Best Powersports Luggage Racks in 2022

Last update: January 2, 2023

Coleman Powersports RKS200A Coleman CT200U storage racks Review:

For usage on our farm, I purchased a Coleman CT200U minibike. It did not arrive pre-installed with one of these rack kits. I purchased this rack kit from Amazon for roughly $20 Prime after assembling the minibike.I keep a sizable box bungi-corded to the rear rack to transport the mail down our 1/4-mile-long driveway because the rear rack is so big and helpful.Both racks are really strong. The installation of the rear rack requires complete removal of the rear wheel axle and replacement with the provided "longer" axle. Additionally, a lot of spacers need to be fitted on the axle; it's best to get assistance because you'll need more hands to complete the installation.The racks greatly increase the usability and carrying capacity of these fantastic little motorcycles.Happy mini-biking, everyone!

Polaris Tough Rack- Front Review:

Ideal item to maximise the utility of the front tool storage cover. It was a factory product, so of course it fit perfectly. The only drawback was that in order to drill holes, the instructions instructed me to locate the mounting points that had been marked on the tool storage cover's bottom. Since there were no clearly apparent marking spots, the operation took longer as I double-checked the location and drilled tiny pilot holes to make sure. To further increase the rigidity, flat washers were also added to the bottom side. Make sure you have adequate space when the lid is open if you have a brush guard that isn't the factory's.

Rage Powersports Black Widow Locking ATV Cargo Box Review:

The product has a five-star rating because it is sturdy, high-quality, and well-designed. It was difficult to modify this box to fit on my 2018 Can-Am Outlander Max with Linq rear rack. However, as you can see from the photographs, mounting this box is doable as long as you are aware of the constraints you must work within. To compensate for the difference in height of the Linq rack, I utilized a 12"x12" sheet of 3/8" thick UHDPE (ultra high density polyethylene) cut into 3" wide spacers. Unless you utilize spacers, the rack's lip on the back will prohibit a flush mount. Before mounting the box to the ATV, remove the complete rack from it. To fasten the box to the rack, I used 1/4x1.25 inch fender washers and M6x1.00x55mm hex head bolts. As you can see, the box extends quite far past the rear bumper, but this is really your only choice if you want the box lid to clear the passenger backrest when it is open. Because of the "shallow W" design of the mounting bolts, I used extra UHDPE to add additional support after final assembly.

Black Boar ATV Rear Storage Box and Lounger-Integrated Lock Helps Deter Theft-Mounting Hardware Included-Easily Mountable to Most Tubular Racks (66010) Review:

My lounger arrived yesterday. Packaging was solid and in excellent condition. I turned it on last night and am excited to try it out this weekend. I must admit that removing the baggage rack makes it much simpler to drill the holes. Although installing the u-lots is challenging, it is doable with assistance. After loosening the hold down straps and lifting the lid, it was rather simple to locate the keys and hardware that had been tie-wrapped to the underside of the lid. Once the rack had been taken apart and the holes had been drilled, installation took roughly 30 minutes. The mounting brackets on the inside are one element that is missing. They might be larger and take up more space. I withheld a star as a result. In order to provide more surface area to keep the box down, I constructed some longer brackets out of short pieces of unistrut. We don't want the wife to fall off because of faulty bolts. The item is a terrific addition to the ATV other from that. Quickly converts a single rider machine to a 2-up, making it well worth the cost. In lieu of the $400 some are receiving for essentially the same device, I would buy another right now. CAMCO and AMAZON DID A GREAT JOB!

Goplus Universal ATV Front Cargo Basket Rack Luggage Carrier Steel Mesh Surface Review:

I was really pleased with the product's quality right out of the box. Although there have been reports of it rusting quickly, after inspecting the paint work, I can't see it happening. I was prepared to be inventive with mounting it because I didn't expect it to match the front rack of my 1987 Yamaha TerraPro. I used several heavy duty Cable Ties, which worked perfectly and only took about 10 minutes to install. If I am unhappy with this product after using it for around 4 months, I will update this review.

ATV UTV Universal Rear Drop Basket Rack Steel Cargo Hunting Titan DDB2010 Review:

It constructed fairly easily and was delivered soon. Before adding the basket portion, I strongly advise attaching the flat section to your rear rack.I also observed a few additional items while assembling and installing- Consider how you want to put this on your rack at the back. My ATV's rear storage became inaccessible. The brackets and pre-drilled holes are essentially useless. I had to think outside the box when using the supplied brackets and bolts. I might still go to Home Depot and buy my own brackets to make sure the basket is securely fastened. If you drilled your own holes in the tubing, I believe the brackets that are provided would be helpful.- It's lighter than I anticipated it to be.- Although the bottom of the split metal gives somewhat, I don't see myself ripping it apart.- Lots of room. Easily accommodates a cooler, a 5-gallon water container, and a 5-gallon gas can. On the rear of my ATV, it looks really sharp. I like that, if necessary, I can remove the four bolts and the basket piece at any time.- I noticed that the basket vibrates when I ride lightly. I haven't tried at high speed yet, but once that test is finished and a real-world carrying of tools, wood, etc. is completed, I'll update my assessment.- I couldn't believe this product was only $85 instead of the competitors' $175 price tag!- Check out the photo I've included of this rack and basket mounted on a 2015 Rancher 4X4. Take note of how I installed the two longest brackets in the second image.

Chrome Detachable 2 Two Up Tour Pak Pack Mounting Luggage Rack For Harley Touring Road King Street Glide Road Glide 2014-2019 Review:

Get this one rather than the pricey HD one if you want to save some money. Six of my riding companions and I share this particular one. It includes slotted slots for adjusting your pack and is constructed exactly like the original. This worked perfectly for a razor pack that I used it for. The C-shaped rubber bits that go on this and go around your two up rack are the fitment issue that everyone has with it moving. You can get a repair kit for the tour pack rack at HD for $4. You'll receive two new straps that are thicker than the ones that came with it, and it won't shift on you any longer. If you don't have access to an HD dealer, you can attach this by cutting a thin piece of two-sided outdoor sticky tape, wrapping it around your two-up bracket, and then sticking it on. It does the same task by filling the space left by these rubber components, which enables the rack to move. simple fix Even with the repair kit, this still costs $150 less than an HD one. This item is sturdy as well. The chrome finish is flawless and simple to maintain. smoothly applies and removes. The locking mechanism is also excellent. It appeared to be identical to the HD one, as far as I could tell. Avoid using 3-piece racks as well because they add more items that could come loose on you while you're riding. Get one with a sturdy one-piece design, like this.Overall, I'm extremely pleased with this purchase and happy I took a chance on it. Please feel free to ask me any questions.

Chrome Tour Pack Pak Latches For Harley Touring Classic Electra Road Glide 80-13 Review:

hardware was provided. exactly what I anticipated