Best Combination Nail Base & Top Coats in 2020

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat (3 Pack) Review:

GREATEST fast-drying top coat EVER!!

Seriously...I have tried them ALL, I think. My previous favorite had been OPI's fast drying top coat, but there were two problems with that one: I could practically never find it in stock whenever I was in a store that sold OPI (everyone seemed to be constantly sold out of it!), and second, it's like $9 or something. Which I'd have paid if I literally EVER could find it in stock...

I usually had to resort to Sally Hansen (decent) or Revlon (ok) fast drying top coats, simply because I could find those at a regular drug store -- but they were definitely not as long lasting as OPI.

I finally looked for a solution on Amazon. I'd never heard of those product in my life, but the reviews were great (and seemed not to have been "bought" by the company like so many products on here nowadays). The price is also very good, about the same as those drug store brands.

I was honestly not expecting to be so impressed by the Seche Vite's performance -- the cynical side of me still wondered if those glowing reviews were just paid for with free samples or something. THEY'RE NOT, let me tell you! This stuff rocks. It's actually better than the OPI one, which is a tiny bit less shiny.

It goes on thick (kind of like OPI), so thick that it made me nervous that I'd be left with soft, dent-able nails...but it dried nice and hard. Even with a base coat and two coats of OPI polish. I can use it on my toes not too long before bedtime, and no sheet marks in the morning! I can actually live my life within 10 minutes (to be conservative) of putting this on. I don't have to freeze to death without socks for the rest of the night!

I am really impressed with this stuff, which is why I came back to buy a 3-pack today...I'm giving one to my mom, because I know she is going to love it! :-)

I don't even have time to write a review today, but I wanted to write one anyway -- I am rarely this impressed with a product. I'm 100% confident that almost anybody would love this stuff. So glad I don't have to search in vain for OPI fast drying top coat on empty shelves at Ulta anymore!! :-D

(I've never tried any other Seche Vite products, so I have no clue how they are combined with the top coat...I never heard of the brand before seeing it on Amazon. I usually use OPI polish and this topcoat, and it rocks!)

Modelones Set Matte Top Coat High Gloss Top Coat Base Coat,No Wipe Top Coat UV LED Gel Nail Polish Nail Lamp Soak Off Varnish 3Pcs 10ml Review:

When I first received this product, only one pot had the safety seal on it and the others had opened and spilled in the box. I contacted Amazon and they sent a replacement. The replacement only had three sealed, but the other pots were full so I decided to bite the bullet. I’m so glad I did. These glitters are BEAUTIFUL. They are very thick, and you really only need one coat for good coverage. I used two and ended up with a bulkier nail but I don’t care. They’re so pretty when they catch the light! I’ve had no issues with curing though they can be a little sticky. I just made sure to wipe them twice after “baked” them a little longer.

Modelones Gel Nail Polish No Wipe Top and Base Coat Set 2x10ml UV LED Soak Off New Upgraded Formula Long-Lasting Gloss and Shiny Finish for Home DIY and Nail Salon… Review:

I just used this for rhe first time last night so I can't speak to durability except to say that I did dishes by hand last night, a ton of yardwork without gloves this morning, and scrubbed the shower this afternoon all before I took the above picture. My manicure shows no sign of chipping even on the edges. I was using a scrubbie to get into the corners of my shower and really pushed it in with my fingertips. A regular polish manicure would certainly not have faired so well. I used this base and topcoat with a cheap brand gel color that I bought from Amazon as well.

I have watched my manicurist do gel nails for a long time and figured for the price of this base and top coat plus the color, I might as well try it myself. If it lasts for two weeks, I'll be extremely happy and I'll save myself $50 a month going to the manicurist.

I love that the top coat is no wipe. It made the process a little faster. This manicure was done with 1 base coat, 2 coats of glitter gel color, and 1 topcoat. I cured each coat for 60 seconds in my LED nail lamp. The whole thing took me 20 minutes. I saved time, saved money, saved gasoline for the drive... I'd say it was worth it so far. If it turns out to suck after a few days, I'll update my review but after what I put my nails through today, I think it's going to work out fine.

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Nail Coat, Clear - .5 oz. oz Review:

Hands down the best fast drying top coat out there. I have been using this for years, and nothing else compares - not OPI, Essie, China Glaze, Formula X - nothing! My nails dry very quickly with this, and I am comfortable doing almost anything after about 10 minutes. Of course, if you do certain activities it may dent your fresh polish, but if you are mindful you'll have no problems. I'm a doctor and don't have much free time, but this top coat really lets me paint my nails as often as I want since it dries so quickly! I tell everyone at work about it when they ask how I keep my nails so nice. It also looks shiny and beautiful, just like manicured gel nails done at the salon!

