Best Wheelchair & Mobility Scooter Cushions in 2020

Everlasting Comfort 100% Pure Memory Foam Wheelchair Seat Cushion - Gel Infused and Ventilated - Designed for Hip and Tailbone Pain - Fits Office Chairs - Sciatica & Back Pain Relief Review:

My mother has been looking at cushions for her wheelchair for awhile but never really had the extra money for one.
I saw this one and decided to order it for her. She absolutely LOVES it. It is fairly thick and gives her a little bit of extra height and the cushioning is VERY comfortable. She uses the wheelchair when she goes places but mostly around the house she can use a walker. However hard chairs like the kitchen chairs have always cut into the backs of her legs (circulation problems) and been very uncomfortable for both her legs and back.
She tried the cushion at the dinner table and for the first time, the chair wasn't hurting her. The only problem is now she needs another one! One for the house and one for the wheelchair!!

Seat Cushion Pillow for Office Chair - 100% Memory Foam Firm Coccyx Pad - Tailbone, Sciatica, Lower Back Pain Relief - Contoured Posture Corrector for Car, Wheelchair, Computer and Desk Chairs Review:

So I bought this product on the advise of several co-workers saying that it would help my lower back pain. I sit at a desk all day- in the cheapest chairs company money could buy- and they were adiment that it would help. I wasn’t convinced, but figured that a cushion for the worlds worst desk chair wouldn’t be a bad investment. So, at the sake of feeling like a middle aged mom on a set of bleachers- I bought it.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to say I am a convert. Buying what I lovingly refer to as my comfy butt pillow was possibly the best decision I’ve ever made. This feels like you’re sitting on the most supportive, yet fluffy cloud while cherubs play harps to your cheeks. Your posture greatly improves- something I sorely needed- and it DID actually help with my back pain.

Now the worlds worst desk chair is my favorite place to sit and I have to stop myself from taking my seat cushion home with me- and basically everywhere I go. Also, the shipping was super fast and it came sealed in its own little carrying case.

CYLEN Home-Memory Foam Bamboo Charcoal Infused Ventilated Orthopedic Seat Cushion for Car and Wheelchair - Washable & Breathable Cover (Black) Review:

I have been using this pad for a few months now. I am a very heavy computer user, I typically spend 8-12 hours per day on the computer for work and sometimes an additional 4-6 for leisure, there have been times as well where I've probably been at my desk for more than a 24 hour period. Yes this is unhealthy, I am trying to be more active and that's where this pad comes to play.

Long story short I was having debilitating lower back and leg pain. I wouldn't want to get up to stretch / walk and take breaks because it hurt more to get up. I have a decent chair, I bought a durable 24/7 operator chair, solid metal frame oversized cushions etc. I bought this pad and was skeptical as I am a larger person ~350lbs. I have next to no back / leg pain where before there would be days I had trouble walking 100 feet. I feel like this item has worked tremendously well for me and given me relief to becoming more active and healthy.

Vive Wheelchair Cushion - Gel Seat Pad for Coccyx, Orthopedic Back Support, Sciatica & Tailbone Pain Relief - Waterproof Cover + 4 Layer Foam Support and Comfort - for Pressure Sores and Ulcers Review:

I needed to purchase this cushion for my mom, who unfortunately can't walk anymore and needs a wheelchair. I was so pleased with the construction of this cushion (it has an excellent combination of gel and foam) and it has truly helped take some of the pressure off of my mom's sacrum so that it is less painful for her to sit for long periods. I like that the cover is sturdy but soft, and can be taken off for washing.Best feature...underneath the cover, the cushion is waterproof. Lots of comfort and terrific features for a fair price...I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who needs comfort and pressure relief.

Essential Medical Supply Fleece Covered Wheelchair Cushion, 18 Inches X 16 Inches X 3 Inches Review:

I bought this cushion because the one on my new office chair flattened out in the butt area in about 4 months, much too quickly. It appears to be well made. It is also a little harder than I wanted. I hope that is an indication that it will hold its shape for more than a few months. Time will tell.

Inside the imitation sheepskin and polyester cover is a block of foam rubber. After reading several reviews on a variety of seat cushions, , I went for a moderately priced cushion, expecting that none would last as long as I'd like. I wonder if I should have shelled out for gel or memory foam. However, as I recall, many reviewers did not give high marks for the longevity of those cushions either.

