Best Watch Winders in 2022

Last update: January 8, 2023

Are wolf watch winders worth it?

A watch winder is a device that is used to keep automatic watches running when not in use. They are designed to mimic the natural motion of the wrist and keep the watch wound and ready to wear. Watch winders are not necessary for all types of watches, but they are recommended for watches with an automatic movement. So, are wolf watch winders worth it? In general, yes. Watch winders are a worthwhile investment for those who own automatic watches, as they will keep the watch running and accurate. However, it is important to do your research before purchasing a watch

Can a watch winder damage a watch?

A watch winder is a device used to keep automatic watches running when not worn. Many people believe that using a watch winder can damage their watch, but this is not the case. While a watch winder can put unnecessary stress on the watch if used improperly, it will not damage the watch. If you are concerned about damaging your watch, make sure to read the instructions carefully before using a watch winder.

Do scratches devalue a Rolex?

While some may argue that any scratch devalues a Rolex, others may disagree. It really depends on the person wearing the watch and how much sentimental value is attached to it. If the watch was a gift from a loved one or has great personal meaning, then a few scratches might not bother the owner as much. However, if the watch is primarily seen as a status symbol, then any scratch could be seen as a blemish that devalues the watch.

Do you wind a watch clockwise or counterclockwise?

Most people wind a watch clockwise. This is because most watches are designed to be wound clockwise. However, there are some watches that can be wound counterclockwise.

Single Watch Winder for Automatic Watches, with Super Quiet Motor, 4 Rotation Mode Setting, Flexible Plush Pillow Fit Lady and Man Watches Review:

I've had this winder for a little more than a month now. Overall, this watch winder is excellent and will keep your timepieces accurate. The plush material inner is pleasant and won't harm your watches, the pillows can be adjusted in size, and the winder has a neatly completed exterior. Three more watches may fit inside (I use it to store my quartz watches), and a high-quality polishing cloth was given by the manufacturer. The winder, in my opinion, is worth the cost. And it's incredibly silent. In a pitch-black bedroom at night, I could not hear it at all. This is really good. Although useless as a security measure, the lock would probably deter curious kids (or cats) from attempting to lift the lid.I came to the conclusion that it merits a 5-star rating overall for these reasons.There are a few minor problems. The instruction booklet is written in the funniest pigeon English, but if you can't figure it out, you probably couldn't handle the complexity of a watch strap to begin with. But I'd advise the producers to look for a better translation! The rotation program switch cover plate, which looks to be made of high-quality steel and chrome, is the only other problem. It is slightly out of alignment (not an issue but it would be nice to see higher quality control). Additionally, the switch is in an uncomfortable location, but this does not affect functioning and does not warrant deducting a star. Overall, I'm happy with this winder and think the cost was justified. This is a winder to take into consideration if you want a sturdy, trustworthy winder that looks excellent on your dresser and is reasonably priced!

TRIPLE TREE Double Watch Winder, for Automatic Watches, Wood Shell Piano Paint Exterior,Extremely Silent Motor, Three Dimensional Watch Pillows, Suitable for Ladies and Men's Wrist Review:

This watch winder's quick shipping, high-quality construction, and meticulous packing provided a sneak preview of what to expect from the final product. The padding within the box is pretty thick. The winder is coated with a recycled-material cloth after being encased in foam.Everything worked as it should after getting her fired up and removing all of the packaging. The engines are ninja-quiet. They also make precise movements. The watch cushions are not made of ordinary cloth, but they appear to be of higher quality. like the substance used in stress balls. In fact, I discovered that I like squeezing it quite a bit. It has a wonderful aroma as well. The items I've ordered from the east occasionally arrive smelling like asphalt or chemicals. This is totally distinct. In any case, the box is quite sturdy and weighs a considerable deal. not obtrusive.I've been using the winder on my Omega and IWC watches for the past week. They have been kept full in a lovely display on my desk thanks to the winder. I'm having a great time and feel like I'm buying these timepieces all over again. Absolutely a terrific purchase!

CHIYODA Automatic Double Watch Winder with Two Quiet Mabuchi Motors, LCD Touch Control Review:

