Best Toy Golf Products in 2020

iPlay, iLearn Kids Golf Toys Set, Boys Outdoor Yard Sport Game, Training Golf Balls & Clubs Equipment, Exercise Indoor Gaming, Outside Active Gifts for 3 4 5 6 7 8 Year Olds, Toddlers Children Girls Review:

 I bought this golf toy set as my son's birthday gift and he likes it. It’s easy to assemably and easy to use. My son is 4 years old so he can play it well. He play it by his own way. I like there are 15 balls, so that you don’t need to pick up the balls after just few hit. really nice gift, highly recomended to every little golfer.

Little Tikes TotSports Easy Hit Golf Set + 3 balls + 2 clubs Review:

My granddaughters love it - the youngest (20 months) especially loves pulling the cart around. Neither is real into actual golf swings, they like to do golf dancing with the clubs above their heads, but give them time. A neighbor child lost one of the balls before I even gave it to them, but they have been really careful about putting the remaining pieces into the cart so far, getting the balls out from under the couch and out of the dog's mouth. I tried to get a replacement ball but (on the phone) was told I'd have to send the whole set back for a replacement .... that is overkill. I have a substitute squeeze ball of about the same size to give them when I'm there next. I think they will play with this indoors and out for a long time. They don't have a lot of plastic toys, they are at daycare/preschool most of the day and their folks do books and puzles and outdoor stuff with them instead of a lot of toys, but this is a big motor toy they can use on their own.

ToyVelt Kids Golf Club Set – Golf CartWith Wheels, 3 Colorful Golf Sticks, 3 Balls & 2 Practice Holes – Fun Young Golfer Sports Toy Kit for Boys &Girls – Promotes Physical & Mental Development Review:

As an avid golfer, I could not pass up the opportunity to buy this little golf set for my, soon to be born, grandson. He will surely grow up to be a great golfer, join the PGA Tour, and helped to support his favorite granddad in his retirement. He'll be telling interviewers about his first set of ToyVelt sticks that set him on the path to success in the game of golf. That's the plan, anyway.

iPlay, iLearn Golf Toys Set, Golf Ball Game, Sports Gaming Clubs, Learning, Active, Early Educational, Outdoors Exercise Toy for 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Year Olds Kids, Toddlers, Boys, Girls (Color May Vary) Review:

Fully compatible with LEGO Duplo blocks. This is a really nice set for a great price. Mine came with two base plates, which is twice as many as is needed. Just excellent. Kept my five year old and two year old happy for consecutive days while one parent was away for work. Seriously, it bought me hours of time to work, do chores and prepare meals while they played together.

HuoBi Toilet Golf ,Potty Golf Drinker Toilet Toy Potty Putter Putting Golfing Game Indoor Practice Mini Golf Gift Set Golf Training Accessory for Men Review:

This set is too funny. I saw it while hunting for some other items and decided, what the heck? So I got it in thinking it would just be a gag gift but caught myself using it! I left it in the bathroom for my hubby to find - he thought it was funny but played some with it. I think it will be fun to take to friends/relatives houses and set it up - the surprise will be fun and a good conversation starter. If you’re looking for something funny but also fun, I suggest picking up one of these. They are really inexpensive for a gift or for yourself.

heytech Kid's Toy Golf Clubs Set Deluxe Outdoor Golf Toy Set Toddler, Children, Preschool Kids Early Educational Toy Review:

My 3-year-old received these clubs in his Easter basket. He loves them. He has a set of big plastic fisher price type clubs. He refers to these clubs as his ”big boy” clubs. They are sturdy with a metal shaft, and plastic on the handle and foot of the club. They are the perfect combination of lightweight, yet durable. They set came with 4 white plastic balls, and 2 tee stands, cups, and flags. When not in use, everything fits nicely into the ”golf” bag, and zips up. They are lightweight enough that I'm not too fearful of him using them inside. The carry bag is perfect for little guys. He's been toting them around daily since received them, ( a week ago) So far they've stood up to a pretty rough 3-year-old!

Liberry Kids Golf Clubs Set, Golf Toy with Golf Cart, 3 Golf Clubs, 2 Practice Holes, 2 Golf Tees & 6 Balls, Early Educational, Outdoors Exercise Toy for Kid Ages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Years Old, Boys & Girls Review:

This golf set was quite fun for the family. We have a 4 and 6 year old and the set was very age appropriate and the kids had a blast playing. The set comes with 3 different clubs emulating real life golf clubs. Although any of the clubs plays fine, found that the putter plays the best since you're really putting with this set. The set also comes with 6 balls, 2 practice holes w/flag and 2 tees.

I didn't think the tees would be useful, but it did help the kids hit the ball more easily since it's elevated off the ground a bit. The practice holes were cute also, although with the lip of the practice hole you have to make sure to give it a little more speed to get it in but not hard at all. I originally thought you would have to play on hardwood or tile but carpet actually played the best as the ball doesn't tend to scoot as fast and out of control.

Overall a great toy and play golf set. Probably works best for kids less than 7-8 years old but I had fun playing with them also so it works well for a rainy day game!

LIOOBO Plastic Golfer Toy Toddler Golf Game Toy Set for Kids Children(Color Randomization) Review:

If you have lots of kids at home or ur family stays close by then you are always invited to someone's birthday party or for dinners or lunches and have to buy something for ur niece nephews then look for something little less expensive and a useful thing then go for this. I don't like the idea of gifting a gift card and always look for something that they will like. So got this to gift someone and really liked it. Good value for money.