Best Screwdriver Bit Holders in 2020

Neiko 00244A Impact Socket Adapter & Magnetic Bit Holder, 4Piece Set | 1/4" Hex Shank with 1/4, 3/8, 1/2" Drive | CR-V Review:

I bought these expecting the same ol tool that wears out fast with my 5amp 20V Impact Drivers. They usually strip or shear one within the first week of using them. I was surprised by this pack of bits from the sec I opened the package. I've only had this set for two weeks so I would love to say its indestructible but 70hrs isn't enough of a test for that. I will say I've tried MANY MANY different brands and always get the same result of stripped out or sheared off heads. I haven't even noticed a slop in the connection on sockets yet. So ya 5 stars for me no doubt. Only a case with more drivers could improve.

DEWALT Magnetic Drive Guide, 1/4-Inch (DW2054) Review:

You need a magnetic bit holder for your drill!

I bought this one because I managed to "misplace" the last one I had. I was drilling into some 2X4 studs while standing on scaffolding and when I switched my drills out, I could not find my magnetic tip holder. I had to do it old school and I was dropping screws from the scaffolding left and right because I was drilling at such an odd angle and over my head.

This DeWalt magnetic tip holder does an excellent job magnetizing your drill bit which then holds your screws to the bit. If you have this tip holder and use a T25 Torx bit, you're just about guaranteed not to drop or have a screw fall off the bit. The extendable screw sleeve can go over the length of the screw and provide further protection and even free up a hand when drilling overhead. I don't use this feature all the time, but it's sure nice to have it there. This summer I used the bit installing gutters and it was a real time and headache saver. A contractor friend of mine who uses his drill 8 hours a day said if he lost or broke his magnetic tip holder; he'd go home for the day!

Neiko 02449A Hex Bit Holder Rack with Strong Magnetic Base, 37 Hole Organizer | 1/4-Inch Hex Bit and Drive Bit Adapter Review:

I read the reviews and some said they wished the magnets were stronger. The item I received has Very Strong Magnets. I can hold this upside down and shake vigorously and not a single bit will fall out. Did I get one of better quality than the norm? Has the manufacturer changed the magnets to higher quality? I have no idea but this thing has super strong magnets. I stuck this to the side of my tool cabinet and had difficultly pulling it off. I don't doubt the other reviewers but I can only give my experience with this item. And this thing is awesome! I liked it so much after one day of using I just ordered two more.
There are other bit holders listed on Amazon that look exactly the same with different brand names. They also have mixed reviews. One review did state that they are all made by the same factory. All I know for sure is the Neiko 02449A Hex Bit Organizer I received has very strong magnets both in holding the bits and attaching the bit holder loaded with bits to a metal surface.

Note: Received my second order of this bit holder, happy to report that this one has just as strong magnets as the first one in the above review. very happy with this item.

Bosch ITBHQC201 2 1/4", Impact Tough Quick Change Bit Holder Review:

Q/C sleeve is nice and solid and it locks into my impact (dewalt) reliably. I've had one bit get stuck in there after a day of abuse and it took a little tappy-tap-tap to get it out. I'd blame the bit, but black oxide is usually pretty good and I haven't had any problems with that set in any other holders. Overall, pretty good little bit holder. I'd buy another if I was in the market again.

Ryobi AR2019G 3 Piece 1/4" Bit Holder Set (Includes Magnetic Bit Holder and 2 x Screw Guides w/ Sliding Collars) Review:

I got this because I really wanted a long one for those times when a shorter one just wont do. This fit the bill for me and they work well. no issues for me. They are true and not wobbly like the cheap junk you find. these work fantastically.

DEWALT DW2055 Magnetic Bit Tip Holder Review:

I have several of these Dewalt bit holders and use them all the time. The retractable sleeve helps keep longer screws stabile when first starting them. I find the sleeve also works to help stabilize my 3" long 1/4" and 5/16" nut driver bits when it's slipped down over the shank flush to the back of the bit. The magnetic tip seems to work fine at retaining my short insert bits and the quick change shank locks securely into my impact driver and cordless screwdrivers chucks as it should. The bit holders do what I need them to do, so overall I've been happy with them.

