Best Watch Repair Tools & Kits in 2022

Last update: January 11, 2023

Vastar Watch Repair Kit, Watch Repair Tools Professional Spring Bar Tool Set, Watch Band Link Pin Tool Set with Carrying Case Review:

Superb value! I opted to purchase the kit since I had many watches that required new batteries and the jewellers were now charging $15 to $20 to change batteries. The watch case jig and the back pry-off tool, in my opinion, are the most practical components. Probably not everything in the case will be used. The tools' manufacturing quality is adequate. I suggest purchasing this item. HINT: Before opening the watch case, I'd search YouTube for a model-specific battery replacement video. I discovered that battery holding mechanisms differed from brand to brand and that sometimes their operation was obscure. With no accidents, I changed three watch batteries today.

HAOBAIMEI 168 PCS Watch Repair Kit Professional Spring Bar Tool Set,Watch Battery Replacement Tool Kit,Watch Band Link Pin Tool Set with Carrying Case and Instruction Manual (Black) Review:

Please be aware that I am not a qualified watchmaker. I use this to size my watches (or the watches of the rest of my family) or to change the batteries when they run out of power. I own numerous watches, as do my wife and kids, and I'm the fortunate one who gets to service them all. I spent $5 on two additional inexpensive watch repair kits. Well, with them, you definitely get what you pay for because the pin pusher is made of flimsy plastic that is readily breakable. Not now, not with the metal one in this bad boy. Also included are three manual pin pushers. I won't detail everything since you can see what it includes from the pictures I've included, but I will discuss the aspects of this set that I liked and disliked.Likes: The fact that it came with an absurd number of replacement springs for watch bands of all sizes was something I truly loved. The metal pin pusher, though, is what really drew me to this kit, and it's fantastic since you can change the height of the base that supports the watch's bracelet while you work on the pins. Due to the available sizes, the two pry tools are fantastic. With the smaller one, I felt like I could exert more pressure without it being out of control. I didn't have the watch brace in my earlier, less expensive kits, and I truly appreciated having this new armament at my disposal. I can now hold the watch more securely without being concerned about damaging the lens. The spring tool bars make my life so much easier because I previously had to try to put these back into place using the prying tool, which is a difficult operation. As an added bonus in case you damage the spring tool bar, it also includes new tips.dislikes: I didn't like how the tool used to access the watch's back functions. For water-resistant watch parts, there are notches (grooves) that you would use this tool to unscrew. Given its little surface area and the way it tightens, it put a lot of strain on my fingers and frequently fell free. In the end, I decided to include the one from my less expensive kits in this package for later usage. It didn't include any needle nose pliers either, so once more I used the one from my old set and included it in this package as well. Other than that, I'm quite happy with this kit and would suggest it to anyone who has to size their bands or change their own batteries. I appreciate your time and hope this was helpful.

Watch Band Strap Link Pins Remover Repair Tool,24 in 1 Kit with 3 Extra Tips Replacement,20PCS Cotter Pin,1PCS Holder,1PCS Head Hammer,1PCS Tweezers,1PCS Glasses Cloth Review:

When I asked how much it would cost in the mall, they said it would cost $15 for each of the three watches I want to replace the pins on. Although I wasn't persuaded to pay that much only to remove links, I searched it up on Amazon right away and got this product.came with good instructions and was delivered as promised. Before reading the instructions, I was unaware of the ferrules that are typically present in watch bands. Two of my watches had ferrules, but only one does.It did enable me to save money, and I can now do it on my own when I purchase a new watch in the future.However, I do have one recommendation: Because my watch band is so thin, I had to hold it while pushing the pin out even after adjusting the base all the way.Overall, 5.0

Wellfit Watch Pins, Heavy Duty Spring Bar, 4 Pack Stainless Steel Watch Band Pins, Choice of Widths, 1.8mm Diameter Review:

Excellent spring bars; these were used to replace the bars on the Invicta diver, and they seem to be of higher quality than the ones that came with it. have been holding up well over the past month, and I know just where to look for more if I ever need them. This is a great deal because two of these cost $5 at my neighborhood jewelry store normally. Make sure they will fit in the watch band you intend to use them with. I'm using them with a rubber watch band, so they fit perfectly and should last for a long time. They are reasonably durable and somewhat thick.

EFIXTK Spring Bar Tool Set with Extra 6 Tips Pins for Watch Wrist Bands Strap Removal Repair Fix Kit,72PCS Extra Watch Pins Review:

When I purchased this, I read remarks referring to the product's quality and blathering about how another similar product cost three times as much because of superior steel or something. This item works flawlessly and doesn't seem to be of "inferior" quality to me if you don't need to replace the bands frequently and aren't a watchmaker. I wouldn't be able to tell if it weren't stainless steel. I'm not checking while I write this review. My Tudor Heritage Black Bay allows me to put and remove watch bands without damaging anything. The spring bar set has been of great assistance.Oh, yeah. When you initially receive it, the tool is built and has a forked end that appears to be ready to use after being screwed in. They expressly state to take that out, throw it away, and put one of the other two ones in the tool in its place. Of course, I didn't pay attention, and the first one rapidly shattered. I've been using this frequently to replace bands since I purchased it months ago, and ever since I changed the tip as advised, it has worked without a hitch. If it were prone to breaking easily, I'm very certain I would have destroyed it because I'm by no means delicate with the tool. It runs smoothly.

