Best Maternity Special Occasion Dresses in 2022

Last update: November 25, 2022

Off Shoulder Maternity Gown for Photo Shoots Review:

For my last-minutely scheduled maternity photos, this dress turned out to be ideal! It fit reasonably well and was still long enough when it was delivered on schedule. I am between 150 and 155 lbs and 5'4" tall. Because of my tummy, I was concerned that a small might be see-through and too short (I was 28 weeks 6 days when the pictures were taken). Overall, it was cosy and fit great! Although I would have preferred it to have slightly tighter sleeves, generally I am extremely happy!cropped images are included that only display the dress.

Banetteta Mermaid Maternity Gown for Photography Baby Shower Review:

This dress came out quite nicely. I'm 178 pounds at 37 weeks pregnant and 5'5 and a half tall in the picture. in a MEDIUM size. The dress didn't smell the nicest when I first opened it. I used poor washing detergent and washed it on delicate all by myself. I dried it for 20 minutes at medium heat on permanent press. It didn't dry, though. On a door or shower curtain rod, I had to keep it hanging very high. Even after 24 hours, it wasn't completely dry. In the image, the chest region is truly moist. For the photograph, we used the iPhone X's portrait mode and vibrant warm filter. The fabric is really soft and cotton-like. not in any way smooth. More than you might believe, it's also quite hefty, but that kind of made it strong for our doors. Definitely a wise purchase.

JustVH Maternity Off Shoulder Chiffon Gown Long Sleeve Front Split Maxi Photography Dress Review:

I suddenly realized that I needed a "gown" for a pregnancy photo shoot, so I automatically looked to Prime. Actually, I was surprised to see a choice. I had to order the cobalt blue at the photographer's request for the pictures.came shortly. The smallest size was requested, and it fit well. Excellent price for something that was probably going to get ruined after just one use (ocean/beach shoot).Pictures capture the cobalt blue *beautifully*. I searched endlessly through Victoria's Secret's "cheeky" line in search of the perfect bottom. They cost around $11.Since the top material is stretchy and off the shoulder, you'll require a strapless bra.Due to the way it billows in the wind, the lower part looks stunning in photographs.

MARI CIAS Women's Fishtail Ruched Maternity Dresses Short Sleeve Bodycon Dress Review:

I really adore how soft the material is for me. My tummy isn't too huge, but I can tell that this dress will fit me perfectly for the next three months.

KIM S Maternity Party Dress, Glitter Dress for Special Occasions Review:

For my shower, I adored this dress! You have a decent chance of making the right choice thanks to the sizing chart. I purchased the pink and gold, but I preferred the gold. I'm considering getting it in black for a possible upcoming Christmas party. The dress is quite comfy, and the inside has a wonderfully goofy feeling. I did dress in pregnancy shapewear—long shorts of the type—and a daily bra. I did this more so because I thought it would smooth out the dimple around my belly button. The ONLY drawback is that jewelry will catch it, so you must make sure that your jewelry is polished. However, I genuinely washed and dried it and then simply clipped the tiny snags off such that once it was on again, you couldn't see them. It didn't leave any holes or other damage. In any case, $20 is a great deal! I'm 26 weeks pregnant, 5'6", my waist is 46" in the picture, and I weigh around 190 pounds right now.

JustVH Maternity Chiffon Off Shoulder Gown Front Split Maxi Photoshoot Photography Dress Review:

After being so undecided, I took a gamble and purchased this for my maternity shoot. Despite being quite sheer, my photographer was able to retouch the photos. The back was particularly lengthy and the perfect length. I wore nipple covers because the top was a touch see-through, and it worked. I didn't anticipate the top to be lacy, but it looks classy. Excellent value for a shooting gear! I chose a medium based on the reviews because I am 190 pounds and 32 weeks pregnant, and it fits me perfectly.

KIM S Maternity Party Dress, Glitter Dress for Special Occasions Review:

I'm delighted I got this dress in a larger size. In my final couple of months, there is still plenty of room to grow without being constricted. The fabric's shimmer is a result of the presence of silver threads running through it. albeit a little scratchy Furthermore, the material is quite thin, so your underwear can be visible. If you get the champagne version of this dress, make sure you have nude underwear! Be careful because it also snags easily.

Liu & Qu Women’s Maternity Short Sleeve Dress Irregular Lace Stitching Casual Knee Length Dresses Review:

Okay, let's start with some sizing details. I am presently 30 weeks pregnant, 5'7", 162 pounds, and have a bust size of about 37. I largely kept with my pre-pregnancy shopping size when I got this dress in a medium, and so far it has worked out great for me. The lovely length ends just above the knee. It's made of a rather soft, t-shirt-like material that isn't overly elastic but still provides adequate room for growth. The lace has some apparent faults, but they are minor and won't be seen unless you are holding it in your hand. The edges might also use some additional trimming. If you were wondering, this dress is not raunchy. It's the perfect weight for a spring or fall dress because it's neither too heavy nor too light and breezy.

JustVH Maternity Off Shoulder Ruffles Elegant Fitted Gown Spaghetti Strap Mermaid Maxi Photography Dress for Photoshoot Review:

I adore the outfit. I just got my dress earlier this week at 34 weeks and 4 days pregnant. It works nicely. Since the dress' bottom is long and sort of moves on its own, I would advise purchasing spanx to wear underneath. Although I dislike how my arms and breast look in a strapless bra, one wasn't necessary for this dress. I simply slid my straps down a little to conceal them, and the ruffles on the arm wonderfully disguised my arms! I'll shortly post maternity photos as an update. At 38 weeks, the photos were taken. Still works perfectly. The color was originally magenta, but for personal reasons, my photographer changed it to a more red hue.