Best Satellite Finders in 2022

Last update: December 2, 2022

Can I use my old satellite dish as an antenna?

Yes, you can use your old satellite dish as an antenna. However, you will need to make sure that the satellite dish is properly grounded and that you have a good quality coaxial cable to connect the satellite dish to your TV.

Can I use my phone as a satellite finder?

If you want to use your phone as a satellite finder, you can download an app like Sky Map or Star Finder. These apps use your phone's GPS and compass to show you where the satellites are in the sky.

Can you connect satellite to TV without the box?

Yes, you can connect satellite to TV without the box, but you will need a satellite receiver. A satellite receiver is a device that connects to your TV and allows you to receive satellite programming.

Can you watch TV on a satellite finder?

Yes, you can watch TV on a satellite finder. You can use it to find the satellite channels that you want to watch and then tune in to them.

SciencePurchase Analog Satellite Finder Review:

Dish Network sent a technician a few years ago to convert my HD two-dish system to a one-dish system. The dish was installed on the outdated second dish pole, which was located right next to and behind a Bradford Pear tree. In two years, the tree will have expanded so far that it will start to cast a shadow on the dish, and I will start to experience rain that fades into a drizzle. So I choose to relocate the dish to a mount on the house's side. Worked ok but wasn't great and there was still simple rain fade.I choose to purchase this meter rather than shell out the $15.00 to have a technician re-aim my dish (and maybe incur the whole price for moving it myself). Today the meter arrived, and in 30 minutes I had the dish adjusted and functioning flawlessly once more (azimuth and elevation were both off). The meter is simple to use, and the tone can be heard outside from a fair distance away. I heartily endorse this product to all other do-it-yourselfers.

GT MEDIA V8 Satellite Finder Meter TV DVB-S/S2/S2X Signal Receiver H.265 Hardware Sat Detector, HD 1080P Free to Air FTA 3.5" LCD Built-in 3000mAh Battery for Adjusting Sat Dish Review:

I've used a portable stand and a 3 LNB HD home style dish from Dish Network for my RV for a number of years. The satellite pointing device on the earlier VIP model DVR operated without any issues. I used to line up the dish antenna in around 15 minutes before upgrading to the Hopper3, but after multiple tries over several hours, I was still unable to lock in the satellites. Eventually gave up and made a technician request. I discovered this meter on Amazon because they couldn't arrive before my next vacation. It took two days to arrive after the order. The meter can do a lot more than I need it to, but with some trial and error and the help of an Android satellite locating app to bring me close, I've been able to lock in the signals on all three LNBs in about two to three minutes after leveling the mounting platform. It significantly impacted the procedure. I heartily endorse the device for use in manually aligning a dish network antenna. Although I've never used DirecTv's setup, I think it will work the same for them. Wishing you luck and knowing that it will significantly lessen your tension when setting up camp. It's much less expensive than purchasing a brand-new automated antenna and is well worth the money.

Digital Satellite Signal Level Meter for Dish Network Directv FTA Review:

I tried for several days to set up my dish at my summer home using only the "point dish" signal on the television, but I was never able to acquire a signal even though the mounting pole was precisely plumb and had the appropriate skew, azimuth, and elevation depending on my position. It just took me an hour or so to figure out that I needed to set the elevation 4 degrees higher than the documentation recommended in order to obtain the signal.

DVB-T Digital Satellite Signal Finder Meter Aerial Terrestrial TV Antenna Satellite Signal Strength Meter with Compass TV Reception Systems Review:

Check the signal strength from the antenna using this device.

AGPtek Digital Satellite Signal Finder Meter for Dish Network Directv FTA with Compass and Audio Tone - Blue Review:

I had to get a new dish after getting a new roof. Setting up and fastening this device to my dish was simple. My dish was quickly and simply reinstalled. The only drawback is that the satellite signal cannot be identified; thus forced users to rely on television satellites to do so. decent bargain. Ideally, a one-time use only tool.

