Best Toy Train Set Sceneries & Buildings in 2022

Last update: November 13, 2022

Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway, Sodor Airship Hangar Review:

I wish stations like this were still produced! A robust, entertaining, simple-to-use, and incredibly cool addition to a 4-year-wooden old's train collection is this airship hangar. The new material isn't quite as high-quality as this, even though Thomas and his companions are fantastic. is simple to connect to both his Brio and Ikea tracks as well as the old wooden Thomas tracks (not the new ones, they need adaptors)

Lingxuinfo 57Pcs Mixed Model Trees Model Train Scenery Model Scenery with No Stands Fake Trees for Projects, DIY Scenery Landscape Building Model (Green) Review:

Much better quality and value than I anticipated. Depending on their size, trees were placed in different "zip lock" style bags. Each was contained in a bigger bag. These came in a package and I purchased two of them. Most of the bags had a lot of extra green "foliage," but I believe it was just extra material from when they were put together. Even though some branches were completely naked at the tip, it still appeared natural. similar to actual trees I'm mixing some grass and actual crushed rock/dirt with the leftover material. You might also create little plants out of the leftover materials. For my HO scale layout, I will undoubtedly purchase more of these. It should be noted that some of the slightly shorter and larger trees (about 6 inches tall) could be used for S scale.

OrgMemory 29pcs Mixed Model Trees 1.5-6 inch(4 -16 cm), Ho Scale Trees, Diorama Supplies, Model Train Scenery, Fake Trees for Projects, Woodland Scenics with No Bases Review:

As a result, I'm unable to share a picture of it at the moment, but I can describe what these are and what I did with them:They are plastic tiny trees. You should get these if you want to spice up your board games and are in the area. They were particularly purchased for Warhammer 40k battles, and they are doing the emperor proud. To go with them, I purchased plastic figure bases and added tiny divots on top of them. This allowed me to super glue the pointed ends of them on, making them as stable as humanly possible on the battlefield.For the price you pay, they're of pretty high quality. Although they appear natural from a distance, you can see that they are made of plastic. (Since you should anticipate that they are plastic.) There aren't many ways to move branches about in this area, which was perfect for shipping. They arrived intact thanks to my actions, which is all I wanted in the first place. Tree sculptures that are sturdy. You'll have them for a long time if you just don't play with them. Because the leaves are made of the same plastic as the fake pine trees used for Christmas celebrations, I advise against playing with them. I have extensive experience with these and am aware of how many petals simply opt to come off. I tried playing with a few of them to see if they would, but they weren't interested. If they all made it through the transportation without a scratch, I'm confident they'll be okay. As with anything else, if you treat them well, they should return the favor.TL;DR: Use these for recreational purposes and anticipate high-quality plastic models.

BRIO World - 33683 Double Suspension Bridge | 5 Piece Toy Train Accessory for Kids Age 3 and Up Review:

To replace a subpar suspension bridge we received in a Melissa and Doug Deluxe train set, I bought my two-year-old this twin suspension bridge. With the exception of its hardwood track, this bridge is totally composed of plastic, but it is exceptionally sturdy and long-lasting. When driving his trains, my toddler exerts a lot of force, which might cause fragile or light pieces to fall apart. Fortunately, because to the six legs that support each bridge, we don't experience that issue with this one. As my toddler is prone to life-ending theatrical tantrums when his track breaks, this is a godsend for me.Two climbing tracks, a small boy or girl piece to connect the two bridges in the middle, and one giant bridge are all included in this set. In the last few months, my son has accumulated a sizable Brio collection, and I have to admit that they offer the best value. They are incredibly strong, beautiful, stable, and a lot of fun.*Trains can fit under this bridge, which is still another great benefit! We now have many tracks put up beneath this bridge, and none of our various Thomas and Brio trains have encountered any problems doing so.

S0804 40pcs Dark Green Pine Model Cedar Trees 2.05-4.96 inch (52-126 mm) for Model Railroad Scenery Landscape Layout HO OO Scale New Review:

I was a little hesitant when I got these trees because there were no reviews, but I took a chance anyway, and I'm pleased I did. For the mountaintop settlement I'm working on, they were ideal. The size and realistic appearance of these trees were ideal. I'm so happy I discovered these on Amazon. When I begin my following endeavor, I will place another order.

Woodland Scenics Diorama Kit, Mountain Review:

If you're interested in creating terrain for dioramas, railroad scenery, wargaming, or fantasy games employing miniatures, start with one of these kits. Though each box is a "stand-alone" project, I purchased a number of them to familiarize myself with the ideas and determine the supplies I would want for building terrain at a bigger size for wargaming. Using the mountain-making kit, I learned how to construct "shells" out of plaster cloth (mountains or hills), model rocks or outcroppings in those hills, and add water features (I now have a ten-foot mudular river in five 2' X 2' sections so I can move them around). I first built a practice river to get the hang of it. I still need to create two-foot square modules for a "battlefield," therefore I have purchased many of Woodland Scenics' goods. The scene-a-rama kits taught me the techniques. They teach you all you need to know, including how to create and color rocks, create water features, hills, and other features, as well as how to detail the terrain with grasses or "flockings," trees and all of their characteristics, bushes, undergrowth, and vines.Unless you are using these kits for a "one-off" school assignment, you won't be able to quit using them. They are ideal for that, yet it seems so wasteful to learn a talent and only only apply it once. I wish I had kids so we could routinely construct things together. My only bit of advice for you is to be aware that everything seems to have a drying time if you do. Everything needs time to cure, including working with plaster fabric, creating rocks, creating rivers and ponds, painting undercoating, securing grass in place, and creating trees. Plan a project such that three or four aspects can be completed in the time allotted for it if a youngster will be participating. That is really accurate if an adult is going to assist you or work alongside you solely for the delight of creation.I've used practically every kit that Woodland Scenics produces, and I heartily recommend them all. They will impart knowledge that will enable you to create a small world for model trains, fantasy figures, toy troops, or any other number of dioramas or school projects.Oh, I nearly missed it. If you want to recreate that classic school science project, you may manufacture volcanoes out of any of their mountain dioramas. On their website, they provide instructions on how to construct and operate it.

Woodland Scenics Diorama Kit, Basic Review:

was ideal for the tableau my daughter created. She's just 10, so I completed the majority of it because it's too complicated for kids her age. She was able to do enough of it, though, to feel involved in the process. I made the decision to purchase a glue pen after reading other reviews, and I'm very pleased I did. It simplified some of it. When attaching the "leaves" to the trees, be prepared for a major mess. But man, did they look good! creates a stunning spectacle.

Woodland Scenics C1321 Rocky Ridges Small Review:

HO scale, however it's a little bit undersized, it claims. The hill is higher than the train cars. It would resemble a pass through a low hill if you combined two, one on either side of a track portion. Alternately, extend it to the very end so that it appears to be a distant ridge. But generally speaking, N scale will work better.