Best Cross-Stitch Aida Cloth in 2020

KCS 19" x 28" 14CT Counted Cotton Aida Cloth Cross Stitch Fabric (Grey) Review:

Really beautiful colour, excellent quality. Arrived quickly. Very stiff but does soften with soaking and use. And they include a little cross stitch pattern which I think is a really nice touch.

Pllieay 14 Count Big Size Classic Reserve Aida Cloth White Cross Stitch Fabric, 59 x 39 Inch Review:

I like the large size and the price was definitely a factor in my purchase. I used it for a large design I purchased. The packaged cross stitch fabric that comes with most designs and that is generally available is in smaller sizes and would not have worked for the intended project. Thrilled that I will have plenty left over for future cross stitching.

Caydo 4 Pieces Classic Reserve Aida Cloth Cross Stitch Cloth, 12 by 18-Inch, White, 14 Count Review:

Bought this to make some small cross stitch designs to sell in my Etsy Shop. The price was good. The quality is very good. When I received them they were very stiff. I cut them in half for my designs. They soften up with use. Since they are stiff it takes a little work to get them in a hoop but once they are in the stiffness makes it very easy to stitch through. After stitching I always wash and iron the finished pieces. Washing them takes away the rest of the stiffness and ironing them gets rid of any wrinkles from washing. The finished product is great. I am very happy with this purchase.

Caydo 8 Pieces 14 Count Classic Reserve Aida Cloth Cross Stitch Cloth, White, 12 Inch x 18 Inch Review:

This cloth is great! This company is great. Will only be buying my supplies through them in the future. My cloth even came in individual protectors. I’m so happy with my order :)

Caydo 3 Pieces Large Size Linen Needlework Fabric for Garment Craft, Flower Pot Decoration and Tablecloth, 62 by 19 Inch Review:

I just got this and haven’t used it yet. It’s YERY stiff for linen and probably best for freestyle embroidery on a hoop or other such stretching device. It is not even weave therefore not suitable for Blackwork or counted work. But the fabric is lovely and has a number of applications. Try it straight from the package or was out the starch and sizing. The sewing is never bad. It is the sewer!😂🐒

Similane 6 Pieces Aida Cloth 14 Count Cross Stitch Fabric, White, 12 by 18-Inch Review:

I was totally shocked at the pricing and quality .You're not going to get six ,12x18 pieces of Aida cloth nowhere for 99 cents a pop .I actually don't understand the bad reviews here. If you've worked with Aida cloth a lot you would know the cloth can start out a bit stiff .Unless your using more higher end fabric or higher priced brands of fabric. So, it's not usual for Aida cloth to be a bit stiff and then looses up after working with it.I rather have my cloth a bit stiff because it holds up better on my scroll bars. Plus, I frame a lot of my work for gifts to family so the stiffness is a plus factor for me.I will be buying from this seller again being someone who sew a lot.

Caydo 2 Pieces 2 Colors Linen Needlework Fabric for Garment Craft, 62 by 19 Inch Review:

I don’t sew or do needlepoint, do why did I order this product? I use this linen as grill fabric to restore vintage speakers. It’s not usually an exact match, but it’s close enough and looks good.

I deducted one star due to how the cloth is packaged. Since it is folded, it arrives with creases. Yeah, I know ironing isn’t a big deal and I’ve done my share. But darn it, I’m a man and I have better things to do than look for the freakin’ iron!

If the seller would simply roll the fabric it would make my life SO much easier. I don’t even know if my iron has a linen setting!