Best Toiletry Bags in 2020

Toiletry Bag,Hanging Travel Toiletry Organizer Kit Portable Waterproof Cosmetics Bag ZERONIC Multifunctional Bathroom Shower Shaving Bag with Hook for Men or Women Review:

I want to start by saying that I was immediately pleased when this toiletry bag arrived in a reusable zipper seal bag. It is like a way to protect it when you are not using it.

Let me go ahead and get my 1 dislike out of the way. I obviously did not pay attention to the dimensions of this bag when I ordered it; so I thought the bag was big enough for 2 people to use. It may only be big enough for everything 1 person needs.

I love all of the different elastic bands and pockets it has to hold all of your stuff in place. I love that one of the outside pockets seems to be just for toothbrush and toothpaste, so if you use those things and need to store them back in the bag while they are wet, they will not get your other stuff wet.

I love how easily portable this toiletry bag is and that it even has a little hanger attached inside the bag that you just fold upwards when the bag is open and you can then hang your bag up to have easy access to your toiletry items wherever you are staying at.

The last amazing feature is.... this toiletry bag is WATERPROOF! I poured water onto the bag with the bag laying flat and the water just rolled right off of the bag. I have learned over the years how important and helpful waterproof bags are; so to find a waterproof toiletry bag, makes me very happy.

I would definitely say this is an awesome toiletry bag, it's very portable and I would recommend this to anyone.

Toiletry Bag for Men or Women - Dopp Kit For Travel. Large Cosmetic and Shaving Bag. Toiletries Organizer PU Leather Bags Review:

This is by far the best value toiletry I ever had. I've tried different types of bags throughout the years and most have met its life or just didn't meet my needs anymore. I always wanted to get a premium type bag, but i was always hesitant on spending 60$+ for one. I came across a couple bags of different bags with similar looks and features and after comparing them all and reading all the reviews i decided to go with this one. I thought this was a great deal. You don't break the bank for this bag yet I feel like i got a premium bag for 27$. All my toiletry fits perfectly in the main compartment with a few other things on the side flap. When i close everything up it doesn't fee; bulky and i still have room for extras. I don't usually bring full size shampoo or body wash because I tend to fill up my other bags leaving no room for any of my 16oz bottles. But the size of this bag can take my big bottles surprisingly! I added pictures to show what my current items are for my upcoming trip and hot it fits easily into the bag and not appear bulky once closed. Another thing i like are the inside pocket and the magnetic end button that attaches the top flap that covers the main compartment. I prefer the magnet over the snap on button just for the ease of quickly opening and closing the cover. So far no issues with this bag and i'm very happy with this purchase.

3pcs Lermende TSA Approved Toiletry Bag with Zipper Travel Luggage Pouch Carry On Clear Airport Airline Compliant Bag Travel Cosmetic Makeup Bags Review:

We just got these, for a business trip that my husband is still on as I type this (two weeks in Korea form the US). They seem to be sturdy/ well-made. There was no particular plasticy smell to them, the zippers moved smoothly, though it took a little "reshaping" to get them to glide around the curves. don't anticipate him having any issue with them going in either the checked or carry on (they went in both).

He made it through security at LAX using one of them as his 3-1-1- liquids bag, and had no issue (much nicer than a ziploc, imo). There were three bright yellow zipper pulls included, so I used one of them to indicate at a glance which one he needed to grab for the security inspection (I know, they're see-through, so this was an extra step that may not have been necessary, but since I sent two zippy bags in his carry on, I figured I'd make it so he could just grab one by the zipper pull without having to inspect the contents. I mean, hey, they were there).

If it turns out that they were absolute garbage/ fell apart after traveling, I'll come back and update this review, but for now, I'd say we're pleased with the item.

Mossio Hanging Toiletry Bag - Large Cosmetic Makeup Travel Organizer for Men & Women with Sturdy Hook Review:

This bag really holds a lot. I was able to fit toothpaste, toothbrush, four travel size shampoo bottles, three (approximately 3oz) skin care products, a small container of sunscreen, eyebrow powder and brush, razor, and my lip balm. It was pretty full, but still fully zipped and velcroed with all those items inside (and I think I could have squeezed in a few more small items). The hanger is a huge bonus too; now I can just hang the whole bag on the towel rack and leave everything inside, instead of unpacking my items all over the counter.

3pcs TSA-Approved Clear Travel Toiletry Bag With Handle Strap, ANRUI Airline Kit 3-1-1 Clear Liquids Toiletries & Cosmetics Organizer Carry-On Luggage for Women and Men Review:

Brought these for a trip to Italy and love them. The plastic is a heavier type that will last for many years. While I didn't use them on the plane because the bag was too big to fit into my shoulder bag, I did use them to carry all my toiletries. It's great that they are clear because I can see everything in them without having to dig around. They were great for Italy because the rooms were small and I practically lived out of my suitcase. These bags made it easier to find what I needed everyday. I've been using them for other trips since they are sturdy and are holding up quite well. Definitely recommend.

