Best Stemware Racks in 2020

Wallniture Stemware Wine Glass Rack Hanger Under Cabinet Storage Chrome Finish 17 Inch Set of 2 Review:

My old wine glass rack had spacing that was too tight, so I could only hang small stems. This one accommodates big stems and big globes, as you can see from the photo. I am very happy with the product overall. I rated it four rather than five stars because my three sets (of two racks each) came with three different kinds of screws although the chrome racks are identical and lovely. Ideally the screws should have flat heads so that they are flush, but these don't and they show. It doesn't matter in my own kitchen, but it might matter to others. Furthermore, the rounded screw tops make the very small screws much harder to place, which matters when hanging several racks.

Wine Glass Rack - Under Cabinet Stemware Wine Glass Holder Glasses Storage Hanger Metal Organizer for Bar Kitchen Black Review:

I've been drinking wine for some times but not too much and on rare occasions. Lately I'm drinking more wine because my friends come over more often. I have to get more wine and wine glasses. I have 8 wine glasses total and it's very cluttered up if I keep them in the dish cabinet. I bought this wine rack and installed it myself. I found a spot underneath my cabinet where I use the least and put the rack up there with a few screws and a screw driver. Then hanging the glasses on there are pretty self explanatory. It's actually a nice thing to do, hanging the glasses up after I wash them, and very neat. It frees up space in my cabinet. The glasses have their own place now and my kitchen looks very tidy. Highly recommended for many casual wine drinkers out there.

DEFWAY Wine Glass Rack - Under Cabinet Stemware Wine Glass Holder Glasses Storage Hanger Metal Organizer for Bar Kitchen Black Review:

Well, Here's the deal...The product arrived on time and in good condition. I like simple and this is about as simple as it gets. Had a cabinet at the cabin above an ice maker that had some wasted space underneath and too many glasses inside. This double pack wine rack for a modest price solved the problem. It comes with all the hardware, 8 screws...line up the racks, mark your pilot holes and screw in place...easy and perfect. My racks are black and barely visible, yet stylish and functional. Doubled the space in my cabinet. Homerun...And simple! There you have it.

Hipiwe 2 Packs Wine Glass Rack Holder - Under Cabinet Stemware Wine Glass Hanging Rack Metal Wine Glasses Storage Organizer for Bar Kitchen (Black) Review:

Really like how simple looking they are! It takes four screws for each one which is all included! Even a level is included to make sure it’s straight. The only thing I would advise is that I made sure mine were level but didn’t factor in that the right side dips down a little more than where the neck of the bottle goes so in the pic you can see they look angled a bit. Looks fine but I had to use a tie around the neck to keep the bottles from sliding out.

Bafvt Wine Glass Holder - 3 Rows Stemware Rack Under Cabinet - 304 Stainless Steel Hanger Storage Shelf, Fit for The Cabinet 0.8“ or Less Review:

These are really good wine glass racks. They were easy to install but did require a bit of force to separate the holding prongs. The prongs don't have any caps on the end so they could scratch the shelf above. Also, if they had rubber caps on the two prongs, it would also prevent the racks from slipping forward.

Countertop Wine Glass Holder - Freestanding Tabletop Stemware Storage Rack Metal Glasses Display Rack Black with 6 Hooks Review:

This works just great for holding my wine stem glasses. I don't have much cupboard space and was always worried my wine glasses would get broken because of all the glassware jammed up in the cupboard. This was a great solution to keep my wine glasses handy to get to and free up a little more cupboard space. Easy to put together and looks really nice when complete. Great purchase. Highly recommend.

6 Hook Scrollwork Design Countertop Black Metal Wine Glass Storage Holder, Stemware Air Drying Rack Review:

I had gotten a wine glass rack that went under your shelf, and it ended up not being study enough. I then ordered this and it's great. You can't really appreciate it until you see it in person. Not too fancy and not too plain. The only downside is that it doesn't hold glasses with a smaller than average base. Easy to assemble. Shipping was fast. Great price for a nice product.

Luxury Wine Glass Holder, 100% Natural Bamboo Wine Bottle Holder, 100% Handmade Countertop Wine Rack with 6 Glass Rack & 1 Bottle Holder, Ideal Christmas Gift for Wine Lover Review:

I love this wine glass holder. It’s sturdy and well made holds the glasses very securely.. I like that the openings are small enough for the wine glass stem to fit through and holds the glasses securely in place. It’s a great value for the money. Very easy to assemble; two screws with the tool to tighten the screws. No need to even open your tool box. All this said it looks great as well. I’m very happy with this purchase. I wish all Amazon orders were such good quality for the money. Unfortunately they all are not. Just saying. Probably one of the best things I’ve bought in a long time price to quality ratio.

Sorbus Under Cabinet Wine Glass Rack and Stemware Holder – 3 Rows Holds up to 9 of Your Most Delicate Glassware Review:

I replaced an aging oak stemware rack with two of these. Based on other reviews, I put felt pads between the rack and the cabinet (screws went through the felt pads) to reduce vibration and washers between the racks and felt pad on the back screws to put a very slight slant to the back rather than installing them perfectly level. These tips were fantastic. Over the month that they've been installed, not a single rattle from doors slammed: either the cabinet under which they are installed nor the nearby exterior door. This was a common problem with the replaced rack. The slight tilt also keeps the stemware in place, although it has not yet been tested by an earthquake. I love the clean lines that don't distract from the stemware nor the cabinet, plus are easier to clean. The depth of the rack also accomodates stemware with thicker bases.

Useful Under Cabinet Stemware Rack Hold up to 18 Wine Glasses Review:

I installed the stemware rack under the kitchen cabinets, right next to the dish drying rack (if I installed it on top of the drying rack, the stemware wouldn't fit it the rack were full), so I installed it right next to it, with the idea of putting an absorbing cloth under the stemware, so as soon as I finished washing the stemware, they'd air dry upside down, and once dry, they would be put inside the cabinet. I had a little accident that prompted me to by the stemware rack; I was finished washing a couple of wine glasses and flutes, and just as I was about to put the last one, upside down on the absorbing cloth on the counter, I bumped one of the already washed glasses, which led to them all tumbling down like bowling pins. After a slight panicky scare, I thought, I need an undercabinet stemware rack to use as an undercabinet stemware drying rack. Problem solved. Easy to install with included hardware, remember to measure the included screws, in case they are longer than the thickness of your cabinets.