Best Suet Bird Food in 2020

C & S Products Bluebird Nuggets, Pack Of 6 Review:

This stuff is like bird crack. I've seen a dozen birds (and a squirrel) lined up to get these nuggets. They never did that with the song bird seed I was using before. It's not the cheapest thing to use but there is absolutely no waste... good stuff . If you use Cands Products CS753 Wire Nugget Feeder they last about twice as long because the squirrels can't eat from it although given enough time they will figure it out...little bastards. LOL

Suet Songbird Very Berry Cake, 16 Pack Review:

 I have no idea why other reviews gave this suet 1 star because the birds at my house are fighting over it (see the attached video for proof). We buy suet for the birds frequently and I was looking for a deal - I got this set of 16 suet cakes for a little less than a dollar apiece. The birds LOVE it. I put it out a couple of days ago and it's already almost eaten up. So far I've seen 2 different types of woodpeckers, a crested bluejay, flickers, nuthatches, and 2 types of chickadees eating it. They fly right up to my window and even line up on a nearby tree for their turn. Sometimes I get 2 birds at a time (see the video).

The ingredients listed on the package are: rendered beef suet, corn, milo, wheat, millet, sunflower seeds, artificial berry flavoring, and oats. Crude protein is min. 4%, crude fat is min. 30%, and crude fiber is max. 12%. It says it's made in the U.S.A. by Heath Outdoor products (add a www and .com to that and you can visit the official website). It's a typical no-melt suet cake that looks exactly like the ones I buy from local stores. Each cake is individually wrapped with a pull tab for opening. They are also the same, normal size as typical suet cakes (at least the ones I usually buy). I also didn't have any issues with the cake crumbling.

I was a bit hesitant to buy this based on a couple other reviews but thought I'd take a chance due to the great price. I'm glad I did, because "my" birds can't get enough of it. I'll definitely be ordering more because they are going to devour these in no time. :-)

Heath Outdoor Products DD-13 Apple Dough Suet Cake, Case Of 12 Review:

THE wild birds all love this product. I loved the price. It's easy to use also. Have used it for years but bought at stores for more money. Amazon has the best price. These are the types of birds I have: Doves, Finches, Woodpeckers,Mocking birds. I don't know all the names but do have a few other types here in Tucson, Arizona. I don't think pigeons like it; never see them eating it, although I do have a few of these birds too.

Heath Outdoor Products DD-18 Peanut Crunch Suet Cake, 12-Pack Review:

I have been using Heath's suet for more than 2 years now, I discovered as a suggested buy once when I bought another suet on amazon, the price was so much better and sometimes we go through a cake in two days, so I needed a better price to keep the suet bar open!

I had been buying the berry blast variety and started using it a couple of years ago, always having the suet feeder full, it took a little while to begin, but after several months with the suet always full and the seed feeders full, we finally had large variety of birds eating the suet, wrens, chickadees, blue jays, cardinals, dove, woodpeckers, and, yes, squirrels!

When the price of the berry blast went up and I saw the peanut was much less expensive I actually started reading reviews and saw all the reviews saying that their birds wouldn't eat this suet and how messy it was. Well, I tried it anyway and none of my birds left...but my suet was never empty, not even for a day. If you leave your feeder empty for more than a day you will lose birds no matter what type of suet you're using! The longer you leave it empty, the longer it takes them to come back...sigh! Also, as far as the mess, suet is made from fat, so of course it's messy! It gets on their little beaks, but they know that, I've enjoyed watching the wren clean his beak when he's done eating...and an entire wren family came regularly to the peanut suet to feed their baby this year! We live in the hot south, so in summer the suet is a little messier, but the birds don't care and they know how to keep themselves clean.

I highly recommend Heath suets and will continue using them in my back yard..the price is great so I can afford to use one in two days at certain times of year when feeding is higher, my birds love it, and it's brought so many more birds to my yard and within closer view....thank you for making it possible Heath Products!

Wildlife Sciences High Energy Suet Cake 10 Pack Review:

My neighbor brought over a bird feeder with the little "cages" to hold the cakes. I have had feeders for years but never this type. So I ordered these suet cakes from Amazon and was skeptical as to whether the birds would like them. WOW!
They ignore the seeds but crowd around the cakes! It is like party time for the birds when I put out refills. I have ordered my second box of these great cakes. I bought a couple of cakes at the hardware store and they didn't like them at all so I am going to keep them happy with this brand.....BTW my neighbor came over one day and took the feeder back, for some reason, so I ordered me a better one, from Amazon, of course! Which reminds me I need to write a review for it.

