Best Martial Arts Training Gloves in 2020

Elite Sports Star Kickboxing Muay Thai Gloves Review:

These are awesome for the price point. I've been boxing for 6 years now and I like to keep multiple pairs around. Typically at this price point gloves are stiff and boxy but I found these to be slim with a good give. They're pretty tight once you get them on but I feel like that gives me good protection, especially in the wrist. Speaking of, the Velcro wrist is really easy to get on and off in between rounds for water. The thumb area is a bit stiff when new, but that's been across the board for me in breaking in gloves.

I'm a 5'6" 125 lb female and the 12 oz gloves fit like, well, a glove.

All in all these are perfect if you're wanting to not spend a crazy amount of money (gloves can get so expensive!) But still want something much more comfortable than the same price point in local stores. I also love the look of these and I love that no one else has them at my gym (as compared to what's sold at the front desk). Great buy!

Sanabul Sticker Bomb Kids Boxing Kickboxing Training Gloves Review:

I bought these for my 10-year-old daughter. She has been using them in Muay Thai classes for about a month. She attends 3 days per week. I'm not crazy about the fabric material vs leather, but it seems to be holding up well. My daughter likes the design of gloves. I would recommend, especially for a beginner who is trying to figure out whether or not they want to continue.

RDX MMA Gloves for Sparring Martial Arts | Open Palm Matte Black Convex Skin Leather Grappling Mitts |Good for Cage Fighting, Punching Bag, Muay Thai, Kickboxing & Combat Training Review:

The guy my wife broke our marriage for decided to be a tough guy when I was delivering a present. He put his hands up aggressively in a boxing stance triggering Florida's stand your ground law. I was finally gonna get some money from my boxing lessons in Astoria New York back. I boxed him across three cars in the parking lot thundering blows on him. He could not stand anymore towards the end so I had to hold him up with one hand and hit him with the other. Finally standing him up across a bumper to keep thundering him with blows. He kinda slid down the bumper until his but and the car was the only thing holding him off the ground. This is like the threshold between a misdemeanor and felony beat down so I let him go and walked away. My daughter told me that when he could finally stand up he went running across the parking lot screaming. I guess it must have been a concussion that made him get really paranoid and go crazy about a month later. Bad news is I broke my hand very badly the fourth metacarpal was shortend and the knuckle shattered off. Because my metacarpal was shorter I could no longer extend my finger all the way. This is called trigger finger. I got lucky with a sexy hand therapist who gave me what I needed and electro shock therapy to the hand. I now have full range of motion but my fist is defrmed due to the knuckle being shattered off. If you know how to box you are hitting so hard your hand just can't take the force. I'm not talking about you arm punching sissys. If you actually can hit a heavybag and floor the guy holding it never hit someone in the head barehanded. I really wish I had a pair of these gloves the day I lost my knuckle on that home wreckers head. The open finger design means I could have still held him up to land those last eighteen hits. And the padding is great I bet my hand would not have hurt at all. I also fractured my first metacarpal but no permanent damage or disfigurement. I suggest every man who hits like a two ton hammer and just lost his wife to some smart mouth fk boy buy a pair of these immediately. I ride around with them in the car just in case. I mean there is a fk boy around every corner nowadays right? A neighbor began yelling at me and walking aggressivley in me and my childs <I now have full custody> direction. I whipped these on out of my car because hey he was walking like a meth head and wtf you rolling up on me and my three year old screaming for right? He said he wanted to introduce himself and shook my hand. He probably wanted to borrow money or something for meth. When he shook my hand and saw these gloves he got scared and went back in his house. I have never seen him again. To bad he didn't try to rob me I really wanna test these bad boys out.

Wyox Ladies Training Boxing Inner Gloves Gel Hand Wraps MMA Fist Protector Bandage - Pink Review:

Bought these as a gift for my wife. The knuckle padding is excellent and does a good job protecting the hand for bag work. Couple of small items to note - although pictured, hers do not have the loops to remove the gloves, which is disappointing as it was a selling point. Also the wrist wraps could be a bit more supportive. Her gloves fit a little loose but this is more a function of the size ordered than any problem with the gloves. One nice feature is there is no stitching around the finger openings so these do not bind the fingers like some other styles (based on reviews we've read). We use these for 9Round workouts and it takes a little wiggling to get them into the boxing gloves but once in they fit well, add padding and take up just the right amount of space inside the gloves. Overall very satisfied with the purchase.

RDX MMA Gloves for Grappling Martial Arts Training | D. Cut Palm Maya Hide Leather Sparring Mitts| Perfect for Cage Fighting, Combat Sports, Punching Bag, Muay Thai & Kickboxing Review:

I suffered through 3 other gloves before finding these and they are perfect! They are far better than the Venum gloves I returned, as well as the other RDX style I tried. I love my RDX boxing gloves for heavy bag work, but once I started Hawaiian Kempo, I needed a versatile mma glove for both bag work, and grappling, as well as sudden floor exercises, without taking my gloves off. Every other mma glove I tried left my knuckles torn up, blistered, bleeding. The gloves all fell short of covering my middle knuckles. These cover my knuckles perfectly, are comfortable, not too tight nor loose. Female, wearing size small, my hand measurement was right at 19cm, there is still a little room, medium woulda been too loose. If you're torn between the two RDX gloves, this photo shows the difference, side by side. Highly recommend these!

