Best Clothes Dryers in 2020

hOmeLabs 9 Pounds Capacity Compact Laundry Dryer - 2.6 Cubic Feet Front Load Portable Clothes Dryer with Stainless Steel Tub Integrated Viewing Window and Control Panel Downside - 1400W Drying Power Review:

This is the perfect size for our need. It was installed by my husband, who said if you know how to install your standard dryer, you will be good to go. What you need to know is that you need to vent this just like any other dryer to collect the lint. I added pictures of what we used. It was available to purchase on Amazon or any hardware store. You also need to purchase venting hose and tape for the hose vent. I know you can also purchase a metal piece that can be installed in your window as well if you don't want the small venting kit, but he did not want it sticking out of his window. It sets off some warm air, so in the winter this will be great! I know he loves saving the quarters he would be spending on drying in his apartment complex.

CTT 10Pack Universal Cloth Dryer Exhaust Filter Set Replacement for Panda/Magic Chef/Sonya/Avant Review:

I bought a magic chef dryer for less than 200USD... it arrived broken and make horrible loud noise, so I was finally refunded my money and stuck with getting rid of it.... So I went and did a search on a better dryer in hopes I wouldn't have to go through what I did with the other one.I liked the design so I bought it and I'm so GLAD I did!!!! I love this dryer and am very happy I bought it. It's very quiet and it does stop when the clothes is dried.
The dryer came with 10pack free replacement Exhaust Paper Filter, so I don't need buy it from somewhere else, it's enough for 1 year.
Work great so far, it does what it says it advertises to do. It's the right size for my apartment. The performance: Don't expect it to perform like a traditional 350v tumble dryer at the highest settings. Basically, this unit requires twice the amount of time as that of a traditional tumble dryer, but it does dry clothes 100% dry. I've tried all the wrapped racks with the fan heaters at the bottom units that are on the market and they require too much labor and clothes don't come out 100% dry. With this unit, just put the wet clothes in, a wrinkle static sheet, press the button and done, it just takes longer than a 350v tumbler.

Panda PAN40SF Portable Compact Cloth Dryer, 2.65cu.ft, 9lbs, White Review:

I was used to a full-sized dryer with features such as automatically stopping when the clothes were done and only taking about 45 mins to dry a full load, but as a newly single guy adjusting to apartment living I love this little dryer. It has zero frills, Just works. I leave it set on the "high" setting and set loads to dry for 160-180 mins (big load), 140-160 mins (med load), 120-140 (small load), and 60-80 mins for a single item. Just factor in the extra time it takes to dry your clothes and you'll be fine. It takes awhile to get the clothes up to temperature, so you can't come back later and set the dryer to run for 15-20 more mins if the clothes are still slightly damp like you can with a full-sized dryer. I did that at first and it took forever to dry a load. It plugs into a regular 120v wall outlet which means it consumes less power, but since it takes longer to dry (2-3hrs vs 45mins) I was worried that there would still be a net increase in my electric bill. After a month of running a load 2-3x/wk through this dryer my electric bill was only $20 so apparently, there are no significant costs associated with operating it. It won't connect to a normal vent duct as it is smaller in diameter, but there is no apparent need to as it comes with a weird chimney-like exhaust which I've just left off as well. Also, I took a box of dryer sheets and cut them all in half using a half-sheet per load in this dryer, works perfectly. Pairs well with a Haier Pulsator washer which they are small enough to fit together in a 3 sqft w/d room meant for a combo w/d (which I opted not to get since they are known to have issues).

Panda 3200 rpm Portable Spin Dryer 110V/22lbs Stainless Steel Review:

Four Stars because it the first one came DOA. I used the free return feature, identical replacement, the old one was picked up the next business day and the new arrived two days later. The first unit beeped when you turned it on but did not spin. Second one works perfectly.

My previous dryer was the Nina soft. It worked fine for 3 years then just quit. I decided to try the Panda because it has higher spin speed.

Note: First I review Spin Dryers, and at the end I will compare the Nina Soft to the Panda.

