Best Xbox 360 Game Guitars in 2022

Last update: December 5, 2022

Can you still download Rock Band songs Xbox 360?

As of October 2016, you can no longer download songs for the Rock Band game on the Xbox 360. Any songs that you have already downloaded can still be played, but you can no longer buy or download new songs.

Can you still play Guitar Hero on Xbox 360?

Yes! Although Guitar Hero Live came out in 2015, you can still play older Guitar Hero games on your Xbox 360. To do this, you'll need to purchase a guitar controller that's compatible with the Xbox 360. You can find these controllers online or at some video game stores. Once you have a controller, you can play any of the Guitar Hero games that were released for the Xbox 360.

Do old Guitar Hero guitars work on Xbox One?

Yes, old Guitar Hero guitars work on Xbox One. You just need to buy the Guitar Hero Live game, which comes with a new guitar, or you can buy a used guitar from another player. The new guitar has a USB port that you can use to connect to your Xbox One.

Do wired Xbox 360 guitars work on Xbox One?

No, wired Xbox 360 guitars will not work on Xbox One. The Xbox One uses a different kind of controller that is not compatible with the Xbox 360.

Rock Band 3 Wireless Fender Mustang PRO-Guitar Controller for Xbox 360 Review:

One of the three most important inventions in human history...that significantly increased the prevalence of sleeplessness. These are them.1. The light bulb was created by Thomas Alva Edison.2. The Kinect was created by Microsoft (or whoever sold it to them), and Harmonix created the Dance Central game for it.3. Harmonix created Pro Guitar for rockbands (again). 3.A good guitar is the Mustang Pro. I genuinely mean that. Really really good, I mean.This review will begin with. I'm just learning to play the guitar. When I received the Mustang Pro guitar, I was in the fourth step of a six-part lesson DVD set (Metal Method by Doug Marks; he's amazing, by the way). Anyway, to cut a long tale short, I am a terrible guitarist.*Can you learn to play real guitar with it? Hell yeah! *Is there a real-guitar simulation on the Mustang pro guitar? I think better!*I started by participating in the first two training sessions with Mustang Pro. Then, while my wife attempted the same training exercises with the Mustang Pro, I took up a real guitar. With the practice I received from the Mustang Pro, I was able to play the same on the real guitar with ease. AND it produces a fantastic sound when mixed with the game's soundtrack and played over a guitar amplifier. My wife said, "Hey, it sounds really wonderful." in those precise words.**People have commented that the guitar feels light to them, that the strings and buttons are the same thickness, and that there is no connection between the thickness of the buttons and the strings you play. None of this is true, at least not in my experience. With the pick, I can't feel how thick the strings are (duh.) The ability to estimate the distance between the strings without seeing is what I am learning from this. able to accomplish this better and better with practice. The buttons are the same. My finger is starting to recall where to press for each note and where to move. I can apply this technique right away on a real guitar. Interesting enough, the buttons function flawlessly even for slides.So why did I claim that the pro guitar is somehow superior than a real guitar? Plucking up these strings with the pick is more enjoyable than picking up genuine metal strings. The included picks were thrown away, and I replaced them with Dunlop standard thickness Nylon picks. These picks almost give the impression that the strings are made of rubber rather than plastic when used to select them. You'll understand what I mean once you experience it for yourself. [UPDATE ONE DAY LATER: At the time I wrote this, I had only played single notes and power chords. Later, I played major chords, and when I do that, the strings become quite loud. Nothing major, though.] As far as the guitar's design is concerned, it is quite solid, and once you become engrossed in the game, you quickly forget about the instrument. Maybe I wished the body was larger, like a real guitar, so I could sit down and lay the elbow of the arm doing the strumming on it.You ALWAYS have a backing music and a cool note highway indicating where to play, which makes using this to learn better than using a real guitar.Even if I could write this review in pages, I would keep it brief because I don't like reading lengthy evaluations.Purchase this if you want to learn the guitar.-Buy this if you want to teach your kids how to play the guitar.Don't buy this if you don't have the time, patience, or desire to study.One thing I did observe is that most training sessions instruct you on which finger to place on which fret. On two trainings, it failed to instruct me on how to descend the frets. For instance, it instructed me to play the fifth, seventh, and eighth frets as well as the fifth string with my index finger. I'm suddenly asked to play the ninth fret, but it is unclear which finger I should use. I'm not sure if I should extend my pinky to play the ninth fret or move my hand all the way down and play with the index (this was a base line by the way. ) If I wanted to, I would love to be able to view a video of someone playing the piece. I can only really find fault with it. No huge deal; I could find this out myself or ask someone who does.10 out of 10. Come over here, Harmonix, so I may kiss you.

