Best Popcorn Concession Equipment & Supplies in 2022

Last update: December 18, 2022

Concession Essentials CE Popcorn Bags-500 Popcorn Bags, 1 oz. (Pack of 500), 2" Height, 3" Width, 8" Length (Pack of 500) Review:

For a safety event at work with a circus theme, these were used for everything. was not only the ideal size for popcorn, but we could also put Philadelphia Pretzel Factory soft pretzels inside of them. a fantastic, long-lasting product.We did receive one or two bags that weren't completely sealed on the bottom, but they are made of good wax paper, so they will still function if you tape them shut.

Poppy's Popcorn Scoop and Popcorn Bags Bundle, Nostalgic Popcorn Accessories for Popcorn Machine and Popcorn Bar, Popcorn Scooper and Bags for Carnival|Movie Night|Circus Party Supplies (50) Review:

For my office, I bought popcorn bags and a popcorn scoop. The scooper is larger than the equipment we use at work, so I was concerned about that. It ended up being utterly ideal and just what I needed. The bags for the popcorn were also excellent. (My coworker was giddy, haha) This business offers excellent customer service and cares about the client's satisfaction with their transaction. I've been buying things on Amazon for years, and this is the first time a seller has gotten in touch with me to check on how my transaction is doing. I am more than delighted with my purchase, and I would highly suggest this business to everyone.

Tomnk 100pcs Paper Popcorn Bags, 1oz Red and White Stripes Bags Review:

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15 Popcorn Boxes 7.75 Inches Tall & Holds 46 Oz. Old Fashion Vintage Retro Design Red & White Colored Nostalgic Carnival Stripes like Popcorn Bags & Popcorn Tubs [other quantities available] Salbree Review:

They're excellent! I deliberately requested these because my executives love popcorn during meetings. Popcorn can be difficult to serve since it spills everywhere when it is taken out of a bowl. These are the ideal serving size for popcorn—not too big and not too small. They appear like a wonderful, vintage, carnival theater. robust but not hefty. I put 15 of them together in about a minute. The boys adored them and thought they looked fantastic for our meeting. This is the ideal method to serve popcorn at a company event, your upcoming Oscars party, or a movie night with friends and family. I'll order these once more. The seller shipped the item really quickly and at a great price.

1 Oz Popcorn Bag, Red and White Disposable Carnival Popcorn Bags, 500 Count Review:

These were adorable, too! True to the image. Excellent value given the quantity received. We stacked them in a tray, filled them with popcorn, and utilised them in a neighbourhood event. Absolute smash; everyone adored them! The bottom is not flat like a paper lunch bag, which is the only drawback, but we were aware of this from the product description. Despite this, they stacked neatly in a tray.

Carnival King Paper Popcorn Bags, 1 oz, Red & White, 100 Pieces Review:

These purses are amazing! It's even more enjoyable to eat the popcorn out of these bags because they have that vintage appearance and even have a pleasant crinkly sound to the paper. They are a perfect size for children and don't go overboard. When the popcorn was topped with melted butter, they didn't go mushy or leak.highly advisable

Novelty Place Retro Style Plastic Popcorn Containers for Movie Night - 7.25" Tall x 7.25" Top Diameter (3 Pack) Review:

I was taken aback by the style and construction. It is at a fair price and does have an antique appearance. I got this for my senior father's birthday movie night. Although we haven't used them yet, they feel high-quality, and the popcorn is light. I couldn't comment on the washing or food, though. He was taken aback by them and the caliber. I discovered this organic buttered popcorn brand called lesserevil to be the tastiest buttered popcorn I've tasted in a very long time ( Gold one). It is prepared using pink Himalayan salt and coconut oil. It tastes fantastic and is not fake. According to what I read, ordinary popcorn contains a substance that is carcinogenic. they advised purchasing organic popcorn. Additionally, cottonseed oil has a lot of chemicals, so I try to only purchase oils that are soybean, canola, or soy-free. The best foods are supposedly coconut, avocado, and olive oil (sunflower, peanut, almond are ok too).

Stainless Steel Popcorn Scoop – Easy Fill Tool for Bags & Boxes, Great Utility Serving Scooper for Snacks, Desserts, Ice, Dry Goods by Back of House Ltd. Review:

To replace the inexpensive plastic scoop we were using to fill popcorn bags, we bought this. It doesn't function as well as I had anticipated. Particularly for a little popcorn popper, the scoop is big and unwieldy. Popcorn cannot be correctly or simply funnelled into the little bags we use.This might function better with bigger machines or bigger bags, however it is less effective for our needs.Sadly, we continue to use the inexpensive plastic scoop, which we must be careful not to melt (again).

Great Northern Popcorn Red Matinee Movie Theater Style 8 oz. Ounce Antique Popcorn Machine Review:

It was tough for me to finance this purchase because I have a fixed salary. I was finally able to scrape together enough money to place the order after six months of saving. I was informed that it will come in at least seven days. There were three.Although I was obviously excited, I took the time to read and follow the instructions—something I had never done in my whole life. You can only imagine how disappointed I was when it didn't. Only about a quarter of the kernels I put in were popped, and those that were rough and greasy in flavor. I contacted the business.The young woman I spoke with was friendly and informed. Even so, getting it to work required nearly three weeks of agony and phone troubleshooting, which included needlessly replacing the kettle. I at last recalled a review where the reviewer had lowered the thermostat and his machine had performed well. I went to YouTube to learn how to change the thermostat, and I lowered mine by about 40 degrees.My machine now produces a remarkable quantity of hot, crisp, and delicious popcorn. Even if it functions well right now, I can't in good conscience give it a perfect rating. I had to fix it myself because the company has experienced this issue in the past but was still so illiterate about it.Even though it took more than three weeks of frustration, the company's customer service ultimately turned out to be excellent.

6210 Great Northern Pop Heaven Commercial Quality Popcorn Popper Machine, 12 Ounce Review:

2018-07-30 UpdateSince I've been using it for two years and am still pleased with it, I simply wanted to provide an update. I shattered one of the glass doors, and the business promptly responded to my email, allowing me to buy a replacement for roughly $20. When needed, excellent service. It was my own responsibility that the door broke; the provider was not at fault.7/6/2016This device is excellent. I'm overjoyed with it. I read a lot of information on these devices. pleased with my decision. I only used it once, therefore I intend to keep it for a long time for private usage in a theater room.The shipment made it to its destination safely. I also have to mention how VERY WELL packaged the machine was when it left the factory for shipping. Here are some pictures. The doors must first be installed (this is easy), then the kettle (simple). Four plastic covers are further provided for the top corners. It takes one minute to assemble.I cleaned the machine's interior, heated it up, and produced my first batch. Rapid heating of the kettle. I enjoy how big the kettle is since other ones don't have as much bottom surface area for heating and popping the corn. The kettle also appears to be well-built and sturdy.I was surprised to receive additional equipment, such as a scope, salt shaker measuring cups, and plastic popcorn boxes, as "freebies" (3).This 12 oz popper, in my opinion, is a nice size overall and produces a lot of popcorn quickly.recommend purchasing.The doors required to be adjusted with a screw in order to close precisely, as a final observation. I did had to manually turn a screwdriver, but I didn't mind given the cost.