Best Xbox 360 Game Guitars in 2020

Rock Band 3 Wireless Fender Mustang PRO-Guitar Controller for Xbox 360 Review:

One of the three greatest inventions in the history of human kind....that greatly contributed to insomnia. Here they are..

1. Thomas Alva Edison invented the light bulb.
2. Microsoft (or who ever who sold it to them) invented the Kinect and Harmonix made Dance Central game for it.
3. Harmonix (once again) invented Pro Guitar for rockband 3.

Mustang Pro guitar is good. I mean really good. I mean really really good.

To start this review with.. I'm a beginning guitar player. I'm was studying the 4th stage of a 6 stage lesson DVD set (Metal Method by Doug Marks: he is great BTW) when I got the Mustang Pro guitar. Anyway long story short; I'm not a good guitar player at all.

*Can it teach you to play real guitar? Hex yeah!!
**Does the Mustang pro guitar simulate a real guitar? IMHO better!!

*First I did the first two of the training sessions with Mustang Pro. And then I picked up a real guitar while my wife tried the same training sessions with the Mustang Pro. On the real guitar I was able to easily play the same in the electric guitar with the practice I got from the mustang Pro. AND it sounds awesome sound coming out through the guitar amp when it blends with the sound track of the game. 'Hey, that sounds v-e-r-y good' were my wife's exact words.
**I have read comments about people talking about the guitar feeling light to; strings are same thickness to; buttons being the same thickness to; there is no correlation between buttons and the strings you strum. In my experience - none of this is the case. I cannot feel the thickness of the strings with the pick anyway (duh.) What I am learning from this is the skill to approximate the distance between the strings without looking. With practice able to do this better and better. Same goes for the buttons. My finger beginning to remember where they need to move to press for each note. This is a skill I can take directly to the real guitar. The buttons work very well, interestingly even for slides.

So why did I say in someway the pro guitar is better than a real guitar... There is something more satisfying about picking these strings with the pick than picking real metal strings. I threw out the picks that came with it and got Dunlop standard thickness Nylon picks. When picking the strings with those picks the strings almost feel like these strings are rubber not plastic. It's a good feeling .. u'll know what I mean once you get one yourself [UPDATE A DAY LATER: I had only played single notes and power chords when I wrote this. Later I played major chords and the strings get pretty loud when doing that. No big deal though.] As far as the construction of the guitar goes it's sturdy enough and you forget about the guitar once you get immersed in the game. Maybe wish the body was bigger like a real guitar so I could rest the elbow of the strumming arm on it when sitting down.

The reason learning with this is better than learning with an actual guitar is... you ALAWAYS have a backing track and a cool note highway showing where to play.

I can write this review into pages but I would cut it short.. because I myself dislike reading long reviews.
-If you want to learn guitar - buy this.
-If you want to teach your kids guitar - buy them this.
-If you don't have the time, patience or interest to learn - don't buy this

I did notice one most of the trainings it tells you where which finger to put on which fret. On two trainings it did not tell me where how to move down the frets . For example it was wanting me to play 5th, 7th and 8th frets and to play the 5th string with my index finger. Suddenly it wants me to play the 9th fret but does not tell me which finger to use. So I'm confused whether to move my hand all the way down and play with the index or stretch my pinky to play the 9th fret (this was a base line by the way. ) I wish there was an option where I could watch a video of a hand playing that piece if I wanted to . That's about all I can nit pick about. I would figure this out or ask somebody who knows... so no big deal.

TEN stars. Harmonix, come here so I can give you a kiss.

Mad Catz Rock Band 3 PRO-Guitar Bundle ? Includes: Red Hot Chili Peppers Bonus Tracks, Full Game, and Fender Mustang PRO-Guitar Controller for Xbox 360 Review:

Rock Band 3 is a solid continuation of the series and this deal is a must have for any Rock Band fan, especially if you're interested in taking advantage of the new 'pro' guitar mode. Also, as a fan of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, I find the free downloadable contact an excellent bonus.
Warning: the new and advanced 'pro' guitar will take some adjustment even if - or perhaps especially if - you're already a decent Rock Band/Guitar Hero player.

The game itself is both less and more complex than it's predecessors. There's no 'world tour' to worry about; instead there's the presence of road challenges which are set up like a series of small 'real world' tours complete with sassy comments about each location and bonuses for completing each one. Completing all of these is the equivalent of beating the game; something which I found annoying at first but now, after playing around the the 'career goals' section, have grown to accept.

On an interesting note, after beating the game with the guitar, you can then play the keyboard sections with the said instrument. Honestly, I'm not quite sure how that works, but I'm still looking forward to playing the 'new' parts without being forced into purchasing a keyboard controller.

