Best Outdoor Fire Pits in 2022

Last update: January 11, 2023

Are fire pit kits worth it?

If you are debating whether or not to buy a fire pit kit, consider the following pros and cons. Kits are typically less expensive than buying all the materials separately. They also tend to come with easy-to-follow instructions, which can save you time and hassle. On the downside, kits may not include everything you need, and they can be more difficult to customize. Ultimately, the decision whether or not to purchase a fire pit kit depends on your budget and how much time and effort you are willing to put into the project.

Can fire pits be left outside?

Yes, fire pits can be left outside. They are made to withstand the elements and can provide years of enjoyment.

Can you put a fire pit on pavers?

A fire pit can be a great addition to your backyard, but you need to make sure you choose the right location for it. Pavers are a great option for a fire pit because they are durable and can withstand the heat. You will also need to make sure there is enough clearance around the fire pit so that it doesn’t damage the pavers.

How far away from house should fire pit be?

A fire pit should be placed at least 10 feet away from any structure or combustible material.

Outland Firebowl 863 Cypress Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit with Cover & Carry Kit, 21-Inch Diameter 58,000 BTU Review:

The Outland 863 Cypress portable outdoor firebowl is the subject of this review.For RV camping, I bought this to do away with the clutter and inconvenience of firewood. The benefits of bringing (taboo) firewood go much beyond just the tradeoff in weight and bulk. One of the most cherished and essential aspects of camping is the evening meal and social gathering around the fire. At first, burning gas felt so sinful! I'll admit that at first I was obstinate and heavily biased in favor of the long-standing custom of using wood fires. But knowledge develops with age. I have come to believe.Advantages: This type has an extremely low profile. There is a lot of heat and everything looks wonderful.No smoke is present.a lot more practical than wood fires.occupying less area than wood does.Not a "permanent" fire pit; portability.There is no need for an axe, shovel, paper, kindling, or fire starters.Less mess—there are no ashes to empty or messes to sweep up.It only takes a moment to light, and the fire is already going.Enjoy a fire even if it is raining by setting up a pop-up tent underneath the RV's side awning.Safer. There is less chance of igniting a forest fire. Smokey is jiggling as she dances.You won't have to worry about leaving a fire going when you leave the campsite or overnight if you turn it out and go to bed.less harmful to the environment than burning wood (less carbon)....and hey, if you still want to burn wood on a fire! Nothing prevents you from continuing to do it as well! It won't make the Cypress 21 Firebowl envious!Drawbacks: (Not really cons, more like my added remarks) Propane is expensive. I have access to a practically endless supply of firewood. (The firebowls aren't to blame.)• I would prefer a somewhat longer hose. I utilize a fast coupler-equipped extension hose. (Optional — see down below)• The firebowl hose with regulator is only intended to be connected to a separate propane tank as-built. For my own use, I put up a second hose kit with quick couplers so that I could also run a barbecue off the propane supply line from my RV. (Opt. — See below)• Although there is nothing prohibiting you from roasting marshmallows or anything else, this fire is not intended for or rated for cooking. It appears that with only a small amount of agency approval (CSA/AM Z21.58) this may be rated, designed, and meet the additional standards as a culinary appliance. I believe there are potential for the manufacturer to offer further accessories, such as cooking grates, griddles, roasting skewers, rotisseries, etc. (recommendation)I am the one who inquired about the regulator's PSI in the inquiry area above. On my RV, I wanted to run off the gas line. Directly from FMI Brands Inc. customer support, I got the following response:The hose inlet connection is the typical 20# LP cylinder QCC-POL type connection, and the low-pressure 2.74kPA LP gas regulator is used (11"WC). Our LP gas hose has a female outlet coupling with a 5/8-18UNF thread (connection to Firebowl gas valve). The CSA approved Outland Living Firebowls We tested and validated this product using the low-pressure regulator, so it is safe to use with the hose and regulator that come with our devices. As it is one piece, the regulator cannot be separated from the hose; however, the hose and regulator can be taken out of the Firebowl unit. To do this, untighten the connection between the hose and the Firebowl gas valve by first removing the black shrink covering it. We do not currently provide a quick-connect option, but if you are interested in this adjustment, we strongly advise getting in touch with a qualified gas fitter or propane specialist to make sure the necessary safety requirements are satisfied.To swap easily between a propane tank or your quick connect for your BBQ, any RVer who wants to add the ability to set their firebowl on their PRE-REGULATED gas supply line on their RV will need the following components: 1 Brass Coupling, 1/4" x 1/4" Female Pipe 3/8" Flare X 1/4 Male Pipe in a Half-Union 1 Brass Propane/Natural Gass 14" Quick Connect Kit with Shutoff Valve

Outland Firebowl 883 Mega Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit with UV and Weather Resistant Durable Cover, 24-Inch Diameter 58,000 BTU Review:

Only the original box was supplied by Amazon with this. When it first came, I noticed a large gash on the box. Sure enough, when I opened it, the firebowl's rim had a sizable damage. Because the instructions advise calling the manufacturer before returning an item to a shop, I promptly did so. They advised me to go ahead and ask Amazon for a replacement, nevertheless. It arrived today after I made the return online. This time, the inner box was protected by being nested inside of another box with some paper filling. There was no damage to the box when I opened it. I'm hoping they'll all be shipped this way from now on.This firepit produces a lot of heat and operates effectively. The small rocks should be evenly distributed at the very bottom of the bowl in order to achieve the greatest amount of heat. Avoid placing the big rocks too close to the gas ring when you first begin to lay them out. You should not in any way block the holes. As a result, the flames will be able to cascade around the bigger rocks, producing a flame that is 4–10 inches high. The flames won't be as high if you allow the rocks to go too close to the holes. The secret is to arrange big boulders into a circle and cover the fire ring with it.The plastic cover that is included is an additional benefit. According to the directions, you should keep it out of the rain and store it when it's raining. I don't want to haul it into the garage every time it rains, so I won't. I was surprised to see that it covered everything, including the side openings that were fashioned like flames, when I put the cover on it. When the cover is covering it, you most certainly don't need to bring it inside when it's raining.I also purchased this deck box to store the 20 lb. propane tank because I didn't like how it looked sitting in the open. aui detailpage o07 s01?ie=UTF8

Outland Firebowl UV and Weather Resistant 760 Standard Carry Bag, Fits 19-Inch Diameter Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit Review:

Nothing unfavorable to say about this cover. It's simple to put on. The zipper operates effortlessly. When carrying the unit, it seems safe. This is a wonderful addition. Worth the purchase if you want to travel your firebowl more conveniently and keep it well-protected.If the Firebowl isn't controlled, the rocks decompose over time and create a mass of dust. This prevents the filth from spreading throughout your storage spaces and keeps it in a bag. The carrying strap that comes with the Firebowl 870 is also a complete joke and is essentially a pain in the neck. If you try to transport your unit using the stock strap, you'll probably drop it and damage it. Enter this cover if you need something greater than the standard strap.It's bad that they deliberately included inferior materials with the primary product to force you to buy an add-on. In spite of shady marketing and sales techniques, this cover appears to be well-made and simple to use. Just wait till the device has fully cooled down before turning it on. It will melt because it's nylon.

Landmann 28345 Big Sky Stars and Moons Firepit, Black Review:

I've had this for four years and continue to use it constantly. In fact, I had just given this recommendation to a friend who was searching for a sizable firepit for his patio when I discovered I had had mine for four years already! So, I suppose I'm qualified to write an insightful assessment. First of all, it was simple to put together (otherwise, I would definitely still be talking about it, just in a bad review). A grill insert and spark cover are also included. What I enjoy: On my terrace, I can move it around. It is high enough to prevent stains on the stones of my patio. It has a ring around it that you can use to move or rest your feet on. It features lovely cutouts (sun, moon, and stars - not too kitschy). Did I mention I've used it nonstop for the past four years? It also has little rust, provided it is protected when not in use (actually, the rust it does have makes it look even more rustic without interfering with the usage). The fact that it is METAL...and exposed to high the key, dear readers who have submitted terrible reviews because theirs rusted. Therefore, it will corrode if left exposed to the weather without a cover. Not a Ferrari, this. Purchase a cover that completely encloses the firepit, not just the top, in order to keep snow and rain from falling on it.Anyhow, I've been content with mine.

Bond Manufacturing 50849 3-inch Firebowl Spheres, 3", Grey Review:

I bought this since I didn't like the lava rock that was included with our little fire table. I chose the Bond glass after reading reviews and set it on top of a layer of lava rock in our table. I adore it. At night, the fire's reflection in the glass is lovely. Although we have only used it a handful of times so far, each time the fire was on for a substantial amount of time, and the glass appears to be holding up nicely. For our pit, one jar was more than sufficient. I probably used about 3/4 of it, but I have extra just in case. Under the flame, the blue looks quite attractive.

LEMY 32" Outdoor Fire Pit Square Metal Firepit Backyard Patio Garden Stove Wood Burning BBQ Fire Pit W/Rain Cover, Faux-Stone Finish Review:

It's okay given the price. There isn't much room for wood because the pit is a little shallow. I liked my old pit more. However, this one has a lovely appearance and space for cooking along the sides. Since I enjoy cooking over a wood fire, this makes it simpler. However, the cover is utter garbage. Almost never fits and rips very quickly. I cover the top of the pit with this cover after using the one that came with it to cover the bottom: (36inch Waterproof Heavy Duty Patio Firepit Table Cover, TheElves Square Fire Pit Cover) In all honesty, the pit is merely there to contain and house the wood, so you may add as much as you like and keep putting it on. I've previously overfilled my pit with wood, and everything worked out. For cooking with too much wood, you simply can't fit the grill on top. You'll have to choose between a night of cooking and a night of intense heat, or you could cook first and then seek warmth from a fire. Overall, it's a nice purchase given the price.

