Best Tabletop Table Tennis Games in 2020

Table Tennis Trainer with Elastic Soft Shaft, Leisure Decompression Sports 2 Table Tennis Paddle & 4 Ping Pong Balls, Set Table Tennis Trainer Indoor or Outdoor Play Review:

 Creative way ,cool, I like to play with my children and exercise together.this price is very good .it allows me to play table tennis at any time,even If I am alone ,especially when the work is stressful ,it is really good to release the pressure . I will recommend it to my friends.

GSE Games & Sports Expert Anywhere Retractable Table Tennis Net and Post. Adjustable Replacement Ping Pong Net (4 Colors) Review:

great product! solved my continuous fight with the crappy net that came with the table (zip tying the brackets, fighting with the net every time we needed to set up). This was straight out of the box, stretch it across the table and start playing. Net is a little soft on the top edge but without some kind of locking mechanism there would be no way to make it tighter. Perfect for at home screwing around play. I would definitely buy this product again. (and I have).

EastPoint Sports NHL Power Play Hover Hockey Table with Table Tennis Top, 80-inch Review:

This air hockey table is excellent. It is sturdy and solidly built. The surface is shiny and slick, and the force of the air coming up through the holes is sufficient to float even larger pucks with no problem. The table itself is super heavy and comes in a very large flat box that must have been about 5ft by 7ft by 7 inches, and weighed about 200lbs maybe more. It arrived at my home on a semi! The strikers and pucks that come with it are adequate. The two pucks are the 2.5 inch diameter size. I ordered some 3.5 in diameter pucks and they do not slide through the goal very well, you can get them through, but they stick a bit so its not pleasant fishing them out of the puck return. I would recommend staying with the 2.5 inch diameter pucks. Here is the link to the best strikers I found on amazon (I ordered a few varieties), but the pucks that come with the these awesome stricker are the too big to be ideal size: "Hathaway Pro-Series Air Hockey Striker and Puck Set." These geometric pucks are really fun as an alternative: 5 Air Hockey Pucks: 2 Round: Red & Black, 2 Octagons: Red & Black, 1 Green Triangle The ping pong surface is fine, we set it up on our dining room table, so we could use the air hockey. I highly recommend this table. If it becomes available again, I would like to buy another one to donate to my local recreation center. So if the vendor reads this, and has another one available soon, please let me know. Thanks!

Lancaster 2 Piece Foldable Indoor Table Top Tennis Game Set with Net and Post Review:

Ping pong table arrived on time. However, the box was very damaged and the table itself had some damage around the edge. I called the company and they immediately sent out a new one. However, the second one arrived in the same condition. Very beat up with some damage on the table itself. Fortunately, both tables had one good half and one bad half. So, I ended up with one good table and one very damaged table. The table itself is only 1/2 inch thick, therefore, it will sag in the middle unless you add some support underneath it to make it sturdy. The net is easy to put on, but it does not hold as tight as a regulation net. However, the action on the table is great and the underneath of the table is padded well so it doesn't move while you're playing it. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the purchase itself. And, the company did a great job making up for the shipping issues.

JP WinLook Ping Pong Net - 2 Pack; Retractable Table Tennis Nets & Post Set; Adjustable Any Table Anywhere; Portable Holder Cover Case; Indoor Outdoor Game Replacement Accessories; Bracket Clamps Review:

These are great replacement nets for our table. We were using the two old fashioned nets that came with our second hand table and over the past 2 years, both nets fell apart. I ordered these retractable nets and am very pleased with how quickly and easily we were able to set them up and start playing. The nets are held with spring release mechanisms that allows for extremely fast positioning on the table, and they hold the net at just the right tension for play. No more sagging or floppy nets. My kids love the new nets and play more than ever. Excellent purchase for a home recreational table.

ZXMOTO Ping Pong Robot Machine with 36 Different Spin Balls Table Tennis Robots Automatic Ball Machine for Training Review:

 I bought this machine around Q4-2018. Since last month the machine suddenly started throwing balls out of table (horizontal like a bullet) with topspin and backspin set to 0 level. Machine is not responding to Topspin and Backspin adjustment knob on the controller. I have contacted seller by e-mail, the seller is contacting manufacturer and trying to help resolve the issue. After email exchanges over a month this week I received replacement controller from ZXMoto. After connecting new controller my robot came back to life. The robot helped me improve my game, highly recommend this robot for anyone wanting to learn and play competitive table tennis.