Rock Band 3 - Wireless Fender Stratocaster Guitar Controller for Xbox 360 Review:

I have 6 or 7 guitars and this is the best in my opinion. I havent tried my Beatles bass guitar yet but hated that 325 whatever beatles guitar. Anyway my favorite guitar was my fender RB2 wireless which this RB3 looks the same to me. I thought it was the same thing till I used it. These buttons are a lot faster and quieter. The strum bar seems faster too. These are great things in my opinion, I seemed to play better and faster instantly and will a lot less mistakes. I know everyone I play with online can here the buttons on all my other guitars. I even try to play them quietly and the buttons are still loud so this thing is great.
Now for the down side of this guitar. Down strum doesnt work right out the box on mine. I always upstrum bass and 6 string so didnt notice till I went into quick play and tried to roll through my songs. I dont think the back or start button work either. And you have to hold the xbox dashboard button for a few seconds before it works, same thing with my Beatles 325 groucho or whatever its called. I bought all of these guitars new not used. The good thing is that Amazon is totally awsome on returns and exchanges. I will have them send me another and I will sent this one back. Just having faster , buttons and strum bar make this guitar a must for me. This is a 5 star guitar for the price but gets 4 since its defective out of the box.

Xbox 360 Guitar Hero World Tour - Stand Alone Guitar Review:

The Guitar Hero Guitars are my preference over the Rockband ones, and this purchase was packaged very well and was in near perfect condition upon receiving it. I use it almost every day to rock out! If you just have an old Xbox 360 laying around, I higly suggest bringing that baby back out and playing all your favorite old games!

Xbox 360 Rock Band Wireless Fender Wooden Stratocaster Replica - Sunburst Review:

Let me say right up front that I am a real guitar player and have been for 40 years (man I "should" be awesome by now). Thus I am totally used to the size and weight of a real electric guitar. So it's not surprising that this very authentic replica Fender Wooden Stratocaster feels more comfortable in my hands than any of the myriad other wireless guitar controllers that I own. I purchased the Sunburst Strat and let me tell you.... it is beautiful! The truth is, over the years many times have I considered buying an electric with a sunburst finish, but somehow I always ended up with something else. Well this "fake" guitar actually satisfied my jones for an old-school looking electric. It's a head-turner for sure and I guarantee that anybody who sees you playing it will invariably comment on how cool it looks. The finish on the one I received was absolutely flawless.... real Fender quality. In fact, it looks to me like it "is" a real Fender Stratocaster (minus the normal electronics). In other words, I bet it could actually be turned into a functional electric guitar with a little knowledge of electronics and some cash for a new neck. I only mention this in order to try and illuminate just how realistic it looks.
However, looks aside, the important thing to any gamer is how well it performs. I can only speak for myself, but judging by my increased ability to play the hardest passages (for me that would be the speed runs and arpeggio like sequences on Hard or Expert) while consistently posting all-around higher scores..... it's obvious to me that this guitar is a Smash Hit! The neck feels great (very smooth) with the frets being spaced the same distance as on the real deal. Being a Rockband guitar controller, the buttons are flush, not raised like they are for Guitar Hero controllers. Personally, I like the flush style better as long as the action is smooth without any sticking like it is on this guitar. The whammy bar is responsive as all get-out, but one quibble is the possibility of depressing the bar so far that it hits the back button causing unwanted pausing, etc. Both the back and start knobs are relabeled volume and tone controls in their original positions from the electric guitar; which lends an authentic look at the expense of (for some people) a bit of practicality. I will say that I can give the ol' whammy a workout on occasion, and never once have I ever hit the back button (although I am aware of the possibility, so to that extent perhaps there is a bit of constraint). The strum bar is a little firmer than most and makes an audible clicking sound, so if your wrists are easily fatigued while strumming and you despise the "click" because you play with the sound low; or you can't get used to not having raised Guitar Hero style buttons; or you like lightweight plastic guitars with their frets close together.... then the Fender Wooden Stratocaster replica may not be the guitar for you. But if you want a beautiful, realistic looking, full sized wooden shred machine (as close as possible to what "real" guitar heros like Hendrix, Clapton, & Stevie Ray Vaughan played). A controller that has the ability to connect you even closer to the actual guitarists who created seriously blow-away tunes while, at the same time, helping to generate in the gamer an exciting and adrenalin charged feeling of actually playing and jamming out..... well, this may quite possibly be the only axe for you. (Especially now that the price has come down to less than half of its previous "stratospheric" highs.) Once I picked my sunburst Fender up and put it to the test.....well, it's the last stringless guitar controller I'll ever buy (and the rest of my controller collection can continue sitting and gathering dust, I just don't care).

X-Box 360 X-plorer controller Gibson Review:

This an old school Guitar Hero X-plorer controller from back in the day. I found this was the best peripheral for Xbox and the one I had got lost somehow in a move. I worried about buying a used one and hoped that it worked well and didn't have a funky strum bar and I was not disappointed. Works like a charm and let's me get my GH fix in when I'm in the mood to go old school.