If I remember to, I'll update this when the thing has become a rubber pancake, giving shoppers an idea of how long it is useful and whether I think it is a good value or not. These will be factors when I update this review: I weigh around 210 lbs, although I am probably flattering myself, so let's say 220. I received it on 11/06/2016.

FOMI Premium All Gel Orthopedic Seat Cushion Pad for Car, Office Chair, Wheelchair, or Home. Pressure Sore Relief. Ultimate Gel Comfort, Prevents Sweaty Bottom, Durable, Portable Review:

So far, so good. It's squidgy when I sit on it, feels cool if it's cool overnight in the car. I needed to adjust my seat as it does raise me up about an inch+. I bought it for a long road trip, hoping to ease some of the pain that normally happens from sitting on one seat too long. This is shaped similar to my Rav seats, a bit smaller, but I can adjust it as needed, move to the best placement. We'll see how I feel about it 2500 miles later in a month!

UPDATE: I still love this cushion! I can drive for several hours at a time and not groan when climbing out of my SUV. If it sits in a hot car, it still will be hot, try to park so it is in the shade.

Essential Medical Supply Rehab Cushion, 18 Inch X 16 Inch X 4 Inch Review:

There are no reviews so I will start it off. I received this package the next day after ordering. I am quite happy with the construction and quality of the material. I thought it would be less "cushiony" but it is quite solid and made a big difference on the chair my mom has been sitting on in the living room for 20 years. She noticed the difference right away and said, "This feels really nice." That's coming from a person who seldom comments on such products. It has a zipper to open and wash and the whole thing is washable. I cannot attest to how long it will last at this point but from the look and feel I would buy it again.

Seat Cushion w/Gel - Car Seat Butt Pillow, Hip Support for Office Chair and Wheelchair - Coccyx Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam Pad for Tailbone, Sciatica, Back Pain Relief - Breathable, Black Review:

I really, really enjoy this thing. I'm asian-american, male, 175 pounds, 5' 7". Not too big, not too small. This thing is just the right size. You could be a larger guy, and it'll accommodate. It's not too short, and the width is very generous.

It even has the under-side anti-slip rubber side so it doesn't move around. So comfortable that I forget I'm using it.

I use it for when I study and work, at the office, at cafes, and will be using it on the airplane for long flights! Helps me with my back issues and keeps my tailbone happy.

Seriously a good deal, compared to the more expensive ComfiLife one, I'd go with this one again if I had to choose!

DMI Seat Cushion for Wheelchairs, Mobility Scooters, Office and Kitchen Chairs or Car Seats to Add Support and Comfort while Reducing Pressure and Stress on Back, 3 Inch thick, 16 x 18, Navy Blue Review:

Love this. I didn't buy for my wheelchair. I have knee problems and getting off the couch is painful. I was folding towels to make a cushion. This comes in several thicknesses. I chose 3_ in. since my cushions were 5 in. The cushion is firm but comfortable and makes getting up so much less painful. If I need to replace I will go up to 4 in. I'm 5'4 in. and was afraid this would make the seat too high so got the 3_ in. Of course the cushion dimensions aren't the same as my couch cushions but you don't notice that when sitting on it.

FORTEM Seat Cushion Pillow for Office Computer Chair, Car, Wheelchair, Memory Foam, Improves Posture, Non-Slip Bottom, Washable Cover (Black) Review:

The cushion is nice, but is only made of some urethane foam, not memory foam and not dense enough for me. At 6'1'' and 220lbs, it smashes pretty flat within about 20mins, so i cant use it for work where i have to sit for about 8hrs a day. The slot for the tailbone is pretty narrow(-1star) and tends to cause pressure on the flesh around the area which continues to aggravate my injury. I really cant use it so i've put in the car for short trips. I bought one for the car and while it was 10 dollars more, it holds its shape better and i am using that one in the office now. I dont mean to advertise another one but for those of you who have trouble with flattening these things add 'AC Delco' to your searches on google. I would return this but it would cost 25% of the original purchase to send it back.

Overall, its a good product for people who weigh less than 180lbs probably. The cover and shape are nice but the tailbone slot is too small in my opinion.