Both Spin Dryers were very useful machines. They spin out so much water that 10 minutes in a commercial dryer would get the clothes dry. Clothes dry easily in an hour indoors, 10 - 20 minutes outdoors. Together with a bucket and a breathing mobile washer, you can do a load of clothes very quickly in the kitchen or bath and get things cleaner than a washing machine by far. I soak overnight in the bucket, use the breathing washer (looks like a plunger but is a hard plastic agitator) to work the clothes in the bucket for 5 minutes, then spin out the soapy water, refill bucket with fresh water, work the clothes for a couple of minutes, then spin out the rinse water for 5 minutes and hang to dry or tumble in a commercial dryer for a few minutes. Saves money, energy, water, and you get cleaner clothes. You can easily use home-made laundry soap like washing soda and Fels Naptha, and after the rinse, there is NO soap or detergent in your clothes. Also, the whole process is much easier on your clothing, not nearly as much lint and heat destruction, as there is with standard washing. I also have a natural bristle shaving brush and bathing brush, and I spin these out as well. They last longer and never mildew.

Panda Vs. NinaSoft.

The Panda is more expensive. It has a stainless steel drum and exterior. The Ninasoft has a Plastic exterior and I believe a plastic drum.
The Panda is louder. If I do laundry early in the AM, there is a slight possibility the neighboring apartment could hear the hum. The NinaSoft is much quieter.
The Panda does get out more water with the faster spin speed (which probably causes the higher noise levels as well) but the NinaSoft did an OK job of getting water out too.

The Panda has a 5 minute timer on it which is EXTREMELY CONVENIENT. If you forget about the NinaSoft, it will run for hours, with unknown consequences. It might wear out more quickly, there may be a possibility of fire, but I don't know. I just don't like the idea of an appliance running a spinning drum for hours continuously. The Panda cannot do this. It will shut down after 5 minutes no matter what. Good feature!

The Panda is definitely easier to load and balance. I believe it speeds up more slowly, allowing the water (which is the primary weight in the drum) to drain out before stepping up to higher speed. This means that a slightly unbalanced load will seem to "balance itself." However, if you severely unbalance the load, the machine will walk all over the place and fail to speed up. Better to keep things even in there.

The Nina Soft had a VERY convenient handle on top. No such luck with the Panda. You have to bend over and wrap your arms around it to pick it up and move it, and it is heavier than the Nina Soft.

Bottom line: Both work. Both work well. Panda has the 5 minute shut-off and gets a bit more water out. Ninasoft is cheaper and has a great handle. Both are very suitable to use in an apartment with no hookups, or if you live in a "tiny house" or boat.

4/7/2018 Update: Still working perfectly. I am liking the higher speed more and more, and the 5 minute run limit is pure genius. I have a washer and dryer that are extremely handy, yet I use this all the time. Some items like wool vests and fleece sweaters come out of this dry enough to put on. I have done a full size bath towel and the results were amazing. Towels, underwear, socks, anything that doesn't need to look pressed never go in the dryer. I have an indoor rack and everything gets dry in a few hours, even on a rainy day. Towels, and socks may take an overnight hang to get completely dry.

No one makes a larger version, which is a shame.

Panda 3.75 cu.ft Compact Laundry Dryer, 13.2lbs Capacity, Control Panel Downside, PAN760SF White and Black Review:

This is an awesome little dryer! Fits well on a corner of my counter-top. It is actually meant more for a counter or a shelf, hence the light weight & location of the control knob.

Mind you, many of the reviewers complained about the overheat issue in which it shuts down for a short while in order to cool down. However, through my own experimentation I learned a neat trick. To beat the over-heat problem, alternate between hot & cold for every load. I have an Amazon Alexa unit that I use as a timer for all of my timer needs so it can be used for multiple timers all at once & you can even verbally assign labels to each timer so you know when the first half of the drying cycle (Hot) is done before switching to cool which will still dry the items but only with the residual heat & when you use this trick, you can keep the dryer going almost indefinitely If you ever need to keep drying A LOT of clothing!

Ignore the idiotic sticker that says to clean filter once a week! - I am always finding a full lint trap after every other load. So always check after every two loads. As far as the difficulty in removal of the filter at the rear, I honestly do not see what all the fuss is about. Just let it cool for a few minutes... Usually when removing the clothing a few items at a time to fold them right there, is all the time it needs to cool enough to then remove the filter to then clean & put it back before the next load.

