Best Jewelry Making Kits in 2020

B. Toys - (500-Pcs) Pop Snap Bead Jewelry - DIY Jewelry Kit for Kids Review:

This craft kit is a wonderful way to bring out the creativity in a child with brightly colored beads in many distinct shapes and sizes. The beads easily pop together to make chains for necklaces. The 275 pieces come in a handy, heavy plastic container with an easy to open screw top and handle for transporting. The kit also has preformed bracelet and ring components that make it super easy to just add a few beads and other similar items and "viola" a lovely and vibrant piece of childrens' jewelry in minutes.

I personally love the variety of colors and shapes of all the beads which when "popped" together make lovely strands for necklaces and bracelets. It is not only a great tool for creativity, but also enables the child to discover what colors he or she prefer as well as being a tool which helps the child figure out how to connect pieces properly and with their own flair. (Some of the beads are a bit more complicated than others and require more developed thought processes.).

My only problem is that I wish the tiny book that hangs around the top of the container was bigger and had more ideas for making various styles of jewelry. The child is really on their own, and for the younger children, let's say four to six years old, it might be beneficial, especially if there is not an adult around, to have some kind of guide to follow until they get used to using the beads in their own individual ways.

I would recommend this Jewelry Kit, but I would also say that the younger children need some supervision when using this product. I truly wish there was an instruction pamphlet that came with this kit.

justBe Charm Bracelet Making Kit DIY Craft European Bead Silver Plated Snake Chain Jewelry Gift Set for Girls Teens Review:

Hi Andy. Our granddaughter opened the charm bracelet kit yesterday on her birthday. She & a friend immediately went to a quiet space and later came out with their gorgeous self made bracelets. They loved them! At 10 years old she did a great job creating the bracelets with no adult help. She asked for another kit for Christmas! I hope you offer a different variety of charms. Thanks for a great product!

BEADSMITH-One Step Looper Tool Review:

I have injuries in my hands, so this little tool is a god send. I've started making rosaries recently and just love the ones made with chain. If I had to do it all by hand, it would take me weeks. When I use this tool, it just takes a couple of hours and saves me so much hand cramping and stain. It easily makes beautiful and consistent loops every time. It saves me money too, because I can just buy wire and make my own eye pins. Once you get the hang of it, it makes really professional looking stuff. I recommend using 20 Gauge wire with this tool. It helps reduce the slight gap in the loop when you make it.

I want to address an issue people have been having with this tool. many people have mentioned that when you use it there is a quite noticeable space between the bead and the second loop. This is true. However, I have developed a little technique to reduce that gap greatly. It takes a little more time, but the results are very nice. open the first loop by about 1mm before you make the second loop. I know a lot of people don't like the open loop but I need to do it anyway to connect the beads together. Here is a detailed breakdown of what I do:

You Will Need:

-The 1 Step Looper
-Wire or an eye pin
-Round nose pliers or rosary pliers


1) make 1 loop using your wire or just grab an eye pin
2) Using the pliers, twist open that first loop so it's offset by about 45 degrees from it's original position. *This is super important because this allows your bead to butt right up against the curve of the loop and helps compensate the space needed to make the second loop.*
3) Position your wired bead to make the second loop. Be sure to press it right up against the left pincer that molds the loops. * it helps to lift the bead and wire away from the back slightly so you get get it flush with the pincer. I also recommend using a shorter wire so you don't have to thread it through the other end of the pliers. This lets you maneuver the bead easily*
4) Press the pliers to make the second loop.
5) Use round nose pliers to close and adjust the loops

I find the simple act of opening the first loop by 45 degrees shifting up the bead into the opened loop makes all the difference. Also make sure you butt the bead right up against the left pincer as well. This really helps in making a snug fit with the second loop. It does take a bit of practice, but it works great every time! I hope this helps someone out.

To conclude, I love this tool greatly. It allows a wounded noob like me to make really professional looking jewelry with a little amount of practice. I Can't recommend this tool enough!

