Best Popcorn Concession Equipment & Supplies in 2020

Concession Essentials CE Popcorn Bags-500 Popcorn Bags, 1 oz. (Pack of 500), 2" Height, 3" Width, 8" Length (Pack of 500) Review:

Used these for everything for a circus theme safety event at work. Was not only the right size for popcorn, we then fit soft pretzels from Philadelphia Pretzel Factory in them. Was a great durable product.

We did get 1 or 2 bags not fully sealed on the bottom, but they're made of decent quality waxed paper, so they'll still work if you tape closed.

Poppy's Popcorn Scoop and Popcorn Bags Bundle, Nostalgic Popcorn Accessories for Popcorn Machine and Popcorn Bar, Popcorn Scooper and Bags for Carnival|Movie Night|Circus Party Supplies (50) Review:

I purchased the popcorn scoop and popcorn bags for my office. I was worried the scooper would be too big for the machine we have at work. It turned out to be absolutely perfect, exactly what I needed. The popcorn bags were perfect as well. (My coworker was excited lol) This company has great customer service, they want to make sure that the customer is satisfied with their purchase. I’ve been shopping on Amazon for years and this is the first time a seller has reached out to me to make sure I was happy with my purchase. I am more then satisfied, I’d definitely purchase from them again and I’d recommend this company to anyone.

Tomnk 100pcs Paper Popcorn Bags, 1oz Red and White Stripes Bags Review:

I did something different this Halloween, not only did i give out small bags of candy containing about 7 or 8 candies of M&M's, Snickers, Heath, etc..I gave out Hotdogs and bags of popcorn, since It was the first time didn't know how many Hotdogs but I gave out 28 Hotdogs and 49 bags of popcorn. I found the wrappers of the Hotdogs, up and down my street so no hot dogs next year. I opened the garage door and worked from there, the kids eyes opened up when they saw the popcorn maker and were each given a bag. So I will eventually buy more since Wednesdays is movie night here.

15 Popcorn Boxes 7.75 Inches Tall & Holds 46 Oz. Old Fashion Vintage Retro Design Red & White Colored Nostalgic Carnival Stripes like Popcorn Bags & Popcorn Tubs [other quantities available] Salbree Review:

These are great! My execs love popcorn for their meetings, so I ordered these specifically for this purpose. Popcorn can be challenging to serve, as it falls all over the place when scooped from a bowl. These are perfect, not too small, not over-sized, a perfect serving of popcorn! They have that great, carnival, retro theater look. Sturdy, but not heavy. I assembled 15 of them in about a minute. They looked wonderful for our meeting and the guys loved them. This is a perfect way to serve popcorn for an employee event or perhaps your next Oscars bash or movie with the family and friends. I will be ordering these again. Super fast shipping from the seller and a wonderful price.

1 Oz Popcorn Bag, Red and White Disposable Carnival Popcorn Bags, 500 Count Review:

These were so cute! Exactly as pictured. Great price for the quantity received. We used them at a community event- filled them with popcorn and stacked them in a tray. Total hit- everyone loved them! The only negative is that they don’t stand on their own (the bottom is not flat like a paper lunch bag- but we knew this from the product description) but they stacked nicely in a tray!

Carnival King Paper Popcorn Bags, 1 oz, Red & White, 100 Pieces Review:

These bags are so great! They have that old-time look and even a nice crinkly sound to the paper which makes it even more fun to eat the popcorn out of these bags. They are a great size too, enough for kids without going overboard. They didn’t get soggy or leak when melted butter was added to the popcorn.
Highly recommended!

Novelty Place Retro Style Plastic Popcorn Containers for Movie Night - 7.25" Tall x 7.25" Top Diameter (3 Pack) Review:

I was surprised at the design and quality. good price for this and does look old fashioned. I bought this for a birthday movie theme night for my senior father. we didn't use them yet, so I couldn't rate washing or food in it, but it feels like good quality and popcorn is light. he was surprised at them and the quality. i found the best buttered popcorn so far in many years to be this organic buttered popcorn called lesserevil( Gold one). it's made with coconut oil and pink Himalayan salt. it has a great taste, not artificial. I read that regular popcorn has a chemical in it that causes cancer. so they said to buy organic popcorn. also cottonseed oil is high in pesticides, so I try to buy oil that has no cottonseed, soy, or canola oil. coconut is supposed to be the best, avocado, olive oil, (sunflower, peanut, almond are ok too).

Stainless Steel Popcorn Scoop – Easy Fill Tool for Bags & Boxes, Great Utility Serving Scooper for Snacks, Desserts, Ice, Dry Goods by Back of House Ltd. Review:

Purchased this to replace the cheap plastic scoop we were using to fill popcorn bags. It does not work as well as I would have expected. The scoop is large and bulky ... especially for a smaller popcorn popper. It does not funnel popcorn easily or accurately into the small bags we use.

This may work better with larger machines and/or larger bags but it does not work so well for our purpose.

Unfortunately, we still use the cheap plastic scoop that we need to be careful not to melt (again).

Great Northern Popcorn Red Matinee Movie Theater Style 8 oz. Ounce Antique Popcorn Machine Review:

I live on a fixed income so it was difficult for me to afford this purchase. After saving for six months I was finally able to scrape toether enough to place the order. I was told that it would take a minimum of seven days to arrive. It took three.

I was understandably excited but took the time to do something that I had never done in my entire life - I read and followed the instructions. Imagine my terrible disappointment when it did not work. It only popped about one fourth of the kernels I put in and those it did pop were oily tasting and tough. I called the company.

The young lady to whom I spoke was knowledgeable and very pleasant. Even so, It took over three weeks of frustration and over the phone troubleshooting including unnecessarily replacing the kettle to get it to work. I finally remembered a review where the reviewer had adjusted the thermostat lower and his machine worked perfectly. I went to YouTube, learned how to adjust the thermostat and adjusted mine approximately 40 degrees lower.

My machine now pops an amazing amount of popcorn that is hot, crisp, and tasty. Although it works fine now I cannot, in good conscience, give it a perfect score. The company has had this problem in the past and was still so clueless that I had to repair it myself.

In the end the company’s customer service proved to be outstanding but it still took over three weeks of frustration.

6210 Great Northern Pop Heaven Commercial Quality Popcorn Popper Machine, 12 Ounce Review:

7/30/18 Update
I just wanted to update this as I have been using this for 2 years now and still very happy and still highly recommend. I broke one of the glass doors and the company replied to my email within a day and I was able to order a replacement for about $20. Great service when needed. This broken door was my own fault and nothing against the supplier.
This machine is great. Very happy with it. I did a good amount of research on these machines. Happy with my choice. I only used it once so hoping to have this for personal use in a theatre room for a long time.
The package arrived in good condition. I also have to say that the machine was VERY WELL packages from the factory for shipment. Attached is some photos. You need to install the doors (simple) then install the kettle (simple). They also provide four plastic covers for the top corners. Assembly took 1 minute.
I washed out the inside of the machine and started heating it up and made my first batch. Kettle heats up quickly. I like the size of the kettle as other do not have as much surface area on the bottom to heat and pop the corn. The kettle also seems to be of good heavy construction.
I was surprised to also get some "free" accessories like, scope, salt shaker measuring cupS and plastic popcorn boxes (3).
I fee that this 12oz popper is a good overall size and pops a good amount of popcorn in a quick time.
Recommend to buy.

Final note is that the doors needed to be adjusted with a screw to get to close perfectly. So I did have to manually turn a screwdriver but for the price this was acceptable to me.