Best Automotive Replacement Power Door Lock Motors in 2022

Last update: January 9, 2023

Can actuators be repaired?

Can an actuator be repaired?

An actuator is a device that converts energy into motion. It can be powered by hydraulic, pneumatic, or electrical means. While actuators are typically durable, they can fail over time. If an actuator needs to be repaired, it is important to consult with the manufacturer to see if the unit is still under warranty. If it is not, the repair may not be worth the cost.

Can you have keyless entry without power locks?

Keyless entry refers to the ability to unlock a car door without using a physical key. Power locks are a feature that allows the driver or front passenger to lock all the doors of the car with the push of a button. It is possible to have keyless entry without power locks, but it is not common. Keyless entry is a feature that is typically found on newer cars, while power locks are found on both older and newer cars.

Do car door locks have fuses?

Car door locks are a common source of electrical problems, and fuses are a common cause of car door lock problems. Fuses are designed to protect your car's electrical system from damage, and they can sometimes blow if there is a problem with the door lock. If your car door locks are not working, check the fuse box to see if a fuse has blown.

FEXON Liftgate Actuator 937-663 Fit 2009 2010 2011 2012 Ford Escape Rear Trunk Latch Door Lock 9L8Z-7843150-B for 2009-2011 Mercury Mariner Tailgate Lock Actuator 9L8Z7843150B 2008-2011 Mazda Tribute Review:

My 2002 Ford Escape XLT experienced an issue with the liftgate latch/lock motor. The motor would occasionally work, but would occasionally fail to lock or unlock.To put it mildly, I found the search for a replacement motor for my 2002 to be frustrating. The parts shops and my Ford dealership did not have a new motor specifically intended for that model Escape advertised as a single component. The motor was sold by the Ford dealership as a nearly $400 assembled unit. I could only find used ones online, usually on Ebay for between $45 and $60.Finally, I compared my removed motor to one on an assembly made for Escapes from 2009 to 2011. The motor was identical to my previous motor save from some cosmetic changes and a new connector type.I took the motor from the lock component I received, installed it on my 2002, and paid somewhere between $20 and $25 [I can't remember the exact pricing]. [* I had to use a temporary connector until I could find one at a nearby junkyard.It is quite effective, has allowed me to save a ton of money, and has allowed me to purchase a new motor rather than a used one on Ebay.I hope your application is successful.I find it hard to comprehend that a full assembly only costs a fraction of what a single part sold as being specifically for the 2002 costs.Being able to enter my hatch area in any weather—hot, cold, or otherwise—is fantastic.

Central Door Lock Actuator Motor FC-280PC-22125 FLAT SHAFT, D Spindle, Power Locking Repair Engine Review:

I used this to repair my 2009 Toyota Corolla's driver door lock. It fits perfectly, and the door lock functions just like new.Installation Advice: * Remove the steel door latch component from the actuator housing before attempting to open the clamshell. A few screws must be removed, the foam seal must be peeled off, and it must be pried free. I initially assumed that a steel notch clipped onto a plastic pin on one side of the latch assembly was a part of the mechanism and that I shouldn't unscrew it; however, it turns out that it is merely there to keep things in place. To pull this apart and get the clasp off, please see below. For opening the actuator assembly, you should either borrow or purchase some spudgers/pry tools. Without the proper tools, it is difficult to separate the two parts of the clamshell since there are roughly 20 tiny plastic clips along the outside edge. It would have been painless if I had been wise enough to remove the steel latch first. I used the tools from my smartphone repair kit, which I had bought on Amazon for a few bucks. You might be able to replace the motor without fully opening the clamshell if you start opening it on the side opposite the latch. When it was too late and some of the internal mechanisms were jostled out of position, I didn't realize this. The only way I could get everything back in working order was by completely disassembling it and making some educated guesses.* Be careful when opening the clamshell because some of the interior components are only kept in place by the clamshell. If you're not cautious, it's easy to end up with a few components on the floor, and if you didn't get a good look at where they came from, you might have difficulties locating where they belong.

