Best Jewelry Chests in 2020

Birthday Gifts for Mom, for Mom from Daughter, Mom Trinket Dish, Mother in Law Gifts from Daughter in Law, Ceramic Dish with God Foil, Grandma or Grandmother Gifts, Presents for Mom Review:

This is a very pretty and really well made little decorative plate. This is going to make a wonderful gift for my mom on either her birthday or mothers day. Like the picture shows it would be nice to put your jewelry in at the end of the day or even just to be displayed as a nice reminder to mom. Really love this place! I wouldn't mind getting one from my kids for mothers day ;)

Mantello 6-Watch Box Carbon Fiber Design with Glass Top Review:

 Wow I was impressed how beautiful this case is. I bought this as a gift for my son and it was double packaged in boxes to protect the glass. The quality is very good. This will impress all and highly recommend.

Rustic Jewelry Organizer with Wooden Barndoor for Home Decor | Wooden Wall Mount Holder for Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Ring Holder, and Accessories | Hanging Jewelry Box includes Hook Organizer Review:

 I absolutely love this jewelry organizer! It has the boho savvy chic look and complements my bedroom so well. It comes partially disassembled but was very easy to build. Does not come with instructions and does not need any either. That is how easy it is to put it together. It is extremely lightweight. It holds a ton if jewelry so neatly organized. When its closed shut, it looks like a decorative wall hanging. I use the top shelf to display some small photos and figurines. I love it!

Hives and Honey Patricia Etched Glass Mahogany Jewelry Chest Jewelry Box Review:

This jewelry chest is as large and lovely as it looks online. Heavy and well-made, with sturdy hardware on the doors and drawers, it holds my collection nicely. The packaging is excellent - I'm convinced that the only way this could get damaged during shipping is if it's drop-kicked onto the delivery truck.

Now for the flaws: The glass doors feature an attractive etched design - but as I was inspecting for cracks or chips, I discovered that the left door is etched on the outside of the glass, while the right door is etched on the inside. This isn't obvious to the eye of the casual observer, but it ticked me off just the same. Also, the design that's carved into the uppermost front panel looks a little cheesy - I'd rather they'd have left it plain, or attached another drawer pull just for looks.

For this price, the chest ought to be perfect - thus the 4-star rating. Were it not for the issues with the glass and the carving, I'd give it an enthusiastic five stars.

AVESON Classic Vintage Antique Heart Shape Jewelry Box Ring Small Trinket Storage Organizer Chest Christmas Gift, Silver Review:

I like so much about this item, it's very pretty, while being very durable, this is great if you want to just sit your ring in it while you sleep or something like that. I recommend this, I bought this for my girlfriend at the same time when I bought a ring for her elsewhere of course but I thought this was something that she would enjoy and she did. For all you guys out there I recommend it your significant other will for sure love it, just make sure she watches out for the little door because it doesn't have a spring latch to hold it down but otherwise this is a for sure winner.

MESHA Jewelry Box for Women,2 Layer 29 Compartments Necklace Jewelry Organizer with Lock Jewelry Holder for Earrings Bracelets Rings - Black Review:

I use this in my shallow bathroom drawer. I can stack 2 high in there. I bought one set, liked it so much, went back and bought another. LOVE IT! Keep my necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings in here. Seriously love it.

Some say it's cheaply made. Well, yes, I guess it is. It's $14 for a set of 3. GREAT DEAL! I am GENTLE with my things. Some of these reviewers sound like they are letting their babies chew on them. Wouldn't do that. I am gentle with my cheap made in China stuff and it works just great.

I easily remove the top layer if I need to get to the bottom. It came in perfect shape and after a few months of use, is still in perfect shape. I really like this product, the price, its incredibly usefulness!! Also, it looks so pretty with all my jewelry on display once I open the drawer. So easy to find what I need. I am enjoying my jewelry more because I can actually see what I have!

Definitely recommend.

SONGMICS 100 Ring Display Case 11 Rows Jewerly Organizer Earring Showcase Box with Glass Lid Black UJDS301 Review:

Beautifully displays my rings. The inside material is like suede, so I mostly keep my case closed to avoid it from attracting unwanted dust and debris. MINUS 1 STAR because of a minor defect. There was a small section of fabric on the inside near the plastic window panel that was not glued all they way down. I was easily able to put a small dab of glue there and it stays down now; I no longer notice the defect. Overall, a well made product. The case feels nice and sturdy. The hinges move well. I like that it has a safety strap to prevent the lid from opening too far. I will definitely be purchasing another case once this one get full.

BiuTee Jewelry Box for Women Jewelry Organizer Necklace Earrings & Bracelet Hanger Acrylic Display Storage Case Decor Gifts for Girls, Large Review:

I like being able to see my jewlery but its a pain to have to slide the doors out, which they come all the way out and that makes it easier on hanging your earings but is annpying putting them back in. The drawers are soft and small. They create a suction when closing thos and it pushes out the bottom drawer lol. I have to have a lot of space around the box because of having to pull from the front and the side.

Mantello 12-Watch Display Box Carbon Fiber Design with Glass Top Review:

I looked at a few of these watch type boxes and selected this one cause it did not have a magnet and was a good price. It also looks very nice and is solid. The only complaint I have and it should be temporary is that the box smells like what I am assuming are chemicals and/or its materials. It kind of has a new car smell which is nice unless you realize it is basically chemicals, etc... I aired it out a few days and it was a bit better, but 3 weeks and it is still there slightly. I just do not want some of my nice leather banded watches losing the leather smell, but doubt they will. I would definitely recommend this box, very nice.!

Sooyee 128 Holes 5 Tiers Acrylic Earrings Holder 2 Doors Foldable Necklace Hanging Jewelry Organizer Double Sided Stand Display,Clear Review:

I have a mild earring obsession and had ran out of room of where to store them all. So I decided that I needed a earring holder. I looked all around and never could find one I loved until this one. I didn't know if I really liked it at first but when it arrived I really liked it and am glad I chose it. I move back and forth from a dorm and home and I can just fold it up and pack it up and all my earrings stay in place. It's lightweight and holds tons of earrings. I will say that it kinda stinks that some of my dangly ones are too long and overlap the others (to be expected) so I wish there was more space between each row but that is really not a huge deal.