Best Xbox One Remotes in 2022

Last update: November 26, 2022

Are all Xbox remotes the same?

No, all Xbox remotes are not the same. Each remote is designed for a specific Xbox console. For example, the Xbox One remote will not work with the Xbox 360.

Can you use a TV remote on Xbox?

You can't use a TV remote on Xbox, but you can use an Xbox remote on a TV. If you have an Xbox One, you can use the Kinect sensor to control your TV.

Can you use any USB controller on Xbox One?

You can use any USB controller on Xbox One. All you need is a USB cable. You can use a wired or wireless controller.

Do all Xbox ones use the same controller?

No, all Xbox Ones do not use the same controller. The original Xbox One launched with the Xbox One controller, which was later followed by the Xbox One Elite controller and the Xbox One S controller. The Xbox One X also has its own controller, which is similar to the Xbox One S controller but with some additional features.

PDP Talon Media Remote Control for Xbox One, TV, Blu-ray & Streaming Media Review:

I purchased this remote because I frequently use my Xbox One to view programs and films on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other streaming services. When I realized the cost of the genuine Microsoft Media Remote, I reacted negatively. Seriously, a remote costing $50? Being the sane person that I am (and that you are, considering that you are looking at this), I chose this remote.With the Talon Media Remote, I'm quite happy. Other than putting the batteries into it, there was no setup required. In some reviews, people lamented that the infrared signal from the remote didn't reach the console. For me, this remote performs better than the one that came with my Vizio TV. My Xbox is on an open shelf of the TV stand, free from obstructions like cabinet doors, which may also be helpful.The remote itself has a high-quality feel. The material provides a soft feel yet excellent grip. Some people may find it unpleasant since the complete backing must be removed in order to add or replace batteries, but it actually improves the appearance and grip of the remote.The clever backlighting on the remote makes it possible to see even in complete darkness. Some people have commented that the backlighting should continue for just a little bit longer so they can locate the button they want. The reason for the 4 instead of 5 stars is that I had no issues with that until I really required the backlighting.My need for a controller when I merely want to watch a movie or show has been fully replaced by the Xbox "Home" button on the remote, which turns on your Xbox. And unlike Xbox controllers, the remote doesn't need to be constantly powered on and reconnected after being unplugged. That has been extremely helpful to me.This is a great alternative to using your controller to view your TV and movies: a straightforward, affordable remote control that is well crafted.I hoped I could aid you in making a choice. Godspeed.

Nyko Media Remote - Xbox One Review:

Let's disprove the distance argument first. It can depend on the kind of your unit. Two FLIRC IR Receiver units are connected to a Chromebox and a laptop. The distance is great, and the buttons program just to what I want. It has a fantastic IR range in addition to having a terrific distance from wherever I am standing. In order to start a transmission, the remote often needs to be pointed at the receiver. But with this, I can position it behind my back, facing the couch, and it will still function perfectly. It definitely doesn't work if I completely conceal the remote or cover the front. I can't recommend it enough because it outperforms any other remote of this kind I've ever used.The use of this with Kodi/XBMC is flawless. Although I haven't tested it with a direct XBox receiver, what I currently have works perfectly. It's light enough that your entire hand can fit inside of it and small enough that you won't worry about breaking it. There are no longer any useless buttons. (Most modern devices don't need switches for the DVD player or number keys.)However, I do have a few little issues that prevent it from being truly fantastic. 1) The backlight is absent. However, the keys are painted in a way that makes them visible in dim light. 2) The front-facing, blazing green light is powerless. All it does is blink when pressed. Although the purpose of this is unclear to me, it at least makes me aware that it is in operation. It might be more compact or illuminate the entire pad. It appears to be simply there.It's a great deal for the cost (around $12). Purchase, test-drive, and relish it!

HDE Media Remote Control for Microsoft Xbox One / S / X Wireless Multimedia Entertainment Console Controller Review:

All the features operate as they ought to and it feels sturdy. Despite this, the HDE remote is about as basic as they come and does not considerably cost less than the official Xbox One remote. How basic is it? The "instructions" are a little piece of folded paper, and even the most basic information, such how to access the battery compartment without damaging anything, is missing from that paper. (However, it's simple enough to figure out on your own.In conclusion, buy this remote if you actually need one and it costs at least $5–$10 less than the genuine article. Otherwise, just continue using the MS selection.