ZXMOTO Table Tennis Robot with Catch Net Automatic Ping Pong Robot Machine for Training Review:

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 Amazing ping pong exercise equipment. Works very good for my son!

This machine has a well-designed, and it’s easy to set up and take down. Can adjust the angle at will, great for practicing all kinds of catches.
Excellent machine, makes practice fun. I LOVE IT! I will highly recommend it to my friends!
Thanks for fast shipping!!!

Hathaway Maverick 7-foot Pool and Table Tennis Multi Game with Red Felt and Blue Table Tennis Surface. Includes Cues, Paddles and Balls Review:

I swear, Amazon buyers see whats doing well at Walmart, then make a phone call.
The reviews were accurate regarding easy assembly. four legs (x 4 bolts each), four side pieces x 4 bolts each, add the feet, flip it over and done. that is a big deal as we get older. Nobody wants 4 hour assemblies.
I did it alone, 75 minutes(including unpacking and leveling). With a friend, 30 minutes makes sense.
I flipped the table over and upright myselt (I worried about the wheels collapsing with the stress but there was no problem. I turned the wheels all the way in - shortest possible - before rotating it upwards). The lifting upright was a little strain (I'm 6' tall 190 lbs.) but not too bad. Two people is a better idea. Two women of average size could do this.
Caution assemblying the 4 legs, I had two correct and had to reverse the other two. There holes look the same, but aren't, just make sure there are two holes (half way up the leg) on the long side of the table when you place the legs. Only took a minute to correct my oops.

Overall this is "very good pool table for a small area especially for kids". kids need it short to make the shots. 9 foot tables are frustrating to beginners. I had half a garage, 17 feet long x 9 foot width which works. Still need a short cue for some side shots. The two cues they provide are average and usable. They provide all equipment needed for ping pong and pool.
It's playing size is similar to those quarter pay slot 6 foot tables at bars. So playing area is small 6'x3', outside dimesnions 46" wide x 84" long, 31" high. 250 lbs stated, seems about right.

The tennis table top is cheap heavy pressboard, two pieces. which is nice for lifting. Still a bit heavy for each piece. Could use some lifting handles. Might be better to switch to high grade thin plywood.Haven't really tried it out yet.
In leveling it, results were impressive. Easy task with impressive results. I think you'll be happy with the leveling capability remembering it's the lowest cost pool table you can buy. Balls roll straight, except a little turn towards the sidewall, but not too bad. Just out of the box maybe it'll improve a bit with time.
Keep the cat off by making a cover (thick painting cloth, or thick plastic-water/pee proof) that hangs over the edge by 8 inches, so far the hangover of the material has stopped the cat from jumping up. Or, use the cardboard cover, cut it up. Might be better or worse. Let it overhang, cat will miss the jump due to the overhange. Only been a few days, so far so kitty proof, dang longhair kitties.
Darn good buy for the garage or bedroom. Highly suggest it so far.
Paid $575 plus tax free Amazon Prime delivery Aug 15, 2013. Footprints all over the box when it arrived. I opened it up, it was ok.
Unpacking suggestion, make sure it's face down so you don't have to reverse it to start assembling. Tap the package near the center, put solid size down, hollow side up.

Viper 3-in-1 Portable Table Tennis Top, Turn Any Surface into a Game Table for Quick Paced Fun in Any Location Review:

If you have ever played ping pong professionally, read no more - I'm just trying to have fun with my kids.

I was a little skeptical about getting this table after reading the main review, but my 10 year old son really loves ping pong. After carefully considering spending $200 to $400 on another table (NONE of which had more than a 4 star average), I bought this one. It is SUPER! It comes with paddles and balls, so we were good to go out of the box.

If the folds interfere with your game, you are a better player than I am! We have played every day since his birthday party, and I can't recall one bounce that was was wrong. As long as the table is flat, the seams are flat, too.

As far as the "other" review goes, I'm not sure what he expects from a $99 ping pong table. (He is probably too good for this table - his reviews include a $26 net and a $15 paddle case - definitely out of my league!). Flimsy hinges and plastic, sure, and the net does sag a tiny bit, but it works if you aren't playing a world class game. I think this is a great starter table to see if you really love ping pong. Money well spent for a very happy birthday!

NOTE: The table you play upon is going to make a big difference. This table top set is 42" x 84" and we just happened to have a table that size. If you don't, that could possibly create the "folding seam" issue. Again, I have had NO problems. It also has checkers and backgammon on the flip side, which to my knowledge is NOT AVAILABLE on any other ping pong table! 8^)