Best Photo Background Shooting Tables in 2020

ALZO Copy Stand for Macro Tabletop Studio and Product Photography Review:

I took a chance on this Alzo Copy stand. It was a little pricier than I had hoped for, but it looked stout and did not want to hang my Canon 80D with battery grip camera on something that might fall apart! This turned out to be ideal! Easy to set up and easy to use. Everything about the materials and construction reads DURABLE. I am a very happy camper.

Neewer 24x24inch/60x60cm Acrylic White & Black Reflective Display Table Background Boards for Product Table Top Photography Shooting Review:

I was pleasantly surprised by these boards not knowing what to expect. While the size may be a challenge if you have a smaller photo studio box or working space, the 4 square feet of surface is perfect IMO for helping to be sure that you don't run out of board in the background of your shot as your frame it. They are a good thickness, so they feel nice and sturdy, and fingerprint smudges come off super easy. Hopefully they are resistant to scratches, but I think it could easily be polished and buffed to restore the reflective properties in time if that is the case. The entire board is just a single piece of colored acrylic material finished to a reflective shine.

The end result is fantastic. The attached photos were shot using the Neewer photo studio diffusiing tent, several high wattage LED lights and my cameraphone, no post processing other than crops. I expect to get amazing results using my DSLR and minor post processing.

Foto&Tech Portable Non-Reflective Still Life Shooting Metal Frame Foldable Table with 58cm x 98cm Pure White Plexiglass Panel Cover Photo Studio Bench Easy Set Up without tools Review:

It is not as big or tall as this picture suggests. Please take care to read dimensions. very effective and stores nicely.

LimoStudio Table Top Black & White Acrylic Reflective Display Table kit for Product Photography, AGG838 Review:

This review is only for the black & white acrylic table top pieces, as I bought them separate from any other kit. The size I purchased are about 9.5x.9.5 inches and about 1.5 inches in height. If you keep the box and store them, they would fit in a standard backpack and could work for things "on the go" or outdoors - which I will try soon. (currently raining) They came out of the box with protective sealant that was easy to peel off. I'm attaching untouched but cropped photos to show the reflection capabilities from the same thing - my (broken) watch - in less than stellar lighting. (due to my bulb busting, I went with a flash) In fact it is so reflective, if you don't watch out - you and/or your camera flash will wind up reflecting in it, as well. lol
I'd recommend them if you're doing product shots for e-bay, or blogging, etc. It should work well with standard point and shoot cameras, imo. They feel sturdy enough - I put my camera lens on it (50mm lens) and my 200mm lens -and also a small piece of real marble - which is almost a pound, but I wouldn't add anything too heavy on them. Jewelry, magnets, maybe even food pieces, etc.
Good for small product photography. Will update this when the weather is good - as I'm curious how floral work will look on it.

Neewer 12 x 12/30 x 30 cm Acrylic Reflective Display Boards for Product Table Top Photography Shooting(Black and White) Review:

I really like using these as display boards for product photographs. Clean surface and background. Easy to wipe down and keep clean. I get quality shots for my product listings and it gives a more professional appeal.

ComXim Professional 360 Degree Black Rotating Turntable for Product Photography, 88LB Capacity, 12.6in Diameter,Automatic Remote Control Angle,Speed,Direction, Various Rotation Mode Review:

This rotating stand has multiple functions including changing direction, speed, as well as several other options. I needed it as I have a large watch collection that I currently keep in watch boxes that hold 24 watches each. Since I have so many watches, the combined weight of the watches and watch boxes is around 50 pounds. This model can hold 110 pounds. I plan to transfer the watches to a watch display case that holds 60 watches. Since the display case rotates manually, I will need to put the display case with the watches on top of the rotating stand. It is very quiet and comes with a remote control. It keeps all my watches wound except for my skeleton watches which probably need a true watch display box that rotates to simulate the watch being wound. Overall, I'm glad that I spent the extra money for the better quality rotating stand. This design will keep my watches wound and when I receive the manual rotating display case, I should be able to display my favorite automatic watches and keep them wound. The design of the rotating display stand prevents the cord from becoming twisted around the rotating display stand and should do the same when I receive the display case tomorrow. I felt that it doesn't make sense to have a watch collection unless it can be displayed and wound at the same time. I researched rotating stands and this one had the largest platform and most flexibility. Since my collection is over 100 watches, I purchased two rotating stands which seems to be doing an excellent job of keeping the non-skeleton watches wound and keeping accurate time.

Fovitec - 1x Product Photography Shooting Table - [Matte Finish][Produces Pure White Backgrounds][for Ecommerce Shoots][Easy Set-Up] Review:

I was looking for a table to shoot small to medium sized items and came across this one. I was worried, as it wasn't available from Amazon Fulfillment, that it would be damaged as others as described. The order arrived a couple of days further out than I thought, but it was during the holidays so I let that slide. The delivery came from FedEx and not UPS so they dropped it off at night and didn't knock on the door or ring the bell. Luckily I was home. The box is pretty long so it stands out and could get stolen pretty quick.

However, that didn't happen. The box looked a little ratty but when I opened it, the product was pristine. Plastic wrapped and took about a minute to setup, if that. Just unfold the table and slide the sheet of lexan into the mounts and your done. I did some test shots with it and they came out great. I was truly impressed with the portability and quality of the images I was able to produce. As a photographer and digital media specialist, requests run the gamut. So having this in my kit was the right move. You could easily spend more on a larger, more sturdy table. But you won't be as portable. I don't have a lot of room and this hides away perfect in my closet or under a bed if needed.

I recommend getting some clamps to hold the sheet of plexi-glass to the table when storing. But that's about it