Best Shiitake Mushrooms in 2020

Swanson Shiitake Mushroom 500 Milligrams 60 Capsules Review:

I started taking these Swanson Shiitake Mushroom to build up my immune system, which I desperately needed to do. I was constantly getting sick with a cold all the time & I haven't gotten a cold yet, since I have been taking these Thank God. I am a diabetic & I need all the help I can get from natural supplements, these truly help me. Mushrooms do not underestimate the power of them, there r so many kinds out there to help with so many different ailments.

The Snak Yard Shiitake Mushroom 7.5 Oz Crispy Crunchy & Seasoned Review:

A friend discovered these shitake mushrooms and I fell in love with the crunchy taste of them. With the low carbs and high fiber, a net carbs of 1g per serving, I’m loving this low carb treat. It’s a bit pricey but still a good buy if you only nosh a bit at a time, just to hit that snack hunger spot without eating a bunch of unhealthy junk. The seasoning is just right – quite delicious!

Dried Mushroom Dried Shiitake 170g Review:

I love cooking and trying new recipes, but I hate that when I go to the store for a few mushrooms the rest of the mushrooms I don't use end up either being thrown out eaten by my family and I then have to go through the same process over and over again. But with the Dried Shiitake Mushrooms, I can take how much I need and store the rest for when I need it a few weeks later. They are so easy to use! I love I can soak them in water and they come out looking like fresh mushrooms. They are easy to use and taste great in my meals! Best thing is I don't have to throw away a mushroom if I don't use it because they are dried and I can use how ever much I need and put the rest in a ziplock bag!

100 Shiitake 100 Mushroom Plug Spawn Edible Mycelium Plugs Review:

The plugs arrived well packaged and already sprouting a few shiitakes, so they're definitely viable! The plugs did arrive with thorough instructions, but I had questions regarding the proper wood to use for these plugs. Here is what I learned: the word "shittake" translates to "mushroom of the oak". Oak wood is best for growing shittake mushrooms, white oak over red oak, if you have a choice, but either will do. My husband and I found a large, young, healthy white oak on our property and gratefully cut a 6 foot long, half foot wide branch, from its trunk. We then cut that log in two, so we have two, 3 foot long, 6 inch wide logs. We then allowed the logs to "cure" for 3 weeks. The point of leaving the logs to "cure"(for at least a couple weeks) is to allow all of the sap to drain from the log. Tree sap has amazing antifungal and antibacterial properties, that helps stop fungus and bacteria from invading the tree. So you don't want the tree sap to stop your mushroom spores from colonizing the log. We left the logs standing on one end and covered with a tarp while curing. We covered them with a tarp because we didn't want the logs to dry out. After the curing time my husband drilled 50 holes into each log with a 5/16th drill bit, 100 holes total. We then put 1 plug in each hole and covered the hole with beeswax. Some folks also seal the ends of their logs with wax to keep moisture in, but we did not. Any kind of wax will do, we chose beeswax as it is the most natural option, but also the most expensive. Alternatively, soy wax or paraffin can be used. We are now waiting for our logs to colonize. The spore plugs seemed very "alive", even after being stored in the fridge for a month (according to the package the plugs can be stored in the fridge up to 6 months before plugging). We live in Massachusetts so March is the time to innoculate. Some care is needed with growing shittake on logs. If you live in a very dry climate ,or even a windy climate, you will need to water your logs. Lucky for us, we've had a lot of rain and I don't think we will have to water them anytime soon, New England springs are very rainy! We're hoping our logs fruit this year, sometimes it can take more than one season. P.s. We have a fondue pot that keeps the contents warm by candle, it worked perfect for keeping the beeswax melted while we sealed each hole!

ONETANG Shiitake Mushroom Slices 227g, Dried Mushroom Slices, No Fumigation Sulfur 8 Oz Review:

I was truly underestimating how much mushroom I would be receiving when I placed this purchase. You receive 16OZ, two bags of 8.01OZ, dried mushrooms. The bags aren't resealable so I would recommend either using this for a big batch of soup, or have resealable bags ready to put these into!

They come to life after a few minutes in a hot broth. They don't become as moist as regular mushrooms, but they soften nicely.

Both bags of the mushrooms seem to have survived the storage and shipping process excellently, which is an important note! There's no crushed mushrooms or mushroom "dust", they're all recognizable mushroom slices.

I got my money's worth and I'm incredibly happy with this purchase!

SB Organics White Flower Sliced Shiitake Mushrooms - All Natural Vegan and Gluten-Free Dried Sliced Mushrooms - 16 oz. Review:

These are absolutely the most amazing mushrooms I've ever purchased. The flavor is superior to all other dried shiitake mushrooms I've ever purchased! I was skeptical of all the 5 star reviews... but, now I completely understand why there are so many. I've already placed an order for a second bag. I eat them dried as a snack. The flavor is unbelievable! I have made shiitake mushroom soup already 3 times this week. It's just THAT amazing.

SB Organics White Flower Shiitake Mushrooms - All Natural Vegan and Gluten-Free Dried Whole Mushrooms - 4-5 cm, 16 oz. Review:

I looked everywhere for dried shitake mushroom that was organic and not too expensive. I came across these and I'm in love with them! These mushrooms are by far the best tasting. And it's cheaper than others I've have come across! I use these in almost all my cooking and it adds such great flavor.

Shiitake Mushrooms, 3.2 oz Package Review:

If you are having trouble finding these to make, for instance, Hot and Sour soup, the ones I got from here were completely acceptable.

6" to 9" Shiitake Mushroom Log (2 logs per order) Review:

I have been ordering these logs from these guys for awhile, and I have had a lot of fun with it. In the beginning, the mushroom growth was slow, but after asking these guys a few questions and learning from my own mistakes - I have been having good success. I do not 'shock' them as I know you can, but I still get a crop or two every couple months which is exactly what I was looking for.

For anyone who is having problems with their log, I would say that these guys can be very helpful if you write and ask them for some tips. I have engaged in a few back and forth e-mails where they helped me to troubleshoot a problem until we figured it out. This is a fun hobby if you have some patience, the willingness to learn from your mistakes, and of course, the love of mushrooms.