Mad Catz Rock Band 3 PRO-Guitar Bundle ? Includes: Red Hot Chili Peppers Bonus Tracks, Full Game, and Fender Mustang PRO-Guitar Controller for Xbox 360 Review:

Any Rock Band fan who wants to take advantage of the new "pro" guitar style should purchase Rock Band 3, which is a strong continuation of the series. As a lover of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, I also think the free contact download is a great extra.The new and sophisticated "pro" guitar will require some getting used to, even if—or perhaps especially if—you're an accomplished Rock Band or Guitar Hero player.Compared to its predecessors, the game itself is both simpler and more complicated. There isn't a "world tour" to worry about; instead, there are road challenges, which are organized like a series of brief "real world" tours with snarky remarks about each place and rewards for finishing them all. The equivalent of completing all of these is beating the game, which I initially found annoying but have come to accept after experimenting with the "career goals" area.It's interesting to note that using the guitar to complete the game also allows you to use it to perform the piano parts. Although I'm not entirely sure how that works, I'm nonetheless excited to play the "new" bits without having to buy a keyboard controller.

Rock Band 3 - Wireless Fender Stratocaster Guitar Controller for Xbox 360 Review:

This is the best guitar I own—I have six or seven total. Although I haven't yet used my Beatles bass guitar, I detested the 325-style Beatles instrument. Anyhow, my favorite guitar was a Fender RB2 wireless, and to me, the RB3 is very similar to it. Before using it, I believed it was the same thing. These buttons operate much more quickly and quietly. The strum bar also appears to be faster. I think they are wonderful things since I immediately felt faster and better when playing, and I made a lot fewer mistakes. Everyone I play with online can hear the buttons on all of my other guitars, I'm confident of it. The buttons are loud even when I try to play them quietly, thus this is a terrific device.Here's the negative aspect of this guitar. Down strum isn't functional on mine right out of the box. I always upstrum the bass and 6 string, so I didn't notice until I tried to roll through my songs in quick play. The back and start buttons also don't seem to function. The Xbox dashboard button must also be held down for a few seconds before it will operate, just as my Beatles 325 Groucho. All of these guitars were brand-new purchases by me. The good news is that Amazon is fantastic with exchanges and returns. They can send me another, and I will return this one. For me, having faster buttons and a strum bar alone makes this instrument a necessity. For the price, this guitar deserves five stars, but because it's broken right out of the box, it only gets four.

Xbox 360 Guitar Hero World Tour - Stand Alone Guitar Review:

I like the Guitar Hero guitars to the Rockband guitars, and when I received my purchase, it was in almost great condition. I almost always use it to rock out! I strongly advise getting that Xbox 360 back out if you simply have an old one lying around and playing all your favorite old games on it.