I distinctly recall taking a chance on a Chiyoda when I was initially looking for a less expensive winder (given that I have many automatics and each of them has a home in a winder, which gets expensive when forking over hundreds, each winder). Even though it was designed rather beautifully, it was one of their early prototypes and was useless for keeping anything wound. The pre-set winder settings didn't actually fit any of the watches I had, and it ended up being nothing more than a posh watch box—of course pricey in that capacity.I was hesitant to give it another shot because I just lost another "cheap" winder from Boxy. However, I had to buy something because two automatics needed a new home, and I was fascinated by the ostensible improvements Chiyoda had made. It was worthwhile to try because of the appealing pricing.They are known for their superb construction, and this one did not dissapoint. Yes, it's just the plastic viewing cover, as is frequently the case with winders sold at lower prices, but the rest of the furnishings are really fine and readily rival counterparts sold at much greater prices. The casing has a glossy, lustrous finish, the interior is well-made, and the pillows have been updated to hold the watches more securely, which is fantastic.The performance, or whether it keeps the watches wound, is what actually matters, and this is where I was quite impressed, starting with the first touch screen I had ever seen in a watch winder. Outstanding! Instead of using buttons and switches, it is incredibly easy to use, therefore I hope other businesses adopt this strategy. This place's usage of touch technology really astonished me. The extensive selection of options for adjusting TPD and rotation for each of the winders likewise met with my complete satisfaction. No more pre-set; you can now modify to meet the needs of the movement in your own watch. Perfect!I started it up, made the necessary adjustments, and it immediately started functioning wonderfully. Like my other Chiyoda, this upgraded model's motor is completely silent, but it also keeps my watches perfectly wound.There is no use in saving money if something doesn't work, therefore I truly appreciate that this winder has the same build quality and performance as much, much more costly winders, yet is able to operate as it does at such a cheap price.It is quite uncommon to receive more for your money or to discover a less expensive choice that performs as well as or better than the more expensive competitors, therefore Chiyoda has definitely won my allegiance with this purchase. Given the excellent function, touch screen operation, and lovely craftsmanship, for about a third of what one would pay in a similarly made brand, this is the best multi-watch winder on the market that I can find. If anything goes wrong, I will update, but as it stands right now, this is the best multi-watch winder on the market that I can find.highly suggestable

JQUEEN Watch Winder with Quiet Motors Review:

I'll be the first to confess that getting, then evaluating a watch winder for your automatic watches is arguably the most "bougie" thing you can do. Clearly a "want" issue rather than a "need" one. Having said that, let me just say that I have a "thing" for cats, coats, automatic watches, and novelty t-shirts that make my kids uncomfortable, in that order.Here's where the sob story starts: having to grab my automatic watch out of the cupboard and get it ready to wear is incredibly bothersome. I have to reset the time and date every time, which, depending on the watch type I have, can take some time. I don't wear it every day, therefore the automated movement lacks the arm motion it need to maintain the momentum for the time and date. Simple solution would be to wear it every day, but on casual days, especially when I'm exercising outside or running, I greatly like my much less expensive Polar fitness tracker.We purchased this JQueen Watch Winder, which holds four watches, because my husband also has an automatic watch. This gives us one more space to grow into, which is #SquadGoals. A more expensive watch winder (Volta, Orbita, Wolf, etc.), especially one that accommodates four watches, can cost up to $500. In contrast to the others I've seen, this price point is far cheaper, and it also has a beautiful appearance. More significantly, it does a superb job; I don't need much more than that. It is quiet and maintains the watches wound and ready to wear.I think the following additional factors should be mentioned:Double power. Both electricity and a battery can be used to power this winder. Unseen is the battery compartment (battery not included).- There are several Turns Per Day options as well as three direction settings for the watch winder motor (clockwise, counterclockwise, and alternating).- The outside is made of highly lacquered wood (presumably piano lacquer), which is pretty beautiful.The transparent case is made of acrylic, not glass.-Box interior does not light up.-Adjustable storage pads are used to keep watches secure. Even with the smaller pad, my wrists are so small that it's difficult for one of my watches to fit.-There are two knobs on the bottom, one of which independently controls each turning wheel. These seem flimsy and are difficult to manipulate.This works if you want a cheap watch winder that can handle more than two watches and don't care if it's made of solid burl wood from a faraway country. Without the price tag, it appears more expensive.

JQUEEN Double Watch Winder with Quiet Japanese Mabuchi Motor Review:

