Best Midrange Disc Golf Discs in 2020

Innova Limited Edition 2019 Tour Series Nate Sexton Color Glow Champion Firebird Distance Driver Golf Disc [Colors May Vary] Review:

As soon as I got this disc, I liked the feel and the way it came out of my hand smoothly. I mainly throw it sidearm, and it frequently is my tee shot disc besides the boss, the vandal, and the corvette. The Nate Sexton Firebird is a durable, smooth flying disc, and a great choice for someone still working on developing their power and on windy days.

Activ Life Fun Kid's Flying Rings [2 Pack] Fly Straight & Don’t Hurt - 80% Lighter Than Standard Flying Discs - Replace Screen Time with Healthy Family Fun - Get Outside & Play! Made in USA Review:

My 5 year old loves playing with this and we (mommy and daddy) have so much fun getting some exercise. It's not like the "old school" frisbees when I was growing up that would hurt like heck when you caught it wrong (which was most of the time). These flying rings are very light (disc hit her in the head once or twice and there were no tears, just some "owwwws!") However, if it's windy, it gets difficult to control the discs since they are light but I'll gladly take running after errant flying discs compared to getting teeth knocked out with a regular frisbee. A friend tried these discs and she loved it, and shared that she lost a front tooth from a frisbee when she was young. Customer service is great and have been recommending different games to play. Buy it, you won't regret it! I'll be buying another set shortly.

Discraft Paul McBeth Signature ESP Buzzz Midrange Golf Disc [Colors May Vary] Review:

Came earlier than expected. Love the feel of it. Went out to play the same day I got it with a couple guys. First time I used it I was a bit reluctant because we were keeping score and I did not want to screw it up...… Had about 185 to the basket. I threw it dead at it and thought I messed up as I usually aim right of target predicting the fade...BUT This thing went straight as a rope and only tailed off slightly right at the end! Very happy with it......

Innova Star Mako3 Review:

I had lost my Star Mako last winter which had been in my bag for several years. The original Mako was discontinued and I was concerned that the Mako3 wouldn't fly as well as my trusted old Mako. That concern was quickly put to rest today. I parked the same 300ft slight anhyzer hole I always used my Mako on with this bad boy. I feel like my trusted old friend just got reincarnated. And there was no break-in period necessary. It flew exactly as I expected it to even though it was brand spanking new. The Mako (and now the Mako3) is the straightest flying disc I've ever thrown. It will hold whatever line you put it on from start to finish.

Get one now and thank me later. ;)

Discraft Buzzz Elite Z Golf Disc Review:

Got this disc after reading so many positive reviews. On my first outing, I wasn't impressed, as I didn't do any better with it than my other putter or approach discs. Today I decided to give it a second chance, hoping that with some experience under my belt I would have better luck. Wow! I am super impressed! On my first hole I hit a putt that I would normally make maybe 1 in 10 times (that's being generous). Of course, maybe it's just a lucky shot. 2nd hole, another mid-range putt that is totally doable that I would normally just miss, and it goes in. By the end of the round I had probably hit 6 putts I would normally miss because they were further back than the give-me range of 10-15 feet or so. My last hole I would never make, and I sunk it. I did a rough measurement by walking it off and it was about 85 feet. I can only hope today wasn't some kind of anomaly and I can keep putting this well with the buzzz. I've never seen a disc have such a big impact on my game as today.

Innova Star Leopard Golf Disc (Colors may vary) Review:

This is an extremely consistent disc that flies perfectly straight if thrown with a moderate amount of force. Because the Leopard is slightly understable, it is much easier for beginners to throw than more stable discs. The speed of 6 also makes it suitable for less powerful throwers because it doesn't need to be thrown extremely hard to make it fly true. If you're a beginner or intermediate disc golfer that doesn't have the arm to bomb a disc 400 feet, check your ego at the door and buy a Leopard instead of a Destroyer.