Rear Liftgate Door Lock Actuator - Replaces 15250765, 15808595, 746015, 25001736 - Fits Chevy Tahoe, Chevy Suburban, GMC Yukon, Yukon XL, Denali, Cadillac Escalade, ESV, EXT - Tailgate Hatch Actuator Review:

I swapped this out for a colleague.Suburban year 2006I performed trim and body work for a Buick/Pontiac/GMC dealer in Texas. I have experience installing window latches and regulators, among other "trim" jobs.It might take no more than an hour to diagnose (check fuses, relays, and wiring) and replace the component.While Advanced Auto wanted 120, NAPA wanted 150.I'm not sure why there is such a big price difference, but the item is functional.Listed as a lifetime warranty. Unsure of how that will operate, but hopefully won't have to.

FAERSI Door Lock Actuator Motor Front Left for 2003 2004 2005 Honda Accord Civic CR-V Element Odyssey Pilot 2002-2006 Acura RSX Replaces # 72155-S5P-A11 72155S5PA11 Review:

On my 2003 Civic EX coupe, the door lock actuator stopped operating one day. My key fob was no longer functional because the driver's door unlocking is essential to unlocking both doors. I could no longer even hear it operating.This component was inexpensive and had marks that were EXACTLY like the ones on the one I removed from my car. Even better, it actually worked!It took me an hour of fumbling about to get all the screws, clips, and rods lined up properly on these door latch assembly because they are somewhat difficult to align. It makes a difference in how everything moves if you tape up your window and loosen the window glass slide there.I'm extremely happy with this goods, the pricing, the shipment time, etc. I'm overjoyed with the outcomes!

FAERSI Door Lock Actuator Front Right for Honda 2005-2010 Odyssey & 2003-2008 Pilot & 2001-2005 Civic & 2003-2007 Accord, Acura RSX 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 Replaces #72115-S6A-J01 72115-S6A-J11 Review:

This item arrived earlier than expected, which was great. I had grown incredibly weary of the passenger door lock's grinding noise. This replacement component was excellent for my 2009 Honda Odyssey. It was installed by a neighborhood repair shop. They completed the task in about an hour and twenty minutes. The component's high quality caught me off guard. I was glad I got it online rather than at my neighborhood auto-parts store because it was heavy-duty. I made a $30 profit.

Power Door Lock Actuator, Right and Left Side - Fits Ford F150, F250, F350, F450, Excursion, Expedition, Mustang - Replaces 6L3Z25218A43AA, 6L3Z25218A42AA - Electric Lock Motor, Driver and Passenger Review:

I fixed my door locks, and I can now use my power locks and fob. My Ford F-250 XLT crew cab year is 2000. The doors wouldn't unlock or lock, but the power locks would hum. VERY many Fords from the early 2000s had this problem. For obvious reasons, I didn't want to spend the money replacing an OEM part that was known for failing because OEM parts are expensive. I then searched Amazon and discovered these there for a low price. If they fail within the next year or two, it will be a case of "getting what you pay for" and I will rethink. For the cost? Worth the danger. Naturally arrived quickly (thanks, Prime!). There are several videos online demonstrating how to install. Was it simple? No. A challenge? No. Doing the first door took a long time. The video we used lasted for almost 13 minutes. It actually took a lot longer than that. It would take at least a few hours, which is what we expected. While putting the first door in place, my dad and I enjoyed some gratifyingly intimate family time. We completed the passenger door together; he is 13 years old. Teaching him a little bit of truck maintenance now will save you time when he gets 16 and will also give you more time to spend with your family.The bonding experience and expense are both very worthwhile.Overall worth is present, although I do have one reservation:Because of the "safety" feature that virtually guarantees their failure, OEM parts are worthless. On the OEM version, the post that goes into the slot to move the locks is metal. There is plastic in this actuator. Although plastic is used in almost every component of current cars, it is the only one that worries me because it is primarily responsible for the automated door locks. The future? It might be fine. Time will only tell. Here is the list of advantages and disadvantages for everyone reading this:Pros:sCheap! (Not made cheaply, simply reasonably priced cheap)Works! Absolutely thinking of purchasing once more to repair the back doors.superior to OEM! (So far, cheaper and more functional)Cons: The tiny plastic post is made of plastic rather than metal.*Remember that the metal "safety" regulator in the OEM version was garbage, not that part, which failed frequently. You can use aluminum foil as a workaround to make your standard actuators functional. Although that looks like a lot more work for dubious outcomes, there is a YouTube video for that as well.Purchase this component. It costs nothing and has thus far performed admirably. I'll update this review if it breaks down at any point in the near future. Buy the 4 pack for $39 and save some money if you have a crew cab. I only bought the two packs to save money and try them out, but I'll definitely have to buy more to fix the back doors.Good fortune! I hope my analysis is useful.