The makers of this unit really should rewrite the sticker for USA residents because I don't know what amount of lint is shed over in china per load of laundry when it is drying in this unit but over here, as far as I have seen from most dryers, emptying the filter to prevent a fire, means checking it after every load if not every other load!


IF you really want to resurrect your dry crusty old towels to restore them back to their former fluffiness, use two dryer sheets per load, not one.

DO NOT BUY the additional filter for the end of the vent hose if you are venting to the indoors because it is really just a waste of money. Just use the clamp provided in the install kit to place an old sock over the end & then tighten the clamp. MAKE SURE that there aren't any holes in the sock & yes, it not only freshens the stale air of the home, it also aids in warming my small home.

COSTWAY Electric Compact Laundry Dryer, 10LBS Capacity Portable Clothes Dryer with Stainless Steel Tub, Control Panel Downside Easy Control for 4 Automatic Drying Mode, White Review:

I would have rated this dryer a five star if it took maybe a shorter amount of time.
BUT for being what it is I’m very pleased with it. My apartment is a small one bed and we don’t have hookups so I use a portable washer with spin dry and this dryer now.
I wash then spin dry then put it into the portable dryer. So far I’ve only done my 6 year olds daughters clothes and newborn baby clothes. It took almost all day to dry. It does dry well but of course it doesn’t take the amount of a normal full size dryer so it does take a little longer because of the smaller amount it fits.
I ended up hanging hubbys clothes because I knew they’d take forever, being bigger and thicker(jeans, etc) so I’m not sure how it’ll be when I’m just washing his alone but that’s what I’ll try next.
Overall I’m pretty satisfied with it. I had it running all day pretty much(11:00am to about 5:00pm) and did not purchase any hoses or kits in addition to the dryer. The air is that comes out of it is warm, not hot and didn’t effect the temperature of my apartment.
I was worried about this so I kept an eye on it. I didn’t have it ventilating out of any windows at all.
So I love that. It’s also sturdy and requires no assembly.

Update: I’ve stuck to just doing my own clothing(being a stay at home mom I don’t wear much lol so just yoga pants, leggings, shirts, underwear, bras and shorts) my 6 year olds and her blankets.
With hubbys clothes they’re mostly jeans and thicker pants since he works construction and they take forever so I hang them but I would say it takes about an hour(filled up) of my daughters clothes and for mine to dry.
So in about 3 hours(3 loads, 2 daughters and one mine) all are dry. Then after I’ll stick hubbys socks and boxers in there and those dry in about 30 min to an hour pretty well.
So it has helped with our laundry, we don’t have nearly as much to hang around the house. It’s also held up very well. No issues.
It also still doesn’t heat up the apartment even though it’s not vented near a window, it’s smack dab in the middle of my apartment and I’ve kept an eye on the thermostat and it’s been fine.

Sentern 2.65 Cu.Ft Compact Laundry Dryer - 9 LBS Capacity Portable Clothes Dryer with 1400W Drying Power (9 LBS) Review:

I wish I had not waited so long to get the Panda washer and Sentern dryer. We also got the rack to stack the dryer on top over the washer, and the stand with wheels for under the washer. That way we can wheel the washer to the sink to use it, then wheel or back under the dryer when done. We love it all. All from Amazon. I reccomend following up closely with whomever is delivering the items to you. They are shipped in boxes that say they are washer and dryers. We wash a smaller load about half of what we did in the regular size washer (heavy hoodie, long sleeve, Jean's, socks, several tshirts and underwear sets in one load), but it is an ease of mind to have it in our apartment. No more going up and down several flights of stairs to do laundry. And the dryer is a slightly bigger capacity. Both work amazingly well. We also got the vent attachment for the dryer so we can use the dryer inside without hooking it up to a window or door.

KASYDoFF Clothes Dryer Portable 3-Tier Foldable Clothes Drying Rack Energy Saving (Anion) 1.7 Meters Clothing Dryers Digital Automatic Timer with Remote Control for Apartment House Review:

I rarely give 5 stars to any product. Nothing is really perfect, after all. And if I'm totally honest, this product isn't perfect either. Plus I've only been using it for a couple of days... so why the high rankings? Because I have never received such GREAT customer service in my life.