A few things to know: a thin coat works way better than a thick coat. Less is more with this top coat - just enough to cover your polish. Definitely brush off any extra polish - seriously, use only as much as necessary. The two cons I have with this polish are the price combined with the fact that it becomes thick and goopy quite quickly. It's not cheap, but it works so well I can get over that. However, I can never use a full bottle of this stuff. I paint my nails maybe every 3-4 days and always seal the jar properly. For whatever, reason, it gets quite thick and goopy when about half the bottle is gone, no matter what! It makes it much more difficult to apply. The smell is also quite strong and chemical-y, though I don't mind so much as it disappears quite quickly.

Overall, this will forever be my go-to top coat, even with the cons I talked about above. It's that good!

essie Base Coat Nail Polish, First Base Base Coat, Adhesion + Protection, 0.46 Fl. Oz. Review:

I have spent the past year doing my own manicures and experimenting with different polishes and base and top coats. I am no expert, but here's my conclusions: base coats make a big difference and are a valuable necessary layer. They keep dark colours from bleeding through into the nail bed, smooth out nails so you don't have to file the bed as aggressively, and make polish stick better and last longer. I no longer buy polishes from the supermarket and drug store, and I won't pay Sephora-type places exorbitant prices. For me, the best all round polish and choices of colours and least harmful ingredients, is Zoya. But I like Essie for base and top coats. The top coats dry up and become thick very fast, so you end up replacing them often (boo). It's something to do with their chemical make-up. But I have been using this same Essie First Base Base Coat for an entire year, and am just now replacing the bottle (yay). (Thank you, Amazon, for keeping all my buying records and making it so easy to keep track of purchases.) I have zero complaints about this base coat. This product does everything I mentioned above. There is about 1/5 of the bottle left, yet it has become too thick to use. But one year is pretty phenomenal, especially for a price of about $6.50.

OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener Review:

I just ordered my second bottle, not because the first one is empty, but because I want to make sure I have more once it is! I'm 60 years old and my nails were becoming very brittle. I could reach into the cupboard for a plate and come out with a split nail. It's like they were growing in layers and the top two or three would peel back, leaving a very thin and vulnerable nail. They were very ugly. I wish I'd taken a before picture so you could see. I fish, kayak, garden, do woodworking and home repairs and it was really taking a toll on my nails. Got some of this and I use it exactly as directed (two coats Day 1 and one coat every other day until Day 7 - remove and repeat). After 2 months, the difference is amazing. (I added a thin coat of beige color on Day 2 to hide the fact that I frequently have dirt under my nails!) Because of my lifestyle I like to keep my nails short but at least they look healthy and no more splits! It worked for me. Hope it works for you, too. Well worth the price.

Beetles Matte Top Coat and High Gloss Top Gel Coat Base Coat Set No Wipe top Coat, Gel Nail Polish Matte Shine Finish and Long Lasting, Soak Off UV LED Gel 7.5ml Each Bottle Christmas Holiday Gift Set Review:

I started doing my own gel manicures at home last week. I used the base coat & high gloss top coat with my gel polish. I applied it a week ago, I have no chips & it still looks great! I wash my hands frequently at work & am very impressed with how well the manicure is holding up!

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat for Nail Polish and Manicure (2 pack, 0.5 oz) Review:

I LOVE THIS BASE AND TOP COAT! I bought it based on all the fabulous ratings I saw online. I had also seen it recommended in a magazine which made me check this out in the first place. The base coat protects my nails when I use dark polish so my real nails are not discolored when the polish is removed. The top coat gives a beautiful, high shine to your polish, and it dries in just minutes without using any lamps!! From start to finish, I can do my nails in just 20 minutes and they're totally dry!! I don't use expensive nail polish. I usually buy Sinful polish for $1.99. Although it's an excellent polish itself, my nails using the top and bottom coats of Seche Vite, look like a million dollars! Throw away the nail dryers, just use these two inexpensive products, and you're good to go within minutes! I'm not going to use anything else on my nails going forward. I'm over the moon with this stuff and highly recommend it!!

CND Vinylux Long Wear Top Coat , 0.5 fluid ounce Review:

This top coat is legit. I recently mentioned to an acquaintance that I have to do my nails every other day because my nail polish does not stay on. She told me to try CND Vinylux Top Coat and polish. I gave it a whirl and I'm glad I did. This top coat is the best I've seen and I've bought many. It works best with the CND nail polish but you can also use your own. It stays on for at least four days with minimal touch ups. Since I get bored with my nail polish quickly, changing it every four days is fine with me. I was doing every other and most times that was with a big touch up. This top coat seems to dry quickly so I also have no more smudges. I will never use a different top coat again. A tip I read is to wrap the top coat all the way around the tip of your nail when applying to reduce chipping at the tips.

Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat Review:

I finally realized what a difference in quality with this Revlon product. I now only use their products. Stays longer on my nails (I use glove for dishes, etc.) and with just a minimum of touch-up I can get at least two weeks without changing my nail color.