Premium Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag for Women and Men, Hygiene Bag, Bathroom and Shower Organizer Kit with Elastic Band Holders for Toiletries, Cosmetics, Makeup, Brushes Review:

I’m obsessed with my Boacay travel bag!!
I went on a quick trip for work and brought this with me. I usually take a few zip up bags with me (yes even on a quick trip) with my makeup, skin care products, contacts, solution, shampoo & conditioner plus other hair things. I was able to put it ALL in this bag. I didn’t think it would hold so much but it did. It has a bunch of little pockets which helped a lot to store everything.
I need to separate certain products so this was perfect.

Nothing leaked or spilled but if it did, it would be super easy to clean up because of the material. It is high quality and thick so if one of my products did leak it would get into my suitcase on my clothes and shoes. I’m seriously obsessed with it.

It also has a hanger hook and I just hung it on the hook of the back of the hotel door. You can also hang it in a closet.

I got the cute pink color because of course it goes with everything I own but now I want the other colors. I’m definitely getting my mom and sister one because it’s the perfect travel bag.

I hate packing about six small makeup bags. With this bag, I fit everything and I didn’t have to go digging around in a bunch of makeup bags to find my tweezers and Bobby pins.
It saved me time.

I’m going to the Bahamas next month and I’ll definitely use this again and get my husband the black one. He has to carry around 2-3 small bags but we will fit everything in one for him. He has this hair product that sometimes leaks and it once leaked through his cheap bag onto his clothes. I can’t wait for him to use the Boacay one so that never happens again.

My favorite part is that it’s not a bag that you just toss everything into and have to dig things out, it keeps everything organized with a bunch of pockets and zippers.
It also has a handle on it so I can carry it if I needed. I’m seriously in love with this bag because I travel so much and it’s so helpful since I do not pack lightly!!!

2pcs/pack Lermende Clear Toiletry Bag TSA Approved Travel Carry On Airport Airline Compliant Bag Quart Sized 3-1-1 Kit Luggage Pouch Review:

We love these bags. We traveled to Chile in early 2018, with several flights involved, and never had a problem. The rectangular shape holds more than a baggie does and allows us to pack more efficiently. My wife fills 3 oz travel bottles with her shampoo and conditioner and the bottles fit very nicely inside the Lermende bag with plenty of room to spare. The bottles would fill a baggie, leaving little space for other items. I used mine as a toiletry bag, zipping and unzipping it at least twice daily for the month we were gone. Never had any problem with the zipper and it still works perfectly. We liked these so much we bought in red a set for our grandson who was doing a college study abroad in Italy. He, too, had no problem with TSA on the flights. Do be aware that these bags are not water tight -- any bag with a zipper will allow liquid in or out. But after having experiences with baggies coming open during travel, at least a mess would be more contained in the Lermende bags. These bags have heavy duty plastic. We highly recommend these bags!

Pantheon Toiletry Organizer Wash Bag Hanging Dopp Kit Travel for Bathroom Shower Review:

If you’re thinking about buying this just do it already! I give it 5 stars all around. This is the perfect size dopp kit to store all of your toiletry essentials. It gives me just the right amount of room to store my razor, deodorant, full size toothpaste and toothbrush, face wash, cotton swabs, and even mini travel bottles for shampoo and conditioner. It holds its shape really well and the handle is sturdy to hold when you’re walking to the bathroom to wash up. The gray color is actually really nice since it is simple and minimal. I have gotten this wet and it dries quickly. You can even hang this thing on a towel rack if you prefer since it has a hook. I can easily leave this on the bathroom counter because it is easily accessible and keeps all my items organized in one place. Another great thing is that the price is affordable. A lot of people use plastic bags or weird pouches to store their toiletries, and this would be a great gift to those people.

Pantheon Toiletry Organizer Wash Bag Hanging Dopp Kit Travel for Bathroom Shower Review:

I am currently using this as my daily toiletry bag. Works good and holds most of my items.
Currently holds:
- full size 2in1 shampoo conditioner
- full size body wash
- travel size lotion
- full size deodorant
- regular toothpaste and toothbrush
- big/little nail clippers, tweezers, cuticle cutter

- looks simple and clean
- padded inside
- carry handle
- separate pouches inside and out

- the handle hanger. It’s non removable and only gets in the way for me. Normally ain’t hanging this from a shower hook or anything. The opening is large and things can drop out

- make the hook removable. Either as a plastic slit insert or the loop fabric

Summary: Overall not bad. Padding can reduce the amount of space considerably. Probably need it more on the outside fabric portion of the outside pouch. Rather than in between the outside pouch and inside pocket.

Convenience Kits Men’s Premium 20 Count Necessities Travel Kit, Featuring: Dove Men & Care Products Review:

Incredibly handy grab and go for the frequent traveler. I’m on the road a heck of a lot. Most years, I’m gone from 50 to 100K miles per year and running to the store to constantly replace my travel size stuff is a pain. This is way handier. Maybe not everything is your favorite brand, but usually men aren’t as fussy - and it’s usually better stuff than when you get in a hotel.

The bag has just about everything you’d want. I bought folding toothbrushes and a folding comb to supplement this and it’s gone through TSA checkpoints without any problems.