Best Computer Printer Trays in 2020

Brother Printer LT6500 Tray Review:

First off, if your Brother printer only has a 250-sheet capacity paper tray, you need this (it also comes in handy if you use both letter- and legal-size paper frequently and don't want to hassle with the front feeder). Second, it couldn't be simpler to install. You'll need at least two people (three if your printer is on the heavy side) - one (or two) of you to lift the printer up, and one to slide the new tray underneath and guide into place. Snap. You're done. Then on your computer, open up the printer options for the Brother printer and tell it there's a second tray now. Love it.

Brother Printer LT330CL Optional Lower Paper Tray - Retail Packaging Review:

the instructions that came with it for Windows setting was borderline useless and the reply from Brother was an echo of what came in the instructions packet. Microsoft customer support gave me the info I needed for Windows 10 Pro-64 and now it's humming right along. Great addition being I have to used different colors of paper on what I'm mailing out.

Canon Lasers AF-1 Optional Paper Cassette Printer Feeder Review:

Works great and has a super high paper capacity. My only complaint is that it was delivered after my printer, which I had already installed at my office several days prior. Beware that you need to install the extra paper drawer BEFORE configuring the printer on your network or there will be no way to select "Drawer 2" when printing. I couldn't figure out what was going on, then after I uninstalled the printer driver from each computer and re-installed it, it recognized the second paper drawer.

Brother Printer LT340CL Optional Lower Paper Tray - Retail Packaging Review:

So I bought 2 of these. First thing to note, this cannot hold Legal sized paper. It can hold letter and the longest paper it can hold is A4. This was not a big deal, I put the legal paper into the tray that comes with the printer. But you should be aware of this, and nothing on the product description seems to mention it.

Second, the first added tray, it becomes Tray 2, works great with Letter paper. There is no muss/fuss. Super easy to set up. However, when I added the second additional tray, it becomes Tray 3, and load it with A4 paper. The margins on print outs seem to be misaligned by 1/16th of an inch to the right on all print outs. Not the end of the world, but a touch annoying.

I'm not sure if this is a function of it being the lowest tray (perhaps if load it with the letter paper instead, things will be better aligned), or a function of feeding A4 paper, but it is what it is.

Overall, it's a no brainer addition if you want to add one tray. Not so sure about the second. This more narrow tray might be able to do Legal size, and perhaps it would work better, even though it only holds 250pages instead of 500, as the 2nd added tray:

Inkjet PVC Card Tray for Canon J Tray Printers - Canon PIXMA MX922, MG7720, MG5420, MG7120, iP7230, and More Review:

 This tray works wonderfully, so I do want to give it props and five stars for functioning as it should. My ONLY issue with the dang J Tray is the lack of freaking instructions for it with a MacBook Pro! I searched far and wide, close and narrow and Googled the life out of what to do and I came up nearly emptied handed. It took me two hours of looking to figure out something that would have only taken 8 mins to explain. I've never used a J Tray before and the same day I got the Tray and pvc cards was the same day I got the printer. So I was trying to learn both, but the vast majority of the instructions available are for Windows. If you're having troubles like I was, I've attached a video on exactly what to do to print out your PVC ID cards. I printed out the samples from Brainstorm just so I'd know how to work it and now that I've figured it out, it only takes a couple minutes to set up and print.

It’s frustrating that there are no clear instructions available for those of us who don’t know what they are doing. If you have a New MacBook Pro or any Mac that doesn't have the CD slot, there are other pieces that you will need to make this work.

If you already downloaded all the drivers and what not, you have a Mac and you already have a pretty good idea of what you may be doing, here is a list of the things you will need:

- Canon PIXMA MX922
- Canon Printer USB cord
- USB-C to USB adapter
- Inkjet PVC Cards
- Canon J Tray

Inkjet PVC Card Tray for Canon PIXMA TS8000 and TS9000 Series Printers (Canon M Tray Printers) by Brainstorm ID Review:

We have been making stupid laminated paper ID cards for years and, on a whim, looked into cheap solutions for PVC cards. Sure enough, inkjet PVC is dead simple with this tray and the results look better than any on-site-thermal-printed PVC cards I've seen for a tiny fraction of the cost. The photos are a little blurry, but the cards aren't in person. I have printed tiny barcodes and QR codes with no issues, you really need a magnifying glass to notice any blurred ink.