The start wasn't so promising. The product arrived at my house and I assembled it according to the instructions (which were clear and easy to follow) but then found out the heater unit does not work. At all. I've tried different things, like taking it out of the plug, waiting, plugging in again, switching remote controls (there were two in the box!)... nothing worked

So I wrote the company, KasyDoff, through Amazon.

At this point, I should mention that I live in Israel, and that our power grid here is 220v and not 110v like in the States. I used the heater with a voltage transformer (which is working perfectly with other appliances in my home).

The guys from KasyDoff answered within a few hours, and once they saw that the order was sent to Israel, they wrote that they will send another heater, suitable for 220v. Which they did!

And it arrived REALLY fast. Don't know if they've sent it with fast shipping or just got lucky, but it was here within a couple of days. Normally it would take at least 10.

They could have blamed me for the damage (which wouldn't be true, but I've had this experience with other companies, including high end brands...)

They could have blamed the courier service.

They could have said their warranty doesn't cover Israel, or asked me to pay for delivery, or...

They did NON of that. They just sent another heater, straight away, no questions asked.

So how's the dryer, you ask? It's cool (I mean, warm, I guess), but not perfect. The construction is a bit wobbly, but I guess it would last a couple of years. The cover has cute bears on it, which made my daughters fall in love with the dryer and ask that it would be placed in their room.

The heater is easy to use, and relatively quiet. It gets warm, but not hot.

The remotes (I have 3 now) are of poor quality and need to be aimed in very specific angles to work. But the whole operation is 3 button clicks, and you have to be there to hang the clothes anyway, so unless you have movement limitations, crunching down to the heater unit probably won't matter too much.

It took me about two hours to dry 6 pairs of Jeans and a bunch of socks. Longer than it would take in a tumble dryer, but WAY shorter than line drying them (especially at winter). And, since the clothes are hanged to dry, they come out almost as if ironed, and are ready to go straight to the closet.

You can't dry a whole load of laundry at once (unless you have a very small laundry machine). So if you need a lot of drying in a hurry, this isn't for you. But if you're OK with letting some of the clothes hang to dry while the more urgent ones go to the dryer, this one is excellent.

Plus, it's foldable, so when you don't need it (e.g. summer time) it frees up some more space.

Manatee Clothes Dryer Portable Drying Rack for Laundry 1200W - 33 LB Capacity Energy Saving (Anion) Folding Dryer Quick Dry & Efficient Mode Digital Automatic Timer with Remote Control Review:

Only giving three stars, even thought the unit does do what it is designed to do, because item a river slightly damaged... manufacturers box was inside an amazon box which was waaaay too big and without proper padding. This is likely why product had a broken piece. Not enough to cause it not to work, but enough to cause it not to feel "new" or solid. Also, with the directions for assembly being so vaguely written, if you should need to remove the casters for any reason, when you put them back in, they will never fit tightly again. As a result of this, when I move the unit, one of the casters repeatedly falls out. Annoying. I will say that the product does dry well. The cover fabric may be synthetic, but it is woven, giving it some substance. It is quiet, doesn't draw much amperage, and what I like most about it is that it effectively Evans my storage space... if you were to leave your clothes in a conventional dryer after the cycle, they would look like crap when you eventually pulled them out; but with the manatee... when I've done my last load I just leave it hanging in the dryer and it acts as a fairly food sized second closet! Amazon and manatee, put your heads together and get your shipping game tightened up, but thanks for offering innovative, quality products at a reasonable price.

SmartDry Wireless Laundry Sensor and App, iOS and Android Mobile Devices. Compatible with Alexa. Smart Dry Notifications for any Clothes Dryer (Gas or Electric), Smart Home Clothes Dryer Accessory Review:

I like this product and it was made very well but only gave it 4 stars because it only alerts Alexa as a notification. Which means that my Echos only beep with a notification and I have to then ask what the notification is. And Alexa tells me the notification like this, “Drier Is stopped, and close are damp. Is airing on SmartDry” Which is a weird way to say it. I also have noticed that it often says my cloths are damp when in fact they dry. Not sure if there is some calibration needed with that part. In any case, it has upped the throughput of our laundry days by notifying us when the drier is done. That way there isn’t much waisted time between cycles.