Best Automotive Performance Starters & Parts in 2022

Last update: January 17, 2023

ACCEL Starter Solenoid (ACC 40111) Review:

Even though you can't really see it because it is covered in chrome, this product fits just like a Harley OEM one and looks better. Since it has been on the bike for a few months, there have been no more starting issues. I'm a contented customer. I would use this component on a customer's bike and would recommend it.

Powermaster 9612 Mastertorque Starter Review:

To get past a SLOW Cranking problem when my 350 was warmed up or at operating temperature, I replaced everything save my starter. Everything failed. I'm very happy I chose to go with the Powermaster. I no longer start slowly. This starter doesn't hesitate; it readily turns the motor over, whether it is cold, warm, or hot. The positioning options were crucial for my application because I run headers that are close to my block. I would definitely recommend it.

ACDelco 336-1148 Professional Starter, Remanufactured Review:

In order to replace the stock B-body starter on my 1996 Impala SS, I fitted this starter. This starter should physically bolt to ANY LT1, however it might require adjustments to the exhaust system, plumbing, or electrical system.I discovered that my application needed no alterations at all. Even the original starter's stock hardware was used.This Corvette starter performs flawlessly, seems to be of great quality, sounds somewhat different than the "proper" replacement (more of a gear whine), is significantly smaller, and even costs marginally less.

Spectre Performance 4370 Stainless Steel Starter Heat Shield Review:

Despite barely fitting, it does in fact fit. Although it would be simpler to install with the starter removed from the vehicle, you can do so while it is still connected to the engine. My 1982 K5 with headers fits just barely. My starter had very major heat soak. This put my problems to rest.

Proform 66256 Black Powdercoated High-Torque Starter Review:

On my 1974 C10 350 SBC, I used it. It merely required a couple shims and fit perfectly. It performs flawlessly.

Tru-Tech SS588T Starter Solenoid Review:

This Ford-style solenoid is inexpensive. I used it on a Chevy-powered hot rod project since the built-in solenoid was heated by the proximity of my headers to the starter, which made it necessary for the car to cool out significantly on a warm day before it would restart. It worked by replacing the Chevy solenoid with this one, which was located on the firewall and far from the heat. For my endeavor restoring a vintage Willys Jeep, I intend to purchase another. Purchase the original Ford part at your nearby dealership if you are concerned about quality and have enough of money. After using it for a while, I haven't encountered any issues.

Powermaster 9300 Starter Review:

My 440 small block supercharger (Mopar R3 race block bored and stroked) has tested previous starts. My most recent starter, which was less than 500 miles old and only one year old, snapped in two places where the casting inserts into the transmission casing. In this regard, I have never witnessed a failure. The cast aluminum housing broke and stopped working. My previous mini-starter cost $70 and was produced by a business with two letters in its name. The key takeaway is that investing in a quality product, like Powermaster, will save you money in the long term and prevent failure. In addition, Powermaster called me after business hours regarding this application, took my voicemail, and called me back the following morning with a thoughtful response. I felt inspired. I'll update later because this program appears difficult for beginners.