Xbox One Power A Mini Series Wired Controller (Xbox One), Black Review:

Update: Now and then, the right bumper ignores inputs. Around the beginning of May, this started. I can't say I'm angry about it because a young child used it regularly for a full year before it broke. I still advise it because it is affordable and durable.Smaller hands make it difficult for my younger brother to comfortably handle most controllers. I purchased this controller out of curiosity because he didn't really have a nice controller to use with our PC. We've been here six months and haven't had any problems. Fits his hand well, allowing him to easily access the center inputs like the right analog and d-pad. My hands are quite large, yet I don't find it uncomfortable to use this controller when I'm testing games for him. Additionally, the inputs are reliable; the sticks have a terrific feel with little deadzone, and the triggers are really pleasant. makes buying him more controller-centric games like the LEGO games and setting up emulators a better overall experience.

Media Remote and Keyboard for XBOX Review:

I like it; I wanted a remote with a keyboard because using a joystick to type is cumbersome when playing video games and typing with the controller is slow. The keyboard and media functionality of the remote occasionally lock up, requiring you to remove the batteries. However, the features of the remote much exceed its idiosyncrasies. This greatly simplifies the process of typing out bug reports on the Xbox, where I participate in the preview program.I'd love it if they created a media remote that included both a keyboard and the controller's A, B, Y, and X buttons. However, for the time being, it's a good controller that allows for quick and simple access to the keyboard.

GEEDIAR USB Wired Game Controller Compatible for PC and Xbox One Review:

I received it on September 6, 2k16; it is now January 17, 2k17 (lot of 17), however during that time I have played Xbox One nearly every day, and only JUST has the left control stick failed on me.Get over it, people who are expecting YEARS of controller endurance; corporations are merely making products less expensive so that customers will BUY BUY BUY. In order to compare THIS controller to a Microsoft authentic Xbox One controller that I used from December 25 through April, this controller kicks ASS, it lasted an extra month, and it is just HALF the price. I definitely recommend it.

Xbox One Remote Control - Wireless Media IR Remote Control DVD Entertainment Multimedia Game Player Accessories for Xbox One Review:

It's a fantastic good value for an XBox One remote that costs only half as much as the original remote.Pro: Less priced; identical authentic remote's official plastic housing quality.Cons: The official controller has some wiggle room, whereas the IR sender needs to be pointed straight at the Xbox One (but still needs to point straight'ish at the unit). There is also no back lighting, and some of the buttons require more force to hit.It performs flawlessly and identically to the OEM controller for my secondary One, but costs only half as much. Win.

Do old Xbox controllers work on Xbox?

Yes, old Xbox controllers are compatible with the Xbox One. You just need to connect them via the Xbox One's controller adapter.

Does Series C controller work on Xbox One?

The Series C controller is not compatible with Xbox One.

How do I know what model Xbox One I have?

There are a few ways to determine which Xbox One model you have. One way is to look at the serial number on the back of the console. The serial number will start with two letters followed by eight numbers. The first letter indicates the console type, and the second letter indicates the region where the console was manufactured. The eight-digit number is the production number. Another way to tell which Xbox One model you have is to look at the power supply. The original Xbox One power supply is 220 watts and has a model number of 1414-0185. The power supply

How many versions of Xbox One are there?

There are three versions of Xbox One. The original Xbox One was released in 2013. The Xbox One S was released in 2016 and is a smaller, sleeker version of the original. The Xbox One X was released in 2017 and is the most powerful Xbox One console. It has 4K resolution and can play some games in HDR.

Is new Xbox controller better?

The new Xbox controller is a vast improvement over the old one. The new design is more ergonomic and comfortable to hold, and the buttons and triggers are more responsive. The new controller also has a built-in rechargeable battery, which is a huge plus. Overall, the new Xbox controller is a great upgrade and well worth the money.

Is there a shortage of Xbox One controllers?

Yes, there is currently a shortage of Xbox One controllers. This is due to high demand and Microsoft's production issues. Microsoft is currently working on increasing production to meet the demand. In the meantime, you may be able to find controllers from third-party retailers, but they will likely be at a higher price.