Best Computer Monitor Dust Covers in 2020

Dirtbag Inc. Computer Dust Cover, non woven polyester, 24 hr protection- even while in use, several sizes available 4.5W X 16H Review:

The fabric seems flimsier than the one purchased for the school computer a few years ago. Still, this is much better than nothing. But based on this image, I'll be buying more of these than I expected. Good thing the price is reasonable -- cheaper than the computer and the hassle of reloading the software.

Wanty Black Antistatic Water-proof Dust-proof Nylon Fabric Printer Cover Case Protector for Epson V600 and Canon Canoscan Photo Scanner Review:

I wanted something that looked nice to keep dust off my Epson V600 scanner. This cover fits perfectly and is easy to put on and remove. The handle in the middle of the top seems unnecessary but doesn't hurt anything.

Pawtec Flat Screen Monitor Cover Scratch Resistance Neoprene Full Body Sleeve for LED LCD HD Panel (23 to 25 inches) Review:

This is a another quality product from the folks at Pawtec. The cover is very durable on the outside and really soft on the inside. There is a vertical slit in the middle on the back so your cords and monitor stand don't get in the way of the cover coming all the way down. The fit of the monitor cover is perfect. I look forward to many years of quality protection for my computer monitor. Thanks, Pawtec!

Dust and water resistant silky smooth antistatic vinyl computer CPU dust cover (10W x20H x24D) Review:

Fits my large tall tower easily and with room to spare, rear opened enough so that the plugs are not all covered, covers about the top 8 inches of the rear, rest is open, Hangs down completely, for this tall tower, you can tuck about an inch under neath the bottom of this tower, easy to flip over the tower in one move, when my setup is not in use, it is always covered, believe me dust finds its way into everything. Before, I was using the packaging anti static covers that came with the product, for both my tower and monitor, however, over time that material began to come apart. These covers will cut down on the dust that always finds its way into the tower, the tower has vents on all sides, and 3/4 of the front of the tower, my old computers had two vents and I assume less dust, but newer computers require more vents to cut down on the heat, that can shorten the life of internal components, dust is also a factor that can cause issues, if not controlled. This cover is durable & as thick as a shower curtain liner, and you can tell will last a long time, also has a neat look about it...

HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 / Plus Printer Dust Cover and Premium Protector [Antistatic, Water Resistant, Heavy Duty Fabric, Black] by DigitalDeckCovers Review:

I had the sneeking suspicion that these were a "one size fits all" type design, and I was right. Despite the fact that they have every printer model under the sun listed, as if it is a custom fit piece for each model. However it is a generic somewhat oversized cover that they probably assign to dozens of different printer models - as long as it is not too small.

In any case, it does get the job done (dust protection) and is made of good material, so there is not a lot to complain about.

However it is quite overpriced in my opinion. I base this not only what it is (just nylon fabric sewn into a rectangle), and that it is a generic size made in volume, but also relative to the price of the item it is covering. Many printers these days are less than $150 bucks, making this (at $35) on the order of 20%+ of the cost of the printer. If it was $20 I could see that as being fair I'd estimate the manufacturers cost at an absolute maximum of $4-$8 depending on where it's made.

However these guys seem to be the only game in town (for the most part) and as such they can name their price to a certain degree.

3M Anti-Glare Filter for 24" Widescreen Monitor (16:10) (AG240W1B) Review:

Update: Had this for about a week now and I love it. It seems to have a tinted window effect that lowers the brightness of the screen and has reduced eye fatigue a lot. Must be a combination of anti-glare (using the matte side) and the darker tint since reducing the brightness/contrast of the monitor did not help.

I bought this filter for its glare reducing properties. It has two sides: gloss or matte. The gloss side looks like a mirror and reflects all light. The matte is better defeating glare, but still reflects some light. Actually the LCD monitor I have is better are defeating glare, but not enough. After putting the filter on it has like a car tint effect that reduces a lot of the glare. The dimensions are perfect. Make sure you measure as perfect as possible, and before opening the package use the provided rulers printed on the package to verify your size. The installation is simple with the provided clear adhesive strips. The strips can barely be seen when installed.

1) The closer you are to the monitor the more you will start seeing the privacy filter properties at the edges of the screen. I have a 22" wide screen and at 25" away I can start to see darkening of the edges of the screen.
2) Shake lint off the included cloth before use.
3) For glare, make sure you choose the matte finish out.