby Blue) Review:

 The Tutuko Clip On Fan works like a charm! It comes with a charging wire. I tested it out for a week & a half before sitting down to write this review. I film outside. All the time. In FLORIDA in 100-degree weather sometimes. My studio is set up by the pool (You can see it in the video above) & it can get really hot! I don't cool easily. It's not an A/C but it absolutely helped to make it more tolerable while filming.
This fan is rechargeable, has 3 speeds, portable & the clip on feature makes it very flexible. The neck is bendable so you can adjust the air flow to the direction you like. It can easily clip onto a variety of places like a desk or a stroller or a chair even. I use it on my desk but it even has a non slip surface on the bottom so you can place it rather than clip it.
The fan itself gives off a surprising amount of air for its size. After a week of testing I can tell you that the time the charge lasts as listed here is accurate for the most part. Depending on the speed used, once fully charged (about 4 hours) it can last as follows: low speed can up to 6h; middle speed can up to 3h; high speed I found to be about 1 ½ hours.
Its not tiny but it’s not too large either. It will fit nicely in a backpack, diaper bag or a decent size purse.
They do not recommend using while charging as it can lessen the life of the battery. I found it to be fully functional when plugged in but just know that you are lessening the battery life if you do useit while plugged in.
Last, but not least, You can easily clean the paddles in the fan as there is a feature that allows you to easily remove the front cover to access them. See my video above for a demonstration.
I highly recommend this neat little fan that has surprisingly become a MUST HAVE for me in my studio space. 😊

Disclosure: I was compensated for testing & giving a full & honest review of this product. My personal promise is that compensation will never influence my opinion. I will always be truthful & transparent when reviewing any product.

OPOLAR Stroller Fan, USB or Battery Operated Desk Mini Personal Fan, 1 Setting, Clip on Fan for Treadmill, Office, Dorm, Home and Outdoor Disney Using-F711A Review:

I purchased these clip on fans for our double stroller (citi mini) for a very hot Disney World trip at the end of September. It was a little difficult to find a good place to clip them where they wouldn't dangle but once we figured it out, they stayed in place perfectly. I also clipped one to my carrier during some of my trip. I used the battery option because I wasn't prepared enough to charge it ahead of time but never changed out the batteries (4 per fan) during 5 park days. I could tell they were dying down the last day but just needed new batteries. My husband did drop one and it started skipping but for the price, these were a pleasant surprise after reading reviews for other stroller fans. Would definitely recommend and would buy another set.

TianNorth Clip Fan Rechargeable Battery Operated Clip on Mini Desk Fan for Baby Strollers,Home, Office, Dorm, Outdoor (Blue) Review:

I love how long it last blowing at it's highest speed. Great circulation. With the Texas heat this has been a lifesaver. Only problem with it was how easy it is for little ones fingers to get in to. It made a tiny cut next to my child's nail bed.

Diono Stroller Fan, Clip-On Portable Cooling Fan for Child Baby Comfort, Easily Attaches, 2 AA Batteries Required (not included), Grey Review:

I bought this for a beach vacation when the weather was going to be high 80's and 90's. My 2 year old will nap in her stroller at the beach but the heat concerned me. This fan was the perfect solution. We clipped it on the stroller visor and pointed it at her. She slept comfortably and we didn't worry about her overheating. Got lots of comments from other beach goers about how clever it was. Not sure what the battery life is like since we've only used it for a few hours total, but it suited our needs perfectly!

SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip on Portable Fan for Bay Stroller, USB Rechargeable 4400mA Battery Powered Mini Desk Fan Review:

I work for an organization that prohibits anything, not corporate approved, to be plugged into a wall electrical socket or into a USB port on a computer. So, when looking for a fan to keep on my desk, I needed a battery powered fan. What I found was much better than that. I found this fan and love it! It's not only battery powered, but, the batteries are rechargeable. i can either recharge them at home via the cable provided with the fan, or, I can use an external batter pack and plug it into the fan at work. So far, I haven't needed to recharge the battery while at work. The batteries carry a charge that last well past an 8 hour workday. You can use the fan as either a desktop fan, or, use the clip and clip it to the side of your work cube, or the edge of your desk. The clip is robust and should clip to most surfaces.

The fan blows really well at the low setting and is very quiet. People working around me don't even notice it. However, it's be a little noisey if you turn the fan to the hi setting.

If you're looking for a good little fan, you won't be disappointed with this one. I love it and I think you will too.