Best Suet Bird Food in 2022

Last update: November 14, 2022

Do suet feeders attract rats?

No, suet feeders do not attract rats.

Do you feed birds suet in the winter?

In the winter, you can help birds by providing them with suet. Suet is a high-fat food that helps birds stay warm in the cold weather. You can purchase suet at your local hardware or pet store.

Do you leave suet in the plastic?

If you're using suet to attract birds to your backyard, you might be wondering if you should leave it in the plastic. The answer is yes! Leaving suet in the plastic helps keep it fresh and protected from the elements. Plus, it makes it easy to grab a piece when you're ready to use it.

How do you get birds to come to a suet feeder?

Birds are naturally attracted to suet feeders because they offer a high-fat food source that is perfect for energy-intensive activities like flying. To attract even more birds to your suet feeder, try adding a little bit of peanut butter or fruit to the mix. You can also try hanging the feeder in a tree or other high spot where birds feel safe from predators.

C & S Products Bluebird Nuggets, Pack Of 6 Review:

It's like bird crack, this stuff. I've seen a dozen birds waiting in line to receive these nuggets, along with a squirrel. When I first started using song bird seed, they never did that. Although it isn't the most inexpensive product to use, there is virtually no waste. They last about twice as long if you use Cands Products CS753 Wire Nugget Feeder because squirrels can't eat from it (but given enough time, they'll figure it out, little bastards). LOL

Suet Songbird Very Berry Cake, 16 Pack Review:

The birds at my house are fighting over the suet, so I have no idea why other reviews awarded it one star (see the attached video for proof). We usually purchase suet for the birds, so I searched for a price and found this set of 16 suet cakes for a little under a $1 each. The birds AGREE with me. It's been out for a few days, and already it's almost completely gone. Two distinct kinds of woodpeckers, a crested bluejay, flickers, nuthatches, and two different kinds of chickadees have so far been observed eating it. They even line up on a nearby tree for their turn as they fly right up to my window. I occasionally receive two birds at once (see the video).Rendered beef suet, corn, milo, wheat, millet, sunflower seeds, artificial berry flavour, and oats are the ingredients specified on the container. Crude fat is at least 30%, crude protein is at least 4%, and crude fiber is at most 12%. It states that Heath Outdoor Products made it in the United States (add a www and .com to that and you can visit the official website). It is a standard no-melt suet cake that resembles others I purchase from nearby shops. Each cake is individually wrapped and has an opening pull tab. Additionally, they have the same, regular size as standard suet cakes (at least the ones I usually buy). The cake didn't crumble at all for me either.Based on a few previous reviews, I was a little apprehensive to buy this, but I decided to take a chance because of the low price. Because "my" birds can't get enough of it, I'm delighted I did. They will quickly gobble them, therefore I will most certainly order more.:-)

Heath Outdoor Products DD-13 Apple Dough Suet Cake, Case Of 12 Review:

The birds in the wild all adore this stuff. The cost was perfect. It is also simple to use. I've used it for years, although I paid more when I bought it in stores. The price on Amazon is the lowest. I have the following kinds of birds: Finches, mockingbirds, doves, and woodpeckers. I'm not familiar with all the names, but Tucson, Arizona, has a few different varieties. Although I do have some of these birds, I don't believe pigeons enjoy it because I've never observed them eating it.

