Best Satellite Finders in 2020

SciencePurchase Analog Satellite Finder Review:

A couple of years back Dish Network sent a tech to convert my HD two dish system to a one dish system. The installer mounted the dish on the old second dish pole which was just beside and behind a Bradford Pear tree. Fast forward two years and the tree has grown out so much that it had begun to shadow the dish and I start getting rain fade in a sprinkle. So I decide to move the dish to a mount on the side of the house. Worked OK but still not good and still with easy rain fade.

Rather than pay the $15.00 fee to have a technician re-aim my dish (and possibly get charged the full fee for having moved it myself) I decide to buy this meter. The meter arrived today and in 30 minutes I had the dish aligned and working perfectly again (azimuth and elevation were both off). The meter is easy to use and the tone is loud enough to hear outside some distance away. I highly recommend this product to all the other DIYers.

GT MEDIA V8 Satellite Finder Meter TV DVB-S/S2/S2X Signal Receiver H.265 Hardware Sat Detector, HD 1080P Free to Air FTA 3.5" LCD Built-in 3000mAh Battery for Adjusting Sat Dish Review:

I've been using Dish Network's 3 LNB HD home style dish on a portable stand for several years with my RV. With the older VIP style DVR, the satellite aiming system worked just fine. When I upgraded to the Hopper3, I went from lining up the dish antenna in about 15 minutes to being unable to lock in the satellites after several attempts over several hours. Finally gave up and called for a technician. They couldn't come before my next trip so found this meter on Amazon. Ordered it and received it in 2 days. The meter can do much more than I need it to but after a little experimentation and with a satellite locator app for my Android phone to get me close, I can now lock in the signals on all three LNBs in 2-3 minutes after leveling the mounting stand. It made a huge difference in the process. I highly recommend the unit for helping you to manually line up a dish network antenna. I believe it will do the same for DirecTv but I have no experience with their system. Good Luck and be confident that it reduce a lot of stress while you're making camp. It's well worth the money and a lot cheaper than buying a whole new automatic antenna.

Digital Satellite Signal Level Meter for Dish Network Directv FTA Review:

Tried for several days using just the "point dish" signal on the television to set up my dish at my summer property, but never was able to get a signal even though I had the mounting pole perfectly plumb and had the correct skew, azimuth and elevation based on my location. Using this simple device, it only took me about an hour to determine that I had to set the elevation about 4 degrees higher than the documentation called for in order to get the signal.

DVB-T Digital Satellite Signal Finder Meter Aerial Terrestrial TV Antenna Satellite Signal Strength Meter with Compass TV Reception Systems Review:

Use this item to see if antenna signal was sufficient

AGPtek Digital Satellite Signal Finder Meter for Dish Network Directv FTA with Compass and Audio Tone - Blue Review:

After a new roof I had to replace my Dish. This unit was easy to setup and attach to my dish. Fast and easy to reinstall my dish. Only down side is it does not identify the satellite signal, had to rely on the tv satellite to identify the satellite. Good value. Hopefully a one time used tool.

Winegard SF-1000 Satellite Finder Meter Review:

I purchased this item for use with our RV and direct TV in order to maintain connectivity to our satellite TV while camping out and roughing it if you will. This item allows predicting accurate signal strength when aiming the dish and locking onto a signal. The item arrived faster than expected in which case gave me more time to figure out how to use it in combination with the DVR receiver in setting up connectivity. The item was simple to use in that the signal strength immediately began registering strength which was a plus. Set up using this device was fast and simple. I have not used other products and only went off reviews and recommendations from others and this product. It has worked now several times and has not had any discrepancies to date.

AGPtek® Digital Satellite Signal Finder Meter for Dish Network Directv FTA with Compass and Audio Tone Review:

This is a nice unit. It seems to be constructed very well. It will save you a lot of time and errors when tracking in your satellite' It gives you a digital readout that will save you time. The higher number in the display refers to a stronger satellite signal. It is easy to use, just connect between LNB and Receiver using another short jumper cable and watch the readout to obtain the best signal. Make movements of the dish accordingly. As long as you can get the initial setup and find a signal, this unit will help you get the best signal possible.

GTMEDIA V8 Satellite Finder BT03 Digital Satellite Signal Meter Finder Signal Measuring Device Locator, for Dish Network Directv FTA | Bluetooth Connect Via Android/iOS App Review:

The device worked well with my Android tablet to align my new Orby satellite antenna.
It requires the download and install of free satellite finder software on an Android or Apple device.
The device does not come with instructions (lost 1 star for that), but it is pretty simple to hook up.
Plug in the LNBF output from any dish antenna with a LNBF to the finder.
Plug in a micro USB cable from a standard 5 volt power supply (both inputs are labeled).
Acquire finder and pair your device with Bluetooth on the phone/tablet.
Launch finder software which gives you satellite location information (there is an extensive list of satellites provided to select from (Orby is at the bottom of the list) for basic positioning, and a signal strength and quality meter, along with a beeper so you can acquire and fine tune the dish antenna, just like a pro.

AGPtek Good For Campers Digital Satellite Signal Meter Finder Meter For Dish Network Directv FTA LCD Graphic Display Backlight Compass Buzzer Control Review:

After Upgrading my Dish from a SD def to HD def quality (3-LNB) i tried to aim the dish by eyeballing it and a compass. However this failed after a day of trying. So I ordered this item. It did NOT get me right on alignment but it got me close enough to where I could fine tune it. Both of my SAT tuners on the DVR are receiving roughly a 97% signal. My area also had 8 inches of rain in the last 3 days. Only lost the sat signal a few times in and out occassionally for a few hours. But that is normal. Overall this item should help you get close to the right spot in alignment and it is worth the 11 dollars. Side NOTE: When installing and searching for the Satellite dish in the sky you will need to remove this digital finder once the ALT is lowered and more accurate. This will allow the DVR to acquire signal and show the true % of signal being acquire. At least in my situation this was the case. With this piece still in line between the dish and receiver i was unable to complete sat setup and DVR settings.