Best Air Powered Sanders in 2020

Astro 3036 Air Belt Sander 3/8" x 13" with 3 Belts #40, #60 & #80 Review:

I am an Auto Body tech and use various tools to work with metal, from replacing quarter panels to grinding rivets to fiberglass work this thing is incredibly useful. The easily adjustable speed via the handle makes taking off lots of material and finessing a finished piece easy. If you are a fabricator and thinking of buying this you should.

3M Random Orbital Sander – Pneumatic Palm Sander – 5” x 3/16” Diam. Orbit – Stikit Disc Pad – For Wood, Composites, Metal – Original Series Review:

Bought this in March this year-
2 things.
1.) I've only oiled it 11 times since purchase and
2.) I used it intermittently through out every day [specifically for waxing and polishing cars, rather than sanding] since purchase

holds up amazingly. I only sand for specific clients, and it obviously does that really, really well. But my main use is polish, glaze, and wax/seal. I've turned black porsches into glass porsches with this piece, I finished my sanding on my car in prepp for ceramic coatings and good lord it looks amazing now.

highly recommended as a starter piece!

FIXKIT Air Random Orbital Sander (Air sander) Review:

If you have an adequate air compressor this will really speed up the process of sanding, a much beloved task by no one. It does catch most of the dust but you should wear a N95* dust mask whenever sanding because fine dust gets in your lungs and tends to stay there. I've been restoring and refinishing furniture for many years and I know what I'm speaking of.

*A government standard that any qualifying product will identify as such. Look at the product or description. If it meets the standard they will crow about it.

Dynabrade, 59020, Air Random Orbital Sander, 0.25HP, 5 In. Review:

I have only used this sander on one project but I have already retired my electric random orbital sanders. This sands two to three times as fast as an electric ROS, is quieter and much lighter. I am using it with a 5 HP, two cylinder 60 gallon Campbell Hausfield vertical compressor and it doesn't seem to have any trouble keeping up with the sander, although I would not try to use it with a smaller compressor. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to make the next step up from electric sanders who also has the air capacity available. I will probably buy another one in the future.

Professional Air Random Orbital Palm Sander, Dual Action Pneumatic Sander, Low Vibration, Heavy Duty Review:

I have used the same industrial orbital sander for the past 15 years. It was a 3m that can’t be bought now, all metal and designed for non stop use. Well over $300 back then. Well, all good things come to an end, it finally gave out and I don’t do as much work as I once did. Plus I’m on a fixed income and can’t swing that kind of money now.

So I bought this with a little hesitation worried of the quality. It did cone in packaging that certainly indicates it is not made in the USA. I don’t care for hook and loop, so I got a sticky pad for it.

I have already put about 15 hours of hard use on it and I have to say, I’m impressed. Low vibration, doesn’t suck my compressor dry. I do have a large commercial air compressor, 80 gallon 7 HP, but it kicks off and on while continuous use of the sander. It runs very similar to my previous very expensive 3m.

It fits the palm of the hand nicely, it will stay running while placing heavy pressure on it and it just performs, way better than expected. It is used for sanding paint, bondo and fiberglass, basic body repair.

I do not use on wood so could not rate it for that. However, I believe this sander is well worth the cost and I recommend it for being a good quality, durable sander.

HYDE 09175 Drywall Vacuum Sander Review:

I had a crack in my ceiling that required reinforcing with lath backing plates. I ended up with a 20 feet of joint that needed to be filled and sanded. I used a 45 min setting compound. I discovered that working on the ceiling is way more difficult than working on a vertical wall. After much cursing and fuss, I was ready to sand, at which point I discovered how messy working on the ceiling was - dust went everywhere, and there was a LOT of dust. I taped poly sheet tarps from the ceiling to the floor which worked, but which was a pain and marginally helpful. The compound is harder than 'spackle' and requires some sweat to sand. I got this unit, some 100 grit sanding screen and attached it to our Dyson vacuum. I attached the hose to the pole through the vacuum travels to the head. I found it to be very convenient and almost totally dustless. I open the adjusting vents and used the least amount of vacuum. It works great.

I had to spend extra time cleaning the Dyson (which is designed for easy disassembly and cleaning) . My shop vac was too powerful and made it hard to move the sanding head.

ZFE 1/2/3 Inch Random Orbital Air Sander, Mini Pneumatic Sander for Auto Body Work, High Speed Air Powered Sanders & Polisher with 15 Polishing Pads, 18 Sandpapers, 3 Plates, 1 Screw and Screwdriver Review:

I bought this to clean up some clouded headlights on one of my vehicles, and it got the job done. I took the lazy approach on this set, and instead of doing the whole sandpaper followed up by clear lacquer thing, I just polished them up with some aluminum polish and then sealed them with UV protectant. I don't expect them to last forever, but the entire job only took about 15 minutes and be repeated every few months if needed. This orbital sander did a good job and is about the right size and power level. Like others, I did have an issue swapping pad holders and without a manual it took some time to figure out the right approach.

Ingersoll Rand 311A 6-Inch Heavy-Duty Air Dual-Action Quiet Sander Review:

I bought two of these to replace the POS 2601 Ridgid 5" random orbital sanders. Since 2010 Ridgid Tools are built in a cheaper part of China and their sanders are complete crap. I am lucky to get three months use out of them before the motors burn up. Prior to 2010 their sanders would last at least two years in our woodshop and could hold up to the heavy use and abuse of my students.

Anyway it came as a 6" sander but I trimmed 1" off the padded disk to make it a 5" one. I then attached 4" wide velcro strip so we can affix our H&L 5" sand paper. The students are using them to sand their end-grain cutting board/butch blocks. The sanders holding up well and look to be a prefect replacement for the now sad Ridgid 5" sanders.

In-tool-home Sand Drum Sanding Band 1/4 Inch 120 Grit Sander Kit Fit Dremel with 2 Rubber Mandrels Pack of 100 Review:

I like that you can buy more than 3 without having to buy all the other things like the cutoff wheels, stones and
whatever else come in the set. Every where I looked you had to buy everything just for 3 sanding drums. Don't
use them that much but is nice to know I have plenty. Last me my lifetime