Heath Outdoor Products DD-18 Peanut Crunch Suet Cake, 12-Pack Review:

We occasionally run through a cake in two days, so I needed a better pricing to keep the suet bar open. I've been using Heath's suet for more than two years now. I found it as a suggested buy once when I bought another suet on Amazon.It took some time to get going, but after a few months of keeping the suet and seed feeders both full, we finally had a variety of birds eating the suet, including wrens, chickadees, blue jays, cardinals, doves, woodpeckers, and, yes, squirrels! I had been purchasing the berry blast variety and had been using it for a couple of years.When the price of the berry blast increased and I noticed the peanut was significantly less expensive, I actually started reading reviews and noticed that every single review mentioned how messy and that their birds wouldn't eat this suet. However, when I tried it, none of my birds fled, but my suet never ran out—not even for a day. No matter what kind of suet you're using, you'll lose birds if you leave your feeder empty for more than a day. They take longer to return the longer you leave it vacant, sigh! Additionally, suet is a fat-based product, so of course it makes a mess. It gets on their tiny beaks, but they are aware of this. I have liked seeing the wren clean his beak after eating, and this year, a complete wren family frequently visited the peanut suet to feed their young. Since we reside in the hot south, the suet can get a little dirtier in the summer, but the birds don't seem to mind because they have the self-cleaning skills to handle it.Heath suets are excellent and I will keep using them in my backyard. The price is great so I can use one every two days at certain times of the year when feeding is higher, my birds love it, and it has attracted a ton more birds to my yard and closer viewing distance. Thank you Heath Products for making it possible!

Wildlife Sciences High Energy Suet Cake 10 Pack Review:

A bird feeder with the tiny "cages" to contain the cakes was brought over by my neighbor. I've had feeders for a long time, but never this kind. I was unsure if the birds would enjoy these suet cakes, so I got them from Amazon. WOW!While swarming around the cakes, they disregard the seeds. When I put out refills, it's like a party for the birds. My second box of these wonderful cakes has been ordered. They didn't enjoy the cakes I purchased at the hardware store at all, therefore I will continue to use this brand to make them happy. By the way, for some reason, my neighbor once came over and stole the feeder away, so I naturally got a nicer one from Amazon. Which reminds me that I need to give it a review.

Heath Outdoor Products DD4-12 Birdie's Blend Suet Cake, 11.25 oz., Case Of 12 Review:

Over the years, we've tried out various different suet brands and bought a variety of different kinds. Without a doubt, Heath Outdoor Products' suet "Bird's Blend" has produced the best results for us. Usually, we purchase it from our neighborhood farm/ranch outfitter store (Coastal Farm). Occasionally, if the price is right, I'll purchase a case from Amazon. We can complete a case in under a week (lickety-split). The birds enjoy to feed in supersonic mode all year long.It's lard in these cakes. They contain a lot more fat than seeds. Increased lard isn't always a negative thing. Winter is a great time to use it. The birds are kept warm by the rendered beef suet. The cakes have a "no melt" solid structure despite being soft. Fortunately, the "peel off" packaging is really easy to open, making it very straightforward to remove the cake. This is soft enough to be used if you prefer to massage suet on tree trunks or branches. It's actually ideal for rubbing.Sunflower seeds with black oil are our go-to bird food. We've attracted species that we hadn't previously seen thanks to the addition of this suet; as a result, we now frequently see black-cap chicadees, juncos, towhees, flickers, and sapsuckers. Our first pileated woodpecker has just arrived! It was very thrilling.We also keep all of our suet in the fridge. I'm not sure if the manufacturer recommends this or not. For us, it works.

ST. ALBANS BAY SUET PLUS High Energy Suet Cakes | 20 Pack of 11 oz. Suet Cakes for Wild Birds Review:

We have used this suet in warm weather without any problems, and Downy, Hairy, Red-bellied, and Yellow-shafted woodpeckers are enjoying themselves while nibbling on it. decent bargain.

