Best Automotive Performance Engine Fans in 2020

Spal 30103011 5.2" Paddle Blade Puller Fan Review:

This SPAL "low profile" fan competes with few others in this particular 5.2" (blade) diameter and price group, however compared to those, I think THIS fan is far superior. First of all, it is probably the absolutely thinnest and higher performing fan available for its compact size. It seems well designed and there is evidence of high degree of quality control in this Italian company's manufacturing process. I double checked the specs and found them quite accurate in terms of mechanical dimensions and the current rating of the electric motor of this fan. My application is a motorcycle oil cooler with very little clearance - barely enough for any fan - behind the cooler. There are obstructions on both sides - hot exhaust pipes - and directly behind the cooler, so the physical dimensions of the fan had to be no more than actually specified by SPAL. I do not have the means to measure the air flow rate, but this fan is spec'd at 342 CFM (at zero static pressure), which seems accurate based on my empirical testing. The OEM does not specify the rotational speed of their fans, but I measured ~5840 RPM.

The minimum current spec is 4.8A at 13.0Vdc, at zero static pressure, so that makes it about a 62W fan. I measured 4.35A drawn from my 12V motorcycle battery at nominal voltage (not under charge).

The only possible negative I can think of is that it does not come with a finger guard. It is certainly powerful enough to hack off a finger, but the trade off is that a guard would lower the effective flow rate at the expensive of a safer operational fan. Note, there is an identical version with a guard, but apparently not sold by Amazon. The only other potential negative is that this fan is plastic as opposed to metal, but still specified as waterproof to make up for any compromise in overall rigidity and durability.

Overall, this fan will work well in my application with no fitment modifications required, so I am a satisfied customer.

Flex-a-lite 420 Lo-Profile S-Blade Dual Electric Puller Fan Review:

I bench tested both fans so I wouldn't be wasting time installing them. Good thing I did, because one of the fans was dead on arrival. Decided to exchange for another unit. The second unit has two working fans. It's early days and the weather isn't that hot anymore, so I won't know how well the fans work till next summer. When both fans come on the motor temp does come down while the hood is up. When I close the hood temps start to rise again. I have to take the sled for a drive and get stuck in traffic to see if this setup will keep the mild built 450HP SBC cool. A single 16-inch fan in a shroud built specifically for my radiator did not keep it cool enough.

Was not a direct fit by any means, but there are enough parts in the box to mount it on an aftermarket 25x17 aluminum radiator with side mounting flanges after some custom alterations and additions to the flanges are made. All you get is the fans in a shroud, and the mounting hardware. The wires do not have any connectors on them. This is a good looking bare bones kit. I'm not a fan of the decals on the motor covers, but they aren't that obnoxious. The fans are not that loud compared to SPAL fans which sound like a banshee. If this low profile dual fan setup keeps my motor temps no higher than 210 stuck in traffic, I'll be happy, and consider it money well spent.

Flex-a-lite 418 Black Nylon 18 3/8" Belt Driven Fan Review:

works better than expected. I am/was having problems with vapor locking and need more air flowing through the radiator and around the engine. this fan pushes/pulls alot more air than the OEM fan. For 30$ you can't beat it. I can feel the air flowing through the radiator from in front of the vehicle. So for me it is working perfectly I got the extension also it is about 1/2 long than the OEM extension so it still fits it is just that much closer to the radiator, any closer and I would have to take out the radiator to put on the fan and that is something I don't want to do.

Flex-a-lite 180 Black Magic X-treme 15" Reversible Electric Fan Review:

Bought this for my CJ7. I transplanted a 4.0HO into it and didn't care for the mechanical/electric fan setup. I put a Flexalite 160 on my other CJ7 with a V8 and really liked it. This fan was a success also. It fit nearly perfect behind the stock radiator and the control module works nicely. I had to modify the brackets they sent, but they sent 2 different styles, so you have plenty to choose. All hardware, heavy duty 10gauge wiring was included. I didn't need anything else. It keeps my engine at 190 degrees F and I can adjust it for summer and winter temperatures, or wheeling. I also must mention the HP I got back by getting rid of the the mechanical fan completely; the engine revs up better.

Derale 18217 17" High Output Radiator Fan Review:

I have a 65 mustang stock 289, I added AC and didn't like the fan/clutch/shroud comb. I wanted electric. I didn't have much clearance between the new America Eagle 2 1" core radiator and the water pump and found this fan. A+ I added 4 aluminium brackets and used 1/4 20 carriage bolts to mount it as I dont like the thru the core concept. The fan will keep my car at 185 all day on low and when I turn on the AC the hi speed fan comes on and I haven't seen 200
I also added some rubber from Amazon to make a smooth seal. Vertical Bulb Trim Seal -Bulb Height: 45/64" Edge thickness: 1/64" to 9/64" ( 5 Feet )
by Seal Rubber

Spal 30101516 16" Straight Blade Low Profile Fan Review:

Fan works well and cools engine well while running. Much faster than the stock fan clutch while at idle. Its a little noisy outside of the car but I can hardly hear in inside the car. Also it produces very little vibration when mounted with the gasket on the front of it. My fan came with the mounting straps that are sold on this site for a bit of money. No where in the description did it say it had the straps. That was my only issue with it so far. Overall its a good buy if you need something that is low profile.