Best Soup Bowls in 2020

Sweese 114.116 Porcelain French Onion Soup Crocks Bowls - 10 Ounce Top to the Rim for Soup, Stew, Chill, Set of 4 Review:

These bowls are smaller than you imagine them to be. But no, not that small. You know how a restaurant serves soup by cups and bowls? This would be what they serve a cup of soup in. It's not enough for a main dish, but perfect for a side dish. It's also way too large to hold a bunch of honey, Winnie the Pooh style, but it gets points for looking the part.

I have yet to make French onion soup in them, but these bowls are great for other soup and hot items. They do well with cold ones, too. And really, what more could you ask for from a soup bowl?

The bowls stack pretty high, but that's a good thing. They're conspicuous and French-looking in your cupboard. They say "I'm cultured and refined" so you don't have to actually tell people yourself. For some reason a date will trust these silent soup bowls on the subject of your character than your own words. It's a good thing the bowls have good things to say about you.

French Onion Soup Crocks, by KooK, Ceramic Make, Large Handles, Stoneware, 16oz Full Capacity Review:

We are a family of 6 and are often having guests over through-out the week. I enjoy exploring new recipes and dishes and spend my evenings cooking for everyone (this is my stress therapy). We often make stews and soups with the help of my 6 year old daughter. We have gone through many bowls of various designs but finally found ones that are serving us well. The handles on the side unlike many others we have gone through do not heat up and are big enough to get a proper grip on. The bowls are surprisingly large in depth and can hold a solid adult portion. The dishes are easy to wash. Will post a picture or video in the near future to show the bowls in action.

All I hope is that none of the kids decide to break these!

DOWAN 3 Packs Porcelain Soup Bowls, 32 Ounces for Cereal, Salad, and Pasta Bowls, White Review:

I needed some new bowls because the ones I have keep sticking together when stacked, then crack, or literally won't come apart. Plus, they were always a bit too small.

So I searched and searched online and found two I purchased to compare. One was Dowan the other Corelle. (See attached photos for specifics.) I found both to hold a perfect volume of food such as cereal, even leaning room on top so spilling is minimized. They both stack well on themselves, without getting stuck. They both have a nice white color. The Corelle, as typical Corelle color, has a bluish white-color, where Dowan appears as standard white. I find the Dowan more comfortable to hold, but my hands are small. I prefer the light weight of the Corelle, as the Dowan is heavier.

The overall result of my comparison -
I always end up wanting to use the Dowan more than the Corelle. Both are execllent bowls! I love the look and feel of the Dowan though, even if it is a bit heavier.

Soup Crocks with Handles, Ceramic Make, Soup, Chilli, by KooK, 22oz, Set of 4 (Red) Review:

Unfortunately, Amazon seems to have turned off the ability to add to, edit, or change a review once it is written. For me, that's a BIG disappointment! I find that reviews and opinions can change radically after you've had something for awhile. So, please recognize that this is a review of my first impressions, and I won't be allowed to update it if my opinion changes! These seem to be VERY nice bowls. I wanted them for my onion soup, so they needed to be able to go into the oven, under the broiler, and have handles to make it easier to put in and take out. These are able to do all those things, and they nest to take up less space in the cupboard, which is a must, too. A warning, however, I had dishes like these MANY years ago and the glazing on THEM cracked over time and mold formed between the cracks on the dishes at the bottom that seldom got used. Will that happen to these? I don't know. I hope not, but, I suppose, it could. I mention it only because it might happen and I won't be able to tell you later if they do! But, for now, I love them, and they didn’t cost too much. They were exactly what I wanted.

GladWare Soup & Salad-5 ct Review:

This is a restock/repurchase. I purchased a set of these a few years ago, and find that I needed more. I use them to hold leftovers. They freeze week and quiet sturdy. Of course don't drop them when frozen. They microwave well also,

JapanBargain 2045 Japanese Plastic Soup Bowl, 38 Ounce, Black/Red Review:

These are awesome bowls, I've owned two of these bowls for a year now, and I'm ordering two more. They are microwave safe and just the right size. You can boil water in these bowls and take them right out of the microwave with your hands because of the lip on both the bottom and the top, the edges remain cool to the touch. They are perfect for this type of ramen:

Nongshim Shin Ramyun Noodle Soup, Gourmet Spicy, 4.2 Ounce (Pack of 20)

You can cook the ramen right in the bowl. I place the ramen in the bowl then fill the bowl with water till the noodles just start float. Put it in the microwave for 2 minutes, turn the noodles over, then microwave for another 2 minutes. stir, and let the noodles sit for about 10 minutes (they'll continue to cook in the bowl). Super easy and delicious ramen!

Sweese 109.101 Porcelain Onion Soup Bowls with Handles - 15 Ounce for Soup, Cereal, Stew, Chill, Set of 4, White Review:

I love these bowls, very well made no imperfections or chips. Were packaged well and arrived in tact. They are perfect for my soups and my oatmeal, just the right portions. The handles
are very useful when holding a dish that’s hot or removing them from the oven when making French onion soup. I only recieved four with this order so I am going to order another set!
UPDATE*** for as expensive as these bowls are there are imperfections in the glazing that will cause these to age faster and not last as long. Plus the company will send you a coupon you cannot redeem or use! Won’t buy again!

Gibson French Onion Soup Crock Bowls with Handles, 15 Ounce - Set of 4 Review:

These bowls appear as depicted on Amazon site and seem well made. I was concerned about product breakage during shipping based on other reviewer comments. However, my bowls and lids were well packaged and received in perfect condition. I think it's always worth mentioning the selling source of the product ... whether purchased directly from Amazon, fulfilled by Amazon, or directly from a marketplace vendor. In this case, my product was sold by Papya and fulfilled by Amazon. For me, they are the perfect size and presentation for French Onion soup. I have not had the bowls long enough to comment on their durability from regular use in the oven, microwave, and dishwasher. However, based on my initial impressions and the price ($30), 5 Stars.

Porcelain Ceramic Onion Soup Crock Bowl, Small 10 Ounce, Set of 4, Brown and Beige Review:

noticed several complainants about the size of these bowls..these are the standard restaurant size bowls for onion soup and the correct size, 10oz..they are designed this way for a reason.
I was the head chef of a french restaurant for 8 years and have eaten at french bistros from SF to NYC to Paris and this is the proper bowl..much larger and one wouldn't be able to finish their main coarse..
fill the bowl to about half inch from the top, you can easily fit 3 sliced baget croutons on top and then cover the top with a thick slice of cheese slightly hanging over the rim then place in a broiler or salamander until the cheese gets slightly brown and bubbly..
the best part is the crispy cheese stuck to the outside of the bowl..that is a true french onion soup..I've see larger bowls but they do not work as well since the cheese will sink into the soup towards the center..
I already had a set of 4 at home but broke one so ordered 4 from amazon and was very happy with my purchase..they are exactly the same bowls I use to work with..

Chef Miso Set of Six Extra Large Melamine Pho Bowls and Spoons White 48 Ounce Review:

Great size for a big bowl of ramen. I bought it for ramen, but use it for many things. They are a great size for food prep. I was worried about staining as I often add turmeric and gochujang to my broth, but so far the bowls have cleaned up nicely.

The bowls are a bit thin, and can be too hot to comfortably hold immediately after pouring in boiling broth. I usually get around that by putting the bowl on the small cutting board that I used to cut the toppings for the ramen, and carry the cutting board. By the time I finish the noodles, and need to pick up the bowl to drink the broth, the bowl has cooled enough to handle.