Bosch ITBH201 2 In. Impact Tough Bit Holder Review:

I don't use it like a tradesman. I'm a mover. I use this with an M12 impact driver to disassemble furniture for the most part. Bed slats, dining table tops, the occasional railing, etc. Bit retention is not the best even with what I'd consider medium duty at most. Compared to framing houses or building a deck, I'd have to imagine it would get pretty annoying. I needed an impact rated bit holder and this fits the bill for me so far. But I doubt anyone driving 3 inch deck screws all day would feel the same way. A mover, DYI'er, a's probably all you need.

ARES 70207-12-Inch Quick Release Bit Holder - Works With All 1/4-Inch Drive Bits - Quick Release Mechanism Makes Changing Bits a Breeze Review:

After some light use (I can't vouch for durability yet) in my impact driver, I'm really impressed by the slick design. I'm still getting the hang of the technique, but it works really well--without experience, it's not totally obvious when the bit has clicked into place or out of place, because the action is so smooth, fast, and easy--I keep tugging on the bit to test whether it's seated. But it always is. I have a large, mixed supply of deck screws with Torx and square heads, and I use/reuse both often for various wood projects. And there's always an occasional Phillips head to deal with at some point. So being able to switch bits this quickly is really nice! I don't always like the extra length, because it adds a little instability, but the tolerances are tight, so it's not the holder's fault, it's just a result of the length. This will also allow me to use those freebie non-quick-change bits that come with a box of screws (which will also help keep the length down, vs. using the longer quick-change bits).

Makita B-35097 Impact Gold Ultra-Magnetic Torsion Insert Bit Holder Review:

I purchased this bit holder for use in building a fishing dock on a small pond, and this tool worked well for me. Using this tool with a T25 bit in a Bosch 12-volt driver, I installed almost 400 screws (9 X 2-1/2 inch) that attach pine deck boards to the dock framework. The main advantage provided by this bit holder is the magnetic collar that holds each screw in position.

To use the holder, it is first inserted into the hex collet (or chuck) on the driver tool. The blue sleeve is then removed from the bit holder, to allow insertion of the appropriate driver bit. It does take a little force to pull off the blue sleeve, but that just tells me that it's not at risk of falling off while in use.

This bit holder works with the short style (1" long) bits, as longer bits would position the screw head too far away from the magnetic collar. There is a small retaining ring inside this bit holder that provides a very strong grip on the bit that is inserted. In fact, it took quite a bit of force for me to remove the 1" long bit when I needed to briefly change sizes.

This holder does a good job of keeping the screw from falling off, but it is best suited for driving screws into pre-drilled pilot holes. I did begin by using it to drive screws without pilot holes, but it does not hold the screw securely enough to do that easily. I found it better to take a few minutes to drill "starter" pilot holes, about 1/2" deep.

Also, it's is easy to accidentally overdrive screws in soft wood, as the magnetic collar covers the screw head as it seats into the wood. Of course that's not as critical on a fishing dock as it can be on some applications. Several times I found myself popping off the blue sleeve so that I could see the screw head and fine-tune the driven depth. A drill driver with an adjustable clutch might do a better job of controlling driven depth, as long as the hardness of the target material is fairly consistent.

This bit holder may not be right for every application, but I find it to be a time saver and a great value at this price.

Bit Magnetizer Ring and Demagnetizer by Olsa Tools | Screwdriver Bit Drive Holder for Magnetic Driver Bits | Powerful Neodymium Magnet | Works With Allen/Hex Keys Review:

These are amazingly powerful magnets, if you keep them on your favorite screwdrivers while you dont use them they will become self magnetized even without these magnets.
To my Amazement after such treatment regualr screwdrivers became More powerful them Factory-Magnetized Tipped screwdrivers.
I recommend to get 2-3 packs of these and keep these on your screwdrivers to make them magnetized and keep in different rooms, I have some iwth my car tools, some iwth my Computer tools and some with my home tools.