Best Pizza Sauces in 2020

Pastorelli Pizza Sauce Italian Chef, Original, 8-Ounce (Pack of 12) Review:

This is a matter of taste kind of deal. The sauce is obviously top quality, thick and rich, really thick. You could even thin it a bit if you wanted. There's a little bit of heat to it as well. For me, the one element it lacked was some sweetness, I think that goes over well in a pizza (or pasta) sauce, and not enough herbs, a shot of basil or oregano would help.

Now, those issues are fixable, stir in your choice of seasonings, maybe some tomato paste or sugar to add some sweetness, and you could dial this in to your taste.

Paesana Classic Pizza Sauce, 8.5 Ounce - Single Serve Jar - Premium & Natural Ingredients Review:

Hooray! Just the right size for one pizza dough, and we liked how it tasted.

Don Pepino Pizza Sauce, 15 Ounce (Pack of 12) Review:

This is my most used sauce. I also use Pastorelli's sauce and like it, too. It depends on what toppings I'm using. If the toppings are the star, and I'm using a lot of them, then I go with Don Pepino's sauce because it's not as spicy. If there's only one topping, like pepperoni, then I use Pastorelli sauce because I need more spice to make the pizza more flavorful. The reason I use Don Pepino's more is because most of the pizzas I make have a TON of toppings, sometimes multiple layers of them, and I don't want the sauce stealing the show.

Don Pepino's has a great tomato taste. I've made my own pizza sauce from vine-ripened tomatoes that I grew in my garden, and Don Pepino's comes close to being the same taste. Yes, there are a few seeds, but have you ever made a sauce from scratch and not gotten a few seeds in it? I think I could lie about this sauce being homemade and people would believe me! It's that good.

Pastorelli Pizza Sauce Italian Chef, 15-Ounce (Pack of 12) Review:

This sauce tastes better than other sauces I've tried, and, for whatever reasons, the sauce is gentle on my digestive system and blood pressure. The sauce doesn't appear heavy, so I don't feel like I've ingested a lot of oil and my skin doesn't get that oily feeling, later. The ingredients are within my semi-controlled diet plan. (Note, I always leave myself an "out".)

This is a quality pizza sauce that I highly recommend. For those interested, I grab one or two Wasa Light Rye Crackers, I spread a tablespoon or two of pizza sauce over the cracker(s), then sprinkle Mozzarella cheese on top, put on a plate and microwave for about 15 to 25 seconds, until the cheese has melted.

This makes a great quick dieter's low-cal/carb pizza snack. If you want to get fancy, add very thin-sliced zucchini over the sauce before adding the cheese. I love it!!! Mini-healthy pizzas that taste rich!!! From the kitchen of that famous chef, my alias, "Jacques Pooh-Pooh" -- named after the famous French chef, Jacques Pépin. I'm sure Jacques does Italian once in awhile. Hope he tries my recipe.

Chef Boyardee Pizza Sauce with Cheese, 15 oz Review:

The sauce came packed on a sturdy cardboard tray, which was shrink wrapped. No dented cans. It has an oregano and cheese flavor. Love it. Will buy again. Great for eating with pasta or frozen ravioli. Also, try it in puff pastry turnovers with shaved parmagiana cheese. Or, try spreading a thin layer on the bread when you are making toasted cheese sandwiches. Or use it as a dip for bread sticks or cheese sticks. There are so many uses for this sauce beyond just pizza. I consider this pizza sauce to be a staple I always keep on hand.

Muir Glen Organic Pizza Sauce, No Sugar Added, 15 Ounce Can (Pack of 12) Review:

I have purchased Muir Glen products ever since they were endorsed several years ago by Cook's Illustrated.

Now I have discovered the joys of making my own pizza at home. And I have also discovered that Muir Glen makes a wonderful organic pizza sauce.

The sauce comes in containers that hold just enough content to make a medium-sized pie. Perfect for one really hungry person or a couple of moderately hungry eaters.

If you are not familiar with Muir Glen product's you are in for a big surprise. The quality of their tomato-based products is astounding. The freshness and flavor come through every time and you just feel good about using a high-quality organic product. But to find out they make a pizza sauce, is almost too good to be true! I use the pizza sauce as a base for piling all kinds of stuff on my pies. For example, I make an asparagus pizza that is really delicious. I trim and parboil the spears before I place them on the pie for a final baking. You can really let your imagination go wild with this pizza sauce, because it goes with everything and seems compatible with every type of vegetable or meat that I throw on it.

I have also discovered that many pizzas are over-spiced to give them flavor. But if you use good organic products, such as the Muir Glen pizza sauce, you don't have to use so many spices. This is great for people who need to cut down on salt, or who just want a more natural flavor.

One of the really neat things about Amazon is that they offer the Muir Glenn products at as part of their subscription program. You pick how often you would like 12 cans shipped -- whether once a month or every two or three months, whatever; and they automatically ship the product to you on time. And at a good discount over the individual can price. It just keeps getting better and better!

Chef Boyardee Pizza Sauce with Cheese, 15 oz, 12 Pack Review:

I love this Pizza Sauce so much and they don't sell it in my city any more. I was thrilled when I saw it on Amazon Prime. I hope it stays on Prime. (The cereal I love quit being on Prime). There is a simple way to make tiny pizzas. I take a couple of French rolls which I keep in the freezer. I slice them in three pieces each and toast them lightly. Then I mash the centers with a wooden dowel-like kitchen tool I have. You can use a six inch piece of a large diameter dowel rod and sand the cut ends then press the centers with that (or improvise your own way). A spoon would even work Place them on a large plate. Then put a tablespoon or more of the sauce if you like it as much as I do and cover it with slivers of mozzarella cheese. Bake it 2 minutes in the microwave and let them cool a little and eat. They are delicious. You can also add a slice of peperoni, or whatever other toppings you like. If you use meat be sure to cook it first. Two minutes in the microwave won't cook it..
(Keep the extra sauce in a jar in the refrigerator.) It is also great on regular size pizzas..

When the weather is cool I will make regular pizzas in the oven using this sauce. It is out of this world delicious.