Empower Weighted Gloves for Women, Kickboxing, MMA, 2 Lb Set (1 Pound Each Glove), Teal Review:

I do like them, but if you have tiny hands like me be warned! The wrist strap does tighten up enough for my scrawny wrists, which is nice, but the finger holes are huge. Even with the wrist strap tightened they flop around a lot, and my fingers sometimes slide right out. It makes it awkward to do anything that involves much movement of the arms (I bought them to wear while doing Walk away the pounds DVDs). Oh, and baby powder.. defiantly - these little buggers do not breathe, hands get super sweaty.

Empower Weighted Gloves for Women, Kickboxing, MMA, 4 Lb Set (2 Pounds Each Glove), Geo Black Review:

I do like them, but if you have tiny hands like me be warned! The wrist strap does tighten up enough for my scrawny wrists, which is nice, but the finger holes are huge. Even with the wrist strap tightened they flop around a lot, and my fingers sometimes slide right out. It makes it awkward to do anything that involves much movement of the arms (I bought them to wear while doing Walk away the pounds DVDs). Oh, and baby powder.. defiantly - these little buggers do not breathe, hands get super sweaty.

Brace Master MMA Gloves UFC Gloves Boxing Gloves for Men Women Leather More Paddding Fingerless Punching Bag Gloves for Kickboxing, Sparring, Muay Thai and Heavy Bag Review:

I had previously gotten a costume a few years ago which had blue tank top, red & white striped shorts with blue detail at center that is beaded along with a red & white robe.
I did choose red color gloves which symbolize power in Asian culture plus color stands out & looks great.
Price is good on these gloves that are quality well stitched, fitting small hands well with Velcro that holds well for smaller wrists.
This was intended to be a Halloween costume & selfie to warn scammers & dishonest people to leave me alone !
It really gave me idea that even though I'm 5 feet tall this would be a good thing to get & actually use !
Likes ~
Lil D at 5 feet tall & undisclosed weight in corner ready for action against Tear U Up Tonya (aka Tonya Harding).
Size determined but weight normally at not the weight currently by this contender ready to take on champion.
Lil D with gloves fitting her small oompa loompa like hands ready for action secured velcro in place.
No sprains or injuries on horizon for Lil D whose pre curved hand design & gel infused foam fit great.
That PU leather is breathable, easy to wear & not a stitch coming unstitching apart.
Tear U Up Tonya visibly shaken after right hook squarely on right ribs in 1st round a sore spot for previous injuries.
She fights back with her strength she's used to battering & beating contenders like Paula Jones (accuser of Bill Clinton for sexual harassment).
Using heavily padded gloves & outsized headgear along with a number of booing coming from audience, Tonya's confidence going down must like her after she gets a knock out from Lil D despite the clear height difference.
Strength from Lil D along with the great performing gloves give Tonya a beat down she's not going to forget.
Audience is chanting as the slow count becomes a longer count beyond 10 seconds it's clear she's not coming up !
This wasn't an 8 count needed here because Tonya was only in round 1 but thanks to great performance of Lil D, confidence of great performing gloves she's down for the count & staying there.
This was a great stress reliever for Lil D whether a fight or not just using these gloves.
Dislikes ~~
If you're in a certain weight category (at moment) but training to lose weight to be in other category which size do you buy. I'd go for the weight category that you are planning to be at. Especially if other things factor in like current meds, diet, etc. A bit unsure on this & am thinking that most people fit into a range that if they lose a few pounds will still be in that range.

Boxing Hand Wraps for Men & Women MMA Kickboxing Muay Thai Cross Training Speed Punching Bag Mitts Quick Wrap Wrist Wraps Handwraps Gel Under Inner Gloves Supreme Quality Review:

My husband and I purchased these "wraps" to use with our standing Century punching bag and we absolutely love them. We've been using them for 1 month and they are just enough protection and cushion to protect our skin and joints as we workout with the bag. They are light weight, well constructed, comfortable, great colors (we got the blue and the green) and easy to wash. I have never used them as a wrap under a boxing glove, so I can't comment on that - but if you need something to give protection for lighter work with a bag and don't use a full glove - I highly recommend them!

Everlast Train Advanced MMA 7-Ounce Striking/Training Gloves Review:

I originally ordered the higher end version of these gloves but had terrible experiences with them and sent them back to Everlast. These are the gloves if you want a cheap quality pair of hybrid gloves that will allow you to practice your striking and grappling without knocking your opponent's head off, and vice versa!
Sizing- I would say the sizing of this glove goes like this, if you have regular to large hands get the large gloves. If you have small hands, women or just shorter fingers, then go with the regular. The sizing on this really has to do with finger length not width.
Quality- From what I examined on both pairs of gloves I purchased there are no loose ends from the stitching and the material seems like it will hold up well. The fit is also unique and comfortable in comparison to other hybrids. For the price, this product can't be beat.