Best DJ CD Player Bags & Cases in 2020

Decksaver Impact Resistant Cover for DS-PC-ELECTRIBE2 Review:

Price aside, this product really is perfect. And even the steep cost is worth it after the first spill is avoided or the first knob is saved.

I wasn't going to review this product, but I felt compelled to after spilling water all over my sampler with 0 damage done. The fit is perfect, the protection is more than satisfactory, and it even looks good on the unit- not like a dorky piece of safety gear. I feel better about traveling with the unit in a laptop bag, or leaving it set up on the coffee table without having to fret over dust, pet hair, and the odd spilled drink.

Decksaver Protective Cover for Technics SL-1200/1210 and Pioneer PLX-1000 Review:

This fits my Techniques 1200 MK2's like a glove. I was so impressed, especially after reading some misleading reviews about fit.

I read someone questioning the design of the central indentation as if it had no purpose. It has a valley in the center. This obviously serves an important purpose of making the dust cover sturdier. It's like a polycarbonate I-beam down the center. It's a structural aspect of the design and is needed to strengthen the cover.

The cover is an upgrade from the originals.

It's impossible to scratch effectively with the hinged covers unless you submit to disco style. And would that be cool? I don't think so

Gator Cases GK-1610 Gig Bag for Micro Keyboards and Controllers, 16 x 10x 3-Inches Review:

Amazon reviews said this bag would hold a Line 6 POD HD500x. That is true, but it fits like a fat person in spandex walking around Walmart. It has to be wedged in and the zippers are straining. Its not an elegant, "place the POD in the bag, zip and go" thing. You have to slide the POD in a particular way, then work around the edges to get it zipped. No room to spare at all, just like those Yoga pants at Walmart.

The external pocket does have room for the required cables and even for a couple of spares, just in case. It does do what it needs to for me, and Gator never said it was for a POD, else I'd give it 2 Stars. I just want future buyers to have realistic expectations. If you want to fit your POD easily in the bag, spend the extra $20 bucks or so and get the purpose built Line 6 POD bag.

All in all its an OK bag for the POD but an extra 1/2 inch would be nice.

Decksaver Impact Resistant Cover for DS-PC-XDJRX Review:

I liked how it fit my controller in my Odyssey case. I had to modify my foam inserts in the case to allow it to close with the decksaver on. It was worth the effort because now I have extra protection when I travel to my events. I really wanted to keep dust and dirt off the top of the controller when it's not in use. I can use a duster after use and put the decksaver right on top and be worry free from damaging XDJ-RX in transport. I just think the price is high, they would sell more if they added a promo code for working DJs. 25% would make it a big selling point to us. I am happy that I purchased it for peace of mind and it does what I need it to do. Prevent damage and dust from collecting while not in use, when the case is open or closed.

MAGMA DDJ-SX2/RX CTRL (47996) Hardshell Case for Pioneer SX2 and DDJ-RX Review:

This case fits perfect with my DDJ-SX2. Nice and rugged feeling while not adding too much weight as a flight case would. I also purchased a Decksaver for my DDJ-SX2 hoping my decksaver would fit in the case with the SX2. Having the decksaver on it while using the Case does fit a little snug but I’m sure it will loosen up a little over time seeing as the case is brand new.

I Returned my SX2 and purchased a SX3. The case works as good as it did with the SX3.

BUBM Professional DJ Backpack, Travel Gear Carry bag Compatible with Pioneer DDJ SX,DDJ-SX2, DDJ -RX Performance DJ Controller, Laptop and Accessories, Quality Made Review:

I use a Pioneer DDJ SX3, this fits my controller, my laptop, "the grid" power strip by tech life, 2 10' xlr cables, 2 15' xlr cables, multiple power cables, and multiple croma connection cables. This thing holds everything!!! The best part about it is that it has backpack straps on it and it helps so much when your loading/unloading for a gig and getting your equipment into and out of the venues.


2 Odyssey Black Label FZCDJBL Universal ATA DJ Flight Cases for Large CD Players Review:

I have used these for my Nexus 2000s and XDJ 1000 MK2s, and they give me such peace of mind guarding my babies from the elements en route to gigs. They also keep everything safely elevated from the inevitable spilling of unauthorized drinks set on the Dj booth by drunk patrons. They’re lighter and more comfortable to carry than my old knock-off pelican cases, which is great when you have to tote them for 1/2 a mile from your car. Plus you really can’t beat the sleek all-black aesthetic.

Magma CTRL Case XDJ-RX/XDJ-RX2 Fits Pioneer XDJ-RX and XDJ-RX2 DJ Controllers Review:

It’s very light weight and easy to fit if your like me right now and have a small car. My only issue is that it somewhat caves in where it zips up over time. The material itself has also torn up on places, so if your looking for something really durable I’d say go with the heavy duty case.

Professional Bubm Protector 15'' Laptop Bag For Pioneer DDJ DJ Lite SB 2 3 SB2 DJ 400 DJ 800 RB Controller Macbook Travel bag SB3 Review:

Just got it this morning. This is my Mum's account but I am a mobile DJ and I needed a gig bag. I am happy that it fits my DDJ-SB2, 15" laptop and accessories. The packaging was sufficient. I am a satisfied customer, thank you!