[Updated Version] Blend Door Actuator Replaces# 89018365, 604-106, 52402588 - Fits 1994-2012 Chevrolet, Chevy, GMC - Silverado 1500 and 2500, Tahoe, Sierra - Air Door Actuator - HVAC Blend Control Act Review:

I've already spent more than $200 in labor and parts getting this part changed at the dealer. This time, my husband completed it in just 20 minutes for a cost of this item that was less than a quarter of what it would have cost from the dealer or GM online. There are several instructional videos on YouTube for replacing items. My spouse should have done it on his own the first time, I can't believe it.

Pair of Front Left Driver LH Side & Right Passenger Side RH Door Lock Cylinder Keys Set For Honda Accord 1998-2002,Civic 2001-2005,Odyssey 1999-2004, S2000 2000-2009 72145-S73-003 72146-S73-003 Review:

This device operates flawlessly. The only problem I had was that one of the little plastic clips, which was manufactured in considerably less expensive plastic than OEM, broke when being installed. It gave me a little bit of trouble to transfer the component from my old lock to this new one. Now that it's been installed, it's operating nicely.

FEXON Door Latch Lock Actuator Motor Front Left Driver Side for 2007 2008 2009 GMC Sierra Yukon Chevy Tahoe Avalanche Silverado Suburban Cadillac Escalade 15880052 207838846 25789211 931-303 Review:

Fast delivery, excellent performance, and appears to be of OEM quality. The front pair of the ones in the parts store cost $200 extra. A few points:You should expect to put in a few hours installing these. Even though I have a mechanical bent, I needed three hours to complete both front doors. After learning what it takes, the second door is much faster. Due to its attachment to the key hole on the outside, the actuator on the driver's side took quite some time to remove. The key hole assembly actually entirely popped out after enough wriggling, enabling me to wriggle the actuator out. incredibly annoying, but worthwhile. discovered a ton of debris in the bottom of the rattling door. The soft liner can be reinstalled with the help of some double-sided tape.I hope this review is useful to someone else.Cheers!

APDTY 857473 Door Lock Actuator Motor Fits Left (Driver-Side; View Chart For Your Specific Models Front or Rear Position; Replaces 72155-S5A-A01, 72155-S84-A11) Review:

Rear driver side actuator motor on 2003 CR-V manufactured in the UK was replaced with this item. To remove some plastic from the lock actuator and the lock mechanism to which this bolts, a little modification was required. Tape over the electrical connection that isn't being used since only one of them is. The front driver actuator was also replaced using the identical component by me. There was no requirement for change because both electrical connectors were utilised in this instance. In the event that some Honda door clips break, as mine did, you might want to buy a bag of them from Amazon. 25 come in a bag for $6.95. Videos on how to remove the door panel and replace these items may be found on YouTube.

How do I know if my door actuator is working?

If your door actuator is working, you should be able to hear it click when you press the door lock button on your remote. You may also be able to hear it click when you use the key in the door.

How do I know if my door lock actuator is broken?

If you can't lock or unlock your car door with the key, or if the door locks seem to be working erratically, then the door lock actuator may be broken. To test it, try locking and unlocking the door with the key in the door lock. If the door doesn't lock or unlock, then the actuator is likely broken and will need to be replaced.

How do you fix a car lock actuator?

If your car lock actuator has failed, you will need to replace it. You can purchase a replacement actuator at most auto parts stores. Once you have the replacement actuator, you will need to remove the old actuator and install the new one in its place.

How do you fix a power door lock?

If your power door lock is not working, there are a few things you can try to fix it. First, check the fuse box to see if the fuse for the door locks is blown. If it is, replace it with a new one. If the fuse is not the problem, then the issue may be with the door lock switch. Try cleaning the switch with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. If that doesn't work, you may need to replace the switch.

How do you lubricate a car door lock actuator?

Lubricating a car door lock actuator is a simple process that can be done at home with a few household supplies. The most important thing to remember when lubricating a car door lock actuator is to use a lubricant that will not damage the car door lock actuator or the car door itself. A good lubricant to use is WD-40. WD-40 is a water-displacing lubricant that will not damage the car door lock actuator or the car door.

How do you test actuators?

There are a few ways to test an actuator. One is to use a multimeter to test for continuity. Another is to use a digital voltmeter to measure the voltage drop across the actuator.