Winegard SF-1000 Satellite Finder Meter Review:

In order to keep connected to our satellite TV when camping and, if you will, roughing it, I bought this gadget to use with our RV and Direct TV. When pointing the dish and locking onto a signal, this item enables accurate signal strength prediction. It took me longer to find out how to utilize it in conjunction with the DVR receiver to establish up connectivity because the item arrived earlier than anticipated. The product was easy to use because the signal strength started registering strength right away, which was a benefit. This item was quick and easy to set up. I have not used any other products and have simply relied on the reviews and suggestions of others when choosing this one. There haven't been any inconsistencies to now, and it has now worked multiple times.

AGPtek® Digital Satellite Signal Finder Meter for Dish Network Directv FTA with Compass and Audio Tone Review:

This piece is great. It appears to be extremely professionally put together. You will spend less time following your satellite and make fewer mistakes as a result. You can save time by using the digital readout it provides. A stronger satellite signal is indicated by a greater number in the display. Simply connect the LNB and receiver using a second short jumper connection, then monitor the display to get the optimal signal. Adjust the dish's movements accordingly. This device will assist you in getting the greatest signal possible as long as you can complete the basic setup and locate a signal.

GTMEDIA V8 Satellite Finder BT03 Digital Satellite Signal Meter Finder Signal Measuring Device Locator, for Dish Network Directv FTA | Bluetooth Connect Via Android/iOS App Review:

My Android tablet and the tool worked well together to align my brand-new Orby satellite antenna.On an Apple or Android smartphone, you must download and install the free satellite finder application.Although the device does not come with instructions (it loses 1 star for this), connecting it is quite straightforward.Connect the finder to the LNBF output of any dish antenna equipped with an LNBF.Connect a micro USB cable to a typical 5 volt power source (both inputs are labeled).Obtain a finder and connect your device to Bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet.Launch finding software, which provides satellite location data for basic positioning (Orby is at the bottom of the list of available satellites to choose from), a signal strength and quality meter, as well as a beeper so you may buy and fine-tune the dish antenna like an expert.

AGPtek Good For Campers Digital Satellite Signal Meter Finder Meter For Dish Network Directv FTA LCD Graphic Display Backlight Compass Buzzer Control Review:

I attempted to orient my dish using a compass and eyeballing it after upgrading my dish from SD def to HD def resolution (3-LNB). But after a day of trying, this failed. So I placed this order. I was not perfectly aligned, but I was close enough that I could fine-tune it. Approximately 97% of the signal is being received by both of my DVR's SAT tuners. In the last three days, 8 inches of rain fell in my neighborhood as well. Only occasionally for a few hours did we lose the satellite signal a few times in and out. Yet, that is typical. Overall, this product should assist you in getting near to the proper alignment, making it worth the 11 bucks. Side Note: Once the ALT is reduced and more accurate, you will need to remove this digital finder when installing and looking for the satellite dish in the sky. The DVR will be able to acquire signal and display the correct percentage of signal acquisition as a result. This was true, at least in my case. I was unable to finish the satellite configuration and DVR settings while this item was remained between the dish and the receiver.

Do large satellite dishes still work?

While large satellite dishes are not as popular as they once were, they can still be used to receive a satellite signal. The dish must be properly aligned with the satellite in order to work, and the signal can be weaker in areas with a lot of trees or other obstacles.

Do people still use satellite dishes?

Satellite dishes are still used by some people, although they are not as common as they once were. Many people have switched to cable or satellite TV service, which does not require a dish. Some people in rural areas or who live in areas where cable or satellite service is not available still use dishes.

Do trees interfere with satellite reception?

How accurate does a satellite dish need to be?

A satellite dish needs to be very accurate to work properly. The dish must be pointing directly at the satellite, with no trees or buildings in the way. The slightest misalignment can cause the signal to be lost.

How can I get a satellite signal without a meter?

There are a few ways that you can get a satellite signal without a meter. One way is to use an online satellite signal finder. These tools will use your location and the type of satellite you want to find to give you a list of potential providers. Another way to find a satellite signal is to ask friends or family who have satellite service. They can help you identify potential providers in your area. Finally, you can check with your local library or community center. Many of these organizations have resources that can help you find a satellite signal in your area.

How do you find a satellite location?

If you want to find a satellite location, you can use a variety of methods. You can use an online search engine, such as Google Maps, to find a satellite location. You can also use a GPS system to find a satellite location.