Ginsco 360 Pcs 20 Sizes 6-25mm Stainless Steel Watch Band Spring Bars Link Pins with Strap Link Pin Remover Kit Review:

This is a useful tool for changing or reattaching watch bands and has a *extensive* selection of Spring-Bars.The quantity of each spring-bar type and the range of sizes really caught me off guard.Despite the product's low price, they don't cut corners. This is a great deal and allayed any fear I had of "messing up." Every size of pin is readily available. One tiny pouch for each.Here is a usage advice:My watch band's buckle ended up being difficult to re-attach since I was unable to hold it entirely in place while using the tool. merely insufficient hands!Here's what worked:Find the correct spring-bar size first.I estimated the spring-bar size needed based on the "gap" of my watch band buckle, which I measured to be approximately 25 mm. I'm glad I received the variety! The 22mm was what I required... Play around, then. It would be best if you could compare the spring-"solid" bar's body to your old one, but there are lots of each size, so don't worry.Tip: In my situation, I was changing the swivel bar that was closest to the buckle itself rather to the one that was closest to the watch body.To more readily replace: Turn the buckle and band to one side, slide the spring bar through the buckle and the small buckle stem, and push firmly on a desk surface. Make that the buckle-stem is in front of the buckle and not in back of it. (That makes me immediately regret it!)The buckle will be tightly held against the band and spring-bar assembly if you hold the entire assembly sideways on top of a flat surface. This will then allow you to use the small U-shaped tool to compress the pin and attach the other half of the buckle because it will be firmly fixed against the desktop and will not wobble.It took me a while to get it to come together, but after I flipped it over and pressed it up against something, it only took ten seconds. Hope this is useful!(If you have a costly watch, you might wish to use a cotton facecloth or other dry towel to cushion the surface.)

EZTool Watch Repair Kit with 16 Tools and 41-Page Illustrated Maintenance & Service Manual Review:

People from Universal Smart Solutions approached me to review their watch repair tool kit after seeing a video I made showing how to install a new watch band. Absolutely! I've spent years making due with subpar tools, so this was an opportunity for me to work on watches more professionally, especially since my wood watch appeared to have sawdust that needed clearing out. Here is what I observed:I had to take the watch band off. The back of the watch was held together by four tiny Phillips head screws; there were two Phillips screwdrivers that would work, and I used both of them; the back needed to be unscrewed with a special adjustable tool; the plastic movement holder inside needed to be prized out; I used the prizing blade; and the movement was still held by the stem; I used the needle; there were a variety of blunt-end tools, and one was the perfect size.For the first time ever, I opened a watch without having to search around for a tool or dash to the hardware shop in order to finish the task at hand. I really appreciate that in addition to the tools, there is an excellent instruction booklet that goes through a TON of material, including how to open your watch, change the battery, replace seals, and more. This package is ideal for someone who enjoys taking on moderately adventurous tasks independently. The kit will be paid for by the first battery you replace. High marks

Watch Repair Kit, Eventronic Professional Spring Bar Tool Set Watch Band Link Pin Tool Set with Carrying Case Review:

I placed this order because I was tired of continually having to pay to have the batteries in all of my different watches serviced. This kit paid for itself within the first few days of ownership, making me wish I had bought it sooner. Over the course of a year or two, 4 of my watches gradually started to need new batteries. When I eventually decided to buy this kit and the required replacement batteries, I also utilized it to replace the batteries. One watch had a pry/pop-off back, while the other three had screw-off backs. Each of those tasks was made incredibly simple to execute using the tools in this set. Normally, I would have been required to pay $8–$12 for each watch battery. I paid under $20 for this equipment and about $15 for five packs of batteries in three different sizes. Therefore, this kit will not only start saving me money immediately away but also continue to do so for a very long time. I have only used the back unscrewer tool, the back popper-offer tool, and the tweezers, so I can't speak for the other tools in the package, but those three are what I will use frequently to change batteries, and they work nicely. The 3-prong watch-back-unscrewer wrench is my favorite. Before using this 3-pronger, I had previously used a 2-prong unscrewer wrench, which wasn't quite as user-friendly. Due to the fact that each of my watches has a distinct size for the slots the wrench prongs/tips fit into, this 3-pronger is very simple to change and this kit includes sets of several various prong kinds. I advise purchasing this kit if you have more than one watch and often spend money having the batteries changed about once a year. Additionally, performing this simple maintenance yourself makes you feel good about both yourself and your watches!

Ohuhu 156 PCS Watch Repair Tool Kit, Case Opener Spring Bar Watch Band Link Tool Set With Carrying Bag, Replace Watch Battery Helper Multifunctional Tools With User Manual For Beginner Review:

As the batteries ran out, we had a huge stack of timepieces. To hire someone to open them for us, we never got around to traveling to the mall. With the equipment we had at home—and we tried—we were unable to open them. Finally, I made the decision to buy the kit and give it a go on my own for the few dollars it cost.Wow, that is something we should have done years ago!The kit is filled with tons of awesome stuff. It's incredible how much you can purchase for a small sum of money. And a special case to hold it all! And we swiftly and easily popped open ALL of our watches. Additionally, we are frequently asked to open watches for friends and family members. Everyone seems to be dealing with this issue, yet not many people talk about it. This is Watch Repair Central right now.Highly suggested.

Selizo Watch Link Remover kit Watch Band Tool with 10 Extra Pins for Watch Band Link Pin Removal and Watch Sizing Review:

I used this tool to change the band on my wife's Seiko watch without any issues thanks to some helpful advice from other Amazon users. They recommended using cardboard shims to level everything perfectly, which was unquestionably important. Additionally, YouTube tutorials were quite beneficial. With all of that advice, it took me no longer than 20 minutes to adjust the band without damaging any of the tool's included pins. The screw drive was applied with a very light touch, and I could see the link pins of the band GRADUALLY releasing. That perspective undoubtedly gave me confidence for my amateurish first try.