Northern Response Presents Precious Pearl by My Inspirations, Cultured Pearl in Oyster Necklace Kit Pendant with Rhodium Plated Chain 20 Inch Review:

1 item i did recieve but havent opened it yet.
The 2nd item i didnt recieved what i paid for. I order the paw pendant and recieved the angle wings on a key. The box however has the barcode sticker for paw so i could understand the mistake. However my kid hates it cause her heart was set on the paw.
This was going to be my test run to see if i like the product before buying them as party favors. Now i cant trust getting the items, i want.
There is an option to return to be replace with the same item but. i can reorder the paw but still get the angle wings on the key. So im stuck.
I thought with all these good reviews ment it was a good product but lack quality control
Now I have a disappointed kid !!

Return policy was fast, easy, no questions asked. 2 days later I got the Paw pendant that my daughter wanted.
Both item are of good quality !!

Paxcoo Jewelry Making Supplies Kit - Jewelry Repair Tool with Accessories Jewelry Pliers Jewelry Findings and Beading Wires for Adults and Beginners Review:

My daughter has pretty Medic Alert bracelets with pink beads. Not only did they cost around $30 each, but they cost just as much to repair. (They seem to last around 8-10 months.) Not to mention that a jeweler wants weeks to repair a bracelet she needs to be wearing! And they don't make them anymore, probably because they kept breaking.

Anyway, we had two broken ones. I decided to buy a jewelry repair kit. I mean, seriously, my daughters have used plenty of bead kits to make their own kid jewelry. How hard could it be? Turns out, plenty hard! I now know why the repair cost is so high. I know it was my first time, but it took me at least an hour to repair both bracelets. But I did it! I saved money and learned a valuable skill for the future. I am now confident that I can repair future broken bracelets and some necklaces.

- It would have been easier if I had had more light.
- And occasionally a second pair of hands.
- I was wearing my reading glasses, but a good standing magnifier would have been a real plus.

- It got the job done.

- The kit stinks to high heaven. After I was done with it, I rewrapped it in the plastic it came in. It was just that bad.
- Some of the items (tweezers and measuring tape) were sticky.
- The tweezers had some grease stains. I started wondering if I had gotten a used kit!
- There is no tool included for cutting the wire! I tried using the thicker wire, but my sturdiest scissor wouldn't cut through it. I was able to cut through the wire in the little plastic bag, but my first cuts were not perfect - and you need them to be perfect to thread stuff through.

PP OPOUNT Jewelry Findings Set Jewelry Making Kit Jewelry Findings Starter Kit Jewelry Beading Making and Repair Tools Kit Pliers Silver Beads Wire Starter Tool Review:

Yes! I'm pleased. I'm happy with my purchase! Quit emailing me!

The truth is this thing is a bargain. I was looking at the components. I needed (okay...wanted) a couple items, that actually would've cost more if I'd have purchased them separately, so everything else is a bonus. The jump ring tool alone has made this a worthwhile purchase. I didn't think I really did enough work with jump rings to warrant buying one; I was wrong.

The needle nose pliers feel better in my hand than the pair I already had, it kinda has that wimpy feel to it, like they might not last forever, but they do the job very well for now. You can never have too many pairs of needle nose pliers right? I haven't used the wires and strings and such, but since the jewelry kit with all those findings came in on the same day as a bag of pewter charms, I decided to put it to the test. Just for grins immade my sister a pair of six shooters for her ear holes. It was easy and a lot of fun. I was just screwing around, but whilst looking for something else I found an exact duplicate of those earrings on etsy for $24! I think we're on to something...

Caydo 24 Pieces Leather Earring Making Kit Include Instructions, 4 Kinds of Faux Leather Sheet and Tools for Earrings Craft Making Supplies, 6.3 '' x 8.3 '' Review:

I purchased this to cut with the silhouette cameo 3 for earrings and I’m not able to cut it. Can you tell me what setting I should use and what blade?
Thank you
Jean Giddings

Update I purchased a ratchet blade, deep blade didn’t cut. Settings 10 blade, speed 1, pressure 22, 3 passes, I was able to cut the leather. The thinner glitter I did everything the same except 1 pass. I haven’t tried the thicker glitter.
The company got back to me and they don’t use silhouette for cutting. So they weren’t able to help with settings. I was very please that the got back to me.