Best ATV Floor Boards in 2022

Last update: January 14, 2023

XMT-MOTO 1 1/4" Universal Highway Long Foot Peg Footrest For Kawasaki Harley Suzuki Bar Review:

well-built and durable. These are a knockoff of the nearly identical Kuryakyn model that I also have on another bike.I advise installing these on leather and removing the provided shims.For that, I cut an old belt.They are cosy for me, and the pricing is reasonable.

GUAIMI Driver Floorboards Footpegs for Indian Scout Sixty Bobber Replace Part Number: 2883056-659 - Black Review:

These floor planks are the perfect fit for my Indian Scout and have a lovely appearance. After removing the Indian-original foot pegs, the fit is great and installation was simple. With the exception of the Indian logo not being cast into the product, this product is an exact replica of the Indian OEM floorboards. The savings of $170.00 are fantastic, and delivery occurred two days earlier than anticipated. I heartily endorse this item.

Senkauto Black Front Rubber Rider Insert Floorboard Footboards Foot Peg Boards For Harley Touring Electra Road King Glide Review:

I was so surprised when I received these foot pads that I couldn't wait to write a review on them. It turned out to be two metal platforms with the rubber pad on them and four rubber bushings on the bottom instead of the two rubber pads I had anticipated. I couldn't stop calling my relatives and friends to express how thrilled I am with this product. My foot board bushings on my 2003 Chief motorcycle were rotting from the weather, so I only needed it. The fact that they were a perfect fit for my bike and that my bike now looked brand new amazed me. And the cost was reasonable. I greatly appreciate it. Although it wasn't specified when I got them what kind of bike they would fit, the Lord has always showed me favor and, as my late wife used to say, favor isn't always given fairly. but for the good-hearted. But when things go your way sometimes when you least expect them to, it sure feels nice.

Kuryakyn 7509 Motorcycle Foot Control Component: Driver Floorboard Extension Spacers with Bolts for 2009-19 Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, Gloss Black Review:

All I wanted was to be able to put my toe on my highway pegs and my heel on the floorboard (just another position to move to). The back brake pedal was in the way on the right, so I was only able to do it on the left. When there is heavy or slow traffic, I also like to rest my heel on the front edge of the floorboard; I can do this on the left but not the right. With an allen socket, 9/16 box wrench, and lock tight, installation takes just 20 minutes. To reach the back bolt on the left side, you'll need a 6 inch extension. You might attempt to use a standard allen wrench, but good luck because the factory bolts are really tight! Noting that the two large spacers are different sizes and that the larger one fits on the left rear, you will have two extra bolts. comes with new lock washers, but the front two bolts will still use the factory nuts. After reading this, you can now discard the included instructions without even looking at them. Price was fair, shipping was prompt, installation was simple, and it fixed my issue. What more do you need?

Goldstrike Twin Rail Floorboards with Driver Adapter (pair) (chrome) for Gold Wing Review:

comparatively simple to setup Appear well. I was afraid to install floor boards because I really loved the factory foot pegs. I ultimately chose to give them a try. I'm happy I did.

Emgo Mini Floorboards 54-48054 Review:

Since other reviews on this site indicated that they would fit my 2009 Kawasaki Vulcan, I ordered these Floorboards. I discovered that these are designed to mount to a Harley style clevis when I first received them. Since 1989, I've owned a 1976 FX Harley, so I should have known better. As a result, I placed an order for "Kuryakyn 8015 Foot Peg Mount Clevises."Looking more closely at the images the other reviews supplied, it is clear that they modified spacers to fit the stock foot-peg mounts by using them. Making them fit the standard mounts on my Vulcan would have required a lot of effort, and I wouldn't trust it. And my Vulcan will not fit the Kuryakyn 8015 Foot Peg Clevises. Thus, I created an adaptor! All you need are four pieces of metal, a drill, and four longer M8 bolts. I've included some images to better illustrate what I did. (-:The Harley style clevis needs a 1/2" hole because the only mounting component is a 1/2" fine threaded bolt. Therefore, I spaced out a longer 1/4" thick piece of metal using a 3/8" thick piece of metal. Clevises attach to the longer 1/4" bolts "metal. I located the drilling location using the stock mounts, then I bored a 5/16 hole through both parts, leaving the longer 1/4" metal protruding above the 3/8" metal. The 1/4" metal was then given a 1/2" hole by myself. I painted them black after sanding them. They look great, in my opinion! With this adaptor, the goal is to enable the 1/2" "A wrench can fit between the adaptor and the frame to tighten the bolt that comes with the Kuryakyn Clevises and be fitted into the clevis.Everything fit well and bolted together without any issues when the Clevises were delivered. I applied some blue thread-locker on each and every bolt. My 4'10" wife requested that the adaptors I manufactured lift the rear flooring by roughly 2". After using them, she is delighted with her new floorboards! (-:Really amazing Mini-Floorboards, these! They fold up out of the way and remain there, and the chrome is good. I instructed my wife to always place her foot as far inside the floorboard as possible whenever she gets in and out of our Vulcan. These thin floors are possibly cast metal. I weigh over 300 pounds, and as long as I keep my foot inside (near to the motorcycle), I can stand on them without any issues because the inside is adequately supported. They would definitely break if you stepped on the edge with all of your weight. I don't believe that forgetting to do this is a major issue... And I still think these are a fantastic price! (-: There is one more thing, which I only learned about today. Baron Custom Accessories Passenger Floorboard Bracket for the 2007–2010 Kawasaki VN900C Baron Custom Accessories Passenger Floorboard Bracket for the 2007–2010 Kawasaki VN900C These brackets, in my opinion, appear to function exactly like my homemade adaptors did. They aren't as durable as the ones I fashioned out of solid steel... But if you purchase all three of them at once (Floorboards - Clevises - Floorboard Brackets) This should make installing these floorboards a straightforward "Bolt-On" process. I sincerely hope that this may be helpful to some of my fellow Vulcan owners. (-: