Best Hair Color Developers in 2020

Wella Koleston Perfect 6 Percent Creme Developer, 33.8 Ounce Review:

see review I wrote for the Blondor Extra Cool bleach/toner...pretty nice as developers go. Didn't use on scalp initially but did use this later with a Wella toner and liked the smell and condition a little better than when I've used others in past. Nice but pretty pricey in comparison...just wanted to use all that was recommended as they're made to work together! Still much cheaper than the salon and I've got tons left as I did highlights...even after two attempts at toning...and different strand tests too.

Schwarzkopf Professional Blonde Me Premium Developer Oil Formula 33.8 oz/1000ml (6% ; 20 Volume) Review:

Incredible product!! I've always been a sallys quick blue user...but no more! This product delivers quick even processing while keeping the hair in good shape. Took my daughter 7 levels in the first application from black to that almost banana shade...was so excited to finally find a bleach that smells great..feels good in the hair and does what is promises without leaving you with strawlike hair after processing. I was able to achieve a beautiful platinum grey right after this bleaching session and I couldn't be happier with it!! Love my Blonde Me!! One important note...ordering the blondme developer that goes along with the bleach is an absolute must....dont make the mistake of trying to use an Ion or wella developer with won't get the result you're looking for. Also, I processed my daughter's black hair for 45mins ..after application ...worked like a charm❤

L'Oreal Oreor 30 Volume Creme Developer, 16 Ounce Review:

I used this with L'Oreal Quick Blue Powder Bleach. It did a good job lightening my hair, I think any dark spots were more of an operator error than anything. It takes practice to do it right, especially if you have a lot of hair. I was able to go from a medium-dark brown (3 or 4) to about a medium-light blonde (7 or 8) in about an hour. I also bought the 20 volume developer for toning and future root applications because I trust this brand.

People are shocked when I tell them how little you have to spend to bleach your own hair. For around $25 bucks, you can buy yourself Developer, Powder, a Brush and Bowl set, and some rubber gloves (you NEED gloves, trust me!). That will buy you enough bleach applications to last you indefinitely. You may also want to invest in some professional foils, but I've used regular aluminum foil with success.

Learning to bleach your own hair is definitely worth it, but there is a learning curve. Make sure to bleach the ends first and leave your roots for last, or there will be a noticeable disparity in color from root to ends! Also, don't try to apply bleach to huge sections of your hair, or you risk missing some spots on the inside of each large section. Instead, take your time and apply to smaller sections so that you can apply the bleach evenly.

L'Oreal Oreor Creme 40 Volume Developer, 16 Ounce Review:

This helped me to lighten the tips of the tines on a whitetail european mount after I stained the antlers too dark. It didn't work quickly, which was fine. I would apply it to the top inch of the tines and let it sit for 24 hours. Then I'd rinse it off and reapply for 24 hours. It took several days to get the tips lightened. However, I had used an oil based stain on the antlers so that would probably explain why it took so long. I now know not to use oil based stain on antlers because it becomes very permanent when applied to a porous material like antlers.

L'Oreal Oreor 20-Volume Creme Developer, 16 Ounce Review:

if you're scared tp bpeach your hair, but need tp finally jump in, i recpmmend this product. It does lighten hair slowly, but if you're still learning how to color your hair you are going to want to start slow. i did not want to damage my hair. this product helped minimize possible damage. my hair is black brown. it turned a dark browny orange the first time, but i was still impressed with how much it lightened. im still learning how to even things correctly because my hair was splotchy. roots will lighten easier because roots are newer hair. my roots came out decently well after two bleachings. my strands came out better after 3. i bleached my hair once a week. after 3 my hair is close to a golden mustard yellow.

Manic Panic Flash Lightning Hair Bleach Kit (2-Pack) 40 Volume Cream Developer Hair Lightener Kit: Light, Medium Or Dark Brown & Black Hair Color, Hair Bleach Powder Lifts up to 7 Levels of Lightening Review:

Great! I have dyed my hair before with other products but found really pleasant results doing it with this one.

So this is the 40 Level developer kit. It comes with gloves, hair plastic cap, bleach powder, 40 level cream developer peroxide.
I mistakenly bought the Manic Panic dye kit that comes with gloves and hair cap, but this one comes with it inside!

It comes with enough to cover short hair, I would advise if you have long or lot of hair, to get two of these.
I used about a third of the product only for my front part, (Picture attached), but I'm sure it would have been enough to dye all my hair.

PROS: It doesn't damage your hair as other products I used past years.

CONS: just enough for short hair

Goldwell Topchic Lotion 20 Volume Developer 32 oz. Review:

I've been using this for years with my Goldwell hair dye and have had numerous compliments about the color and shine of my hair. I love this developer because it is creamy and not runny so it's easy to apply because it stays on my hair instead of running off like water. I do not need to use a brush to apply my dye - just a squeeze bottle. Love it!

Manic Panic Flash Lightning Hair Bleach Kit 40 Volume. Review:

I have very long, very dark hair and was terrified of bleaching it. I thought it might turn out orange, or get all fried and break off. Or both. So I only used it on parts of my hair, going for a crazy streaked look.
But it worked great, and ended up lighter that I was expecting it to; I ended up with shades from caramel to cream. It was fun to go partially blond! Next time I'll be braver and leave it on a bit longer.
My hair felt like brittle plastic when I first rinsed the bleach out, but when I conditioned it, my hair GOBBLED up that conditioner! And felt pretty amazing right away. Would absolutely buy this again.

Hair Coloring Wax, Gold Disposable MOFAJANG Instant Matte Hairstyle Mud Cream Hair Pomades for Kids Men Women to Cosplay Nightclub Masquerade Transformation Review:

It definitely worked.

OVERALL FEEL & EXPERIENCE: Had to give my hair some rest time in between uses. Wasn't 100% convinced about the "naturalness" of this product. My hair didn't necessarily feel chalky or dry, but it didn't feel moisturized or refreshed.

To emphasize tho, you WILL be able to feel this product in your hair. And you will be able to notice the difference between the sections that have product, and the sections that don't.

It's a heavy product. Almost feels like a clay face mask. As someone with type 3 hair, I would suggest applying this product little by little. Gradually add in to avoid your curls being weighed down (if that matters), and to get a cleaner look once it dries.

THE SMELL: The smell isn't bad. It's very subtle. As a guy, I didn't mind at all. But it's very much a masculine smell. That type of musky, amber type.

THE COLOR: I have close to black hair. The color did show, but it wasn't as intense as you would think. The more product, the more color payoff. On the downside, your hair probably won't feel the greatest.

YES/NO?: If you're looking for a temporary change, go for it. Live your best life. I wouldn't suggest trying to leave this in your hair until your next wash day. You could get maybe 2 or 3 days max til you get that itchy feel to wash it out.

If you're really worried about hair health, might want to think it over and do some more research. If you're willing, to spend some more money, you can find better, healthier products elsewhere.