Heath Outdoor Products DD4-12 Birdie's Blend Suet Cake, 11.25 oz., Case Of 12 Review:

We've purchased several different brands of suet over the years and experimented with homemade recipes as well. This suet "Bird's Blend" from Heath Outdoor Products has given us the best results, hands down. We typically buy it from our local farm/ranch outfitter store (Coastal Farm). Occasionally, I'll order a case from Amazon when the price is right. We can go through a case in less then a week (lickety-split). Year-round, the birds feed in hypersonic mode and they love it.

These cakes are lardy. They have significantly more fat than seed. More lard isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's especially beneficial in the winter. All that rendered beef suet helps the birds stay warm. The cakes are soft yet "no melt" and solid form. Fortunately, the "peel off" packaging is super simple to open and removing the cake is... a piece of cake. For those of you who like to rub your suet on tree trunks/branches, this is soft enough for the job. Actually, it's perfect for rubbing.

Our regular bird feed is black oil sunflower seeds. Since we've added this suet to the mix we've attracted species we hadn't had before; now, we regularly have black-cap chicadees, juncos, towhees, flickers, and sapsuckers. We just had our first pileated woodpecker! It was truly exciting.

Additionally, we store all suet in the refrigerator. Whether or not this is advisable by the manufacturer I'm not certain. It works for us.

ST. ALBANS BAY SUET PLUS High Energy Suet Cakes | 20 Pack of 11 oz. Suet Cakes for Wild Birds Review:

Have used this suet in warm weather with no issues, and we have Downy, Hairy, Red-bellied and Yellow-shafted woodpeckers happily snacking away. Good value.

Suet Plus Extra Value Pack Wild Bird Suet - 10 Suet Cakes Review:

It's spring time in Philadelphia so there are more birds out and about, looking for food and mates. When I was growing up, suet was put out in the winter months so I started doing that on my deck. The suet was picked at but 2 months could go by before the cake was half gone. Nevertheless, I keep the suet cage full.

With warmer weather, I go through a full cake of suet every day! I was buying an orange flavored type at the local grocery store, but with the rapid consumption rate, I bought this bulk box on Amazon. Once again, I am going through a cake a day. The birds seem very happy with it and there is often a kerfuffle at the suet cage as more than one large bird tries to get on it for a bite. Looks like grackles and starlings mostly, but I have seen smaller birds clinging to the suet cage and eating, too.

I'm 9 miles outside of city center but surrounded by a branch of Fairmount Park, so while I don't know that I will attract any rare birds with these suet cakes, I'm glad to have something reasonably priced to keep my avian friends visiting my deck. I keep the unused blocks of suet in the freezer, making them easier and cleaner to handle when I refill the suet cage every morning.

Woodpecker Suet Cake 10 Pack for Wild Birds Review:

I don't know enough about birds' nutritional needs to evaluate the health quality of this suet, but I can comment on the fact that the suet stays together and doesn't crumble, not in shipping, in pulling it out of the packaging, or while hanging outside being slowly pecked down to nothing.
I have noticed that the birds are far less interested in the suet when there is no snow on the ground. But that when the snow dumps down, they go crazy for it. I get the sense that this little bit of extra high-calorie food made a difference for them during this miserably cold and snowy winter.

Heath Outdoor Products DD-24 Woodpecker Suet Cake Specially Blend To Attract Woodperkers and Other Colorful Songbirds All-Season No Melt, 5.2 x 1.2 x 5.2 inches, 10 Ounce x 12 Pack, Blue Review:

The Cakes are about 4.5 X 4.5 X 1 inch. They are greasy to the touch when handling but do not melt in heat as high 90F.

We have a decent size wood lot behind our house. I have seen woodpeckers out there over the last few years so I thought I'd get a suet feeder to attract them closer. I bought a pileated woodpecker suet feeder which nicely holds two of the Heath Woodpecker suet cakes.

I have not been disappointed. We live in Western New York State. I have seen several different varieties of woodpeckers feed, Downy, Hairy, Red Bellied, northern Flicker and Pileated woodpeckers. I have also seen some nuthatches stop by for a feed. I have not seen any other varieties try it out.

This suet does what I wanted which was attract woodpeckers. I am very pleased with the product. Two cakes last me about 1 week.

It's been three years since I wrote the above review. I still order the cakes, probably 3 to 4 times a year.