Best Pepper Shakers in 2020

CHEFVANTAGE Salt and Pepper Shakers Set with Adjustable Pour Holes - Black Review:

Bought the Black and White and the all Red color ChefVantage Salt and Pepper Shakers Sets. They are truly a beautiful addition to our kitchen.

When I took them out of their boxes (they were ALL wrapped carefully), I wanted to wash them first before using. I got a bit confused on removing the tops from the glass. Directions state: "Unscrew stainless steel top from glass."

I went to YouTube and found a site for hints and tips on these salt and pepper shakers. And then I felt like a SUPER DUMMY! It's really easy . . . you unscrew the stainless steel tops, where the BOTTOM of the colored top meets the glass jar. Just like the directions state
Duh! Told you I felt like a Super Dummy. Plus, I found out that the tops can be popped off and on too.

After washing and thoroughly and I mean thoroughly drying each piece, I filled one with table salt, and the other with Kosher Salt, throwing in some uncooked rice to keep them from clumping. And to remind me the Kosher salt is NOT plain table salt, I put the Kosher Salt in a white shaker, and the regular salt in a red one. Yes. Kosher Salt is larger in size then plain table salt, but when they are both placed in plain salt shakers, I can't always tell the difference immediately and especially when I reach for them at a quick glance.

The other Amazon customers are correct, these wonderful shakers can be used for spices OTHER than salt and pepper. Love, how they are within close reach when I need them.

And yes . . . they are quite attractive and the stainless steel tops can be wiped off easily. You won't go wrong ordering these.

If I could I would give them Ten out of Ten Stars.

Srenta Mini Salt & Pepper Shakers Set | Classic Design Transparent Glass Kitchenware | Essential Dining Table Refillable Tool | 0.5 Oz. Set of 24 Review:

I'm in a group that holds a monthly potluck based around a particular cookbook (or theme) of the hosts choosing. At the last one, I noticed that some dishes could really have used more salt and/or pepper. We've been holding it at a clubhouse, and there were no salt and pepper shakers. I'm hosting the next one at the clubhouse, and I wanted to put some shakers on each table of 4-6 people. I wanted something inexpensive, but not cheap-looking. I also wanted something small, and at 2" tall, these are perfect for a once-every-other-month gathering. I didn't want something too big to lug around to each event. I'm going to pass these along for future hosts to use.

Pepper Shaker,Salt and Pepper Shakers Set Practical Stainless Steel Dredge Salt Superior Seasoning Cans Elegant Salt Pepper Dispenser Adjustable Pour Holes Stainless Steel(Set Of 2 ) Review:

I needed salt and pepper shakers that I could close up when traveling in our travel trailer and these matched our decor nicely. They hold a lot and I like that I can either shake or poor when cooking. However, even when they are fully closed some salt and pepper can still shake out if they fall on their sides so just ensure they are kept upright and all should be good.

Elegant Salt and Pepper Shakers With Adjustable Pour Holes - Perfect Dispenser Set for your Salts Review:

I never thought I would be reviewing a salt and pepper shaker but here I am, finally found a set that is a real keeper and I love it. First of all, I have been through more than a few sets and they either pour out way too much and way to fast. Another set was ok for salt but the pepper was a grinder and I don't want to have to grind every time I want pepper plus they were on the small side and needed refilling often.
Now for these - They are perfect at 4 and 1/2 tall, east to see if it's salt or pepper and I love the adjustable top - a little or a lot, it's up to you or close it completely when I toss them in my picnic basket.
Here is the very best part - I was skeptical because I saw some that looked identical but they were more than twice as much so I thought surely these aren't the same but I decided to take a chance and I'm so glad I did. Couldn't be more pleased with them. This is a quality set. I will be buying more for the camper and my daughter sure could use a good set also. They look nice too.

Salt and Pepper Grinder Set, Trofoty Stainless Steel Adjustable Ceramic Sea Salt Grinder & Pepper Mill Set, Glass Salt and Pepper Shakers Pepper Mill Salt Mill - Set of 2 Review:

Great salt & pepper grinder set for the countertop. I appreciate the sleek design & that they’re easy to fill due to the wide opening. It’s nice that they come with covers so everything stays neat & clean & the manufacturer also includes a tiny brush for cleaning as well. I’m not sure if they’re dishwasher safe, forgot if I read that in the item description or not (I’ll check in a bit) but I washed mine by hand before use & they were easy to clean & didn’t take long to dry. It’s nice that they’re glass so you can see when you need to refill them. There wasn’t any instructions included in the package so if you aren’t accustomed to grinders then you may not know that the size of the grind can be adjusted to your preference; instructions would help.

MITBAK Salt and Pepper Shakers (2-Pc. Set) Elegant w/Clear Glass Bottom | Compact Cooking, Kitchen and Dining Room Use | Classic, Refillable Design (BK/White) Review:

Love, love, love these cute salt and pepper shakers. They are very attractive on my kitchen table and they fit just right in your hand. My shakers came when promised and I am so impressed with the product that I am thinking of ordering 2 additional sets to store my most frequently used seasonings in as well. We really enjoy the shakers!

Silicone Pop Top Shaker Set 2pcs-empty Review:

I live in southern Indiana, we have quite a bit of humidity throughout the year here not just in the summer. With the silicone top shakers, I don't have to worry about clumping salt. I also live on a Stone Road, and I don't have to worry about the dust and dirt flying into my salt and pepper. Love this product!

Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder Set | Battery Operated | Electronic Pepper Shakers (2) | Adjustable Coarseness Level | One Handed Use | Stainless Steel Mills | Automatic LED Light | Ma Maison Co. Review:

I am more than happy with this item. The look, feel and performance is very highly rated by me. I believe this is one of the better sets I have owned at any price point. The grind is quick and smooth no dragging or variance in the grind result. I set the adjustment to fine grind on both, as a general rule while I am preparing the food. Both stayed at a very fine grind the entire time. No larger pieces slipped through at all. I usually switch the grind to medium for personal seasoning after the meal is prepared. Not one time did it bind up, lag or even slow down at all. I will most definitely be recommending these to anyone that may be in the market for grinders