Best Christmas Collectible Buildings in 2020

Department 56 4056686 Snow Village Christmas Vacation the Griswold Holiday Garage Lit Building, Multicolor Review:

"WOW" Amazon you just shocked the heck out of me i bought this in the morning today with free one day shipping and it showed up the same day how did you do that thank you so much.This is a must have i placed it next to the house and it makes the display look complete if you have the house i am telling you this will finish the look of the house to look just like in the movie.I can't stop looking at my display now "AMAZING"

LEGO Architecture London Skyline Collection 21034 Building Set Model Kit and Gift for Kids and Adults (468 pieces) Review:

it was fun to build ,but it was much much smaller than expected. It got a little tricky finding all the small parts, but in the end it looked good. If you are planning to buy this for kids know that it takes about three days to build and from time to time it can be confusing. Also, the model does not come with a prebuilt base plate, you must build it with the parts provided. the model is slightly breakable too. Overall, i would buy it again. Review was done by a 10 yr old girl.

LEGO Architecture New York City 21028, Build It Yourself New York Skyline Model Kit for Adults and Kids (598 Pieces) Review:

I am a huge fan of the Lego Architectural series and have bought and built most of the sets. I am particularly fond of the Skyline series. These sets are labeled age 12+, but they are clearly targeted to more mature builders, of which I am one. That said, if you are considering purchasing one of these sets for educational purposes, you would be spot on.

Each set features well-known landmarks from an internationally-renowned city. The builds themselves are intricate and as detailed as possible, given the limited space. A particular plus is the premium build instructions booklet, which provides details concerning the landmarks. Guaranteed, you will learn something. A weakness of these same elegant booklets is that with very few exceptions they will not lie flat.

All sets are elegant and suitable for display. A real bonus feature is that since the sets are so narrow, they are relatively easy to display. For example, most of the sets will easily fit on a bookshelf in front of the books.

The New York City skyline set includes the Flatiron Building, the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building, and the One World Trade Center building.

Department 56 Dickens' Village Swifts Stringed Instruments Lit House Review:

Beautiful piece but very small. I expected a regular size building but it’s kind of funny looking next to my other Department 56 houses . It’s a bit too small but incredibly well made with good detail and nice paint job. Because my daughter plays viola I decided to get this house for her as a Xmas gift . It’s a cute house. I recommend it but be aware of its size .

Department 56 Dickens' Village Cratchits Corner Lit Building Review:

Overall I'm very pleased with this house. I was a bit worried as few poor reviews mentioned poor details. I have to somewhat agree that hanging basket is not as detailed and nice as the picture shows. It isn't a blob but also isn't as nice as picture. Also the roof's shingles could be better. I think that the house is rather pricey for its quality but it's hard to find better ones that are not well above $100 a piece.
I will definitely fix the snow on it and perhaps glue some powdered snow as the one that's currently on the house is just not very snowy to me, too fake. Few modifications and I'll be happy with it. I just started my village collection so this is my first house , second coming soon. Exciting!

Department 56 National Lampoon Christmas Vacation Griswold Holiday House Review:

I have been wanting to purchase this product for two years but the reviews were always mixed. I am very happy I finally gave it and bought it. I know there are a few things that are different than the movie but it is not enough to make a difference. The house lights up and is made really well it will be a great addition to our collection. Very pleased.

Department 56 Building and Accessory Lighting System Review:

We use 3 of these to set up the Christmas village. Makes lighting a breeze. We did away with the original bulbs and now just use the 6v ones with distribution connector. Cords are much easier to hide and manage. The lights are bright enough. We plug the transformers all into a switched plug strip so everything is easy to turn on and off.
Highly recommended accessory for any setup with 10 or more lights.
Wish I would of used these years ago.

Department 56 Halloween Accessories for Village Collections Harvest Corn Stalk Lantern Lit Figurine Set, 2.25 Inch, Multicolor Review:

This will be a gift for my husband and I think he will be happy with it. We collect the haunted village and these lights will go perfectly with it.

Department 56 Animated Skating Pond Review:

Set up wasn't hard; finding a big enough space for it on my snow village table was difficult! It is 17" across....that's a lot of space on my table. Only glitch was the instructions mention a DOG. There is no dog. No dog on the photo on the box, no dog in the description. Just no dog. Why mention a dog in the instructions and then leave him out?? Most of the skaters took right to the ice when I placed them on the pond. (Note: mine has NO "circles" painted on the ice, so I just had to set the skater on the pond and move him around until he found the magnets.) The only problem was the little boy skater; he had trouble staying upright. Finally, after trying several of the different circles (of magnets), he found his place. Now they all skate around hour after hour having fun.