Xbox 360 Rock Band Wireless Fender Wooden Stratocaster Replica - Sunburst Review:

Let me state up front that I play the guitar seriously and have done so for 40 years (man I "should" be awesome by now). I'm therefore completely accustomed to the size and weight of a genuine electric guitar. The fact that this extremely accurate reproduction Fender Wooden Stratocaster feels more at ease in my hands than any of the other other wireless guitar controllers I own is not surprising. I recently bought a Sunburst Strat, and I must say, it is stunning! In actuality, I've often thought of purchasing an electric with a sunburst finish throughout the years, but I've always ended up with something else. Well, this "fake" guitar actually sated my desire for an electric with an old-school appearance. It definitely draws attention, and I can almost promise that anyone who sees you playing it will say something about how cool it looks. The one I received had a finish that was truly Fender-quality—absolutely immaculate. In fact, it appears to be a genuine Fender Stratocaster to me (minus the normal electronics). In other words, I wager that with a little electronics expertise and some money for a new neck, it might actually be converted into a usable electric guitar. I simply bring this up to try to highlight how realistic-looking it appears.However, regardless of how it appears, performance is what matters to gamers. I can only speak for myself, but it's clear to me that this guitar is a smash hit based on my improved ability to play the trickiest passages (for me, they would be the speed runs and arpeggio-like sequences on Hard or Expert)... The frets are placed at the same intervals as on a real guitar, and the neck feels wonderful (very smooth). The buttons on a Rockband guitar controller are flush rather than elevated, as they are on Guitar Hero controllers. As long as the action is smooth without any sticking, as it is on this instrument, I prefer the flush type. The whammy bar is quite responsive, but one minor complaint is the potential for pressing the bar too far and hitting the back button, which could result in unintended pauses, etc. Back and start knobs are both renamed volume and tone controls in the electric guitar's original locations, which adds authenticity at the sacrifice of (for some) a little practicality. I'll admit that occasionally I can work the old whammy, but I've never used the back button (although I am aware of the possibility, so to that extent perhaps there is a bit of constraint). Since the strum bar is a little firmer than average and produces an audible clicking sound, the Fender Wooden Stratocaster replica might not be the right guitar for you if your wrists are easily sore while strumming, you dislike the "click" because you play with the sound low, you can't get used to not having raised Guitar Hero style buttons, or you prefer lightweight plastic guitars with close-set frets. However, if you want a full-sized, gorgeous, and realistic-looking wooden shredder (as close as possible to what "real" guitar heros like Hendrix, Clapton,

X-Box 360 X-plorer controller Gibson Review:

Here is a vintage Guitar Hero X-plorer controller from the past. I discovered that this was the best Xbox accessory because my other one had somehow disappeared during a move. I was concerned about purchasing an old one and hoped that it would function properly and not have a weird strum bar, but I was pleasantly surprised. When I want to go old school, it works like a charm and lets me get my GH fix.

Does Rock Band still exist?

Yes, Rock Band still exists and people are still playing it. The game has been around for over a decade and has a large following. There are still new songs being released for the game and people are still enjoying playing it.

Does Xbox 360 have Guitar Hero 2?

Yes, Xbox 360 does have Guitar Hero 2. You can find it online or in stores that sell Xbox 360 games.

How can I play Xbox 360 guitar on Xbox One?

To play Xbox 360 guitar on Xbox One, you need to purchase an Xbox One compatible guitar controller. Then, you need to download the Xbox 360 backwards compatibility software from Finally, you need to insert the Xbox 360 guitar controller into the Xbox One console.

How many Guitar Hero games are there for Xbox 360?

As of October 2016, there are a total of 27 Guitar Hero games available for the Xbox 360. This includes the main Guitar Hero games, as well as the spin-offs and expansions.

Is Guitar Hero coming back?

There's no word yet on whether Guitar Hero is coming back, but fans are hoping that the franchise will make a return. The popular music game was a huge hit in the early 2000s, but it faded in popularity in recent years. However, with the recent resurgence in popularity of rhythm games, there's a chance that Guitar Hero could make a comeback. Only time will tell if the game will make a return, but fans are certainly hoping for it.

Is Guitar Hero discontinued?

Guitar Hero is a gaming franchise that was popular in the early 2000s. The franchise allowed players to use a guitar-shaped controller to play along to popular songs. The franchise was developed by Harmonix and published by RedOctane. The franchise was extremely popular in the early 2000s, but it saw a decline in popularity in the 2010s. In 2015, Activision, the company that owned the franchise, announced that it was discontinuing the franchise.