Best Violin Parts in 2020

eBoot Rubber 4/4 Violin Practice Mute, Black Review:

Works very well. I tested it by playing in my room with and without it and having my sister listen to me playing from the room next door. She said she could pretty much hear every note without it, but when I placed it, she could barely hear anything, even though everything was turned of in her room and she was paying attention to me playing. So in a realistic situation, a person in the next room or next door can't really hear anything. I would have given it five stars but the rubber seems a bit too flexible for my taste. Would have preferred if it were a bit more solid, if that makes sense. It also will not scratch your violin because it's rubber, unlike some of the metal ones.

Andoer Clip-on Pickup Pick-up for Violin with 1/4" Jack 2.5M Cable Compact Professional Review:

This little piece of plastic has served me well for literally hundreds of gigs, recording, and practicing. I know this sounds crazy. I ordered this on a complete whim just to mess around with a potential cheap backup to my Fishman in-bridge pickup for some country gigs. IMMEDIATELY I was blown away by how awesome it sounds and how quick it is to set up. Just pop it on your fiddle and you're good to go.

- Cheap. as. hell. No, really, it's $5. Do you know what that means? You can order 10 of them for half the cost of most fiddle pickups. Cable short out? It's cheaper than breaking ONE string. Get drunk and step on it/spill beer/set a PA head on it and break it? No guilt whatsoever, just change it out!
- The sound... the sound is great. I'm still experimenting with this little thing. I run it through a little tube preamp and it has given me great sound for bluegrass, modern country, classic country, old time, folk, rock gigs -- everything. If you like the natural sound of your instrument, this is the way to go.
- Totally removable! Takes about 5 seconds to put in and out of the instrument. If you play some gigs without a pickup and some gigs with, but want to use the same instrument without an ever-present input jack, this is the way to go.
- Doesn't mute the acoustic sound at all. Picks up a great representation of the natural sound without the bridge-muting that comes with some VERY EXPENSIVE pickups.

- Okay... so the quality is not perfect. I've had ONE cord short out on me in almost a year of hard use. But seriously... for 5 bucks... who cares?
- The 1/4 inch cable is very light and very short. Not a lot of stage room. You may need an extension or a preamp if you're not VERY CLOSE to your PA head.
- The pickup moves around a little depending on where it's placed on the bridge. This does a great job of preserving the sound, but a) makes it a little more likely to feed back when you're playing a really loud rock gig and b) sometimes leads to noise of the pickup moving if you bump it accidentally. But hey, who can hear it over the guitarists tuning anyway?

TLDR: just order it and find out for yourself.

VCOSTORE Violin Finger Guide and Rubber Mute Pack, 4/4 Violin Notes Sticker Full Size Guide, Violin Label Chart Plus Rubber Mute for Beginners Review:

I have not picked up my violin in a while and the instructor who I was attending lessons had died suddenly. Since I play other string instruments, I wanted some guidance on my violin. These stickers are helping me so much with proper finger placement.

TIMESETL 4Pack Violin Fine Tuners for 4/4-3/4 Violin Metal String Adjuster Nickel Plated Anti Rust (Black + Gold) Review:

Purchased three sets of these for various instruments. I actually bought extras because of some of the negative reviews, in case a couple did not work, but all work fine. Great quality and great price. I put these on all my violins that lacked fine tuners, including a baritone instrument (uses Helicore Octave strings). They also look great.

Fretless Finger Guide for Full (4/4) Size Violin Review:

I've had the finger guide for a little over 2 weeks now. I am a beginner to playing the violin.

My finger guide actually arrived after I started learning to play, which is a good thing. I am using a book to learn the basics and determine if playing the violin is something I am interested in (which so far, I am interested in it). I play other instruments, so I know what a C, F, and G (etc.) all sound like. I was doing okay with finger placement without the guide, but once I put it on...oh wow. HUGE difference in ease of playing, as well as the sound. I didn't realize that nearly all of the notes I was playing myself were ever so slightly sharp. This guide has helped me immensely and really helped my understanding of the violin. I could not recommend it enough.

For installation of the guide, it could not be any easier. There are instructions that arrive with the guide, and they are clear and concise. No issues installing. For testing purposes, I took the guide back off the violin and tried installing it a few more times, and each time it adhered correctly and as if it was brand new.

This is a great product, both in terms of use and manufacturing. I'd highly recommend this to anyone learning to play.

eno Professional Violin Viola Tuner, Colorful LCD Display Easy Control Clip on Accurate Violin Tuner (ET-05SV) (Tuner) Review:

I actually already had a nice KORG clip-on tuner for my guitar, the only reason I bought this one is because there is no convenient way to clip that one to my viola. I'm a little disappointed in this one because because the clip is smaller than I expected and I have to open it almost all the way just to get it to fit on the peg box. It feels like it barely fits. However, it has not popped off yet so maybe it will be fine. It is nice that it is so small and light. I have been able to leave it clipped on the instrument all the time, even when I put the instrument back in the case.

As other reviewers have said, making the power button also function as a tuning adjustment is just stupid. Several times already I have bumped it to A 441 and have had to cycle through to get back to A 440. I expect most users will need to adjust this rarely if at all, so it should be harder to change accidentally. Another issue is that when I have it in viola mode when I try to tune my D string sometimes it identifies the note as A. If I switch from viola to chromatic setting, then it recognizes the D ok.

Round Tourte Style Mute for Violin and Small Viola Review:

I bought this to use with my electric violin. The violin had a bit of a high-pitched squeak to the sound, but after adding these, the sound became more resonant and provided the sound I was looking for. Aside from that, the audible sound from the violin was reduced quite a bit. Electric Violin w/ Headphones + Mute = Silent Practice!

Mudder Metal Violin Mute Practice Violin Silencer for 1/2, 3/4, 4/4 Violin, Silver Review:

On the plus side, it hellof mutes. My pfetchner is almost as quiet as my e-violin with this clipped on. If you've got basic control of your bow and tone, you can certainly practice with this thing. Even in an apartment.

Tone-wise, well of course it is terrible. The window where you even get a sound is narrower, too (see above about needing a few months of bow technique before you start clipping a mute on).

On the downside, it is metal. And the reason I've dinged it a star is because it dinged my bridge. On closer inspection none of the edges are properly dressed, and there were several rough and almost-sharp edges.

3 Pack Rubber Violin Practice Mute, Round Tourte Style Mute for Violin, Ultra Practice Silencer, Black Review:

Can't beat the price :) It works reasonably well with an electric violin (note, not experience with acoustic one) and the comb mute is way better than individual string ones. It attaches easily and sits well. The downside is that (I guess) there is only so much muting you can do with an electric violin, but for what it's worth, this mute does bring the volume down. Also, if positioned well, it does soften the tone a bit, which is quite appreciated in electric violin. Overall, solid 4.5 stars (mold used to manufacture these seems to be getting old and imprecise in some places).

Otto Musica Artino Practice mute For violin / viola Review:

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 This is my first video review! This isn't very scientific, but it hopefully will give you a sense of how well the mute works.