I was happy with the JQueen until it broke approximately three months after I bought it. It had a beautiful look and operated softly. The timepieces I had in the JQueen were then stopped, which I discovered one morning. It appears that the machine "died" over the long weekend, and as a result, my watches did too. Although I don't consider myself to be overly demanding, I believe a fair individual would anticipate receiving more than three months of use out of a $100 investment. Even though I could have gotten a "lemon," it appears from some other reviews that my JQueen's "Sudden Death Syndrome" was not an isolated incident. Therefore, I would advise anyone searching for a two-watch winder to proceed with some degree of care when approaching the JQueen because you might end up purchasing a $100 door stop.This is a revision. To my great astonishment and absolute happiness, I received an email from JQueen shortly after submitting the above, apologizing for the issue I had faced and lamenting the failure of the product. JQueen offered to send a replacement winder right away and at no expense to me. As useful as Amazon is, and as convenient as buying online might be, it isn't an industry known for its customer service. For those of us who make a variety of purchases online, the phrase "great customer service" has the same ring as "In a galaxy far, far away long, long ago..." JQueen, however, is the exception. I enthusiastically responded to the email I had received, and as promised, a brand-new, flawlessly working JQueen dual watch winder was sitting on my dresser silently maintaining my watches within a week. To be quite honest, I was astounded by the dealer's quickness and apparent grief over a "failed" product. So, let me say the opposite and say that JQueen sells a beautiful, hand-crafted item that, like all technological products, periodically breaks down. The Good News is that JQueen backs up its goods and is dedicated to making sure that its consumers feel like they got their money's worth. I wholeheartedly endorse JQueen for the caliber of its goods as well as the fact that it stands behind what it sells. Of course, five stars. (I will provide an update on how my JQueen is doing in six months.)

Kalawen Double Watch Winder Automatic with Quiet Japanese Mabuchi Motor for All Automatic Mechanical Watches with Quiet Motor AC Adapter or Battery Powered for 2 Men's or Ladies', Black Review:

I was eager to get the machine out of the box after receiving it. The paint shell and glass observation port looked absolutely stunning, the meter shaker was nicely manufactured, and the upper cover's hinge was sturdy and of high quality. When I plugged it in, the device operated silently. This time, I'm quite happy with my shopping. I'm hoping it will endure a long time and will tell my friends about it.

AOKELILY Automatic Single Watch Winder, in Wood Shell and Black Leather/Carbon Fiber Leather, Japanese Motor Review:

Two kinetic watches are mine. Don't expect to use this on a watch you haven't worn in months because, according to the instructions, it must be properly wound before use. This didn't seem to work on my SEIKO ARTURA Kinetic. Once your watch is working again, wear it as usual before putting it on your nightly winder. Great results. My other watch, a cheapo from Wish, started working immediately. I discovered that the second watch has a whole new winding system, which likely explains why it operated right away. In any case, the general operation of each of these winders is a gradual, counterclockwise rotation. It's unlikely that this gadget is to blame for a watch that won't wind. The actual equipment is silent and dependable.NEWSFLASH: STILL 5 STARS. My SEIKO has a capacitor that is charged by the kinetic device, and over time, the capacitor needs to be changed. This is just something to keep in mind.

[Upgrades]CHIYODA Single Wooden Watch Winder with Quiet Motor, Battery Powered or AC Adapter-12 Rotation Modes Review:

I looked at a lot of the automatic watch winders on the market, and this one stood out. I did a lot of study on new watch winders because my previous experiences with them were not positive. I chose to take a chance because I truly liked the features of this winder. With my decision, I have not been disappointed. I was pleasantly delighted by the unit's performance when it first came. The first thing I notice is how quiet it is. This winder is so quiet compared to the last one that I had to transfer it into a different room. Second, although it appears large in the picture, it actually occupies a small amount of space on the surface you place it on. This is not to argue that it is too little; I have two quite large automatics that fit into the winder, including a Breitling Chronomat and a Rolex Submariner. Third, the device can be set to rotate either clockwise, counterclockwise, or both ways. I had no idea that the most expensive winders have the ability to turn some automatics clockwise and others counterclockwise. Fourth, compared to other high-quality winders, the pricing is incredibly reasonable. All of this results in a customer who is happy with his purchasing decision! I wouldn't think twice about buying another one of these things.

Diplomat Single Burgundy Watch Winder with Built-In IC Timer Review:

Yes, it is made of plastic, but it is discrete and not at all ugly looking for what it is.It's ideal for my watch, a 46-year-old Rolex "Datejust" that is still functioning well. It appears to me that the watch would have to be "big" for this to be a problem. I see that some customers who bought enormous watches have commented that it may not be the best size for such timepieces.The removable watch holder is made so that when the clasp or band is fastened, a compressible spring adjusts for variations in wrist size by pushing a plastic pad in or out to maintain enough pressure on the band or watch (from the "inside"), ensuring the watch stays in place.An explanation of operation The switch has three positions: center off, clockwise rotation in one direction, and counterclockwise rotation in the other.I was initially worried about this because, when a watch is worn normally on the wrist, the internal winding mechanism rotates alternately clockwise and counterclockwise in accordance with how the watch wearer's wrist moves, evening out the "wear" on internal parts. However, during any single winding "session," the winder rotates the watch head in only one direction.But given how things stand, I don't really see a problem. I now simply slide the switch to the center position while taking off the watch to put it on. (Doing so places it in standby or "off" mode, preventing the mechanism from rotating while the watch is removed from the device.) In order to spin the watch in the opposite way when I put the watch back in the winder, I must first reinstall it, close the lid, and move the switch. It would appear that alternating in this manner would provide the same good result of balancing wear on internal watch parts.I have a different (much more expensive) winder for a second watch. It has been flawlessly functioning for over five years. Its on/off cycle lengths are configurable, and it switches its rotation orientation on its own, unattended. It has a real glass "bubble" covering the front of the watch and is made of real wood. If preferred, it can also run on batteries. All of that is wonderful, but the price was seven times higher than this one, and in the world of "watch winders," I don't think even that much is too expensive: one can spend much more.It seems that the winding cycle is "one hour spinning; three to four hours off." My watch doesn't run out of battery power and is constantly ready to go, so that seems to operate just perfectly. Others said that the unit's (non-adjustable) cycle was insufficient for the watch they were using it with. Although it hasn't been an issue for my old Rolex, for some people it might be.As a side point, switching to the center position appears to be a "standby" action. To put it another way, if you pushed the switch to the center while the watch was turning and you wanted to wear it, the rotation would stop and you could take the watch off. The watch starts to rotate after you reinstall it and turn the switch to any of the "on" positions. When you later reinstall the watch and move the switch to one of the two rotation positions, however, if the watch was not spinning when you moved the switch to the center, no rotation will start straight away. I was initially concerned that there was a problem, but it appears that the internal "timer" for rotation just resumes at the same place in the cycle: if in "sleep" mode when you removed the watch, it will still be in "sleep" mode when you turn it back to "rotation" mode. But after the cycle's sleep phase is over, rotation returns to normal. The bottom line is that it continues where it left off... (If you unplug it, though, all bets are off; keep in mind that this is just an estimate.)Finally, the silence is astounding! Despite the fact that I am not more than two feet away from it on my desk, I am unable to hear the engine at all. Perhaps I was fortunate to receive a silent example, but that is a very wonderful feature.Regarding dependability and lifespan, I have no notion; we'll see. But the first impression is that it functions really well and seems to be a great deal!

Abosi Double Watch Winder Box for Automatic Watches or Rolex, AC or Battery Powered Super Quiet Japanese Motor, 5 Rotation Mode Setting, for Lady and Man Review:

My automatic watches wind beautifully with this winder. It's a sleek, glossy black box that looks nice. It contains cushions of various sizes to hold my watch in place. The winder feels high-quality and has a great weight to it. Additionally, it is very quiet. This watch winder is a high-end, varnished piano baker. For couple size watches, it has a 100% handmade wood case with an acrylic organic glass window and a high gloss lacquered finish. A single automatic watch winder with five rotating modes and both clockwise and counterclockwise spinning. Your watch will remain as clear as new and be shielded from dust and scratches thanks to the watch winder. Your watch will be safer in the watch winder box because of its anti-magnetic construction. I love the quality and craftsmanship of this product, which helps my watch endure longer. I definitely suggest it.Special FeatureJapanese MABUCHI Deluxe Piano Baking Varnish Noise-IsolatingUpgraded Open Cover Self Stop Function, Power via Adapter or AA Batteries

How do I know if my automatic watch is fully wound?

An automatic watch is a type of watch that uses the movement of your body to wind the watch and keep it running, as opposed to manually winding it or using a battery. Many people enjoy automatic watches because they are a more “hands-on” experience than battery-operated or quartz watches. However, one downside to automatic watches is that if they are not worn for a period of time, they will stop running and need to be reset. So, how can you tell if your automatic watch is fully wound? There are a few things you can look for:

How do you keep an automatic watch on when not wearing?

To keep your automatic watch on when not wearing, you can use a watch winder. This is a device that keeps the watch wound and running even when you're not wearing it.

How long can an automatic watch last without movement?

An automatic watch is a watch that uses the movement of the wearer's body to wind the mainspring, eliminating the need for winding the watch manually. The mainspring is wound automatically when the watch is worn, and the watch will run continuously as long as it is kept in motion. However, if an automatic watch is not worn for a long period of time, the mainspring will eventually run down and the watch will stop. How long an automatic watch will last without movement depends on the design of the watch and the quality of the components. A well-made

How long should a watch be on a Winder?

A watch winder is a device used to keep automatic watches running when not worn. Most winders will have settings to control how long and how often the watch is wound. It is generally accepted that a watch should be wound on a winder for no more than 12 hours per day.

How long will a Rolex run without wearing it?

A Rolex can run without being worn for a long time, as long as it is properly maintained. If a Rolex is not worn for a long period of time, it will need to be serviced more frequently to keep it running properly.

How many turns per day does a Rolex need?

A Rolex watch needs to be wound manually every day or two to keep it running. Each full winding provides the watch with about 48 hours of power.