Pine Mountain StarterLogg Select-A-Size Firestarting Blocks, 24 Starts Firestarter Wood Fire Log for Campfire, Fireplace, Wood Stove, Fire Pit, Indoor & Outdoor Use Review:

These fire starter blocks are appealing to me mostly because of their value and size selection option. You choose the size and use for this very dense, compact substance that maintains shape while also being simple to separate and crumble.I combine a 2"x2" chunk with a 1/4 piece of a different fire starter square because it lights up more quickly and easily, but it does not burn as long. Nevertheless, it provides enough flame to start the brick, and once the brick is lit, it produces a large flame that is hot enough to light small logs, so there is no need for kenneling.A 2"x2" chunk of brick that was broken off of a half-brick offers me around 6 starters, and there are 2 bricks per pack, for a total of 12 starters over 5 packs. When combined with a fire starter square cut into quarter-inch slices, this is a wonderful deal for $13!If you don't want to buy another product, you'll have to wait a long for the bricks to light up, but once they are, they work wonderfully and offer the best bargain I've ever seen.Additionally, the product has the ability to be broken up into crumbs and wrapped in sawdust to contain oily paper towels, among other uses. To try it out for yourself, I believe it is worth the $13 investment.They do my job and are reasonably priced.

Best Choice Products 22-inch Outdoor Patio Steel BBQ Grill Fire Pit Bowl w/Spark Screen Cover, Log Grate, Poker for Backyard, Camping, Picnic, Bonfire, Garden, Black Review:

It took around 30 minutes to put together. It has a lovely appearance. But it's definitely only a fire for two. To prevent rusting, make sure to rinse it out after each fire. Because I'm not that strong to be lugging a huge fire ring from the truck to the campsite, it's wonderful that it's lightweight. It's not exactly top notch for the price, but it's good enough for me, in my opinion.

AmazonBasics 23.5 Inch Steel Lattice Fire Pit Review:

Since purchasing this fire pit in January 2015, I've had a lot of fun using it!Mesh top prevents sparks and ash from flying up as a pro.Moving logs with a long poker and removing the top both work nicely.very portable and lightweightCons: Does not come with drainage holes on the bottom; you will need to drill some.A "basic firepit" is what this is. If you don't have a cover for it, it will rust and simply disintegrate after a year. AN OVER IS A MUST!Ashes can be difficult to remove from the firepit because of its depth; I usually wait until they are cool before tipping everything into an ash bucket.Even when the firepit is covered, the mesh on top rusts quickly due to dampness.To prevent it from rusting through, you'll need to paint this with high-heat paint once a year (I use Krylon High Heat Max Special Purpose Aerosol 12 oz. Black; one can should last you three years or more).It has been worth the money I spent so far ($100 plus $15 for a campfire cover). It's the perfect size for a good fire, four or five seats, and it's light enough to move out of the way when not in use. I have a little patio (15' x 20'). Although I would prefer something bigger and more substantial if I owned my home, as I only rent, this will work for the time being.REVISED IN JUNE 2016: Still in terrific shape and going strong. Every few months, I do have to give the screen a coat of fire-resistant paint, but I would anticipate having to do so with any screen that wasn't made entirely of stainless steel.

How long will a 20lb propane tank last on a fire pit?

A 20 lb propane tank will last on a fire pit for about 4-5 hours.

How much should you spend on a fire pit?

A fire pit is a great addition to any backyard and can be a focal point for entertaining and relaxing. But how much should you spend on a fire pit? There are a wide range of prices for fire pits, from around $100 to $1,000 or more. It really depends on the features and materials you want. For example, a basic metal fire pit might cost around $100, while a more elaborate stone fire pit could cost $500 or more. If you plan to use your fire pit regularly, it's worth investing in a quality model that will

Is it cheaper to build a fire pit or buy one?

If you are looking for a cheap fire pit, your best bet is to build one yourself. You can find all the materials you need at your local hardware store, and it will only cost you a fraction of the price of a pre-made fire pit. Building your own fire pit is also a great project for a weekend afternoon.

Is it OK to leave fire pit burning overnight?

Leaving a fire pit burning overnight is generally not considered safe. There are a few dangers associated with doing this, such as the risk of the fire spreading or the embers igniting something else. If you must leave your fire pit burning, be sure to douse it with water before you go to bed and monitor it throughout the night.

Should a fire pit be in the ground?

A fire pit should be placed in the ground for a number of reasons. First, it will help to contain the fire and prevent it from spreading. Second, it will help to protect the fire pit from wind and weather. Third, it will help to keep the fire pit clean and free from debris.

Should a fire pit have holes?

If you are planning on using your fire pit for cooking, then you will want to make sure that it has holes. This will allow the heat to circulate better and cook your food more evenly. If you are just using it for decoration or to keep warm, then you can choose whether or not you want holes.