Suet Plus Extra Value Pack Wild Bird Suet - 10 Suet Cakes Review:

Philadelphia is experiencing spring, so more birds are scavenging for food and mates. Suet was traditionally spread out in the winter while I was growing up, so I started doing it on my deck. Although the suet was picked at, it took two months for the cake to be consumed halfway. Nevertheless, I always have suet in the cage.I go through a whole cake of suet every day when the weather is warmer! I usually buy an orange-flavored variety at the neighborhood grocery store, but because to the high rate of consumption, I decided to order this bulk box from Amazon. I am eating one cake per day once more. The birds appear to be extremely content with it, and there is frequently a commotion at the suet cage as multiple large birds attempt to bite into it. It usually appears to be grackles and starlings, but I have also observed smaller birds feeding while clinging to the suet cage.While I doubt that these suet cakes will draw any uncommon birds to my location, which is 9 miles outside of the city center but is surrounded by a branch of Fairmount Park, I'm nevertheless happy to have something inexpensive to keep my feathered friends visiting my deck. When I replenish the suet cage each morning, I keep the leftover blocks of suet in the freezer to make handling them simpler and cleaner.

Woodpecker Suet Cake 10 Pack for Wild Birds Review:

I don't know enough about what birds require for nutrition to assess the health quality of this suet, but I can comment on how the suet doesn't crumble when it's being shipped, taken out of the container, or left outside to be slowly eaten to nothing.When there is no snow on the ground, I've found that the birds are much less interested in the suet. However, they go bonkers for it when the snow falls. I get the impression that during this dreadfully cold and snowy winter, this extra serving of high-calorie meals made a difference for them.

Heath Outdoor Products DD-24 Woodpecker Suet Cake Specially Blend To Attract Woodperkers and Other Colorful Songbirds All-Season No Melt, 5.2 x 1.2 x 5.2 inches, 10 Ounce x 12 Pack, Blue Review:

The cakes measure around 4.5 X 4.5 X 1. Although they seem oily to the touch when handled, they don't melt at temperatures above 90°F.A sizable wooded lot is located behind our home. I thought I would acquire a suet feeder to draw woodpeckers closer after seeing them there for the past few years. Two of the Heath Woodpecker suet cakes fit perfectly in the pileated woodpecker suet feeder I purchased.I haven't been let down. In Western New York State, we reside. Several distinct species of woodpeckers, including Downy, Hairy, Red Bellied, Northern Flicker, and Pileated woodpeckers, have been observed feeding. Additionally, I've observed some nuthatches come by for a meal. No other types have I observed give it a shot.This suet accomplishes my goal of luring woodpeckers, which I wanted. I'm quite happy with the outcome. I can eat two cakes for approximately a week.I wrote the aforementioned review three years ago. Probably three to four times a year, I continue to order the cakes.

How do you put suet on a bird?

If you want to put suet on a bird, you will need to purchase some suet from a bird food company. You will also need to purchase a bird feeder that is specifically designed for suet. Most suet feeders have a little tray on the bottom that you can put the suet in. Once you have your suet and feeder, you will need to follow these steps: 1. Place the feeder in an area where birds frequent. 2. Cut the suet into small pieces and place it in the tray on the bottom

Is it OK to feed birds all year round?

Yes, it is definitely okay to feed birds all year round! In fact, many bird enthusiasts do just that because they enjoy watching the birds visit their backyard and getting to know the different species that stop by. Not only is it a fun hobby, but it can also be beneficial for the birds since natural food sources can be scarce during certain times of the year. So if you have the means to do so, go ahead and fill up those bird feeders!

Is suet better than bird seed?

If you're looking to attract a specific kind of bird to your backyard, then suet may be a better option than bird seed. Suet is made from rendered beef or mutton fat and is high in energy, which makes it especially attractive to birds that are preparing to migrate or are already in the midst of their journey. Additionally, because suet is so high in fat, it can actually help birds survive periods of cold weather.

Is suet good to feed birds?

Suet is a good food to feed birds because it is a high-energy food that helps birds survive the cold winter months. Suet is also a good source of fat and protein for birds.

What animal eats suet at night?

The answer to this question may depend on where you live. In North America, some common animals that eat suet at night include: raccoons, skunks, opossums, and squirrels.

What can you use instead of suet?

If you don't have suet or can't find it, you can use beef fat, pork fat, vegetable shortening, or lard.