I always print cards "full bleed" with pretty generous colors on the edges. This means that it will deposit ink onto the tray. But you can wipe the tray clean with a tissue or paper towel (ideally slightly moistened - I use lens wipes when I'm completely finished just to clean off any residue I didn't catch earlier, just make sure to use them on your glasses BEFORE you use them on the tray). So don't panic about bleed. Make a 2.25" x 3.5" image, center it on the printable area, and it will print right to the edge of the cards. Don't worry about printing ink onto the tray - the calibration print is designed to do just that anyway. I mean, sure, you waste a little ink, but a full bleed card looks so much more professional compared to one with white edges. Just make sure you have the card fully aligned into the tray, otherwise the edges won't be printed properly.

Also, Brainstorm offers a kit with a TS9120, 100 cards, and the tray for $200, but you can get a TS8120 for $55, this tray for $20, and 100 cards for $18, coming out to only $93. (This tray will also work with other inkjet PVC cards - I have some NFC and magstripe ones too.) Compare that to any $500-1000 thermal printer. The TS8120 will do just fine and doubles as a photo printer.

Printing certainly takes longer (roughly around a minute per card) but if you're doing small batches, who cares? Once printed, the only way to tell the difference between inkjet and thermal PVC is by feeling the cards, because they feel a little tacky, almost like they're very slightly rubberized. The only way you could avoid that is by getting an overlay sticker - they make some generic security holographic ones but the reviews say they are smaller than the card, which is lame. But I issue plastic ID card holders with clips (that are an order of magnitude more expensive than the cards themselves...) so you never feel them anyway. I haven't noticed any major scratches that have damaged the cards, so I can't testify as to their ability to hold up compared to thermal cards, but I use the holders anyway just because they're convenient.

I've started printing off various cards just for fun for friends too... this thing is a goldmine, I can charge them $5 for a card that costs me 18 cents! Awesome little tool with incredible potential, well worth the money.

HP Laserjet Pro M404dn (W1A53A) with Additional 550-Sheet Feeder Tray (D9P29A) Review:

I have worked in the IT industry for over 17 years (and even longer as the "family computer guy") and have come across a multitude of printers: Canon, Lexmark, Epson, Brother, Konica, HP, Ricoh, and all have their Pros and Cons. One thing is common, however: HP is the most widely used in the business world and for good reasons!

So, how does this monochrome (black and white-only printing) HP LJ Pro M404dw fare? Pretty well!

- Crisp, sharp print quality for text and graphics
- Fast print speed (up to 40 ppm)
- Compact, sturdy, and professional looking
- Printing options: WiFi, WiFi Direct (device directly connected to printer), Ethernet wired network,or USB cable printing. M404dn model lacks the WiFi/WiFi Direct options
- Can print directly from mobile devices (both Android and Apple iOS) either through the HP Smart app or from other apps that support mobile printing
- Easy WiFi configuration by downloading the HP Smart app (Apple iOS/Android)
- Duplex printing (prints on both sides) for supported sizes (letter, legal, executive, etc)
- Advanced network and security configuration available (partially through the HP Smart app, and completely through a web browser interface)
- Tray 1 opens on the front for checks/envelopes/manual feeding
- Tray 2 holds paper for 250-sheet feeding, and a Tray 3 can be purchased
- Works with HP 550-sheet feeder tray D9P29A
- HP Smart app effortlessly detected the printer, guiding you through configuration, usage, and provides statistical data
- Came with USB cable
- AirPrint: Apple Mac compatible
- Google Cloud Print compatible (to set up, the printer will waste 2 sheets: one with instructions and another to confirm setup was completed)
- Extended replacement toner available for VERY high capacity printing
- Quiet mode (prints more quietly at the expense of speed), though I did not find the normal mode to be noisy
- Configurable, automatic power on/off/sleep modes
- Fairly light weight at 19 lbs

- Replacement toners are EXPENSIVE (HP 58A 3,000-pg capacity and HP 58X 10,000-pg capacity)
- Did not include a network/Ethernet cable

- The software to download for Windows and Mac OS is "HP Easy Start" which you can grab from HP's website
- The software to use on mobile devices (Apple iOS/Android) is "HP Smart"
- You can access the full, complete printer configuration by finding the IP address on the printer (or through the HP apps) and typing it into your web browser

Overall, as with most HP printers, this is a quality, business-class product with the speed and sharpness the LaserJet Pro series is known for. I prefer the HP M404dw (WiFi) model (which costs $50 - $100 more) over the HP M404dn (USB/wired network) for its versatility of not having to be wired to the network, but the HP M404dn (USB/wired network) model is still a good purchase, especially at the current $219 price.

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Canon Office Products PCP-CP400 Paper Cassette Review:

Perfect. Couldn't find mine. Ordered this one and then....dhhhh. Found it but now I have two!